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10th tablet 

Birth of the Giza Pyramid

I undertook the exhaustive chronology of The Lost Book of Enki by Zecharia Sitchin - Bear and Co Publishing, but while working on it, I realized that I had already treated numerous events and that " the exhaustiveness " was too repetitive.
Consequently, I progress this time towards the 10th tablet, which, after the description of the Deluge, meticulously depicts the reconstruction of planet Earth. And especially the birth of the great Egyptian civilization or how Ningishzidda / Thot created the first great pyramid...

Let's summarize 
The Deluge took place. Enki specifies us that it poured out on the planet in the Leo era, which according to our - uncertain- current calculations, means more than 13000 years ago.

Here are some excerpts of the description which makes Enki of the Deluge:
(the comments in small and/or bold characters and in brackets are mine) 

" For days before the Day of the Deluge the Earth was rumbling, groan as with pain it did ...... 
In the heavens Nibiru as a glowing star was seen.
Then there was darkness in daytime, and at night the Moon as though by a monster was swallowed.....
In the glow of dawn, a black cloud arose from the horizon, 
The morning's light to darkness changed, as though by death's shadow veiled. 
Then the sound of a rolling thunder boomed, lightnings the skies lit up.... 
.....On that day, on that unforgettable day, the Deluge with a roar began.
In the Whiteland (antarctica), 
at the Earth's bottom,
the Earth's foundations were shaking;
Then with a roar to a thousand thunders equal, off its foundations
the icesheet slipped, 
By Nibiru's unseen netforce it was pulled away, into the south sea crashing...
The Whiteland's surface like a broken eggshell was crumbling. 
All at once a tidal wave arose, the very skies was the wall of waters reaching...... 

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A storm, its ferocity never before seen, at the Earth's bottom began to howl,
Its winds the wall of water were driving, the tidal wave nothward was spreading;
Northward was the wall of waters onrushing,
the Abzu lands (current Africa, in particular South Africa )
it was reaching.......
Outside the storm's wave the people overtook like a killing battle,
No one his fellow man could see, the ground vanished, there was only water....
Before day's end the watery wall, gathering speed, the mountains overwhelmed.
In their celestial boats the Annunaki the Earth were circling.....
Ninmah (Ninoursag) like a woman in travail (childbirth) cried out....
All life by the rolling sea wave away was taken ! Thus did Ninmah cry and moan.
Inanna, who was with her, also cried and lamented:
Everything down below, all that lived, has turned into clay ! ...
In the other celestial boats the Annunaki by the sight of unbridled
fury were humbled,
A power greater than theirs they with awe those days witnessed.
For the fruits of Earth they hungered......
The olden days, alas, to clay have turned! So to each other
the Annunaki said.
After the immense tidal wave that over the Earth swept,
The sluices of heaven opened, a downpour from the skies upon the Earth was unleashed.
For seven days the waters from above with the waters of
the Great Below were mingled;
Then the wall of water, its limits reaching, its onslaught ceased,
But the rains from the skies for forty more days and nights continued.
( Realize how much the Bible copied all this, even to the figures)
From their perches the Annunaki looked down ; Where there wer dry lands,
now was a sea of water,
And where mountains once to the heavens their peaks raised,
Their tops now like islands were in the waters.

This is a terrifying description of this Flood.
(Which reminds that all the media diffuse today about the global warming. Let's hope that we shall escape this new devastation against which nobody can do anything).

However numerous human beings escaped the inevitable death which was waiting for them.
(When I say numerous, it is here about a handful regarding the hundreds of thousands human beings who died) 
In particular those saved by Enki, thanks to the submarine.
Progressively in their expeditions, the Gods found trying to survive among rubble, tribes, groups, and families.

You remember that the angel Galzu appeared to Enki in a dream to confirm him in his idea of saving the men at all costs.
Still better, he asks him this on behalf of the "Will of the God of All " and put down on his bedside table the plan of the famous ark which is a submarine.

Enki, as usual, successfully carried out his mission.
The submarine was built.
Ours today, look like it strangely.
(Click on the images to see better) 

Strange drawings found by the archaeologists on stones, front walls and pillars

Focus on what one thinks to be a submarine

. Let's compare the Anunnaki shape to ours ...

. And yet, what ... hovercraft? ... Let's compare ...

Interesting ?
Let's return now to The Lost Book.

Thus the 10th tablet begins on the return of the gods on planet Earth and the discovery of " the ark " on the mount Ararat.

According to the researches of Zecharia Sitchin, the Deluge was due to the melting ice of an immense part of Antarctica.
Indeed, the global warming provoked diluvian rains and by logic, an inevitable thawing.
The "trigger" of this disaster: the early passage of Nibiru in Earth's orbit.

The Flood could not be avoided, it was " destiny ".
Once more time and to avoid any ambiguity, I give you here the definition of Sitchin regarding "Fate"and "Destiny".
We nowadays utilize these two terms of "destiny" and "fate" almost synonymously. For the Nephilims, it is not the case!
The subtle difference which exists between these two words is fundamental.
( Source: the earth chronicles handbook - Z. Sitchin - Bear and co - p. 61).

".... The Sumerians made a difference between Destiny (Nam), which once determined (decreed) could not be changed and Fate ( Nam.tar) which, although submitted to Destiny, could be changed by act of will, rigor of the character, the prayers, etc.
The predestination (Destiny) concerns the people, the kings, the countries, the gods themselves, and also Earth and other planets (of which the "destiny" is the assigned orbit for each of them). Although to die is the destiny of the Man, in him is "Fate". Indeed to behave well, to follow the orders of gods... facilitates a longer life, a better health...
From this point of view, the Sumerians introduced the concept of choice , the " free will ", and the moral principles in the life and the character of the Men ".

(Don't forget that, for us, " sapiens-sapiens " engendered by Enki, this attitude " to do things on one's own " and to experiment our choices is directly inherited from our Father Creator Enki. Our "disobeying " and rebelling behavior, the will to follow our feelings, to give meaning, sense, direction to one's life obviously result from Enki. It's his own nature.) 

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Page 229 and following ones.


" Now this is the account of how survival on Earth was restored,
And how a new source of gold and other Earthlings beyond the oceans were found.
It was after the encounter of Arrata that the waters of the Deluge to recede continued. 

( Do not confuse
. Aratta: the " remote lands ", given to Inanna, famous 3rd region, that one also calls "Indus Valley ", approximately current Pakistan and "surroundings" (aratta: one "r" and two "t") 
. Arrata: today Mount Ararat, located in current Turkey and which was the new launching site and interstellar communications built by the Anunnakis after the Flood. (Arrata: two "r" and one "t")).

From the celestial boats and from the Whirlwinds, the Anunnakis the landscapes surveyed.

( Whirlwind: one of the 7 satellites-moons of Nibiru - do not forget that Nibiru is still near the Earth at the end of the Deluge.The name was also given to a kind of small shuttle, small "car" for the space - see below, once more the strange resemblance between our current shuttles and those of the Anunnakis. Some Anunnaki rockets are much more bigger).
All that in the Olden Times in the Edin and the Abzu had existed under the mud was buried !
Eridu, Nibru-ki, Shurubak, Sippar, all were gone, completely vanished. 
(Reminder : Olden Times = period going from the first landing of the Anunnakis on earth to the end of the Deluge.)

But, in the Cedar Mountains, the great stone platform in the sunlight glistened, 
The Landing Place, in the Olden Times established, was still standing ! 
("Cedar Mountains" = current Lebanon - but it's also, according Sitchin, the name given to the palace of Enlil)

One after another the Whirlwinds upon the platform landed....
Then to Marduk on Lahmu and Nannar on the Moon words were sent,
And they too to Earth returned... 
Now the Annunaki and Igigi who were thus gathered by Enlil to assembly were called.
The Deluge we have survived, but the earth is devastated ! So did Enlil to them say.
All ways to recover we must assess, be it on Earth, be it elsewhere!
Lahmu (Mars) by the passage of Nibiru was devastated ! So did Marduk relate ; 
Its atmosphere was sucked out, its waters thereafter evaporated, 
a place of dust storms it is ! 
The Moon by itself life cannot sustain, only with Eagle masks is staying enabled!
So did Nannar to the others account give, and then words of enamor he added;
Once there, that is was Tiamat's host's leader one must recall,
Of Earth a companion it is, with it Earth's destiny is connected !
Lovingly Enlil on his son's shoulders his arm put. With survival now we are concerned !
So did Enlil to Nannar mildly retort; now sustenance is our firts concern !
Let us the sealed Creation Chamber examine ; perchance Nibiru's seeds we shall still find!
So did Enlil to Enki say, of the grains once created him reminding.

(Creation Chamber: place where were put down all the necessary materials for the genetic manipulations and for the tameness, development and compatibility of any things (seeds, plants, animals... Before leaving Earth, the Gods had buried " for the posterity ", tablets and others).

Inside the chests, in crystal vessels, the seeds of Nibiru's grain were there !
Once outside, to Ninurta Enlil the seeds gave, to him he was thus saying;
Go the mountainside terrace, let the grains of Nibiru once again bread provide !
In the Cedar Mountains, on other mountains too, Ninurta waterfalls dammed,
Terraces constructed, the eldest son of Ziusudra to raise crops he taught. 
To Ishkur (Adad), his youngest, Enlil another task assigned : 
Where the waters have receded go and remaining fruit-bearing trees find !
To him as fruit cultivator Ziusudra's youngest son was assigned : 
The first fruit they found, the vine by Ninmah (Ninhursag) was brought it was. 
( from Nibiru when she joined her brothers on Earth)
Then a gift to Anunnaki and Earthlings Enki presented : 
The chest that Ninagal had carried he unveiled, its surprising contents to all he announced:
The life essences and life eggs, in the wombs of the four-legged animals
from Ziusudra's boat can be combined,
Sheep for wool and meat will multiply, cattle for milk and hides will have,
Then with other living creatures the Earth we shall replenish ! 
To Dumuzi the sheperding tasks Enki gave, in the task was Zisudra's middle son assisting.
Then to the dark-hued landmass (name given to Egypt, Kemet),
where his and his sons' domains had been,
Enki his attention turned.
With Ninagal, at the confluence of mighty waters the mountains he dammed,
Fierce waterfalls to a lake he channeled to let the waters as a lake accumulate.
Then the lands between the Abzu and the Great Sea
with Marduk he surveyed :
Where habitations once were,
the river's valley how to drain he considered.
At midstream where the river's waters cascaded,
an island from the waters he raised.
In its bowels twin caverns he carved out,
above them from stones sluices he fashioned,
Thus the flowing waters from the highlands coming
he could slow or let go faster (according to the seasons);
With dams and sluices and the two narrows the waters he regulated.
From the Cavern Island, the island of Abu, 
the river's serpentine valley from under the waters he raised : 
In the Land of the Two Narrows (mouth and Nile delta) for Dumuzi and the sheperds 
a habitation did Enki fashion. 
(See all that is said about it in the message Ptah god creator, ( II - Ptah) where this is developed with papyri evidences and proofs)

With satisfaction did Enlil all this to Nibiru words send; with words of concern Nibiru responded;
The close passage that Earth and Lahmu affected on Nibiru too much damage caused; 
The shield of gold dust was torn,
the atmosphere was dwindling again,
Now new supplies of gold quickly were needed !

Fervently to the Abzu Enki went, with Gibil (great alchemist - "metallurgist")
his son to survey and search he journeyed.
All the gold mines were gone, by the avalanche of water they were buried.
In the Edin, Bad-Tibira too no longer existed,
in Sippar a place for the chariots was no more!
The hundreds of Anunnakis who in the mines and Bad- Tibira toiled,
from the Earth were gone,
The multitude of Earthlings, as Primitive Workers serving,
by the Deluge were to clay turned (died);
No gold can from Earth anymore be provided !
Si did Enlil and Enki to Nibiru announce.
On Earth and on Nibiru there was desperation.
At that time Ninurta, his tasks in the mountains of cedars completed,
To the mountainland beyond the oceans once again journeyed.
From that land, on the other side of Earth, astounding words he delivered:
the avalanche of waters deep cuts into the moutainsides there tore,
From the mountainsides uncounted gold, in nuggets large and small,
To the rivers below fell down, without mining
can the gold be hauled !
Enlil and Enki to the distant moutainland hurried, with amazement
they the discovery viewed : Gold, pure gold,
refining and smelting not requiring, all about was lying ! 
A miracle it is ! So was Enki to Enlil saying.
What by Nibiru was wrought, by Nibiru was amended!
The unseen hand of the creator of All it is life on Nibiru to enable ! So did Enlil say. 
Now who could collect the nuggets, how to Nibiru they will be
sent? the leaders each other asked.
Of the first question, Ninurta had the answer :
In the high moutainland on this side of Earth, some Earthlings
have survived !
Descendants of Ka-in they are, with the handling of metals they are knowing;
Four brothers and four sisters are their leaders.

Now their mountaintop in the midst of a great lake is an island.
As the protector of their forefathers they me recall,
The Great Protector they call me !
By the report that other Earthlings had survived the leaders were heartened,
Even Enlil, who the end of all flesh planned, was no longer angered.
It is the will of the Creator of All ! to each other other they said. 
Now let us a new Place for Celestial Chariots establish, therefrom the gold to Nibiru send !
For a new plain whose soil has dried and hardened they searched,
In the proximity of the Landing Place, in a desolate peninsula, such a plain they found.
Flat as a quiet lake it was, by white mountains it was surrounded.
Let's comment together this first part.

 When Enki understood that the Deluge was inevitable and that it was impossible to evacuate the human beings, he decided to preserve in a safe place all the seeds which would enable, if one day they were got back, to sow and to plant, again. He made the same with the DNA of human beings, animals, plants, in brief, with all living creatures, whatever its shape and degree of evolution.

He involved Ninoursag, his sister, in the harvest and the filing of seeds.
I suggest you looking back us on this excerpt of The Lost Book (tablet 9 - pages 215 and 216)
"It was at that time of anxious waiting that Enki his sister Ninmah addressed,
To her was Enki thus saying:
In his preoccupation with the Earthlings, of all over living creature Enlil lost attention!
When the avalanche of waters sweeps over the lands,
Other living creatures, some by us from Nibiru originated, most from Earth itself evolved,
In one sudden swoop to an extinction shall be doomed.
Let us, you and me, their seed of live preserve, their life essences for safekeeping extract ! 
Ninmah, she who gave life, to the words of Enki favor gave : 
I shall do it in Shurubak (her city), you do so with the Abzu's living creatures !
So to Enki she said.
While the others sat idly waiting, Enki and Ninmah a challenging task undertook;
Ninmah in Shurubak by some of her female assistants was helped,
Enki by Ningishzidda in the Abzu, at the olden House of Life was assisted.
Male and female essences and life-eggs they collected,
Of each kind two by two, two by two they in Shurubak and the Abzu preserved,
For safekeeping while in the Earth circuit to be taken,
thereafter the living kinds to recombine.
At that time word from Ninurta came : Earth rumblings ominous are !
At that time word from Nergal (2nd son of Enki) and Ereshkigal (Nergal's wife and sister of Innana and Utu) came: The Whiteland is shaken!
In Sippar all the Anunnaki gathered, the Day of the Deluge they awaited." 
Just after the decision of Enki and Ninoursag to act fast and well, the angel Galzu showed himself. Not only he legitimized the acts of Enki but encouraged him to make the famous submarine (the Noah's Ark) and to embark in it as much as possible " beings and alive seeds ".

So, Enki, without knowing it, followed " the will of the Creator of All ", the will of the Creator of Any Things!
Alive human beings, DNA, plants and animals were embarked in the submarine.
Later, survivors of the flood, they would repopulate planet Earth, each of them in their respective reign.

It is important to not confuse here the preservation of the DNA and the human beings made by Enkiwith the preservation of the earthly archives decided by Enlil.
Once more, let's remember, so that any thing gets clear:
(Lost Book of Enki source - page 215) 
Here is for what Prince Enlil asked to his brother Enki:

"However if ever the calamity might be survived,
let all that had happened be remembered. 
Let us tablets of records in Sippar, in the depths of the Earth, safely bury, 
Let what from one planet on another done in days to come uncovered be ! 
Enki his brother's words with approving accepted. ME's and other tablets in golden chests they stored,
In the depths of the Earth in Sippar, for posterity they buried".

  Regarding Ka-in (Cain), some reflections:
After his fight with Abel, when Cain killed his brother, Enki contrary to the other Anunnakis of which Marduk, had wished that Ka-in was exiled and not executed.
For Enki, to preserve the races was essential.
Furthermore, Ka-in had killed without any intention of killing, the crime was not premeditated and consequently was not like what was inflicted by Seth on Osiris and on Horus. Even if regrettably, it was about a fraticide in both cases.
Once again Enki was right.
Without the survivors of the Deluge, descendants of Ka-in, the gold for Nibiru would not have been extracted, with all the disastrous consequences that it would have implied for the planet.
As you certainly already understood it, " the Earth beyond the oceans " is obviously the American continent.
Ka-in before his exile, was genetically modified and became beardless. Beardless with the aim of being "recognized" as "mid-divine" race and at the same time protected.
Enki had predicted that from him (Ka-in) would descend 7 big nations. The 7 Indian nations of North America.
It would be about the Sioux Indians, the Comanche Indians, the Navajo Indians, the Cree Indians, the Apache Indians, the Cheyenne Indians and the Nex Percé Indians. But this remains not confirmed. (For the names of the tribes).
Ka-in thus taught his people. Ninourta, later, pursued the teaching.
Closer to us, Ningishzidda/Thot, will create the great precolombian civilization and will becomeQuetzacoaltl.

This part of the 10th tablet shows us how the gods were back to work in order to reconstruct planet Earth.
Even today, we take advantage of it .

What follows is quite stunning because we are going to discover that there are not the Pharaohs who built the pyramids but indeed the Anunnaki under the aegis of Thot.

In his book Journeys to the mythical pastEd. Bear and Co, Zecharia Sitchin demonstrates us, with proofs and evidences, how this " forgery " took place.
This also explains why until today no "expert" is capable of explaining how these pyramids were built nor to what use they were aimed, because these so-called "pyramids-graves" never welcomed any grave other than one or two " to mask the truth ".

Let's read Enki
"....Let the new Place of the Chariots precisely on that boundary be located
Let the heart of the plain the heavens reflect ! So did Enlil to Enki suggest.
(Which infers the interstellar communications with Nibiru/ Anu)
Once Enki to this agreed, Enlil from the skies of distances took measures;
On a tablet a grand design for all to see he marked out.
Let the Landing Place in the Cedar Mountain be a part of the facilities ! he said.
The distance between the Landing Place and the Chariot Place he measured,
In the midst thereof a place for a new Mission Control Center he designated :
There a suitable mount he selected
The mount of Way showing he named it.
A platform of stones akin but smaller then a Landing Place to be built there he ordered.....
A new Navel of the Earth, the role of Nibru-ki before the Deluge to replace. 
The Landing Path on the Twin Peaks of Arrata (Ararat) in the north were anchored....."

In order to delimit the landing corridor, Enlil needed two other peaks. It was necessary to secure the corridors of landing and takeoff.
In the south and mountainous part of the island, Enlil continued to demarcate and to create the traffic corridors.
But, once the calculations made, one more set of twin peaks were needed and there were missing! (as natural peaks of mountains ) 
(As you can see in the drawing (above), the Anunnakis need high mountainous summits to both demarcate their traffic lanes and mask their comings and goings. Furthermore, these peaks permit to communicate with heavens without interference. The "missing" summits are relays, landmarks, if you prefer which enable the aerial and celestial making of navigation corridors. So Ninghiszhidda/Thot suggests to create artificially the missing peaks and as a result, "engenders" Giza. Yes.
On the other hand, I am not able to give you the exact meaning of " pulsating crystal ". This object seems to be a sophisticated communication tool which probably emitted some particular rays and high frequencies, but I have no technical term to offer you for now).

Only a flatland above the water-clogged valley from the ground protruded.
Artificial peaks thereon we can raise ! So did Ningishzidda to the leaders say.
On a tablet the image of smooth-sided, skyward rising peaks for them he drew.
If it can be done, let it so be ! Enlil with approval said.
Let them also as beacons serve ! 
On the flatland, above the river's valley (the Nile), Ningishzidda
a scale model built,
The rising angles and four smooth sides with it he perfected.
Next to it a larger peak he placed, its sides to Earth's four corners he set; 
By the Anunnaki, with their tools of power, were its stones cut and erected.
Beside it, in a precise location, the peak that was its twin he placed; 
With galleries and chambers for pulsating crystals he designed it. 
When this artful peak to the heavens rose, to place upon it the capstone 
the leaders were invited. 
Of electrum, an admixture by Gibil fashioned, was the Apex Stone made. 

(Gibil, son of Enki, was taught by his father, about metallurgy. It is obvious that it is not about the current metallurgy, but about the science of metals and about their full of genius admixture, in other words the alchemy).

( Below one of the best preserved ( from all the archaeological excavations) capstones - Museum of Cairo - discovered by the British - Look at the Anunnaki symbols, in particular the aviator's wings of which we treated for a long time in a message - two different shots ).

The sunlight to the horizon it reflected, by night like a pillar of fire it was
The power of all the crystals to the heavens in a beam it focused. 
When the artful works, by Ningishzidda designed,
were completed and ready,
The Anunnaki leaders the Great Twin Peak entered,
at what they saw they marveled;
Ekur, House Which Like a Mountain Is, 
(in other words the Great pyramid of Giza) 
they named it, a beacon to the heavens it was.
( the Pyramids make the celestial staircase)
That the Anunnaki the Deluge survived and prevailed forever it proclaimed.
Now the new Place of the Celestial Chariots gold
from across the seas can receive,
From it the chariots to Nibiru the gold for survival shall carry

From it to the east, where the Sun on the designated day sets, they will ascend,
To it to the southwest, where the Sun on the designated day sets,
they will descend ! 
( Note the intelligence of the gods who work WITH the logic of the cosmic energies)

Then Enlil by his own hand the Nibiru crystals activated. 
Inside eerie lights began to flicker, an enchanting hum the stillness broke;
Outside the capstone all at once was shining, brighter than the Sun it was. 
The multitude of assembled Anunnaki a great cry of joy uttered;
Ninmah, by the occasion moved, a poem recited and sang :
House that is like a mountain, house with a pointed peak,
For Heaven-Earth it is equipped, the handiwork of the Anunnaki it is.
House bright and dark, house of heaven and Earth,
For the celestial boats it was put together, by the Anunnaki built.
House whose interior with a reddish light of heaven glows,
A pulsating beam that far and high reaches it emits ;
Lofty mountain of moutains, great and lofty fashioned,
Beyond the understanding of Earthlings it is.
House of equipement, lofty house of eternity. 
( of everything the Anunnaki needed to communicate)