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3 - the AKH

" It is true thing and without any lie and very sure,
that the high is of the nature of the low and the ascent the descent. 
Join them by a path and by an arrangement.
The Sun is the Father and the white Moon is the Mother,
and the Fire the Governor. 
Make the subtle big, make the subtle thick, so you will have the glory of God ".
Hermes Trimegistus 
(source : le livre de Thot-Hermès le trismégiste - René Lachaud - Editions Ramuel).

We have reached here the end of the study of the trilogy Ka-Bâ-Akh, and in the next message we shall open the heart chakra.
It is always essential to understand what we do, what the words mean, the essence of words and chiefly, to what our mental associate them.

It is always risky to take the occult teaching literally.
Not only, - we henceforth know, because it was deliberately deviated by the enemies of the human race, but also because it often expresses itself by allegories, metaphors, aphorisms...
Thus it is necessary to penetrate into this world with openmindedness and to develop as quickly as possible one's analogical understanding.

In the quotation of Hermes which is placed in motto, the understanding of this very famous and at the same time reduced text in:

This true without lying, certain and most true.
That which is below is like that which is above and 
that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing.

involves to read between lines.
And this, at several levels, this text carrying different truths for every subtle body, for every plan of consciousness.

Concerning the physical-etheric body, Hermes explains to us here that the high chakras (6th and 7th) move in cooperation with the lower one (1st), that the opposite also is true, and this to do " the miracle of one only thing ": merging in the heart chakra.
If the snake of Kundalini slumbers in the first one chakra, its head when it raises itself joins the 3rd eye and at the same time crosses Sahasrara, the 7th, the one with thousand petals.
The vertebral column, in its suppleness as in its shape, embodies the snake, its " osseous reproduction ".
Look at the Sumerian tree of life and notice the three essential stages:

 first knot : root, base of the trunk, Mulhadara chakra, there the snake slumbers

 second knot : the heart, Anahata, note the junction symbol, where everything is connected and is really bound

 third knot : the head, Ajna and Sahasrara, which work together.
Let's see it and the Anunnakis with their eagle suit .
(I put a red point on "knots").

You see at the top of the tree, the deployment of energy which is equivalent at the same time of the lotus with thousand petals and of the winged heart, symbol of the accomplished soul.

Moreover, the Egyptian yoga, the oldest one which is previous to that of India, is a standing yoga, a yoga which intensely makes work the vertebral column and consequently the kundalini. The Egyptians had understood it :
only the occult power gives some power in this low world .
money is stolen or lost, careers stagnate or collapse, health decreases, the vital functions too, but
the occult power is eternal.

It becomes one of the multiple facets of Ka-Bâ-Akh, of the divine diamond in each of us, and these powers, we shall get them back again in our next embodiments as "gifts".
If there is a discipline, an art, a vocation which remains beyond the current existence and which is worth making numerous efforts, it is the occult power.

The Gods are the Gods because they developed 100 % of their brain, 100 % of their occult capacities, and because still today they work to get more power, more speed, more focusing, gifts, strengths.

We have at our human level to copy them.
The Gods are our examples, our emulations, our motivations.

Let's grasp how much the heart chakra is important, and this far beyond the unconditional love of the very trendy new-age regardless of the personal power which is nevertheless the basis of any spiritual research : to become oneself an accomplished Initiated.
Everything is in the heart chakra: one loves with all one's heart, one hates with all one's heart, one creates with all one's heart, one forgives with all one's heart...
The popular common sense showed its ability in this domain.

In the heart chakra burns the divine fire,
the burning fire, the primordial fire,
in the heart chakra blazes THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE
There, inside our hearts, forever vibrates the crystal of Ptah, the sacred DNA,
drop of pure life liquid.

This fire, we can visualize it by a vibrating sun, a sun of gold liquid. Be not afraid of visualizing this fire in the heart. Or in the head, why?


It is not about visualizing a burning fire cooking the heart or the brain !!!
But a blazing chakra. The most you will visualize your chakras as wheels of gold energy, as alive suns, simply, the most you will be powerful.

When you will begin to have hot flushes out of meditations, when you will be hot at night while it freezes outside and you will awake sheets and covers fallen on the ground, then you will know that your heart chakra is opened.
As soon as Anahata is awaken, everything becomes possible.
The kundalini appears little by little from a long sleep.
Then, everything happens according to the deep desires of the being, to one's occult and physiological structure, and according the time which is dedicated to meditations.
But, be sure, if you work every day with Enki/Ptah, if you make a rite to ask for a guide and progress in confidence towards them but also towards yourself, you will awake your occult powers quickly.
But be careful, to work on a daily basis.
If you work as a tourist, eventually, it means coming down from a train and ending knock out while you thought being on the platform !

To be ready for the meditation, we have to apprehend the Akh.
This will be simple, because logical and already alive in your mind.

The Akh (or Akhu) is represented under the shape of a bird, however bigger than the Bâ, but which is not the Bennu, nor the Ibis of Thot. Akh is an ibis with egret in constant and direct connection with the Bâ.
It is by this link that the spiritual completion manifests itself.

The Akh is the spiritual liberating radiation of our inner prisons, of our false beliefs, of all our errors.
It facilitates in each of us, what the alchemists call Spagyric and separates, in a way, the good from the bad, the vile from the pure. It is, we could say, the gold which shines under a mud puddle.

Consequently and quite naturally, Akh fights the dark forces which are hidden in our unconsciousness, fights against everything preventing the free circulation of energy in our bodies, and finally develops the bio-electricity of the being, one's magnetism.
Finally, Akh is the Fire of the Spirit.
Here is this fire of Knowledge which was stolen by Prometheus from Zeus.

Look :
Everything which exists possesses a Ka-Ba-Akh.
From the Gods to ants.
Even objects, which naturally have no souls, are always surrounded with a light radiance, their aura.

Thus there is the great Ka, Ka of the cosmic god, the great Akh and the universal soul also, the Great Bâ.
The Primordial Gods, appeared from the Consciousness Source, are obviously adorned of much bodies and radiances.
Also the Gods born from Ptah, then the human race.
The Akh develops as the other bodies, and the most the human beings open their consciousness to the authentic divine reality, the most the Akh expands while nourishing consequently the Bâ, the Ka and the Khat, the human body.
Some assimilate the Akh to the causal body. Others to the Buddhic body.
Akh is for example, the completion of Odin attached to his tree in search of the knowledge of runes.
It is extremely complicated to understand what the Egyptians really wanted to express.
Especially because we are accustomed to speak about 7 bodies and not about 9.
The Ren, Ib or still Khaïbit aspects can mislead us.
So now I suggest you a brief summary about the 9 Egyptian bodies.
I deliberately glimpse through certain bodies. It is already vey complex to make the equivalences. There is no need to overweigh our mind with useless information for now.
In particular for awaking the heart chakra.



of the MAN 

It is custom for explaining the 9 constituents to utilize the papyrus of lady Anhaï, the only artefact for the moment (to my knowledge) showing a "drawing" of the occult constitution of the human being.
We know, for whom is interested in esotericism, that the Man is the alive temple and in action of the Gods. Everything is in him. His body, his bodies are "miniatures" of the bodies of Ptah. And every part of this body is bound to a god protector, sort of divine tutor.
For me, I consider this papyrus, - or rather what it represents, as the real tree of life. Because indeed, before being occult body of the human being, every constituent is at first the original constituent, in other words, the divine body from which was born ours.
It's important to keep this in mind during all our study.
And afterward also.
Here is thus papyrus:

At the center of the papyrus, below, surrounded by two gods Knoum, the human body.
Above 8 spheres representing the subtle bodies, the constituents which besides Hermes will call the metals.
The spheres align themselves as the drawing shows. Click to enlarge.

Brief definitions of the different bodies 

These bodies were already treated in the message about the Ankh(Ptah -message 2) which group all of them.
I get them back here while developing them a little and specifically in the context of the occult anatomy and in the order which belongs to it.
Above, the bodies are placed in an order which is the one of the papyrus.
I give you them below in the usual western order not to add to the complexity of the study.

Khat (or Djet) = the physical body 
The physical body is temporary and shelters within it the essence of the 8 subtle bodies.

Microcosm of the universe, in him resounds every gift, every potential, every strength, every weakness also, engendered by the Universe and the Gods.
It is Rene Lachaud, I think, who explains that if one of the hieroglyphs which is linked to the physical body is constituted by a serpent, it's because it is the primordial vibration which one finds in the Man with Kundalini.

The human being is thus a bridge, a canal between the sky and the earth, between the Gods and him, between his Creator Enki and himself and thus between the matter and the spirit. Hence besides, and as we have already seen with the Lost Book of Enki, the standing position of the Man.

Khaïbit, the etheric double or very first body 
One also calls it " the shadow ", not in the psychological meaning (our inner terrors), but indeed in the literal meaning.
Khaïbit is the first layer of the aura which surrounds the being and that one can perfectly observe because of the kirlian effect.

Above in this image extracted from one of Barbara Brennan's books, Khaïbit is the dark blue envelope around the physical body.
The Khaïbit is benevolent, it's in a way, the organic consciousness of the physical body.
He catalyses the vital fluid of Ka. He is supposed to protect Ba meaning to protect the physical body from any attack: diseases, epidemics, and to limit or to prevent the consequences of shocks and accidents.
Below, he is shown in black.

Ka, the etheric-astral body 
please refer to the message which is specifically dedicated to him.

Bâ or the individual soul 
(sometimes called " animal soul ")
Easily associated with the Bennu, the Bâ is the individual soul of the being, immortal, going from an embodiment to another one.
The shape bird of Bâ illustrates the volatility of the soul and the freedom to leave one's physical body.
Hence the importance of Anubis's role, when, during the rite of opening of the mouth, he allows the soul to escape from Khat.

It's to the Ba that falls the transmission of the inheritance of the Ancestors.
The bird has by definition the power of flying. So it is an obvious link between the Heaven and the Earth. Consequently it seems logical that his physical vehicle, Khat, does the same, by standing, eyes towards the stars and feet on solid ground.
Failing to fly as such, the human being has the power to leave his body and to fly because of his astral body.

Ren and the vibratory chant of the soul 
Please refer to the message 6 which is dedicated to him.

Ib and the 3 sources 
Ib is often represented in ancient Egypt as a heart-shaped vase with handles in shape or evoking small wings.
Ib is the mental body. A little more actually, because he contains "the intelligence of the heart ".
I call him the body of the three sources because he is the source of intelligence, of the heart (= consciousness) and of the knowledge.
Intelligent understanding of all things, Ib brings a high vision of things.
Ib is a complete database, where are all the memories of the being, he is in the man's body, the personal akkhashic annals of the person.

Akh or the light body of the being 
See the dedicated message 

Sahu or the divine body of the being 
Sahu is our Father Creator in us, our divine DNA.
Sahu is the best in "the whole "us.
By him, we are immortal in all our bodies, by him, we live in the supraluminous universe, free for ever.

Sekhem, the cement of the subtle bodies 
Sekhem is the strength of cohesion of the bodies between them, the binding agent.
As a result, Sekhem is fed by all the bodies at the same time and we better understand now why it's so powerful to say, when we ask for something to the gods:
" Sekhmen in... ".
He activates all the bodies and magnetizes more easily the asked object, situation or solution.

Do not forget that to cure or acquire something, it is necessary to work with all the bodies. If one of them opposes to your request, you become a "battlefield" between your own bodies, each of them taking to heart his role and his responsibilities.
It is always necessary to make sure, especially that the " normal ", the daily consciousness if you want, is in accordance with the astral and the mental.
These are the three aspects of the being that it is always necessary to maintain in cohesion, because we have from these bodies our thoughts and our beliefs.





5 - The Meditation 

Here we are.
The time has come to work on our heart chakra for opening it.

Information: when you work on a chakra, when you pay attention to it and thus awaken it, it can react by releasing many memories or thoughts not only buried in your unconscious but which besides can appear to be useless and make no sense.
Do not linger on this.
When a chakra begins to open, a fortiori when the opening is made in synchronicity with the other ones, the concentration becomes difficult because " everyone speaks at the same time ".
Your chakras are alive entities which are completely involved in their development.
 And like every alive being, they have things to say. When this occurs during the meditation, what is the case most of the time, unless it is a crucial information, come back patiently to your visualization. Do not rage on yourself or on your chakra!
The chosen and deep concentration is the most difficult thing to achieve.
It is easier to see an aura than to remain focused 10 minutes on an object, on a thought or on absolutely nothing!
Consequently, on this particular point, be patient and indulgent with yourself.

Now, let's perform 
It is better if your read the whole message before starting.

I suggest you the first time (and also the next ones) to add this mediation to your rite to Enki/Ptah.
It is much better if his energy and his protection are there for guiding you.
(I shall say again how much it is fundamental to remain determined and especially to not flit. One day one performs a meditation to Buddha, another day to Enki, and still another to Jesus and then one wonders why one's chakras became foolish, dizzinesses and many troubles occur. Could you walk with a leg going to the right, the other one going to the left, and the third one being askew and only seeking to oppose the two others? 
It's the same on the spiritual level.
Thus, if you decided to work with Enki, stay with Him.

Do not flit here or there, otherwise you would pay the price. Your subconscious, being completely confused, will finish exhausted for a while.
One does not joke with the gods and even less with the magic of approach.) 

Thus, I consider that you have already made your commitment to Enki/ Ptah.
That you are now accustomed to preparing your altar, to lighting your directions and to saying your prayers or hymns.
And above all that you worked regularly.

You can perform this meditation before any other one, but not without having made your commitment or having read the Contact messages.
You have to understand what you are doing.
Read also the messages about the Nephilims.
Read again all what seems important to you.

Understand the notion of power, of strength which are not to be developed in order "to kill everyone ", but for not being enslaved in whatever it is.
Thus you walk along with Enki, God Creator of the human race, heart to heart with your legitimate Father.

Consequently :
Install your altar

Light your candles to Enki, then to the directions.

Read your prayer to Enki/Ptah or speak to him with your heart. Feel his energy of peace and love

Then call your guide (you are supposed to have already contacted him)
Even there, speak to him with your heart, feel him.
At this stage, you should have very clear feelings all around you, in yourself, in your aura even in the room.

If you are sensitive, strong images can arise, you can feel yourself brushed, touched, wrapped, in brief, LOVED.

Sit down if it is not already made. Take the most comfortable position for you. Put your feet flat on the ground. Avoid the lotus position which blocks the circulation in the legs.
Breathe profoundly by the glottis, about ten times.
At every inhale and every exhale, repeat:

The energy circulates freely and easily in all my bodies.

You can see the 144 000 nadis appearing in your body, such fine gold hair in which circulates theprana. It is very beautiful to see but it comes to you whitout doing something special. Let do.
Thus, repeat your assertions once to the inhale and once to the exhale.
Then remain quiet for some normal breaths.

Put now your attention on the heart chakra zone.
Also if you wish it, look at the center of your chest.
If you have worked regularly, you can feel at once a bustling heat in this zone and spreading harmoniously in the whole body.
Above all, do not try to guide the energy, to control the heat. Remain focused on your heart.
It can accelerate a little. Don't panic.
Maybe you need to exhale profoundly. Do it.
The pressure which shows itself is the answer to your focusing. It will never go beyond what you can bear.
Remain focused. The heat can become intense. If it is too much, relax for one moment by looking at your third eye or by focusing on the mental image of Enki/Ptah.
Ask also simply your guide to tune the heat. But this is not frequent.
Normally, things are fluid.(repeat here that these meditations are for responsible persons, who read the blog, made their commitment and have a regular practice! If you do senseless things, it is your responsability)

Now that you are well aware of your chest, perceive at the same level but in the center of your body, your heart chakra.

Think of it, visualize it like a emerald green flower with 12 petals.


In the center of the flower the gold nucleus on which is "engraved" the lying Ing rune.
You now know the meaning of this symbol.


Keep your attention on the heart of the chakra.
Feel the vacuole pulsing and the lying Ing vibrating. It can also become very brilliant, shining with thousand lights.
If you don't feel all this, don't be discouraged. Remain focused, it works, don't worry.

Now look at the chakra, at the 12 petals flower. If some petals are damaged or dark, it hampers the energetic circulation. Thus we are going to clean the chakra.
Follow me attentively.
 Choose a petal to begin with, it will be the petal number 1.
. From there, clockwise count your 12 petals.
Look at them and come back to petal 1.

This exercise is important for becoming aware of your petals, of your chakra. It is in you. The same chakra is repeated in the astral body, the mental, the causal and so on. It is essential to understand how it works.
Now, restart from petal 1. This time gaze at it. If you see the slightest tear, the slightest spot, bring gold light on the petal, gold liquid. Imagine sunbeams penetrating into the petal and regenerating it.
Take your time.
If the assertions work well with you, repeat at the same time:
now my petal is perfectly regenerated.
the energy circulates easily and naturally in it.

Thus inhale, bring the energy, exhale by putting the energy into the petal, assert at the same time.
If it seems complicated, at the beginning alternate: once you put the solar light, once you assert, once you bring the light...
Do it for the 12 petals.
. Once that is done, or if your petals are in good condition, light your petals.
Petal 1: look at it, feel it in you, love it then see it getting bright. Petal 2 idem up to the 12th petal.
Finally see the whole chakra and its 12 brilliant, luminous, supple, smoother petals.

Now that your petals are in perfect condition, look at the heart of the chakra, where Ing is put.
Enter in the vacuole. Imagine that it is a door.
Enter, penetrate into your chakra.
If you succeed in doing it, you will feel a deep movement of energy: it can be warm or cool, you can even feel like a slight draft, don't worry, come in. You can feel a "hollow", as if a hole was there instead of the chakra, this is just also.
You can help yourself by visualizing you are entering an emerald green cave or something similar which is convenient for you.
(If everything is dark, don't worry either. When a chakra wakes up, it is possible that for several days, " everything is black ". A friend called me one day worried telling me that she had no more chakra ". But naturally and surely, she had.)

The most important thing in this work is to FEEL, more than to see.
You feel comfortable, calm, relaxed, maybe even accompanied with Enki or with your guide, thus everything is all right.
Enter your inner cave.
Visualize your interior temple as you want it. You can decorate it, put what you want. If you prefer to work minimalist, it is ok. The important is to feel the considerably bustling energy in your chakra.

Think now of Ptah. But Amon-Ptah.
Ptah with the headgear of Amon.
(to the left on the image)


Visualize or think of " Amon-Ptah ".
Now, cross your arms on your chest as did the Pharaohs who were initiated from the very beginning, keep the back straight. Lower the chin on the chest.

Do not force on the muscles of the back or of the nape of the neck, the purpose is to open, not to get a muscle cramp. Do not rush.
Taking this posture, you dig slightly the chest, it will enable you to feel better your chakra.

Inhale deeply by the glottis, bring gold light in the heart chakra.
In the exhale vibrate the name AMON:
Vibrate the sound in the back of the throat.
Letter after letter: aaaaaa then mmmmmm that you transform then mooooooooo then nnnnnnnnnnn.
Do it slowly, slowly, without forcing.
Little by little, you will get more breath.
Vibrate the sound as long as you want it and especially as long as you are confortable with.

If you feel some pain in your back, put your arms on your thighs and continue only with the lowered chin.

Stop now.
You can be very hot and even perspire.
Remain focused on your chakra, look what takes place in you and around you, in your aura.

Now, back straight, chin straight, while being aware of your heart chakra, vibrate 3 times AMON-PTAH :

Visualize your chakra filled with light but also your aura. The light of your heart chakra overflows in your entire aura. You are an enormous ball of light.

Then breathe normally, look, listen, feel your chakra. Feel how all this works.

Think to thank Enki/Ptah and your guide. And then yourself for your commitment and your determination.
Return little by little to daily consciousness then end your rite as usual.

Naturally, at any time, if you wish it, you can when in your chakra, call your guide for communicating with him, or for asking him a message, or something else or simply for being with him, in his arms, in his aura, peacefully.
Let come naturally all what your unconscious and your guide suggest.
I give you here the meditation "in the rough".
It's up to you to adapt it according your feelings.






2 - the REN

I - the REN 

The Ren is the vibratory identity of the being, the vibratory strength of the name.

. the name is what makes us visible, existing.
. the name is what identifies us, what identifies anything.

This vibratory reality for the individual is equivalent to the chant,
to the vibratory "note" of the soul.

If you possess an authentic occult knowledge, knowing the name of somebody opens all one's secret doors, a fortiori, if you know one's "secret" name.
Remember this legend, because it's really one, when Isis steals from Râ his secret name. By holding it, she gets at the same time all the powers of the Great God.

That's why, we have no knowledge of the real name of the gods, this mysterious-name murmured once to their spirit and which remains sealed for ever.
A name which besides is very often a first name.
The family name is the one of a whole family or a clan, consequently it obviously can't be secret.

Ren acts on several plans:
. the one of the "official" name
. the one of the "chosen" name: pseudonym, name given to the Initiated who enters a community, a diminutive...
. the one of the "secret" name

The oblivion of gods is at first forgetting their names. That's why they have so many !
If one of them gets lost in the meanders of time, others always will remain!

For the Egyptians of Antique Egypt, Ren is the vibratory ID card which enables to be not only recognized by the others but also by the gods themselves!
It is it which settles with Ka, Bâ and Akh our place in this world. It contributes to our uniqueness.

The name you bear is CREATIVE.
It identifies you, wraps you with its power or on the contrary its devastation. It "makes" a big part of your inner universe, your beliefs, your feelings.
Think of the CREATIVE VERB.

All what Ptah names becomes alive. 
All to what Ptah gives a name instantly exists.

. Ren is what gives life.
. Ren is what summarizes us for this embodiment.
The judeo-christian first names with which we get stuck since a long time maintain us in an overwhelming energetic cesspool.
It is not surprising that since some time now, the Anglo-Saxon first names are "all the rage".
A "rage" which should decimate the "sacrifice-submission-masochism" trend of the judeo-christian first names and bring more freedom and ease.
To be called Kevin rather than Jonas, William rather than Jean-Baptiste changes the life !!!

If the first name conceals a big part of the strength of the being, it also confers him(her) a big vulnerability.
Knowing Ren, it's we saw it, to find the door of the soul and to be able of opening it in large.
Hence the importance of the anonymity.
The celebrity makes vulnerable at first because : people know your global ID card: name, first name, date and place of birth, they can make your natal chart and read a lot about you, and in addition overwhelm you with their envy, their jealousies, their hatred or worse, with their tentacular possessiveness.

The Egyptians gave to their animals, to their favorite objects, to their plants secret names in order to divert the evil eye, which is indeed real.
Some people are bad luck. This is undeniable and is not any ridiculous faith appearing from removed countrysides.
Always, some Jonas crossed the planet and whoever was under the destructive beam of their malefic eye finished deprived of everything and sometimes even of life.
Except if they were solidly connected to their Ka. Then Ka sends back. But this return shock works only, I repeat, if the aura is programmed for and the Ka powerful. And that you are aware of your Ka. Rare are the beings who, unconsciously, are totally protected against this type of attacks.

For the Egyptians, to destroy Ren was equivalent of destroying the soul, at least, a large part of her.
Although energetic, the soul is not invincible. She can be seriously affected, damaged, even annihilated.
Let's take a concrete example, did you see " The Net ", the movie with Sandra Bullock?
Here is an interesting movie to look on another plan.
Without going into details of the scenario, the actress is erased overnight from the surface of the planet. She does not exist any more. She has no more any name, nor Social Security number, nor bank account, nor address. Others took her place. Deleted, DIED.
She is still alive, but nobody anymore knows it, believes her. She is crazy or schizophrenic. And could indeed end her life interned in a psychiatric hospital or wandering in streets. To kill her becomes easy. Who will care about somebody who does not exist, who is WITHOUT IDENTITY, NAMELESS?
Well, on another level, this can happen to the soul. Suddenly, she is without body, without Ka, without embodiment, without anything. She is forgotten, "insane", ready to leave towards "Materia Prima".
The only shield, besides the solidity of our energetic bodies, is the implacable determination to never more be affected by whom or whatever it is. This builds day after day. With one's guide.


So you do not work for nothing. Never for nothing in occultism.

To fight one's enemy, in Ancient Egypt, before facing him on the battlefield, meant " to kill his name ". One wrote his name on a pottery, a papyrus, a piece of something which one reduced then in powder, in ashes, in thousand pieces.
To divert the malignant attacks
In magic, it is well known that using a "false name" diverts the charge on the "false name".
An Initiated, an experienced disciple on the magic path always takes a new name. His magus name.
So he protects his human being name from any enemy attack. The shock smashes on a name " which exists without existing ".

Once more, let's take a simple and concrete example to understand:
The name of the being is the one of the being.
All right, it's a truism. But if the name of the being is the one of the being, it is not the one of one's destiny, of one's history nor even of one's current life.
They are two different aspects and nevertheless essential.
The Ren is what we really are, not what one projects on us and even less what we believe about us.
That's why we often discover whom we are in adversity. When our true nature, our nature of soul, comes to light, in the urgency of moment.

To call your friends, your children or your love ones with diminutives, with invented names which mean nothing, you protect them by doing this!
If you call your husband, "kitten", he becomes somewhere in the astral "kitten". If somebody wants to harm "kitten" and sends him a charge, the charge will get lost on the way, because there is no "kitten" as such.
But finally, will you say to me, who would send a charge to my husband who is so kind and furthermore would call him "kitten"? It makes no sense !
You are right. But I did this on purpose in order you understood the process.
Now, let's suppose that you always call your husband " Eric " while his real first name is "Frederic", if the charge leaves towards " Eric ", it will never affect your husband, the aforementioned "Eric" married to Joan do not exist as such. You follow me?

Idem for the writers, the artists who take pseudonyms. If you send a charge on "China", pen name of an unknown artist, it will go nowhere, because this pen name has no consistency as such.
On the other hand, if the pen name is consequent, the artist is very famous, and if he or shecompletely integrated the energy of his (her) pen name, then, the charge will affect him(her).
Here is one of the reasons of the well known ill-being of artists who try to find an outcome in alcohol or drug addiction even sometimes committing suicide: too many attacks, not enough strength.

A lot of people are not called by their real first name. I knew a person who was called Marie-Augustine. She hated her first name. Everybody called her "Maria". Little by little, she became "Maria" even on her statements, her invoices, her letter box... But she was "Maria" only for the others. Her vibratory identity is and will remain for ever for this life time "Marie-Augustine". Thus, any attack against Maria was doomed to failure.

The Ren is fundamental because it's never a coincidence but rather linked to a total jumble of complicated implications: birthday, astrological correspondence, relative symbols, ancestors who bore the same, religious feast, emotion, numerology...
The Spaniards who call their daughters " Dolores " have a funny understanding of life. To call one's daughter "Pain" means sentencing her to death, hardly born. Here is a female who will have to take another first name and become impregnated with it until she completely becomes this other first name.
Because it's possible, naturally, to change one's vibratory ID card. But it is necessary to perform a serious work with one's Ka.

Ka and Ren work together. And if for your safety, your well-being, this long but powerful work seems necessary, you will accomplish it with Ka.
(but it is necessary to have built your Ka and to be in touch with him)
In Ancient Egypt, it was only at the age of 7 that the mother, who chose the secret first name of her child, passed on it to him(her). A secret then linked the child and the mother: the first name. A secret first name for ever. The child became this secret first name safely and escaped consequently many troubles, because the others could only attack his(her) official first name.
Do it, if you feel the need: in the secret of your meditations, of your contacts with your guide, decide if you want another first name. Become this secret first name, this magic Ren and do not tell it to anyone never, never, never.
Your life completely will change.

To integrate the impact of Ren, to bind it to Ka and in one of the next messages to Akh and Bâ, means becoming aware of who you are, of what you represent.
Then, you will be ready to open really, - durably-, your heart chakra, WITH FULL CONSCIOUSNESS