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Part 1

"Alas, my father ! to him Marduk was saying.
Of supremacy by fate we are deprived ! 
You, my father, are Anu's Firstborn ;
yet Enlil, not you, is the Legal Heir.
You, my father, were firt to sphash down and Eridu establish

Yet Eridu is in Enlil's domain, yours is in the distant Absu.
I am your Firstborn, by you legitimate spouse on Nibiru was I born 
Yet the gold in the city of Ninurta is assembled,
therefrom to send or to withhold

The survival of Nibiru is in his hands, in y hands it is not. 
Now to Earth we are returning : what will my task be ?

In silence did Enki embrace his son,
on the desolate Moon to him a promise made :
O that of which I have been deprived your future lot shall be
Your celestial time will come, a station mine adjoining yours shall be !
" The lost book of Enki - 7e tablette - Z. Sitchin - Bear and Co

At first was Enki.

A God pioneer in mission.
A God fallen in love with his Creation.
A God whose epic lasts for more than 450 000 years.
11 000 years BC, " the thinking man " appears, carrying a cultural level mysteriously superior to his ancestors.
The Near East, cradle of the civilization, offers us the homo sapiens who, suddenly, switches abruptly from the picking and uncertain hunting to the agriculture (wheat, barley, millet, rye…) and to thebreeding of immense herds of sheep and other cattle.
What happened?
Enki and his Annunakis.

The man travels through the Earth since a long time, his DNA ceaselessly renewed by a God withan inconceivable intelligence and above all with an exceptional generosity, Enki.
He gives his DNA and his seed in order to improve his Creation. He teaches it, passes on to it the Knowledge and develops its intelligence.
To speak about Enki, it is to speak about us.
We have been made in his image, in his resemblance.
All the good, which lives in us, all the questions which awake us and rise us, result from him and from the imprint of his genes that he has integrated into our DNA. Also from his sperm that he "poured” into the first ones women human "sapiens".
All of us, we are descendants from him, body and soul. He is our Prometheus, our alive God, our salvation. He is the true saviour of Mankind.
Marduk is his continuation, taught by his father in everything.
The Nephilims have built the Earth, fitted out its nature, taught its peoples. The Earth belongs to them too. It is their work.

What relation, will you ask, between this history and that of Marduk, first-born of Enki, great god of Egypt and Babylonia?
Look …
How to speak about Marduk without redrawing the entire history of Mesopotamia?
How to study Babylon without keeping in mind all the events, the tragedies, the pains and also the tears which led Marduk straight towards his reign?
How to ignore the mentalities, the state of mind of certain powerful men of these ancient times, who losing control, have smashed of their resentful fists a creation which Enki tried desperately to protect against all odds until to risk getting himself lost, since the dawn of time until our days?

Marduk the Radiant, the Living Sun, Amon of Egypt, Amon-Râ, Râ the Great, magnificent on his boat who,
travels through Heavens and Abysses, incredibly brave, and who easily fights against the hostile Apopis that the gossips doubtless will associate to the opposite clan.

Marduk the Great, compassionate, faithful support of his Father Enki, faithful companion of Sarpanit, the human woman, with which he marries by love, against the will of his uncle Enlil, ruler at that period.
Marduk the proud, aware of his strengths, of his rights, of his experiences, of his heredity, Marduk pure Nephilim, three times crown prince:
. of Nibiru by his Mother, daughter of Alalu, and still by his father, himself first-born of Anu.
. of the Earth by Enki, legitimate and benevolent Father of the human race, creator of the uncountable civilizations which succeeded since the first beginnings of Mesopotamia ( -10000 BC ) until the fall of the Roman Empire (+ 500 AD), - to quote only them, generous donor of the Consciousness, of the Intelligence, of the Knowledge to Mankind.

I chose to place as epigraph of this message, " the Complaint of Marduk ", true, justified, warning of a merciless fight between the Gods which will end with the devastation about which speaks Enki since the first tablet.

The evil winds were launched on Marduk with the blessings of Enlil and Anu. Nergal, son of Enki, second-born, “explodes”, under the influence of a sudden power without limit, and he ravages the quasi-totality of Sumer.
7 missiles are launched. The populations are irradiated, the animals are calcined, the monuments are destroyed, the tablets, memoirs of mankind are pulverized, the environment is devastated .
Nergal forever becomes " the great Annihilator", Erra, Hades, Pluto the nuclear blow.

The Nephilims are appalled. Thousands of human beings have been sacrificed. Everything they built since millennia, is now reduced to dust.
But, in front of such a fate, Enki does not give up. (I admit that I don’t know how he can still move on). Under his leading, once more time, all were back to work. And they offered to Mankind (to quote only these two) the magnificence of Egypt and the Greek-Cretan refinement. But previously, all of them took the oath: never to abandon Earth and Humanity to such a fate.

The royal family is divided into two camps of equal strength: " those for Enki" and "those for Enlil”.
Prince Enlil, particularly enraged, ruminates a huge anger against his brother Enki, who, not only dared to create the Man but now passed on to him the knowledge and the secrets.
Worse, the Annunakis like the human women. They love and marry them and become fathers of "métissed" children, the "mid-gods". (These "mid-gods" will constitute the totality of the ruling families and the high priests holders of the "Great Secrets")
Enlil shows an unfavorable reaction to all this.
The power of his race becomes impoverished, disperses itself little by little in that of these abominable humans, noisy, turbulent and too fertile, he thinks.
Furthermore, he is trapped on Earth. Because to have remained for such a long time submitted to the speed cycles of earthly time, his physical-energetic structure henceforth prevents him and many others, from returning on Nibiru. (Intervention of Galzu, I shall return on this point on a next message).
Bitter, he confides: " the man was created in our image and our resemblance.
Today, it is us who are in their image and their resemblance ".
Quote the exact text, page 210 of Lost Book of Enki:

"Enlil with anger was seized :
Before, the Earthlings like us were becoming,
Now we as Earthlings have become to this planet imprisoned !
This whole mission to a nightmare turned,
by Enki and his Eartlings
from masters, slaves we were made !"

Naturally, knowing the history of Annunakis on Earth gives the understanding of the resentment of Enlil. From this point of view, he doubtless is right.
But, who asked him to come down on Earth? Otherwise himself. Jealous of seeing Enki designated for this pioneer's mission: to come down on our planet, to travel through the space…. Enlil stamps his foot with rage. He too wants to engrave his imprint in the Legend and to save Nibiru from the atmospheric disaster in which it struggles.

His father Anu who, often, was lacking in psychology, finally sent Enlil on Earth to steer the operationsinstead of Enki, who nevertheless, liked by his troops, has already supplied Nibiru with gold, has built cities and villages and has "made rivers to go out of Earth "...
To gather both brothers on Earth, who already fought on Nibiru, is a grave error and the sequence of events following, a terrible pain for Enki and the future human beings.
(When Ea comes down in mission on Earth, he already de facto was dispossessed of his succession to the throne. (See the first tablets on this blog) evicted of his legitimate right of first-born heir, and now of his mission - it’s too much!).

Enki, scientific, progressive, artist, pure creative, sensitive and compassionate, rebel, inclined to break rules...
... And Enlil, soldier, authoritarian, merciless, easily "enraged",
can only be in confrontation and generate to their respective sons, in particular both first-borns,Marduk and Ninourta, the increase of the conflict until the irreparable.
When in his "Complaint", Marduk confides his grief to his father, Enlil has the power. We are in the era of the Taurus. Then, will follow the era of the Aries. (Note that the cycles go back in the opposite direction of the zodiac: era of the Taurus Enlil, era of the Aries Marduk, then Fishes and now Aquarius).
Everything seems to be said.
But to think this means to not know Marduk. He does not agree to be treated in such a manner and noisily rebels.
(I shall return on " the battle of the pyramids ".)

But the destiny gets involved into this and seems to support his projects. And, consequently, condemn the rules of succession of the Annunakis.
When Nergal and Ninourta launch their missiles on Marduk and Babylon, it's by evidence, in order to destroy them. Above all, the "spaceport", famous link between Earth and Heaven of which Marduk and his troops began the construction and that we called "Tower of Babel".
Babel was not a place of worship but indeed a tower of launch under construction. From
where the divine anger.
(Taken back by the Bible which adds more, making of Babylon a "prostitute". Clearly, another sexual connotation where the sex is "dirty", and which has absolutely nothing to do with the source of the event…)
(Bab-el, gate of the gods towards other worlds. That’s why its uncountable floors which climbed towards Heavens. " If the men succeed in making it, they will need no more us, says to himself Enlil. That their language becomes multiple, that they cannot understand any more each other, that the cacophony reigns and so that they lose their power ". These comments are taken back, more or less, by Yahveh / Jehovah of the Bible).
During the excavations begun in Iraq, the foundations of the Tower, were discovered square. (Below, seen from the sky).

The paintings of the aforementioned tower are only symbolic. Diverted from their first meaning.
Babel was a tower of launch under construction, that’s why the fury of the Gods, the battle of Pyramids, the war with Marduk and his exile, and then his triumphing return in Babylon.

Marduk wants to command, very well, but without the help "of the Gods", without a tower of launch, without high technology. That’s what the Gods decide, excluding Enki who supports his son, naturally.
But the life often shows ironies, which leave us stunned.
The only city miraculously surviving from the nuclear damages, always well grounded on its foundations will be... Babylon!!!

In front of the will displayed by the " God of everything", ("god of all", cosmic god), put in evidence by the violent comments of Enki, furious in front of such destruction (Enki who is rarely "furious"), Enlil and Ninurta give up and give the power back.
The era of Aries is coming.
The reign of Marduk will extend until the borders of the Scandinavian countries.

1 – some genealogy
Marduk, son of Enki and Damkina / Ninki, pure Nephilim, marries Sarpanit, a human woman.
From this union were born three sons: Seth, Osiris and Nabu.
Both first ones become important gods of the Ancient Empire. The third, Nabu in Babylon.
(the three sons of Marduk will be the subject of next messages).

. Osiris, brilliant and joyful god, brings prosperity, growth and resurrection and will cross the ages easily / Today still he remains in our memories.

. Seth, for evident reasons, will be relegated " to the hells ".

. Nabu, been born long after his two brothers, will assist largely his father, as we shall see later.
(image wikipedia)

Lee Lawrie, Nabû ( 1939 ). Library of the Congress, John Adam Building, Washington, D.C.

By the marriage of Osiris with Asta, an Igigi, was born Horus, in circumstances rather particular.
(The true history of Asta and Osiris is told by Enki in The Lost Book. It will be in a next message).
Thus, Marduk/Râ is the grandfather of Horus. That’s why their resemblance and the fact that they were often confused with one another.
(More, Horus, son of Osiris, must not be either confused with a previous Horus, Horus the Ancient).
Below, the God Râ on his throne to the left, Horus on the right. We distinguish them here, besides the position sat of Râ (Marduk) by their "headgear".
The solar disk for Râ, the Pschent for Horus, which symbolizes the unification of both Egypt.

Mesopotamia and Egypt are contemporary one of the other one. In particular in their apogees:
Sumer (- 3500 BC) precedes the Ancient Empire (-3200) but, in a way, Egypt, child of Sumer, is only an extension, if I may say, of the splendid and especially constant work of the Gods. Numerous historians consider Egypt as being a part of Mesopotamia.
Moreover, we find the great Mesopotamian Gods in Egypt, only their names differ. Zécharia Sitchin demonstrates that they reigned under diverse names during more than 12 000 years only for this period. So much speak about continuous reign.
Let’s see Enki and his two sons.

. Enki in Sumer is Ptah in Egypt.
( But we find Enki under very numerous aspects during all our history: Prometheus, Neptune / Poséïdon…)

. Marduk in Sumer is  in Egypt.

. Ningishzidda in Sumer is Thot in Egypt then Quetzalcoatl in Mesoamerica.

So, Mesopotamia awakes itself around -10000BC to its future posterity and Egypt around -7000 BC. With naturally periods of decline, of apogee, of wars, of respites.
But always with the Nephilims, the Man progressed.
Look at this by entering the prodigious world of the GOD RÂ.

RÂ is the great god of Heliopolis, the city of the Sun.

He is red disk who crosses the Heavens on his divine boat, from East to West, beetle Khepri which helps him to carry and to roll for him the solar disk and the hawk with scintillating feathers, child of day and night.
It is the morning sun by Khépri, sun of noon by Horus, evening sun by Atoum.
The boat is at the same time the equivalent of a spaceship, of a submarine or a ship!
It goes where Râ wants that it goes. It is magic.

Creator of the Universe, the sun and the moon are his eyes.
Self-created, he gives his light to the world.
(Note here how much Râ / Marduk gets back the creative and auto-engendered aspect inherited from his father Enki/Ptah, real demiurge.)
Râ integrates these three solar aspects. And symbolizes the sun constantly carried in its Zenith.
(We saw that Râ and Horus are often confused. They are nevertheless different, maybe not completely in the Egyptian world, but in their genetic reality, yes. Horus, I repeat it here, is the grandson of Marduk by Asar / Osiris his father and thus, great grand-son of Enki).

It’s important to understand that the sun, the one we see every day shining in the sky, is the tangible manifestation of the god Râ.
The solar trinity of Râ is not innocent. It leads on the contrary a strong symbol: that of the daily fight against the darkness.
Every night, Râ crosses the subterranean worlds and fights victoriously the dark forces. So, the order goes out victorious of the chaos.
These destructive forces are represented by the big snake Apopis which wants to swallow the solar boat on which stays the god Râ and demonstrates by its existence that nothing is ever acquired, even for the Gods. (To meditate).

Certainly, in these particularly disrupted ancient times (ceaseless invasions, powerful rivalries), Apopis can represent the outer enemy who dreams to conquer Egypt or desire its wealth.
Moreover, the Egyptians considered the solar eclipses as a temporary defeat of Râ on the forces of evil and Chaos.

Curiously, he is helped in this ceaseless fight by Seth. It’s odd because this god is perceived in a very negative way by the Egyptians, whatever the period: manipulator, jealous, conspirator, cunning, bad, murderer of his own brother Osiris and how! If Satan exists, it’s him! He hates peace, harmony and by his ardent strength is capable of destroying any life. He likes to divide, the war and the blood. We wonder to whom he looks like ! Certainly not from Enki or Marduk!
And nevertheless, here is Seth on the solar boat with Râ who, every night, waits that Apopis appears from the nothingness to send him back towards the depths of the Chaos.

Let’s return for an instant on an aspect of the solar trinity of Râ.

God beetle.

Khepri exactly means beetle in Egyptian. And the assonance of this term with kheper
" to come into existence under a given shape", calls immediately on second thought about the birth and its progress, the future.
That's why the beetle in Egypt embodies the revival in any thing. He participates by his
" deification in Khepri " in the ceaseless revival of the Great Sun, appeared victorious from the subterranean worlds, great supplier of life and healing for the human being.
The beetle is everywhere, on jewels, frescoes, statues...

Because he represents the celestial body at the dawn of the day, Khepri is renewed energy, regeneration, eternal resumption, symbol of the life cycles and of the sun.
The beetle defender, carrier of very powerful magic powers, is used for the preparation of amulets and amplifies the strength of the rites.
That's why the Pharaoh Amenophis III made to erect near the sacred lake of Karnac, which symbolized the essential ocean, an altar on which thrones a beetle.

It was Marduk himself, explains to us Enki in his Lost Book who chooses his symbols, since the boat up to the solar disk. His diverse aspects, his "servants", his believers, all this was largely anticipated or wanted by Marduk.
His solar disk, red as the life, is supported by both lions Aker, named Yesterday and Tomorrow. They keep the doors of the East and the West of the underground world of the Dead, the Duat. Or….The Aker.
So, every night, the Aker opens, lets the Sun / Râ penetrate there, (provoking the night) and lead his battle supported by his son Seth.
This is important: the Lion was always the symbol of the great kings, empires, monarchies, Gods. Its blazing mane, its snout, the color of its hairs...
Moreover, the astrology kept this complicity: the sign of Leo is the sign of the Sun. The Sun is the master planet of the Leo and of the Aries by exaltation.
(The ram is the other symbol of Marduk, the symbol of his era and the other symbol of shine, see the quest of the Golden Fleece.)

When the sun leads its ceaseless running, it also shows to the dead how to proceed. What waits them, in their descent to the Duat, then in their rise back to the life because the soul remains eternal.
Thus Aker is the passage, sort of Styx, prematurely.
Consequently, the Akerou are the guardians of the gates to the beyond, in the service of the god Râ. It is easy to understand why there is a " book of Aker " which redraws the solar running, primordial journey.

By deciding to be Sun, Marduk made a commitment in a difficult way: he offered his light to the world, his gifts of healer, his knowledge, but he also exposed himself to eclipses, what occurred in his personal life, when left for exile, he became Amon (the invisible god, the one that we do not see) before returning more shining than never.
Through the history of Marduk, the importance of the symbols and the choices of names are remarkable.
In the service of Neptune (Enki), he was the only one to fight Tiamat and to destroy her. Then from a dead body, he built the starry vault and let Earth and Moon appropriate a destiny.
The symbolism, once more time, is here unavoidable: from death, life is born ; from darkness, light ; from fight, peace ; from courage, power.
And since the Earth is Earth, this repeats in the Infinity, because doubtless it is the will of the " God of Everything ".