jeudi 24 février 2011



Certain things must be said, because put under the light of the truth or of the demystification, they lose their power and become easier to handle.
Furthermore, I deliberately shall repeat some points. To say the same things by using different words facilitates the integration. And connects at once to new understandings.



The contact with Enki, or Ptah if you prefer the Egyptian symbols, is indispensable before beginning this work, I repeat.
Naturally, you will do as you feel, but for me, it's imperative at first to put yourself under the protection of Enki before starting a work for opening the chakras.
Indeed, it leads to inevitable psychic and energetic releases sometimes difficult to experience and it's wiser to be accompanied. It will avoid you many bothers.
Furthermore, once in contact with his world, Enki answers the calls for help. Within a day, you will feel a very clear improvement and generally it's enough to stay a moment with him to see the effects clearly diminishing. (the best is to perform a ritual) 
Even if you do not see or hear the God Enki and his powerful divine companions, you will not bealone to struggle against your inner daemons.
THEY ARE THERE. Effective and patient.



To develop one's psychic powers requires always some sacrifices. Everything has a price. 
So the inner motivation is essential.
Would you believe me if I asserted you here, hand on heart, that you will wake up with the astral vision, the energetic perception and a perfect clairaudience just after meditating a few days ?
Nothing happens without difficulty, and especially in the occult domain, where the percipient must prove one's determination, and must show
 one's trustworthiness, deserving to receive THE gift.

It is necessary to make a commitment, to persevere, to develop strength and courage. It takes time and of one's time.

Those who obstacles do not frighten, who confront their fears and their weariness who accept to move on sometimes in darkness, to those everything will be given.
(Below, Marduk / Râ in battle dress - click to enlarge the image).

The others, waverers, "fast tired", "fleers", "spongers" will see the gods turning away from them.

You can't ask Enki and the Anunnakis for protection, for psychic gifts, for strength, for prosperity, for work, for promotion, for love and all other things and dedicate to them only the time of your " shopping list ".

Do not take offence ! Do not believe that I think you are careless children! Certainly if you read this blog, and if you come back, it is indeed because your initiative is an adult one. But... I too often saw human beings asserting to be "warriors", and who collapse at the very first worry, to have fast enough of candles, of meditations and of psychic releases. And who throw their "vocation" of future "initiated" without any regret in order to come back to their frivolous life. Then... 

To acquire real psychic capacities requires, I indeed say require, to empty one's mind and one's body of all the false beliefs about oneself, about the gods and about the life which block and prevent the new energy from penetrating into one's bodies (physical and subtle) and from awakening them to other realities.

The image is known but perfect for this demonstration: it is necessary to empty the old so that the new shows itself.
This is one of the big laws of the Universe, logical, mechanistic and inescapable.
Can you fill an already full glass or enjoy a delicious meal on a dirty plate?
Would you be at ease and would you look good always wearing the same worn-out clothes ? Could you feel the energy easily circulate as a river of clear water when traumas, resentments, sorrows and chronic problems accumulate in your arteries, your lymph, your organs?

Why, since the dawn of time, do we speak about " warrior on the path "? the tiger's roar "? Because to rise towards the level of consciousness of Ajna is a fight. Noble, fascinating, enriching, but also sprinkled with pitfalls and with pains.
And the Life would confide you such a treasure? While at the first worry, you give up ? And when you are even not capable of finding 20' a day to climb the hillside of the Kundalini mountain which leads to the very sought-after summit of the thousand petals Lotus ?
Enki, the gods, the Life, have to trust you, your determination, your loyalty, your refusal to give up

Another fundamental point is the self-confidence.
You do not have to doubt. Neither of you nor of gods, because the Anunnakis always answer. You will have moments of discouragement. And of anger also. Inevitably, you will wonder " what are they doing ", " why is it so long ", and you will think that you can die hundred times before receiving a guide ". These moments of "bellyful" are natural. And you should not feel guilty for it. Be always genuine. "You're fed up", say it to Enki. You can cry and even shout your anger. But do not show him disrespect. Otherwise, to express your feelings is understandable for him. One cannot speak about one's suffering while dancing or admit being at the edge of hysterics with a glamourous voice.
Enki knows you. Enki feels you. Enki created or engendered 
After this therapeutic session with him, you will feel better. But, do not forget, and I shall repeat it very often:


The Gods respect your body.
The Gods respect your soul.
The Gods will thus respect YOUR rhythm.

Do not feel guilty for all that. Everyone has had one's own experiences in life and thus has one's pace of integration. Love yourself and when you feel bad, think of who you are.
A divine child. A " miniature god ". Thus capable. Ca-pa-ble.

Let's summarize
To avoid and\or calm all the well known inconveniences linked to the opening of chakras (crying fits, diarrheas, vomits, migraines, depression, anger, stress, nightmares, dizzinesses, fatigue, urinary infections), it is important to:
(I summarize)

 Contact Enki, commit yourself and so be powerfully and automatically loved, helped andprotected.
(The term "automatically" can amaze. But it is just. If you prefer "immediately", it is also good. When a child finds and returns towards his true Father, especially a benevolent Father as Enki / Ptah, he is naturally welcomed with open arms. This is a powerful and joyful reunion. The real " return in the house of the Father ". Then yes, you are immediately, automatically,obviously welcomed and loved. Yes and yes. Whatever you made, whoever you were, because your step is genuine and authentic, Enki will open his heart and his door to you. But you cannot have two fathers, two masters, two faiths. If you follow Enki, you follow only Enki. Not also Jehovah, Shiva and Buddha. The worship to the gods is unique. Enki is " god of the gods ". This does not prevent you from having an intense relation also with Râ ( Marduk) or Thot or your guide! But THE father is Enki. Do you understand? You cannot pray Enki this evening and then run to the synagogue on Saturday and to the church on Sunday morning ! Be coherent! " To benefit from all the aspects of a situation, even by serving opposite interests " is a very bad policy with the gods (whatever is the chosen god). You will finish very badly. Make your decision and choice and keep them up !) 
Thus contact Enki, he is the diamond in you.
Keep and strengthen the contact with Him.
(I shall give you below an example of " shortened ritual " when you lack time.)
Light a small candle, confide him your feelings. Even if he knows you much better that you will never know you, to express things and feelings is always therapeutic.
Talk to him in your heart or still better, in a loud voice, if you are quiet at home.
The moment you spent with him is a true moment of peace and relaxation. Always do it in the same place, where there is few passage, in order that the energy can settle and is immediately convenient for you.

 Ask Enki for a guide if you wish him. The energetic connection is fast. If you are not too much blocked, from one to three months. 

On the other hand, to hear and\or see him, it will take the time necessary for your body to adapt itself. The global average is of approximately seven months with a daily practice.
The path clears from both sides at the same time. Your guide works on his own (you will be aware of it) and you work also by "clearing and digging". So you will be face to face rather quickly or still better " in arms of one another "!
The relation with an Anunnaki guide is very intense, fascinating, reassuring and full of humor!
But Enki must be connected at first. Because it's him who gives the perfect guide to each of us.

 Have a physical activity to release to the maximum your always (or most of the time) unclean 3rd chakra. (Do not forget that it's the chakra of emotions).
Relax. The aim is to get rid of one's inhibitions. Any activity is welcomed: dance, speed walking, swimming, gymnastics, bike, jogging..... it doesn't much matter. Do what you like.
And for better results, do it consciously. At every exhale, assert that with Enki you release your 3rdchakra (and the other ones consequently) of all the useless engrams.

This works very well.
When you will be a little more advanced, you can also assert: " at every exhale, my chakras harmonize and vibrate at the exact frequency ".

 Learn to breathe by the stomach in order to release the diaphragm and hiatal. This zone is very often blocked.
Lie down for a moment, you can perform it while looking at a movie. for example. Put your hands on your stomach. And breathe, feel your hands rising and falling. Do this as long as you can. It will also relax the always tense solar plexus.
Visualize a " small nose " on your stomach. And think that at every exhale, it breathes out the tensions and the blockings as a small dark breath. Then, once your body is trained to this exercise, you will see the " small nose on the stomach " breathing on its own. The body will accompany you. He is intelligent and devoted. If he feels better by breathing in that way, he will do everything to experience this again. For your biggest pleasure. Read the book written by Catherine Battesti, " Le Ventre, Force de Vie - techniques pratiques pour en finir avec les problèmes de ventre".

Please, let me be clear :
All these advices do not aim to "format" you but on the contrary aim to help you by avoiding "damages" or bad experiences which take you away from the true path by fear of pain and of the consequences of pain.
With Enki, no parasite entity will come to nest in your aura. And those who are already there will leave at once !
Obviously, when becoming more brilliant, more radiant, more joyful, more dynamic, people become envious! And there are often " small tiny creatures " which hurry to move for "long sunny holidays, too happy to sunbathe for free". Do not make this happen.
Wear a small image of Enki or Ptah on you. And put an another one under your pillow. It helps.

Let's conclude

  Challenge yourself with a strong-willed state of mind. Do not give in to your usual weaknesses or to your recurring fears. Be aware that with Enki, you are not alone. Move on with courage and you will be rewarded.

 On the other hand, know that a rise of Kundalini is not necessarily brutal, intense and fast. It can spread over months even years, (years in the worst of cases, rare, fortunately) and\or rise peacefully and harmoniously. Chakra after chakra. The process is described message 2.

 The Awakening also passes through periods of "closure" where it is advisable to pause. Your body must be able to follow the rythm and thus needs to rest a little.
That's why the presence of a guide is, for me, in-dis-pen-sa-ble. He will manage perfectly your occult anatomy, your chakras will turn at the right speed and frequency, the opening will happen in total adequacy with your needs. He will guide you towards the best and your life will change also for the best. 

In most of the messages about Enki, I insist on one of the numerous gifts he gave to humanity: the Knowledge. The Fire of knowledge. The Consciousness.
This summarizes in a single word: KUNDALINI.

The Fire of Knowledge 
The gift of the Awakening
The Quest of the Self
All this lives in the "Snake"
A the bottom of the vertebral column

Let's think of this famous "snake" and let's work a little with analogy.
You understand that everything crosschecks ?

The rhombus, the pyramid, Ida and Pingala, the caduceus, the lemniscate, the Ankh, the DNA, the knot of Isis, the Sumerian tree of life (below)...

No? Let's look at this
  The center is the heart, there sits EA.
Enki is the heart of the creation, his divine "genitor". Consequently, it make sense that Ea/ Enki/Ptah controls the Awakening.
The 4th chakra regulates and harmonizes 
the energy. This sensible distribution between the higher and lower chakras assures a relatively quiet Awakening.
But the 4th chakra needs to be enough opened to act efficiently.

  The Lemniscate (above on the right) is the famous " lain eight ". Which acts very well also "rised". It is a standard technique of cure for the Tibetans.
For them, the whole Universe works on the 
, also symbol of Infinity. When Kundalini gets going, it generates an erected 8, of which the vital point is still the heart, naturally.

  The same for the Ankh below, key of life.
Notice the envelopment of the head and of the higher chakras. The central junction of the key is still and always the heart.
In each side of the heart, there where the cross is horizontal, take place the shoulders chakras.

  There is also another symbol, that of the knot of Isis, or buckle of Isis, the Tit.
It evokes an Ankh of which we would have lowered the arms. The Egyptians associated it with Djed, symbol among others, of the vertebral column, the kundalini of gods.
Below, the knot-Tit (Louvre Museum) which is always red. Color of the heat, the life and the blood.

The blood is associated with Isis and with Osiris resurrection of which one asserts besides that the Tit would symbolize his vertebral column. The Tit and its color also symbolize the magic childbirth of Isis and the umbilical cord which connected her to Horus.

But, as " Ankh with lowered arms ", it also evokes the human being and his occult anatomy.Notice that, as usual, the junction of buckles takes place in the center, the heart.
Below a more stylized representation which allows to see it better.

These "symbolic" representations allow us to undertsand what takes place in our physical and subtle bodies, to clarify the divine creation.

"... I shall show that it is to an inspiration of the divine Wisdom that the men owe the idea to represent God and his power, by perceptible images and in touch with the organs;
To give a visible shape to what is invisible of its nature;
but these images are only for those who know how to read divine things in statues as in books.

Because it is only with the eyes of the ignoramuses that an idol is only some wood or some stone and I do not wonder: it is like coarse people who see in a column only a set of stones;
in tablets only the substance of wood, in a scroll only the papyrus fibers ".

Thot-Hermès Trismégiste - p. 138 - R. Lachaud-Ed. Ramuel.

Pay attention to what surrounds you, because your environment talks to you, whatever it is, and any thing is symbol because nothing can exist on Earth which existed at first in the divine thought.
Even if the man then gets to divert and change the symbol of its original meaning.
Let's make here an interesting digression.
Every chakra is associated with an animal. Do you know that Vishudda, throat chakra is connected to the peacock?
Yes. The peacock. The man considers it as a conceited animal which thinks only of waddling and displaying its tail. Doubtless he thinks about his own behavior!
Realize its symbolism.

When the Peacock fans out its magnificent tail-feathers, it shows to the human beings the solar wheel, and displays the beauties of Ptah creation nested in the feathers of a bird. Colors, sweetness, and shape make of this fowl a sacred bird of fire.
It was revered in particular at the Greeks, divine bird of Hera/Juno, wife of Zeus. At the Tibetans and the Hindus where the Peacock is considered as Boddhisatva, bearer of Immortality. Because indeed it kills snakes and absorbs their poison without losing its life.
At the Chinese, it is symbol of peace and prosperity.
At the Christians, the spread tail by the peacock evokes the starry vault and also the immortality.
For the Muslims, it represents the universe or still the full moon and the zenith of the sun. The endless running of the time: the immortality.
" The peacock, aristocratic bird, colors of rainbow. The colors which show themselves on the surface of the work just before the success, in the melting pot, of the Dry Way. The glass wheel of the gothic temples....bird of Hermes Trismegistus". 
The Peacock, animal with hundred eyes, the one who sees the gods.

So, the opening of the third eye, the psychic eye of the soul must be previously submitted to the constant and powerful pressure of the throat chakra. We shall practise all this. It is not surprising thatNingishzidda (Thot) governs the 5th chakra and the 6th also.
Look ! As usual everything crosschecks:
Thot, great communicator and teacher, divine messenger, genius, directly associated with Vishudda, chakra of the human communication, the teaching, the transmission... It is in the 5th chakra that the verb becomes flesh, because it is the chakra of the Knowledge. Its name means "pure". Linked to the ears, it is by Vishudda at first that the clairaudience awakes.
Back for now to our Kundalini.

  Here it crosses the chakras, always very straight and rectilinear. But, naturally, once the chakras are drilled, the energy kundalini spreads in the whole head and body, as we shall see it

Ida and Pingala are the interlaced " snakes ", the Caduceus.
They are also the DNA, and its repeated helix " to infinity ".

At the right moment, Ida and Pingala join the central verticality while crossing the vacuole of the heart chakra.
That's why we always speak about "centring", about "verticality""return to the self, of middle path" etc.
It is always about evoking Kundalini and its process.

  Once Kundalini gets rised, the energy circulates in the entire body and everything around it.

Below, specifically the work of the energy, by the central canal Sushumna in the head: it crosses the fundamental points of the brain among which the 3rd eye, the points of clairaudience, naturally the pineal, everything gets enlightened. Notice please, the kundalini "circle", inside and around the skull. Here is the " high snake ", Uraeus for the Egyptians.

Once this was integrated, you understand that the opening of the 3rd eye and the balancing of the 6th chakra / pineal involve the entire body.
Furthermore, chakras works by pair.
In two different and complementary ways.
Let's see it briefly.

  First way 
The 1st chakra is directly connected with the 7th.
The most remote points always join. The (7th) Sky and the (1st) Earth make only One.
I am embodied (1st), my feet are my roots, whereas my head, my spirit "touches" Heavens (7th).
I am the bridge, I am the link, I am such as created, in the image of my divine father, Enki.

. The 2nd to the 6th.
I create (2nd) and I innovate (6th). I bring new solutions, I open my horizon. I perceive, I am inspired.
I feed my creation with my inspiration.

. The 3rd to the 5th.
By creating, I develop my personal power. Then I communicate with or about my creation. I pass on what I understood, digested then created again with my words, my symbols. Perfect definition of theintegration (think to Montaigne). And of the assertion of the self.

. The 4th chakra synthetizes, gathers, harmonizes. It is crossroads, junction, meeting, unification, merging.

   Second way
(additional and not opposite).
. The 1st is connected with the 4th
- I am embodied, I accept my role and my place in this world. The more I love myself (4th) the more I love the others, the more I give a sense to my life by making me useful.
- I united an intense and balanced sexuality to the powerful feelings which animate me.

. The 2nd to the 5th
create and I teach. The stomach, the Hara is the "heart" of the 3 lower chakras.

. The 3rd to the 6th
My ego is aware of its power. It can now reach another type of power: the occult.
The ego becomes initiated in Ajna.

. The 4th to the 7th
The love for me at first, then for the others opens me to the benevolence and enlightenment.


It is useless to begin this initiation if you cannot work every day.

The daily repeat is absolutely indispensable for the acquisition of the powers.

If you work by fits and starts, you will have side effects which you will avoid by being "disciplined". And you will put a lot time before benefiting from your meditations.
Do not tell me that you cannot find 20' a day to meditate. If spending a little less time on the phone, or in front of TV or in unnecessarily shopping, you will find much more that 20 minutes.
Most of the time, we lose all of us a precious time in stupidities, chatting with the neighbour, with mom who calls for the 4th time in the day, etc.

To learn to say NO, 
to learn to say STOP,
is the first step towards 
the reappropriation of one's personal power.

Thus, it's up to you to know if yes or not you want to open Ajna.
If yes, work and have a daily practice. 
Note on an exercise book your feelings, the reactions of your body, the dreams, the synchronicities, pay attention to everything taking place.
2012 is the beginning of a new age.
The opening of humankind to a new vibratory plan,
to a higher level of consciousness.
2012 announces the beginning of the Golden age
That of the Aquarius, the era of Ea / Enki.
Get ready.


1st week

Protect yourselves from the noise and from any intrusion.
Disconnect phones and prepare a small cloth, it happens that we are a little cold during this work, even in summer.
That you have a permanent altar or not, before beginning your initiation, place an image of Ptah or Enki in front of you, bow and light two blue candles. (Royal blue, no blue sky)
I consider the contact with Enki is established. Consequently, you know what to make and how.
Say your Hymn to Ptah or you regular prayer to Enki.
Be focused, please. Breathe for a long time and profoundly.
Then ask him to protect you, to guide you during the meditation, to facilitate your perceptions, your feelings and that all this happens harmoniously.
Stay the time you want with Enki, feel, inhale, relax.

If you stood in front of your altar, sit down comfortably but with the back very straight.
Cross hands and put them on your thighs.
Breathe by the glottis. Profoundly. Several times. Inhale the name of Enki.
ENNNNNNN on the inhale. KIIIIIIIIIII on the exhale. About ten times at least. See the energy of his name spreading in you and expelling the tensions, the pains and the parasite thoughts.
The energy of Enki is a very twinkling and incredibly brilliant gold. Visualize it.
Then, think, imagine your aura, everything around you, as a golden egg.
Visualize it, think of it, and if you can, feel it. If you are sensitive, you will perceive pulsations, as breaths all around you.
Always inhale by the glottis and bring the gold light all around you. In the exhale, think, imagine these streams of gold light (or thousands of small suns) penetrating into your aura. Put the gold light everywhere, since feet up to the skull, in the back,the stomach, the chest, the head, the arms, the hands..

The sun is the absolute symbol in any thing, its heat, its color and its origin, everything is cure and power. Absorb it.
Do it about ten times or still more. Inhale by the glottis, visualize the golden energy arriving all around you and at the exhale penetrate into your aura. Feel it increasing, feel it strengthening, feel it cleaning.
If you can, add on the inhale and the exhale the name of Enki, again. Visualize his name in letters of fire in your aura, perfect defender shield.
Now you feel relaxed, in peace. You can sigh because of relief.
If you have nausea, slow down and watch your food.

Now focus on your forehead. Think of this part of your head. Feel it. Take your time. Realize that here is the third eye.
A point surrounded with 5 vertical others, (see photo below) which allow while opening the supply with energy of the 6th chakra and the pineal. Thus to activate all the sleepy psychic powers.
Do not forget, we are all of us future small gods. Focus on the forehead but do not force. It is about a quiet but determined focus here.

When you feel ready, inhale BY THE FOREHEAD the golden light and make it penetrate inside the cone.

(this means: you inhale by the glottis, you visualize a stream of light arriving on your forehead, then cross it to penetrate into the cone to the exhale, but do not stop the glottis breath during the whole process. You make it at the same time).
Thus, I repeat: imagine your forehead with a " small nose " which inhales profoundly the gold light. At the same time as you visualize this inhale by the forehead, inhale always by the glottis.
If you do not succeed in visualizing " the inhaling forehead ", the golden light which enters it etc., think of " the energy follows the thought", thus the result is identical.
This gold light, store it in your 3rd eye and let it act.
If you manage easily, add the name of the god of Ajna: Thot. Or still better Tehuti, it makes vibrate three vowels, what is better.
Inhale by the forehead, then, in the exhale, whereas the cone is filled with gold light, vibrate :
After some sessions, you could, if you are sensitive, already perceive funny effects in the head and somewhere else. Do not panic. Go on, except if you feel sick. You must respect your rhythm.

Peform this first meditation during a week, every day without any exception.

2nd week 
Take back again the full meditation of the 1st week.
And add what follows.
Inhale the gold light by your 3rd eye and let it cross the cone and penetrate into the 6th chakra.
Do it ten times.
Visualize, at the same time if possible, a gold light ball or a beautiful sun in the center of your head.
Do not forget that when your body inhales, even if the energy passes by organs or chakras which you open, the "total" breath has to be made by the glottis.
Let your golden light ball vibrate and breathe in the center of your skull. If it begins turning let it do.
Remain for a small moment focused on your chakra. Visualize your entire skull filled with gold light.
. Then, pay attention to your pineal. If you do not succeed in visualizing it, once more, don't worry. Think " pineal ", the energy will follow the order.
On the other hand, become aware of its presence and its function.

Then, bring the gold light by and through the 3rd eye to and in the pineal and visualize it opening as a beautiful flower or becoming a small brilliant, pulsing and joyful sun. Or think of it.

(When one works on the pineal, one can feel nausea or a temporary discomfort. Stop immediately. Rise your eyes towards the 3rd eye. As if you looked at the root of your nose. Your eyes squint a little but it will stop the "illness". Breathe profoundly.
Then come back to the meditation. Or stop if you feel the need to rest a little. Listen to your needs and feelings.
Visualize your ball of light in the head, take back the light filling the pineal or work with the name of Enki.
See him wriiten in your head, in your chakras, in your body. The next day, begin again and see how reacts your pineal).

Perform this about ten times, without forcing. Bring the light in the pineal, like a small joyful sun. Or flower which opens and spreads. Feel it, visualize it or think of it.
Then, remain focused a moment on your 6th chakra and pineal. Feel what happens in you.
Maybe nothing. Often, one feels the effects the next day or some hours later.
Now, inhale about ten times by the glottis by your whole body (as you do it to strengthen your aura) while asserting:
" With Enki, all my being is harmoniously cured, strengthened. All the extra energy in and around my head now comes down towards the Earth. I am solid and in peace. Thank you "(Or something similar with your own words).

Meditate so during two weeks then if you feel it right for you, extend the second meditation, amplify the visualizations, the feelings.
Note the evolution, the progress and the inescapable " side effects".
(headaches. Make rotations of shoulders, relax the nape of the neck and especially pursue your meditations. Except - rare- massive reaction, to work again calms and cures the problem).

3rd week 
Take back the meditation of the second week, and add sounds.
Inhale the gold light by your 3rd eye and make it cross the cone and penetrate into the 6th chakra.
Perform it about ten times.
Visualize, at the same time if possible, in the center of your head a gold light ball or a beautiful sun.
Let your ball of gold light vibrate and breathe in the center of your skull. If it begins turning, let it
Stay focused on your chakra for a moment. Visualize your skull filled with golden light.
. Then inhale profoundly and in the exhale, say the sound Biiiiiiiiiiii, by sticking the tongue to your palate. Make the sound of the bee. Do it at least 5 times in a row.
. Then, pay your attention on the pineal.
Bring by the 3rd eye the gold light on and in the pineal, and visualize it opening as a beautiful flower or becoming a small brilliant, pulsing and joyful sun. Or think about it.
Stay focused on your 6 th chakra and pineal. Feel what happens.
. Then inhale profoundly and in the exhale, say the sound Biiiiiiiiiiii, by sticking the language to the palate. Make the sound of the bee. Make it at least 5 times in a row.
Now, become aware of your entire body. Feel it. Look at the base of your vertebral column. Look means here " put your attention " on your 1st chakra. Then, imagine, think of a tube of light from the 1st chakra which wraps the vertebral column and rises towards the 6th chakra. Think of it.
Then, 5 times in a row, while keeping in your consciousness this tube of light, Sushumna, inhale very profoundly then say the sound Mmmmmm, closed lips, the tongue stuck to the palate.
Do not force. Stay one moment in touch with your body after the sound and see what occurs.
Finally, breathe two or three times by the glottis by your whole body (as you do it to strengthen the aura) by asserting:
" With Enki, my being is harmoniously cured, strengthened. The energy spreads harmoniously into me. I am profoundly loved, protected, guided. Thank you Almighty Enki ". (Or something similar with your words).

Perform this at least two weeks.
According to your reactions, you can reduce a work and increase another part of the meditation. Follow your feeling and the energy.
Images of love or violence can arise, sometimes very negative thoughts, the need to cry, let it do and be not afraid. Your mental cleans itself.
You progress.
The next message will include all the chakras.
Note, please, the evolution, the progress and the inevitable but bearable "side effects". Stay firm.
(Headaches. Make rotations of shoulders, relax the nape of the neck and especially pursue your meditations. Except -rare- massive reaction, work again calms and cures the problem).

The effects of the meditations.
Generally :
Movements of energy, small pains as small electric shocks in the head, picotis on the skull, itches on the head and the forehead, a pressure on the forehead and the summit of the skull sometimes rather strong, the feeling that one moves your scalp or that it has the gooseflesh, pressures around ears or inside, " bizarre feelings " in the jaws and the teeth.
The body can also react by hot flushes, a kind of conscious slumber, itches in legs, itches under feet and\or in the palms of hands, a light palpitation and a difficulty breathing (light, do not worry), a pressure in the breast, a presence around shoulders and around nape of the neck, feeling to be bigger, wider, " bizarre ", whistlings, ringings in ears, temporary pains in the back...
If you have a headache or as a "bar" above the eyes in the forehead, it is rather good sign: your chakras "bustle".