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The path to Immortality 

( Inpou) is the son of Osiris (some people say of Râ) and of Nephtys, sister of Isis and wife of Seth, himself brother of Osiris.

Although Anubis was born from an adulterous relation, he did not suffer from it. Isis forgave her sister Nephtys and took care of Anubis as her own child.
Because indeed, Nephtys, who was afraid of the anger of the terrible Seth, decided to abandon her child at the birth. But Isis left to search the newborn child and placed him under her protection.

When the drama happened in the couple Isis / Osiris, Anubis supported Isis and showed her his gratitude.
Râ, sensitive to the tears of Isis, asked Anubis to proceed the funeral of Osiris, his father.
(This is the legend, in fact, the father of Râ/Marduk is Enki / Ptah. Osiris is the grandson of Enki/Ptah, and son of Marduk and brother of Seth and Nabu).
Anubis straightened the corpse of the god Osiris, of which the fragments were found again; he enveloped him with fine strips to maintain the bones which get loose, and made, in fact, all what the Egyptians will make to their dead.

This day, Anubis created his first mummy!

Reproduction of Ippolito Rosellini around 1820 where Anubis takes care of a mummy.

Look at the 4 vases with Canopic jars
of which the lids are just like the 4 sons of Horus,
with the head of hawk, of dog, of baboon and of man.
Isis and Nephtys preside over the operation of mummification.

Suddenly, Osiris, mummified by Anubis, began to live again.
Then, he came down in the realm of the dead that he will govern with Anubis.

The love of Anubis for his father and Isis goes farther.
It is written in many papyruses that the jackal god gave his own skin to contain the body of his father.
And this is from this gift that were born the skins-strips into which were enfolded the bodies.
So, this sacred skin evokes the symbolic matrix from where all of us were born, the gods and the human beings.

Moreover, the Egyptians associated the subtle bodies to the three skins, three skins which presided over the birth and over the death.
And so Anubis became the god of the mummification, the god who dresses, the god who resuscitates by the skin.
Note here the direct relation with the moulting of the snake, the transformation by the "second birth", the fact of returning to the stomach that carried in order to live a new life.
Anubis thus possessed the mysteries of the death and of the rebirth with Osiris and naturally Râ.
He became the god who "weighs the soul", the one who opens the door of the peaceful “beyond” or closes it forever in front of the deceased who comes to plead his cause.

(Anubis et la pesée de l'âme ou psychostasie -
extrait de Les pharaons bâtisseurs - Henri Stierlin - Ed. Terrail)

And so, every Egyptian had to know the "passwords" which already allowed him to reach the world of the dead and thus Anubis.
He is the inescapable god of the "worlds of below".

(scène sur papyrus extraite de Les Pharaons bâtisseurs - Henri Stierlin - Ed. Terrail.)

The weighing of the soul in the presence of Osiris sat in his naos, in a sanctuary with columns,
Attend the ceremony:
Maat, with her symbolic feather, which allows to weigh the heart of the honest man, which must be lighter than the feather,

Thoth clerk of the psychostasy
and Seth, here in "hippopotamus of swamps” who devours the heart of the miserable.
(When the heart is heavier than the feather).

As the Jumilhac papyrus indicates it, the main sanctuary dedicated to Anubis was situated in the nome XVIIth, in the city of Henou (Cynopolis for the Greeks).
(Nome in antique Egypt means: division, zone, "district").

Anubis, also known as Khenty-Imentiu or leader of the western inhabitants, evokes the Egyptian belief putting the realm of the dead westward, land where the sun disappears for the night.

(Hence the contemporary association of the West direction to the so-called evil and other prefabricated Satan in the catholic way - the Evil does not come from Satan, the Evil comes because one has removed from Humanity all her powers - divine powers which she carries in her since her creation because descendant of the great primordial god Ea/Enki - Realize that we utilize only 10 % of our brain, where are the other 90 % which would make of us gods? In the dungeons of the false gods, of the religious fanatics who burned all the original books, all the true teachings and cut the Man from his real creative father - study in deep the mythology, develop your sense of analogy - open your chakras and you will reach the same conclusions as me: one stole from Humanity her spiritual inheritance, the one that Enki had placed in us, in order to enslave her and utilize her - all these false gods of the monotheist religions lie to us for a long time shamelessly, let's stop granting them the slightest credit).

Below, the famous statue of Anubis, in "sat dog", guardian of the graves and defenders of the dead.

Egypt and realm of the Dead
At the beginning of the Ancient Empire (2700-2300 before our era), Pharaohs, sole representatives of the Divine on Earth, were entitled to survive after the death.
But, little by little, and then with the advent of the New Empire, all the Egyptians had access to the afterlife.
Osiris, well known god of the subterranean worlds, had power to decide if the life after the death was or not authorized. In the case where the criteria of entry to this realm were not performed, the dead was condemned to a second death, this one irreversible.
Many Egyptians of this period got ready, already during their lives for this extraordinary departure towards this other world. A world where they will live for the eternity. It is thus interesting to think that the Egyptians did not believe in repeated reincarnations.
So, everybody tried to live a full life and turned to the best, without unfair action.
Because once buried to the West of the Nile, everything would be said.
"Be fair down here", said the religious papyruses or that of the " Instructions to Mérikarê ".

"Every man survives his death
and his acts accumulate beside him.
Because the existence in the world beyond lasted the eternity
and (...) who approaches it without hurting anybody
will be forever like the gods".

Naturally, it is advisable to put in perspective the notion of the Good and the Evil, because as usual, what is bad here is good somewhere else, and what can seem dreadful for us, as Westerners of the XXIth century, was a daily commonplace for the Egyptians, 5000 or 6000 years ago!
The famous weighing of the soul spoke better that many speeches. Because the feather of Maat, the feather of justice was the feather of truth.
" The Devourer of souls" waited at every weighing, starving to recuperate the soiled soul in order to devour it.

Notice the religious and spiritual tolerance of the Egyptians. Everyone believed in such or such god, according to his city, to his tendencies, to his faith. One did not persecute those who preferred Isis to Nout. Or Ptah to Amon. Because in their inner self, the people of Egypt knew that all these were thesame gods, under different aspects, under various qualities or defects.

Keep in mind that the mummification, which until today leaves us stunned, arose from the Osirian myth.
A love story between Isis and Osiris. A powerful magic. Compassionate gods.
Egypt synthetizes, incredibly well, all the history of the world. The life, the death, the good, the evil, the kind, the miserable, the "dismemberment" then the " rebirth".
Every respectable therapist will reconstitute in a sentence or two the foundation of the human psyche described by the Egyptians, during any work of progress towards the self, towards his spiritual growth.
. To acknowledge who one is in the world in which I evolve: the problems of the society, the good, the evil, the kind, the hostile...
. To decide of one's choices, of my orientations (the "good" or the "evil")and thus towards which god I choose to go.
. To free oneself from what slows down the manifestation of my choices, of my purpose: old beliefs, not cured pains, traumas of all kinds……and I must fight my own inner devils: dismemberment. And cut in the deep.
. Once the "inner monster" overcome, (famous “guard of threshold”), to be reborn to the self, reconstituted, " osirian ".

So the mummification has a profound spiritual meaning: if the eternal solar life belongs to everybody (the sun shines in the sky for everybody, without distinction of race, religion, social position or beauty), it means that the Gods welcome each of us. We have just to contact them, to draw their attention. And to be thus entitled, when the time comes, to the eternal life.
Egypt, before the stories of Jesus resurrection, had understood the major part, simply by watching the sun shining and by developing their common sense.
The myth of Isis and Osiris, who has of myth only the name, embodied this faith and this belief in "the resurrection for everybody". Of their union was born Horus, the great Hawk god, who shines of his incredible solar light, in any place where he goes.
So, every being been born, so important he is, lives of darkness and of light.
(The new-age teachings of these unrealistic people are a real danger for our psyche. To fight the dark side in us can only be made to a certain extent.
Certainly, it is necessary to fight the murder and the pedophilia, it is necessary to remove from the streets those who attack the weakest people, but to want "to break the ego” and “to be in love with all the human beings" is such grotesque that is enough to cut yourself from the eternal life.)

The light appears from darkness and to fight up to the eradication of our individual power "ego" means to cut ourselves in two parts.
Nobody enters the realm of the dead without being UNIFIED first and having totally accepted one's thoughts and "negative" tendencies. We are made of darkness and of light. Forever. If we reject too much the dark side, we lose the light.
It is Osiris who grants the eternal life, "black" god supported by his son Anubis, "black" also.
Not Isis or Râ. Think of it, please, and to the profound symbolism where it leads.
From where the mummification.
One leaves to the other side WITH one's earthly body. Because the density has a real meaning and function.
Once died, the body is given to the embalmers and carried to the West side where the death took place, on the left bank of the river, generally.
The grave, the preparations, the tears of the professional mourners and those of the families, are planned since a long time. So to speak, since the birth. The Egyptian of these ancient times, prepares his last great journey towards Osiris. He saves money for the offerings, to meet the needs of Bâ and Kâ, to pay the priests (who already made nothing for nothing) and to build his grave...

Once on the place of the embalming, the body is washed, in this workroom called "Ouabet" or still "place of purification".
The body is placed on a bed of which feet are lion.

Look at the lion-bed 

There, the brain was removed by the nasal cavities, the eyes were also removed plus the viscera of the abdomen and the thorax.
Then the body was left 70 days or 7 times 10 days "to live the great mysteries".
This was connected to Orion.
Indeed, 70 days are linked to the symbolism of Orion or astral symbolism of seven decades. Orion disappears 70 days in the Southern sky, then re-appears suddenly to adjust the walking of the stars.
For the ancient Egyptians, savants in the knowledge of the sky at night, the reappearance of Orion on its right place, 70 days later, was the sign of the resurrection of Osiris, king-sun of the night.(Jean-Claude Goyon - A body for eternity - ed golden leopard)

◊ The body was dried with the natron and the sunbeams.
The heat and the ambient dryness accelerated the action of the salt.
◊ Once dry, the body receives a first unction which dyes him in orange-red colour.
◊ Then, the body is anointed several times with fat of vegetable origin and sometimes animal.
This to restore a certain flexibility to the body and bring to a successful conclusion the terminal phase or "swaddling" ritual and the fitting of strips. (Make the link with what was said above: the skin of Anubis to protect the fragments of the body of his father).

The use of sacred, blessed holy oil, offered to the gods or directly used to the divine rites, indicates how much the mummification was for the Egyptians a profoundly religious and spiritual act.
The embalmers priests act with the mask of Anubis on the face. For them, the divine reference is important: reproduce the acts of Anubis when he reconstitutes the body of Osiris.So the man is in small that God is in great. And he can act as God and use his knowledge to join him.

So, from " the impure " (the body and its internal organs, for example) was born the pure. And from the dense, the immaterial.
Magic rites, incantations, prayers, symbols, magic and precious stones for the richest, everything is there to help the dead to cross the passage towards the world beyond.

And so the " Egyptian book of the dead" is not a book of dead. Moreover, according to Jean-Claude Goyon in his book “A body for all eternity” – Publ. golden leopard, the real Egyptian title of this book would be "Book to go out in the Daylight". To be reborn in the true life, near the gods who welcome us.

(Below, presentation of the body in the sarcophagus
before the last great journey by Anubis)

Once the grave ready, and full of provisions for the funeral banquet, the priests practise the most known ritual for the mummification and the rites of animation of the ancient Egypt: " the opening of the mouth ".
By reciting numerous "magic" formulae, the priest touches the 7 openings of the head with anHerminette (Ndt small axe held in one hand with a bent cutting like an ermine muzzle).
This touch resuscitates the senses and regenerates their faculties:
. Both eyes and vision
. Both ears and hearing
. The mouth and the taste
The nose (two nostrils) and the sense of smell

(Below Anubis gets ready for the rite of the opening of the mouth,
the herminette in the hand Maat watches the rite).

Incantation of the opening of the mouth 

Livre des Morts Egyptiens chapitre 23

May Ptah open my mouth!
May the god of my city undo the strips 

Which cover my face!
May Thot, armed with the Word of Power
Remove these fatal strips, Seth's inheritance!

( Because symbols of death)
May Tum throw them in the face of enemies 
(Tum / Toum: Atoum)Who would want, by means of these stripsMake me for ever powerless!
May Shu open my mouth with this iron weapon

Which opens the mouth of Gods!
Because I am the goddess SekhmetLiving in the region of the Great Winds of the Sky...
I am the Genius of the Constellation of Sahu

(Sahu; Egyptian name for Orion)In the middle of the divine Spirits divine of HéliopolisMay all the incantations directed against me
Let indifferent and firm
The gods and the Spirits who would hear them! "

Then the deceased joins his grave and gets ready to live his rite of passage towards the after life .

The significance of the hieroglyph of Anubis means "put in the first place of all the mysteries".
Although Anubis is everywhere in Egypt, he remains finally a secret god on his private life. We do not know his descendants or particular relationships that he would have lived on Earth or in the realm of the dead.
Anubis, whose real Egyptian name is indeed Inpou, keeps secret his personal mysteries.