vendredi 25 février 2011

or the return to our true home 

How could you realize your destiny 
If you ignore everything about your own nature?

Please read the preparation for the ritual given in the message to contact Ptah, because it is exactly the same thing. The colours, the directions, the blue candles and so on. Only the décor, which I shall give below, will be a little bit different.

For the table of rite, instead of putting an image of Ptah, put an image of Enki or what for you evokes him the best: a pyramid at degrees, for example, or something else.
Choose a powerful symbol or simply a Sumerian tablet where he is, but be careful, he must be alone.
It is a ritual of contact with Enki, not with the whole family!

Still note:
When you will be at the phase to visualize Enki and thus to contact him, be careful to not “fall” in the images of which our Judeo-Christian brains are saturated.
Enki is not an ethereal angel, rapturous, almost imperceptible because flooded in the light.
Enki is a being full of love and compassion, but also very pragmatic and aware of the earthly reality, loving his children, but not dupe of anything.
Consequently, visualize him under one of the most convincing aspects, and especially very real. There are some among which:
. the scientist and his usual symbols: the DNA, the bucket of life...
. the teacher, the wise person, the one who educates the humanity, who has got the Knowledge. You can imagine him who builds with you something which is important for you, for example. Enki always was in the field with us. He looked after us, he loved us, and he mostly made that with Thot and Marduk.
. the warrior.
Personally, I work most of the time with this aspect of him. Because it’s what he is really. For me, this aspect covers and connects all the others.
Enki has always fought: for the progress of science and to save the humanity. He rebelled against the diktats of his family to save us repeatedly.
He never gave up his values or his integrity for whatever. He stayed with us, even when he was cursed, banished and purposefully treated as the malefic snake by his brother Enlil.

In “the Cosmic Code”, Zecharia Sitchin writes page 52/53:
"Cloning was a slow process, requiring the service of the Birth Goddesses because the new being, as a hybrid, could not procreate on its own. So to speed it up, Enki performed a second feat of genetic engineering -but this time on his own initiative. Tinkering with what are now called chromosomes X and Y, he gave the human race the ability to procreate on its own. The Bible recorded the event in the tale of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden (the sumerian E.DIN) in which Enki plays the role of the Nachash -a term translated by "serpent" but which also means "He who knows/possesses secrets".
Though he had voted for the genetic experiment, Enlil did so reluctantly. Unlike the great scientist Enki, he was not carried away by the scientific challenge.... He was infuriated when Enki performed the second (unauthorized) genetic manipulation.
"You have made the Adam to be like one of us, able to procreate, he shouted : one more step, and he would also partake of the fruit of the Tree of Life !"
( the fruit of the tree of Life = immortality)

Hence the expulsion of the man from the Eden on Enlil's order. But he proliferated as long as Enlil refused to warn him of the deluge which was preparing - and that could not be avoided, it was about a natural cataclysm, not about a " destructive magic act " - to destroy the race.
Enki saved us again by warning in time Ziusudra, famous Noah of the Bible, who took with him all the lives it was possible to embark.

I quote here a passage found on Secrebase.
I disagree with many things said on this website, which often are linked to the foolishnesses of Anton Parks.
I prefer the scientific proofs and the wisdom of Zecharia Sitchin (even if I disagree with his conclusions), but this part is revealing and absolutely true.

" Ea was banished on Earth and slandered by his adversaries who wanted to make sure
that he would never find again followers among the men.
From "prince of Earth" he became " prince of darkness" and was also “decked out”
by horrible nicknames such as prince of hell, incarnation of the evil, devil.
One presented him as the worst enemy of the greatest being and as the guardian of hell.
One taught the men that all the evil on Earth was his fault and
that he wanted that the men become slaves.
One exhorted the men to unmask him every time he would reincarnate and
to annihilate him and his creatures if they met them ".

Yes, Enki’s family and no doubt a big share of his race condemned him and hated him for having given to the man the intelligence and the will of progress. 
Enki is the so-called wicked snake of Eden which supposedly has tempted Adam and Eve. But if Enki had not said the truth to us and not incited us to receive the fruit of knowledge, which means the real genes of life, we still would be beasts of burden in the severe orders of hostile gods or of some other descendants who would only see in us slaves. Do not forget this and be vigilant when one speaks to you about "Satan". Satan means "adversary", the one who opposes, who combats. There is no Satan as such, deformed, monstrous, thirsty of blood and of sacrifices. There we speak rather about Jehovah.
The snake is not the Satan of the Catholics. The Serpent is the symbol of wisdom and of the courage of Enki to have penetrated into the sacred surrounding walls and thus disobeyed the orders for saying to the human beings, his children:

" become other thing than mistreated slaves. Let me place in you the self-awareness, the knowledge of whom you are, the image of your creator (thus him) and get back your freedom. Be free ".

Enki always acted so. When the Igigi rebelled, he supported the rebellion. Naturally, to combat his enemies, but especially because he always knew that there are other methods than sterile war, genocides or still enslaving whole races.
Satan, that? Snake, that?
The Satan are there where we do not imagine them. At Vatican city, at the fanaticized catholics and the judeo-christians thinking that they are better than others.
Look at the facts, simply look.

Imagine the horror that Enki has experienced, him who did so much for us and still does, to be reviled and little by little abandoned by his close ones, then by the men. This period must have been a real calvary for a being so sensitive, artist and good as Enki.

It is Enki, and only Enki with his sons and his heroes, as he says, who since many years now, force a way in for the Truth. More and more, the truth about Him and his unalterable links with us cross the ignominies, the lies and the misinformation to bring his authentic light.
Enki is not a lizard. Nor a monster, nor a demon and even less our enemy.
He is indeed all the opposite.

Moreover you can imagine him in warrior with symbols on him, as the DNA, the bucket of water of life or even the Ankh. Enki is beyond time, of our chronology. He created the Atlantis, he can wear the Ankh on him if we work with Enki from Sumer. Let your own energy do.
You can stay in his benevolent and affectionate arms. Or talk to him. Or make everything you are comfortable with.
Feel in confidence. With Him only good will happen to you and when you will feel his energy, you will be stupefied by his infinite love, his firm softness, his warm presence but ready to defend you.
He is the warrior, the greatest, the authentic warrior of Light, the Light Bearer.
All took inspiration from him.



I knowingly take the same text as for Ptah concerning the main lines.
Of course, hymns, prayers and visualizations will be different.
Be careful to prepare everything. Don’t forget to read the preparations. Link above.

Take place in front of the altar.
Stay focused a moment, closed eyes, then start to light your candles one by one.
For each candle, say "Hail to Thee, O Enki, Father of Mankind "or something similar you prefer.

Once all your candles lit, contemplate the beauty of your altar and, in particular, feel how much immediately the flame of candles establishes in your place of meditation, a peaceful energy. Such is the power of the Fire element.
If you are sensitive, you already could feel "something soft" which "falls down" towards you or on you, something, which also can wrap you.
Don’t be afraid, on the contrary, let the energy come to you.
Enki is very caring, he rocks, he is kind, don’t be surprised, let you go. Feel close to him, do not forget that all of us descend from him, directly from his own genes.

Imagine the room filled with a golden light tinted with a beautiful royal blue, identical to your candles.
Then, read the text which you wrote for him.
Here is an example of what you can read (always aloud):
Bow in front of your altar dedicated to Enki, be respectful, said “Hail by this act” then:

" Ô Almighty Ea. Enki
I respectfully call Thy Presence in this place
So that this altar, this room
And everything in
Is blessed by Thy only Presence
Hear my appeal and my prayer,
Ô Beloved Enki, Father of the Humanity,
Grant me the blessing of Thy protection and benevolent attention ".

Meditate a moment, feel the energy.
(If you feel nothing, don’t worry. Things are registered in any case and your message will be heard).

Then continue: light the candles that represent the 5 directions:
(Begin with the candle South, if your altar is turned southward, the candle North, if your altar is turned northward, etc. We here consider that the altar is in front of the South because for us, the Fire element is foundation of any life.)

To the South, I call you, Ô powerful Fire element, come in this place, I beseech you and bring here health, vitality and enjoyment, thank you.
(Meditate a short moment and see or imagine a beautiful flame in the South of your room answering your demand.)
To the West, I call you, Ô powerful Water element, come in this place, I beseech you and bring here intuition, perception and prosperity, thank you.
(Meditate a short moment and see a beautiful river, a waterfall or a beautiful lakeshore on the West of your room answering your demand. (No stagnant water, or tranquil lake).
To the North, I call you, Ô powerful Earth element, come in this place, I beseech you and bring here strength, “anchor” (well-grounded) and discernment, thank you.
(Meditate a short moment and see something you like on Earth, a beautiful field of wheat, sunflowers well planted in the ground, a magnificent garden, an orchard filled with beautiful fruits in the North of your room answering your demand).
To the East, I call you, O powerful Air, come here, I beseech you and bring here flexibility, intelligence and knowledge, thank you. "
(Meditate for a short time and see something that for you represents the Air element : a gentle and cool breeze, birds flying in the blue sky....)
You can also feel and / or hear the elements: heat in the south and crackles of fire ; the lapping of water and its freshness; the land and your feet which sink into the soil, “anchoring”; the breeze blowing on you.
Then light the candle in front of you, and say,
'Ô Earth, which was created by Ptah / Enki, I recognize you as my own kingdom, my sole truth of human being: the Earth is my world. Thank you. "
(Meditate for a short instant and see the Earth answering to you with all its love. You can also imagine it smiling to you or see the planet all gold and blue).

Once more time look at your altar and become aware of what you feel.
Normally, you should feel at ease, in peace, in enjoyment, and “something” should be there.
The heat made by the candles can help you to enter an expansion of consciousness convenient for feelings.
You can feel "things" in particular on the face, a heat which surrounds your head, some of you, more sensory than others, tell to feel "like a brush” (a lightly and briefly touch), friendly and warm presences. Also others tell the energy is fresher as a spring breeze. All this is right.

Now, address directly to Enki and say:
(This is an example, I repeat, you can write your own hymn)

“ Ô Almighty Enki,
Father of Humankind
Great Creator of our world
God builder of Sumer
And of the greatest civilizations
Given by Thee to the Man
I greet you and bow before your Power without limit.
(Bow really)

O Ea/Enki, Thou the Brilliant,
Thou we name the compassionate
And who so often took pity on mankind
Hear my appeal and my prayer
Inhabit my all body with Thy love
Thy strength and thy compassion
And that with thee, I finally can be myself
Aware that Thou are my Father
Sole authentic God of our race
And forever present in my heart and my soul.

Ô Almighty Ea/Enki
Bestow Thy Presence in me and around me,
Now and for all the time to come
Let me establish a sacred bridge with Thee, my Father
And me, Thy child.

Ô Grand Ea, Source of Life,
Who always protected the human race
And offered it the fire of knowledge,
Hear my Prayer.
Bestow me Thy powerful protection
That Thy Strength accompanies each of my steps
That Thy crowned Justice brings down all my enemies,
Known and unknown, of this world and of elsewhere
That Thy Love and Thy Compassion free me
From all false faiths, from pains,
And from weaknesses which swamp me and slow me down.

Ô Almighty Ea/Enki,
Thou that we name Ptah and Prometheus also
Express Thy energy here and now
Thou that I recognize as my unique Father Creator
Thou in who I base entirely,
Thou whose praises I sing
Put in my heart and my spirit
Thy enjoyment, Thy power and Thy guidance
So that always I can rise and progress
And under Thy very-high protection,
Bring to a successful conclusion my projects.
Glory to You, Ô Beloved Ea/Enki
So mote it be

Now sit down in front of your altar and meditate.
(But if something else arises during this time, above all, don’t reject it and follow the energy. What you feel or wish to do is essential and much more important than any advice. Follow your heart and your instinct.)

Meditation: the direct contact
Breathe profoundly, by the glottis.
As I have explained it to you in the messages " contact Ptah ".
At every inhale, imagine flows of golden light coming towards you, at every exhale, see these flows penetrating in you and entirely filling bones, organs, blood, muscles...
Do it profoundly for a minimum of 10 times in a row and more if you are comfortable with.
Then, at every inhale, while the golden light continues to flow towards you, say at every exhale: "Eeeennnkiiiii" when the golden light gets into your body. Say his name in your head.
Do it a minimum of ten times and more if we wish to.

You should be relaxed now.
(You can continue to breathe by the glottis along the meditation, what will put you into a more profound state of expansion of consciousness more favourable for the contact and will release all the tensions you have.)
Think about Sumer. Think about the pyramid of Sah-Ka-Râ. The pyramid at degrees, which looks like a gigantic staircase.

Imagine yourself there. The weather is pleasant with a light heat like at the end of spring. A sweet breeze brushes your face. Feel the energy of Sumer, focused, wise, serious and very profound. You are sole in front of the pyramid.
Suddenly, as carried by a hand or a soft whirlwind of energy, you feel brought on the first step. Your ascent towards Enki begins.
At first, feel your feet on this first stony step. Realize all the weight of the history of civilization which it represents. Feel well grounded, determined and steady. If you are used to do this, you can at the same time be aware of your feet grounded and continue to breathe by the glottis repeating the name of Enki.
Now ascend your pyramid. You easily do it. By stepping, by jumping, by floating, it doesn't matter. Do it as you want. Take your time.

At each step, feel that all your energy rises. Rise, rise, rise, and perceive that your subtle bodies activate, that the expansion of consciousness spreads.
Here you are at the summit of the pyramid. As it has been little eroded, you can sit down. While you comfortably sit down, a ray of light wraps you. As if a sunbeam seized you.
Let it do, don’t be afraid.
The sun is the sole worldly symbol to never have had detractors. Then, thus rely on its benevolence and give way to its healing heat, also to its crackling of life.
You are here taken in your corridor of light. You feel as magnetized. Your heart can a little accelerate its beatings. You can feel anxious, as before a very important event for you.
Suddenly, you land on a platform of light. As if you were on a lain sun. Which does not hurt you, which does not burn you. On the contrary feel a great deal of vitality, of strength coming into your feet and spreading in your all body.
You could feel taller than usually, you could be hot, perspire, feel your body expanded, let it do.
Your attention is attracted by a movement, there, in front of you, somebody moves forward. A being of a great beauty, of which the energy is both caring and steady.
A radiant warrior with a golden aura tinted with deep blue.
(Sometimes, the subconscious, insufficiently prepared for the contact, sends you bizarre, unusual or monstrous images. Don’t worry and above all don’t give grip on these images. Return ceaselessly, without fighting but firmly towards the image that you decided to have of Enki. Indeed, some people see animals: horse, feline, eagle, snake or images of landscapes or objects: mountain, fire, bags of seeds… or centaurs, dark terrible forms. If you like the image or if it means something to you, keep it, otherwise divert your attention and come back to Enki. That’s why the glottis breathing is so important: it makes the unconscious panics fall asleep.) 
In the heart of this extraordinary being, whirlwinds of light circulate and encompass as if all his DNA was visible you. This vision is of an incredible beauty. Colours of which you had no idea before, brilliant, vibrating, dancing in him and around him, in front of your stunned eyes.
Enki opens his arms. You move towards him. You can run towards him or fall to his feet or jump into his arms, no matter. What is important, it is the genuineness of your initiative.
Stay really stuck on him. Feel the power of his aura, how much he is steady, brave, how much we can rely on him. Also feel his seriousness meaning that for him, this contact has a real significance. This is no laughing matter. But it’s the return to your true home, that of your real Father. And him, recognizes you as his child. He is very attentive to you. Often Enki has affectionate gestures. He caresses hair, pinches slowly the cheek, smiles to you and squeezes you in his arms, he is happy to see you again!
He reads in you, you can feel this. Do not feel shamed or worried about what he can read.
Even though you would have fought him without knowing it all your life, from the moment you snuggle up in his arms and that you recognize him as your Legitimate Father, all this past fades.
Enki does not judge your weaknesses or your defects. He knows that we possess the same that the Nephilims!
He is compassionate, reassuring and healing.
Now, look at him in the eyes and read his righteousness and his determination.
Then, say to him, clearly, with all your soul, with all your heart:

" Father, (or Enki, or Ea), I know that I come from you.
That I am Thy flesh and Thy blood.
That Thy genes always vibrate in me.
And that in Thy image, I am created.
Yes, I recognize you as my unique and legitimate Father,
Only divine Father,
Creator of my race,
Creator of the Earth and all its beauties ".

Theoretically, with these words genuinely said with all your heart, you must feel a strong heat in your heart, then see a bridge of light activating between his heart and yours.
Some people see a rainbow. Let do!
What is important that you feel rocked, loved, protected.
Stay in this state of consciousness as long as you wish it.
You can also, after a moment, ask for something to Enki. Be straightforward. No too long speech. And ask for something that he can give you. (Do not ask him to become an astronaut if you are airsick and 70 years old!)
Otherwise, make your demand without any guilt.
You need money, work, love, health, ask him!
You have a powerful enemy who hurts you because he wants your job? Or he is unfair because he does not like you? Ask for justice to Enki. (be careful you must be not culpable by your misconduct but really and sincerely victim). Give his(her) name, explain in some words the situation. And you will see. Enki will protect you and especially the negative will be returned to the sender.

Then, when you decide it, return by taking back the same path as on the way in.
Leave Enki while knowing that now, he is with you everywhere.
Take back your descent in the corridor of light, find yourself again at the summit of the pyramid, then come down joyfully.

From Sumer, little by little, return to your normal context. Take time to come back to your everyday life.
Move your feet, your hands, rub yourself a little the chest, stretch a lot, then end your rite.
If you have got too much energy around your head, order it to come down into the earth via the body to avoid useless headaches.
Order your feet to feel the ground, your legs to be well “anchored”.
Imagine red spangles that circulate in your legs and your feet which connect you with earth and balance your entire body.
Once at ease in your body, get up and return towards the altar.
Thank Enki.
Then, if you wish it, take the text that you read, and while burning it into the flame of the candles, then by putting it and maintaining it in the small heatproof dish, say:

"I thank you, O Enki, my Father
For thy welcome and thy gift
I recognize you as my unique and legitimate Father
Unique and authentic Creator of my race and of Earth
That these flames unite me to Thee forever
And that always, Peace, Love and Amity
Reign between us
So mote it be
Hail to Thou, Ô Ea/Enki
Glory to Thee, Ô my Father.

To burn this paper embodies your ritual.
(Remember to keep a copy of these texts you can use at will.)
To burn the paper into the flame “anchors” the work and keeps the energy in you.

Once done, stay an instant in front of your altar to begin to extinguish the candles of the 5 directions in reverse.

Say "I thank you O powerful element Air for your presence."
Extinguish the candle.
The same for the elements Earth, Water and Fire.
Then extinguish the Earth candle, saying: "Thank you O Earth, kingdom of Ea / Enki."

The ritual is finished.
Thank Enki, bow and go out.
The ideal is to let the blue candles burn up to the end.
If this is not possible, put them out by thanking each time Enki for his presence and his love.