vendredi 25 février 2011


Gateway to the Gods

In these blessed times, when the Gods walked among us, one of their teachings was the respect for the rhythm of nature and for the understanding of its symbolism.
So every season had its rationale and spread its wealth among the men.

Even winter which today is so sulked, offered invaluable presents to whom knew how to receive them as the introspection, the reflection, the wisdom, the rest for body and mind, the worship of the Fire which crackled in the hearths of houses and the great Yule holy day(that the Christians got back under the name of "Christmas") where songs, dances and feasts honoured the gods and the elements.

The Ancient Celts and Nordics possessed the science of symbols and even the so reviled warriors like the Vikings kneeled down in front of the power of Mother Nature.
Always, the Ancients honored the "death" which woke up in the evening of October 31st, eve of the new Celtic year: Samhain.
So began the "dark" period of the year, that one where it is advised to gather inner resources in the shade of bare trees, near fires of chimney and saving ceremonies.

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And so Samhain, far very far from the ignorant stupidity of Halloween, was never representative of the infernal worlds, but rather of the gateway to the Gods.

It is certainly not by great summer sun, when our mind is on the beach and bathing and our body on lovemaking that the Man is ready to search his own Graal. Too good, too hot, too everything to cross fields and oceans, worlds and dangers.
The time is for expansion, extraversion, laughter and thoughtlessness, bare bodies, relaxing from tensions, fears and duties.
But the autumn clocks and November comes up.
A quite particular month, that of Samhain, that of the Scorpio sign, of the Snake which sloughed, and of the opening of Gateways.
Then sounds the death knell of futilities.
And arises from the depths of Earth the time of the Great Descent.
The Descent in oneself.
Crossing one more time one's own Styx, accompanied with one's inner devils or with one's friendly gods, according to one's choices and one's acts.
Here is the ground splitting under the icy cold, that the so monotonous and so white snow spreads its coat on all regions.

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Obligation of introspection. Order of Mother Nature.
The Gestation is in progress.
The harvests end in October but the time of sowings did not come yet.
Because in fact, between birth and death, slips the Passage.
The Passage. The Descent. The Quest.
What we call, "personal development", nowadays flat and cold words which cruelly mask the winter intensity.
Because under the ice is buzzing a virulent fire, that of the Soul.
That of the Divine Father who lives in all of us: Enki/Ptah/Odin.

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This Fire, the telluric one, the secret one, the philosophale one stokes itself and rushes into our beings to burn our miseries, our shames, our cowardices.
Worse, it attacks our refusals to move on, to search, to understand, to find oneself, to acknowledge oneself.
Tirelessly, year after year, Nature stretches out towards us her ardent fire.
Messenger of Odin, Wotan, Ptah, she proposes her secular rites, that every civilization, every culture, every universe acknowledged.
Samhain is the gateway to the Gods. 
Samhain is the awakening to the resurrection of Osiris, with the cry of love of Isis, to the glory of Horus.

Samhain is the Sumerian tree of life, the seed of life, the Water of immortality.
Can we grow up without ever crossing one's inner Rubicon?
Can we strengthen ourselves without ever confronting one's fears? Without ever fighting one's hydra?
Can we get the confidence and the respect of the Gods while remaining hidden under the comforter ?
Samhain is the warrior who gets upWho fights.
Samhain is king Arthur, Hercule, Prometheus.
It's Enki and his abysses of Wisdom, Ptah and his Djed, Odin and the tree to which he remained hung so many days and nights to finally acquire THE Knowledge.

Samhain is the appeal to sacrifice. Sacrifice of ignorance.
Enough vanities. Enough subterfuges. Enough forward flight.
Let go the useless, the vain to get the essential, the authentic one.
Such is the message of Samhain.
We are very far from pumpkins and devils existing only in the insane spirits of the first Catholics, inquisitors, murderers, Nazis prematurely.

This October 31st in the evening, which is coming very quickly, isolate yourself for a moment.
Plunge in yourself, make a wish. 
That of changing. Not for the others but for you.

Because to change with Enki, it's to meet oneself. To remember oneself who one is .And finally it's contacting one's true nature, this soul that one forgets and looses, day after day, until agony.

So if you are alone in this eve of Samhain, dare.
Dare to ask for what you never dared to whisper to you.
Becoming entirely who you are.
Without caring about what think your circle of acquaintances, about the criticism of "friends", the parents warnings who never let you grow up.
Only you.... and the death of all that you are not. You have never been.
These role playing that one forced you to put on, under the threat of taking reprisals, of humiliations, beatings, sidelining, guiltiness.
Give them back to their true owners.
So go naked in front of the Gods. Unadorned.
Offer them your sorrow, your pain and also all your dreams.
You will be heard.
Then, in the evening of this October 31st, come in your meditation room or isolate yourself where you wish it.
Contact Enki / Ptah and enter in communion with yourself.



Put on your altar all the blue candles you want.
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If you really want to symbolize the descent in the depths of the soul, also light black candles.
Do not be afraid. The black candles were never devilish, on the contrary, they get the suffering, and burn the diseases and free the soul. They are the point in the circle. The dark point, so indigo that it becomes black.
The candles are what you make of them. As for everything. With what do you charge them, with which feelings, which desires, which requests ?
Variegate your altar with blue and black, or put only blue or black, it doesn't much matter.
Make as you wish it.
You can also put tealights at the feet of the candlesticks on which are the blue and\or black candles.
Do something beautiful.
Samhain is the prelude to Yule, which marks the winter solstice, Yule is the real Christmas.
Then put candles everywhere.
Coming down in your inner self is not a judgment for death, but a holiday, an enjoyment, a revival.

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Then, put on your altar, some wine or beer or even champagne. Get ready to celebrate your soul with the Gods.
Put also if you want it some offerings that you will nibble: salted and\or sweetened stuffs.

Get dressed nicely. You have a meeting with yourself. It's not nothing.
Listen to some music which elevates while you prepare the altar, while you get dressed, maybe Haendel, Mozart or Vivaldi, feel the enjoyment, feel your heart beating.
Time for the Great Meeting is coming.

Keep the house silent. Switch off music and radio.
Come in your room, very focused. Now it's time.
You hold in hand a short but clear letter that you will burn at the flame of a candle and that you will let be consumed in a heatproof (and fireproof) bowl planned for that purpose.
You wrote, with all your heart, your request to Enki. Handwritten. Every word still vibrates with your emotion. 
Close the door. Switch off the light. Keep only a tiny one if you need it to go to your altar. Curtains are pulled. The windows are closed. (to avoid any draft and because otherwise you will not feel the " landing of your guide " in the room.) 
It's dark. Feel the night energy and how much it is convenient for the opening of consciousness.
Light your candles, one after the other.
For every candle, for every flame, greet Enki.
Light: " Hail to Thee, Ô Enki (or Ptah) 
or Glory to Thee, Ô Enki, Glory to Thee, My Father "

Once it's done, invite the gods.
The energy was already in the room. That's why it's so important to prepare a rite. To buy one's wine, one's biscuits for the rite.
To plan clothes for the rite.
To clean the room, to prepare the tablecloth and the candlesticks for the rite.
Because you already set the rite in motion by doing this.
So the energy is there.
Now, you are going to expand it.

In front of your lit candles,
(at first those of Enki, then the 5 directions - you are supposed to know how to do all this - see again contact Ptah 1) say:
(or write something similar).

" Ô Beloved Enki, Thou my Father,
In this Samhain eve
(or in this day of Samhain if you perform the rite after midnight)
I come to Thee, with all my soul, with all my being,
to beseech Thy help and Thy protection.
I know Thy love for humankind, because Thou saved her so many times.
So I know Thy love for me who am your child.
I invite Thee, Ô Benevolent Enki, I invite Thee in this place
And spread here Thy infinite love, Thy peace, Thy courage and Thy strength.
I invite Thee, Ô Almighty Enki, I invite Thee.

Keep silent a moment.
(If you work since a while with Enki, you should feel a pressure around the head and the shoulders, a presence, a strong internal heat after a " cool draft " in the room.
You can also feel a pressure in the chest, ticklings in your hair and your cheeks, a tangible peace wrapping you. Do not judge anything, let do. If you do not feel anything, don't panic. It does not mean that nobody is there. Candles can suddenly "dance" while everything is closed).

Then say:

" Ô my guide, you who accompanies each of my steps, 
Come in this place, by the grace of Enki, my Father.
Come and wrap me with your love and your strength ".

Idem. Keep silent. Feel, meditate a moment. Be aware of your body and what takes place in and around it.

Then, say:
" Ô Almighty Enki,
in this eve of Samhain,
May the door towards Thee open for ever.
And that the lack of confidence in me, the lack of love for me leave forever.
As all the pains and the brakes which prevent me from progressing.

That under Thy very powerful protection, 
Ô Benevolent Enki,
my Consciousness wakes up, with enjoyment, vitality and peace.

That my unknown gifts, my forgotten strengths show now in my life for my biggest benefit, 
That enthusiasm, successful projects and unlimited creativity henceforth fill my daily life.
May I be reborn with Thee and in Thee, 
Ô Almighty Enki, for a much better life 
Thou who is my Temple, my Heart and my Strength.
Glory to Thee, my Father, Glory to Thee ".

Remain silent. Feel and finally say:

" Ô my beloved Guide,
May I feel you always by my side stronger and more present,
so that all my projects and desires are facilitated and
accompanied with your love and with your protection.
May our contact always strengthen and grow for our biggest benefit.
Glory to You my Guide, Glory to You ".

Take the paper that you have just read and light it in the flame.
Then put it in the small heatproof bowl and say:

" May this divine Fire feed my request with its power and strength.
So be it with enjoyment, vitality and peace.
Thank you ".

Drink a little wine. Dedicate it to Enki and to your guide. (You always have to widely let it for the gods, it is a symbol, naturally, they are not going down to drink it - be careful to be not stingy with them-).
Nibble, enjoy.
Remain in the room all the time you wished.
Think about what you would like to see coming true in your life, feel good, accompanied and protected.
Let burn the candles up to the end.
Thank again Enki, your guide and all the gods who accompany you before leaving the room.

Glory to Enki 
Glory to the Ancient Gods.