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Please previously read the messages about MARDUK.
in order to understand easily what follows.

Reminder of the facts
Enki saved the human race and the famous " seeds of life ".
The intervention of the angel Galzu, messenger of the God of All, to calm angers and divisions, gives to Enki a " legitimacy" for acting.

Enlil has ordered, with the blessing of Anu, that the human beings live their destinyundergoing the Deluge. Thus, the evacuation planned at first by the Nephilims will not take place.
Enki, submitted to the worst pressures, struggles in his inner tearings, when during the night, a dream shakes him quite particularly.
A being with white big wings orders Enki to not give up. He is right to refuse the idea to abandon mankind. It is necessary to save the human race.
" Build with your son a insummersible boat, which will resist to all the difficulties and saves all what is possible, from vegetables to human beings ".
Let's read together the exact text:

"Now into your hands Fate take,
for the Earthlings the Earth will inherit Summon your son Ziusudra,
without breaking the oath
to him the coming calamity reveal. 
A boat that the watery avalanche can withstand,
a submersible one, to build him tell, 
The likes of which on this tablet to you I am showing. Let him in it save himself and his kinfolk 
And the seed of all that is useful,
be it plant or animal, also take.
That is the will of the Creator of All !".

Enki wakes up, bewildered.
Did he really dream about it? Is it his unconsciousness which plays on him its tricks? Is it his deep desire to save his children which persuades him that an angel, so white, so big, so...
And Enki stunned, discovers on the bedside table the plan to build the boat !
For him, everything gets clearer. Not only he did not dream, but he is supported by greater than him.
He must hurry.
He runs, in the middle of the night, to meet his son Ziusudra, whom he had with a human woman and orders him to act.
( Ziusudra will be depicted as Noe in the Bible, thus posterior to the Sumerian tablets. He descends from the race homo sapiens-sapiens by his mother: ancestors Adapa and Titi, directly engendered by Enki and two human women: Dawn and Dusk).

( The existence of this Galzu is very important and will be the object of a next message. Already note that he contactsEnki and only Enki. This has a profound meaning.) 

Enki prepares all this in big secret.
His son Ninagal, Annunaki, will drive the famous "crammed" submarine to the mount Arrarat where he will wait Enki and his believers, determined to stay with the human beings. In fact, all the sons of Enki will remain with him, without any exception.

The seeds of life, Ziusudra and his family, hundreds of animals, plants, tools and materials are saved. Tribes spread on Earth were saved.
I shall return on the details of the Flood later.
What it is important to seize here, it is the way of which the Annunakis analyze and understand the situation:
"While fate we decreed, the hand of destiny every step directed ! so dit Anu say. 
The will of the Creator of All is clear to see : 
On Earth and for Earthlings, only emissaries we are. The Earth to the Earthlings belongs, to preserve and advance them we were intended !
If that is our mission here,
let us accordingly act ! so did Enki say. 
The great Anunnaki who the fates decree councels exchanged regarding the lands : 
To create civilized regions the Great Anunnaki decided, therein knowledge to Manking provide Cites of Man to establish ,
therein in sacred precincts abodes for the Annunaki crete Kingship as on Nibiru on Earth establish,
crown and scepter to a chosen man give. 
By him the word of the Anunnaki to the people convey, work and desterity to enforce
In the sacred precincts a priesthood to establish,
the Anunnaki as lofty lords to serve and worship Secret knowledge to be taught,
civilisation to Mankind convey.
To create four regions, three for Mankind, one restricted, the Anunnaki resolved 
The first region in the olden Edin-land to estalish,
for Enlil and his sons to dominate 
The second region in the Land of the Two Narrows thererafter to follow, for Enki et his sons to lord 
The third region with the other two not mingling, in a distant land to Inanna grant 
The fourth region for the Anunnaki alone consecrated, the peninsula of the Place of the Chariots will be".

" While we decreed " fate ", really the hands of the Destiny controlled every stage, says Anu. The will of the Creator of Everything was clear: on Earth and for the human beings, we are only messengers. The Earth belongs to Humankind, our mission is to protect them and to help them to progress! If there is our mission, we have to accomplish it, says Enki. The great Annunaki who decrees considered (looked) at the lands. He decided to create civilized regions, where the knowledge would be given to the people. He decided to establish cities for the people where, sacred places of worship for the Anunnakis would be built. As on Nibiru, to establish the monarchy, to the men the crown and the spectre will be given. By him, the teachings of the Anunnakis to the people will be passed on, the work and the dexterity (manual labor) will be respected (and applied) In sacred surrounding walls, the religion (priesthood) will be established and in Anunnakis, noble gods, they will devote themselves and will honor. The secret knowledge will be taught, and the civilization given to the People. Then the Anunnakis created 4 regions, three for the men and one forbidden to the men. The first one will be established in "Edin-land" (Sumer and region = South Mesopotamia) for Enlil and his sons. The second, Egypt and the Nile valley, for Enki and his sons. The third, the valley of the Indus, which with the two others does not have to mix, for Inanna. The Fourth, dedicated for the Anunnakis, peninsula of "Chariots"(Spaceships). Equivalent of the Sinai. The fourth region was a kind of "holy land" which provided especially all the satellite communications and the other launching sites of spaceships, from where its formal ban to human beings.

Page 9 of The end of days, Sitchin writes that a text known under the name of The Epic of Etanna tells these deliberations, and so the Sumerians of that time were involved "from day to day" in the experiences of the Gods, that's why, as it was said, " they walked among us ".
What we know about the Mesopotamian organization is here with the creation of an EN.SI, " righteous shepherd ", the honorable shepherd, in charge to guide the peoples. Originally, he was chosen among the mid-gods. (See my posts on the ancient cities and mesopotamia).
The importance of temples is not only religious. It is from the sacred surrounding walls " sacred precinct " that were born art and sculpture, music and dance, poetry and hymns, and above all writing and chronicles, annals, archives....... to move towards then the royal palace. 

At that time, the Life was also and especially in the temples, far from our sad churches of today.
But the supreme authority was in the hands of the king or LU.GAL, Great Man.
This great man, carefully chosen, served at the same time as King and High Priest, but this was not systematic and only for some main cities or capitals.
Here is how was born the monarchy of divine right, as the Sumerians, after the Deluge engraved it on their tablets:
"Kingship was brought down from Heaven",
" The Monarchy was brought on Earth by Heavens ", meaning (understood) by Anu and his sons then, the king is their representative, depository of their teachings.
For Sitchin, from there appears the faith in the return of the Messiah. Not a resuscitated Christ who would come back to judge " dead and alive people ", but the return of the gods on Earth, who, waiting this blessed day, have delegated their powers to the King. (The Pharaoh in Egypt).
( I shall return regularly on all these points by enriching them).
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Some information come also from " The end of the days - Z. Sitchin - Harper Collins publishers 

. First region:
Mesopotamia without Egypt is attributed to Enlil, his sons and descendants. In other words, the big country of Sumer ( Shumer) which includes all the south Mesopotamie and a part of Asia. (because afterward, Enlil and his clan will get the region managed by Inanna.)
The God Enlil to Nippur, Ninmah ( Ninoursag) to Shuruppak, Ninurta to Lagash, Nannar / Sin to Ur, Inanna / Ishtar to Uruk and Utu / Shamash to Sippar, were honored there, with constructions of temples and religious feasts.

. The second region:
The Nile valley, the Nubia and the entire Egypt belong to Enki and his sons. And Africa by extension, in particular that South.
It was the second region, the more beautiful by the magnificence of Egypt, where reigned the Great Ptah ( Enki) and Râ ( Marduk) and Thot ( Ningishzidda)...
Where Enki is, the ignorance dies.

. The third region:
The valley of the Indus to Inanna.
You will have noted the Anunnaki order " which does not have to mix with two other regions ".
More or less equivalent of current Pakistan

"As by Enlil's decree required,
the Lord Enki, Lord of Wisdom 
For the third region a changed tongue devised,
a new king of writing signs he for it fashioned. 
A tongue of man heretofore unknown
for Aratta Enki in his wisdom created".

(By decree, Enlil asked to the Lord Enki, the god of Wisdom, to invent a new language and "to shape" a new writing (by signs) for the third region, and for Arrata, Enki in his great wisdom, created a language until then stranger for the men).

(Remember that by the grace of Enlil, while the people spoke, in these ancient times, the same language, what unified them and showed solidarity, the division was settled. That each speaks a different language, ordered Enlil, in front of the construction of the Tower of Babel, that the men do not understand any more between them. To divide to reign. At present, the English language reunites because more and more people speak it. It is the current "universal" language).

. The fourth region:
The Sinai dedicated to Anunnakis only.
" Post-diluvial spaceport ": post diluvial launching site, clarifies us Sitchin.

(Image : 12e planète - z. Sitchin - Louise courteau editions - p. 425)
Naturally, in any case, this means that the gods were locked into their region. We know that Enki also governed the Abzû, and that by the " heavenly ways ", managed also their constellations and respective planets.

This is the reproduction of Noah's Ark / Ziusudra that I found on a "religious" website." Who, today, could believe that such a receptacle would have saved (and contained!) hHundreds of people, animals, plants and supplies, submitted to a flood that the tsunami in Asia looks like a tiny ripple?

Naturally, it was about a submarine.
The catholic leaders must stop taking people for idiots.
The hand of God would not have been able to make anything against such an outburst of elements, " the hand of God ", nonsense !!