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Part 1
Introduction - Attestation - Tablet 1

"Scholars and theologians alike now recognize that the biblical tales of Creation, of Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, the Déluge, the Tower of Babel, were based on texts written down millennia earlier in Mesopotamia, especially by the Sumerians.
And they, in turn, clearly stated that they obtained their knowledge of past events -many from a time before civilisations began,
even before Manking came to be -
from the writings of the Anunnaki "Those Who From Heaven to Earth came", the "gods" of antiquity".
Zécharia Sitchin - Lost Book of Enki - p.2 - Bear and Co

Sumerian stele - look at the writing, the recurrent winged symbol.Image, unknown source 

(NB. All the following is the upright narrative of the translation by Zecharia Sitchin of 14 tablets dictated by Enki to his scribe. I shall translate at times, certain passages word for word, to stick to the text. My personal comments will be, as usual, in small blue italics and in brackets. I deeply suggest you to read at first, if it is not already done, the message concerning destiny and fate.Indeed, if the term "fate" is only pejorative in our french language, it is not the case in the english language. Actually, " fate " is untranslatable in its whole integrity in French. It is fundamental to understand the difference between these two terms if we want to seize the "mentality" of the Anunnakis and the wisdom of Enki.)

After 150 years of archaeological discoveries among the ruins of the ancient civilizations in particular those of the Near East, a large number of ancient texts (some, thus previous to our civilizations and to the birth of humankind) were found. They also reveal the existence of lost texts, called "lost books", mentioned or being used as bases to other texts or still referenced in the catalogs of royal or religious libraries.

One can quote as examples :
. The Epic of Gilgamesh which "reveals" the secrets of the Gods"
. Atra Hasis, which depicts the mutiny of Igigis which will have for consequence the creation of the first Homo Sapiens.
. The Erra Epos, which unveils the Big Calamity (when Nergal destroyed the entire Mesopotamia with his 7 evil winds).The Book of the Secret of Thot, written personally by Thot and sealed somewhere in a subterrean chamber.

The existence of these lost books are quoted in the Bible. The Bible took its inspiration from them and quote them as being Toledoth, "historic or genealogical archives".

But the mostly quoted example is the famous Library of Alexandria in Egypt founded by theGeneral Ptolemy after the death of Alexander the Great in -323 and which contained more than half-million books, written or sculptured (clay, stone, papyri, parchments....)
This mine of knowledge was distroyed during repeated Arabic invasions of which the conquest came to an end around + 642 BC.
Fichier:Ptolemy I Soter Louvre Ma849.jpg
Bust of Ptolemy I Soter, IIIe century BC, Louvre museum (wikipedia)

We also know that Ptolemy II, (-270), gave to an Egyptian priest called Manetho by the Greeks, the task to compile the history and the prehistory of Egypt.
From the first lines, Manetho writes:
" At that time, only reigned the Gods, then came the mid-gods and finally, towards - 3100 began the dynasty of the Pharaohs. The divine reigns, he writes, began 10000 years before the Flood and continued thousands of years later, the last period having been the witness of battles and wars between the Gods ".
( NB. The Flood - 13000. Thus, beginning of the reign of gods: - 23000 years).

Also, under Babylon and the era of Aries dedicated to Marduk, a Babylonian priest called Berossuswrites the history of the gods and the men in three volumes, of which 
the epic begins around -432000 BC before the Flood (= the Deluge), when the gods came on Earth.
Berossus lists by names and duration of reign the first ten commanders-in-chief.
He reports that the very first leader, " dressed as a fish, lands on the sea " (of Persian Gulf).
He was the one, he writes, who brought the civilization 
to Humankind.The name given by the ancient Greeks to this being was Oannes. Naturally, it was about EA, futureEN-KI, prince of Earth. 
Very meticulous, Berossus writes in his history of 3 volumes, that before the Flood, the gods had decided to protect the stone tablets which were buried on the site of Sippar, one of the ancient cities where they were established.
Sippar, as many other cities of Mesopotamia, was submerged by the devastating waters of the Flood and the tablets were considered as lost.
But under the reign of the Assyrian king Assurbanipal (668/633), thus very widely post -diluvial,references to these "lost tablets" appear in the annals of the monarch !
In the middle of the 19th century, stunned archaelogists discovered in the ruins of the palace of Assurbanipal, in Ninive, a library which counted more than 25000 clay tablets.
On one of them, we read the confidences of Assurbanipal:
"The god of scribes (Thot) rewarded me by offering me the knowledge of art. I was initiated to the secrets of writing. I can read complicated Sumerian tablets. I understand the secrets words engraved on the stone the previous days before the Flood. 
The Sumerians like the writing. And the compilations.
These writings are, for the only ones saved or discovered, hundreds of thousands tablets of clay simply for the searches in the Near East. 

Many of them tell the everyday life of that time, as premarital or working contracts.
Others are real royal archives or constitute groups of religious or occult texts written in Sumerian then translated into Akkadian (akkadian: 1st Semitic language), then in other languages.
And already on these tablets dated from 6000 years ago, one speaks about " lost books".

A scroll known under the name of " List of Sumerian kings "(Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England), tells about one of the leaders, the key participant, witness of that time: EA.
Ea, whom name means " That one in the house is Water ", experienced a great disappointment when the mission for which he was responsible was removed from him and gave to his half brother Enlil.
Relegated far away from the cities of Gods and of their "spaceport" situated in this period in E-DIN, Ea, become En-ki, prince of the Earth, supervised the extraction of gold in the mines in the AB-ZU ( South Africa).
Enki, great scientist, thus attentive to his environment, discovered there the existence of hominids.
When the Igigis rebelled and refused to pursue the extraction of the gold in the mines, it was Enki who accelerated the evolution of these hominids by genetic engineeringAdam, whose name literally means " the one from Earth, the earthling", had been born.(1st wave: the Homo Sapiens) But, this hybrid being was sterile. Ningishzidda/Thot and his father Ea/Enki then inseminated the missing chromosome to Adam.
(All this is told in the Bible, posterior to the events thousands of years, with its stories of Adam and Eve and of " lost paradise ". The Bible is not a revealed sacred book, but a more or less anarchical compilation of ancient texts. The Yahweh, prophets and other " sons of god ", are only mixtures of previous existing characters, essential protagonists of the great human epic. I repeat this, because certain beliefs are very persistent).
When the human beings proliferated too much and when Enlil, then in command, opposed the evacuation of human beings during the Flood, Enki disobeyed, supported by Galzu, and asked his sonZiusudra (future Noah of the Bible) to save all the possible living creatures.

Enki, still tells us Sitchin, was very erudite, in particular about his planet, Nibiru and the past of its inhabitants. A scientist and a skilled geneticist. Poured into the great occult mysteries and the secrets of life, (astronomy, divine mathematics, medicine, sciences, magic....), he taught especially two of his sons:Marduk and Ningishzidda, respectively in Egypt  and Thot.

But, he also taught the men " the secrets of the gods ". He made that decision in secret. He personally picked out beings capable of understanding, of practising and of keeping the secret of numerous esoteric and scientific aspects which would have become disasters in other hands.
(Don't forget what wrote Rabelais: " science without consciousness is only ruin of the soul " - when Enlil learnt that Enki transmitted the knowledge to the men, he was, as very often, " infuriated ").

Sitchin asserts with proofs that Enki taught from the very beginning. Starting with Adapa (first-born of the 2nd wave: the Homo Sapiens-sapiens and thus fertilized by the own seed of Enki).
Adapa wrote a report for his descent: Writings Regarding Time which was one of the first books of Mankind!
Another of his sons, Enmeduranki, is considered as the Enoch of the Bible. He was taken by Utu(manager of Sippar, guarded zone for Anunnakis only - launching site for spaceships) and Adad (Ishkurson of Enlil) , in heavens to be taught, with afterward, mission to transmit to the high religious and priests. His name had been chosen with skill by Enki: " master of the ME of the link sky-earth".

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The decision to transmit to hand-picked men " the secrets of the gods " (it became then a common acceptance of the Anunnakis, when Enki had opened the way), marked the beginning of the Priesthood and lineages of mediators between the gods and the men. It was absolutely not about what we know nowadays as to be the priesthood in any religion of which the first quality is the narrow-mindedness. No.
Their mission was great and worthy: to transmit the divine word and his secrets to the mortal earthlings.
One consulted heavens in quest of a sign, one listened to the Oracles.
(Don't forget; the past carries the future, but the occult knowledge which allowed to obtain reliable answers is lost today - for the moment).
The Prophecy became important. Even Marduk called one of his sons, Nabu (Nabih) the one who carries the prophecy.

I suggest you to enjoy, and above all to feel the power of the dialogue which becomes established between Enki and his scribe Endubsar, "writer" of the Lost Book.

This part of the Lost Book is dedicated to the impressions of the scribe Endubsar and to his perception of the "Great God Enki ".
He also reports the comments of Enki, profoundly touching and at times, seriously prophetic.
(Below Sumerian writing - source wikipédia).

Fichier:Sumerian 26th c Adab.jpg

" Seven years after the Big Calamity, writes the scribe, I was summoned by my master, the Lord Enki, great God, benevolent creator of the Humankind, almighty and compassionate.
I was among the survivors of Eridu who fled towards the dry steppes just before the Evil Wind approaches the city "....

Then Endubsar describes us the appearance of the two emissaries sent by Enki :

"... When I raised the eyes, two divine messengers stood near me. They had men's faces but their clothes shone as some polite bronze.
(Cosmonauts' costume)
(The bronze is a crowned metal sign of the indissoluble alliance between the Heavens and the Earth, the gods and the men. The bronze is the eternal guarantee of this alliance.) 
They called me by my name and said to me:
" You are summoned by the Great God Enki, your master. Do not be afraid, you are blessed.We are here to take you in his house, in the country of Magan "
(Magan, Sumerian name for Egypt)...

Whereas they spoke, the whirlwind such a tornado rose itself, terrifying chariot and left.

They held me each of them by a hand and quickly took me between the Earth and the Sky, as an eagletakes its flight. I could see the lands and the waters, the plains and the mountains, then they put me down on the isle in front of the door of the house of the Great God.
As they left my hands, a shine as I had never seen it before submerged me, and I fell crushed on the ground as if I emptied myself of any life.

I awoke, as if it was from a profound sleep. A voice called my name....

... Then, the voice says:
" Endubsar, descendant of Adapa, I chose you to be my scribe and that you engrave
my words on your tablets.

Endubsar, son of the city of Eridu, faithful servant,
I am your Lord Enki.

I summoned you in order you write what I have to say, because I am profoundly upset by what has happened to Humankind further to the Big Calamity.
My wish is to record the course of the events, so that the gods and the men
know that my hands are clean. 
Such a disaster had never affected the Earth, nor gods, nor men
since the Big Flood.

But if the big Flood had to occur, the Big Calamity, seven years ago now,
could have been avoided.

Me, Enki, has made everything to prevent it. Regrettably, I failed.
Was it fate or destiny?
In the future, this will be judged.
At the end of the days, the Day of the Judgment will take place.
This day, the Earth will tremble, rivers will change their course,
it will be dark at noon.

A fire will burn in heavens during the night.
It will be the day of the return of the Cosmic God.
This day we shall know who will live and who will die,
who will be rewarded and who will be chastised,
the gods as the men.
What will arrive will be determined by what happened.
What proceeds of the destiny, will repeat again for a cycle.
What depended on fate and on the only will of the heart, for the better or for the worse,
this will be judged.

That's why I shall tell the true origin 
of the beginning of the ancient times because
in the past hides the future. "...

... When the Great God Enki began to tell, I began to engrave his words, exactly as he dictated them to me. At times, his voice was strong, sometimes, it became rustle. At times, there was enjoyment or pride in his voice, sometimes pains and agony....

Once the engraved narrative, the piled tablets, (during 40 days and 40 nights, because 40 is the sacred number of Enki among the Gods), Enki said:
" Endubsar, with a Great God you spoke,
and even you did not see me, in my presence, you were.

For that purpose, you are blessed and for the peoples, my spokesman.
You will exhort them to be just,
so that they have a long and good life.

And you will reassure them.
In 70 years to come, all the cities will be rebuilt and the fields will germinate again.
( Sumer emerges from a nuclear devastation, also 70 years is little, because everything has been irradiated and in ruins).
There will be a peace, but also a war.
The new nations will become powerful, the realms will rise then will fall.
The ancient gods will be put aside and the new ones will decree fate.
But at the end of the days, destiny will prevail and this future is predicted in my comments concerning the past.
All this, Endusbar, you will tell the people ".

- But how shall I know what to say? asks the scribe.

Enki answers:
" The signs will be in heavens and the words to be pronounced will come to you
in dreams and from visions.

After you, other prophets will be chosen.
But at the end, there will be a New Earth and a New Sky
and prophets we shall not need any more ".


"... I what I did did, what you did did. 
The past undone cannot become !
(Enlil said).
Is not in that too a lesson ?
Enki asked them both.
Is not what on Earth happened, what on Nibiru had taken place mirrored ?

Is not in that tale of the Past the outline of the Future written - 
Will Mankind, in our image created,
 our attainments and failures repeat ?
Enlil was silent. ..."
14e tablet - Lost Book of Enki - Z. Sitchin - Bear and Co

I shall summarize briefly the first part of the first tablet which is the report of the Council of gods and their -unthinkable- decision, to use atomic weapons against Marduk. I have already dealt of this subject. Nevertheless 
I shall give you some extracts of the most tragic dialogues.
Enki always says that the true rise of consciousness is to assume the entirety of one' s choices and acts without blaming whoever or whatever, and even less Destiny, that, in this case, unfairly bears the responsibility.

We shall see here how much we descend from these Gods, how much we are exactly like them, sensitive to injustice, speed to ignite, capable of the best as of the worst. 
Then, in the following parts of the first tablet, Enki tells us the history of Nibiru. I shall linger there.
1 - The Council of the Anunnakis Gods 
The first pages begin with the nuclear devastation that humankind has just undergone.
Enki gives a terrifying description.
The cause of this disaster is then explained.

Marduk saw in the heavenly signs, the advent of his era, the Era of Aries. Then, he asks the other gods to abandon their privileges and to recognize him as their god for the whole duration of his time, as it was the case for the others before him.
Instead of an evident allegiance for Marduk, shouts and complaints, protests and angers rise.
Only Enki remains quiet. He has more merit because his other sons also turn against their brother Marduk.

Enki makes him very clear: (source pages 21 and following ones) 
" Alas, alas, this was not Destiny. Such a calamity on the Human beings, was not Destiny.
By the break of the oath, by the decision of the Council, this was caused, by nuclear weapons, it happened.
(NB. break of the oath: the Anunnakis gods had sworn to never more use the nuclear weapons after the damages engendered on Nibiru, a fortiori on living creatures - Furthermore, after the Deluge, they had promised to protect humankind).
By decision, not by Destiny, the poisoned weapons were launched, by deliberation the fate was cast.
Against Marduk, my first-born, both sons managed the destruction, the vengeance was in their heart.
- Marduk will not take the power! shouted Ninourta, first-born of Enlil. By weapons I shall oppose to it!
- He raises an army and of Babylon, he wants to make the center of the world ! Also shouted Nergal, brother of Marduk.

At the Council of the great gods, venomous words were spat.
Day and night, I (Enki) rose against these choices. I advised the peace, I regretted so much haste.
For the second time, the people set up his image as heavenly (= chose Marduk as sovereign god), why to continue to oppose to their will?
Were all the instruments verified? Does not the era of Marduk in heavens arrive? I asked once more.
Ningishzidda, my own son, quoted other heavenly signs. His heart, I knew, would not forgive Marduk for the injustice he had made him undergo.
Nannar, the first-born of Enlil on Earth, was also recalcitrant. Marduk appropriated my temple in the North, he says.
Ishkur, younger son of Enlil, asked for punishment. On my lands, he encourages the people to worship him!
Utu, son of Nannar, turned his wrath against Nabu, son of Marduk: he tried to take the " spaceport "
Inanna, twin sister of Utu, was the most furious: she always asked for punishment for Marduk, because of the (accidental) death of her beloved Dumuzi.
Gibil, my own son, says with sadness: Marduk rejected all the requests, because of the heavenly signs, he declared himself supreme.
Only the weapons will stop Marduk, shouted Ninourta.
Utu was worried about the protection of the spaceport. It must not fall under the control of Marduk, he says.
Nergal, Lord of the domains of Below (South Africa) required, wild: let's use the weapons of terror(nuclear weapons) to annihilate him!
To my own son, I threw an incredulous stare: it is unthinkable that a brother strikes his brother with weapons of mass destruction!
Instead of agreeing, they became silent.

- "That the place was burned, shouted Ninourta. Let me be the one who burns!"
Incited, Nergal got up and shouted: that the cities of the villains are upset! Let me destroy the sinful cities, that my name becomes the Annihilator!

(Enki) The Earthlings created by us, must not be hurt. The just man does not have to die with the sinner, I say with strength.
Ninoursag, who helped in the creation of the man, supported me. The problem must be settled only between the gods, the people must not be hurt.

Anuwho determines Fate spoke from his heavenly palace.
Let's use the weapons of terror this time, that the place of launch of rockets is destroyed, and let's save the people.
That Ninourta is the "Burner", and Nergal the "Annihilator", decreed Enlil.

( Enki) Misfortune! I shouted, stunned (without voice). A brother who turns against his brother! Does the fate of First Times have to repeat?
A secret of Ancient Times Enlil had revealed them, and in their hands, he had confided the weapons of terror!
Dressed in terror, they burst out in a radiance: everything they touch falls in heap of dust...

... Other gods came back in their cities, without the slightest presentiment of the calamity they had activated. "
Let' s comment a little
Doubtless are you angry or bewildered by what you have just read. Doubtless do you wonder : how extraterrestrials gods so advanced in technology can make so barbaric decisions and remain, so indifferent to the wisdom of the sole one?

I shall answer you simply by the famous maxim of Thot, Hermes the Thrice Great: 
" It is true, without lying, certain and most true.
That which is below, is like which is above: 
And that which is above is like that which is below,
To do the miracles of one only thing ".

Let's return some billions years ago.
Somewhere in the galaxy.
A planet came into existence. Cells, vegetables, animals then hominids grow and progress on the sphere which we shall call later Nibiru.

The evolution of every reign will put millions of years to reach the current level of the human being on Earth, then will pursue its ascent towards always more intelligence and progress.
One day, this hominids became the Anunnakis.
They have millions of years in advance on us. They transform their DNA at will, and become "immortal". Most of the movies and TV shows of science fiction speak about them, in particular those where the extraterrestrial beings use their power in purpose to protect mankind.

stargate vaisseaux shipsheadingtowardearth2 gif

But, exactly like us today, on our blue planet, there are Anunnakis with different temperaments, furies, mistakes, pains, enjoyments, and bad choices also. Exactly like our own history is filled with all these.
These beings, more than 500 000 years ago underwent the devastation of their own planet with nuclear weapons as we develop now on Earth.
We know that the disaster took place, but how? War? Explosion of nuclear power station? Natural cataclysm with collapse of power plants?
No, Enki answers clearly: nuclear war. 
(page 25 of The Lost Book)
We indeed could live, tomorrow, on Earth, the same horror, less the spatial technology of Anunnakis. And thus we could not fetch some gold nowhere to create a shield to protect us.

In 500 000 years, if we do not blow up everything by unconsciousness, hatred or stupidity, we shall have achieved even exceeded the current level of the Anunnakis.
They will have still progressed themselves.
It's very important to understand.
The hysterical Nergal does not exist any more. The yelling and massacring Enlil does not exist any more either. They have changed. Sure, they keep their nature. Enlil will always be a determined military commander-in-chief for whom the diplomacy is a mystery. Ninourta, a passionate warrior and Nergal, an angry man. But for good reasons.
Because Earth became their planet, their reality.
They will let nobody destroy her.
And the Humankind is their children. They married human women and human men. Children were born who became fathers in turn.
A part of the Anunnaki descent is totally human today and ignores everything about its ET ancestors.
The others, the Nephilims, the Great Gods, the Primordial ones who are and remain " pure Anunnakis ", are the Ancient Gods about whom speaks Enki in The Lost Book. And indeed of whom, he is part of.
(For the record : the Nephilims are the primordial gods: Anu, Enki, Enlil and Ninoursag. They are the Great Gods. Then come the Anunnakis then the Igigis).
The Nephilims have for mission to guard Earth. To protect her. They are always there.Destiny spoke. Galzu, on behalf of the cosmic god spoke. Anu spoke.
Let's remember, page 247 of Lost Book:
" - Galzu was messenger of the God of Everything, says Ninoursag. So, the creation of Humankind was predestined ! Of this, I am amazed!
- Whereas we believed that we decide, really the hand of Destiny steered every stage, acknowledged Anu. The will of the God of Everything is clear: on Earth and for the Earthlings, we are only messengers.
The Earth belongs to the Earthlings, we have for mission to protect them and to make them progress.
- If it' s our mission, let's carry out it, says then Enki. "

Enki had already widely begun the aforementioned mission, by accomplishing with instinct and heart, the creation of the Homo Sapiens then Sapiens-Sapiens.
Enki was THE messenger of the Cosmic God. HIS messenger on Earth for us. Enki, finally legitimized in his acts by Galzu, himself sent by the God of Everything, as say the Anunnakis.
And so today Enki with his troops and other volunteers who joined him, work to take us out of the disaster in which we fell.
The things get worse. The first warning signs of some devastations become visible, exactly as it was the case, in the ancient times. The Future nests in the Past, isn't it?
But don't worry, we shall wake up alive on December 22nd, 2012 in the morning.
The Gods did not leave Earth 600 years before our era, as says it Sitchin. On the contrary, they fought the enemy, the worst villain of all the galaxies, the Grey, without emotions, neither feelings, nor hearts. Since Roswell, many people think that they come to help us. No, they don't . They want to appropriate our so beautiful planet and her inhabitants.
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To do so, they pretend to be " winged angels ", masters of light.
If the Nephilims had not opposed by weapons to this reprehensible maneuver, we would be now all of us, dissected mice of laboratory.
No, no, I am not crazy. It took me many years, to accept the beginning of this idea. But from quest to quest, from research to research and especially from contact to contact, I indeed have had to face the evidence. For my biggest displeasure.
The Earth was attacked. It was not the first time. At the epoch of the Atlantis, these horrible Grey were already there. They act under the orders of hideous gods, enemies of Earthlings and of Anunnakis, their fathers and guides.
When the Times will come, the Nephilims will be on our sides. We have already fought together, human beings and Anunnakis, side by side. And often. Read the whole book of Sitchin based on historic facts and testimonies to realize it (The wars of gods and men - Z. Sitchin - Bear and co).
But the gods will not save about 7 billion beings. There will be many losses. Because they will begin to save their children, at first. For me, to go towards Enki, it means to be helped and saved.
The Lost Book has thousands of years. Irrefutable proofs confirming its statements are brought every day.
Henceforth, the evidence is that we made a mistake.
That we have been deceived. The chronology of the history of Humankind is falsified, the esoteric symbols inverted, the energy vortexes diverted by the bad ones, the pestilences, the Grey and their Big Master.

They want the Earth, exactly as the thieves covet the most beautiful diamonds, as the corrupt politicians want the power and no matter what they have to do for that, no matter the devastation which will ensue from this. What's worse than the greed, the envy, the jealousy, the craving for power? Maybe to believe in nothing.
Certainly, the Anunnakis made serious errors. But since Galzu, they have been told to be all of them united behind Enki. Everything was forgiven. First-borns' stories and other successions are very far behind them.
Today, their mission is to save the Earth. Because otherwise, sooner or later, we shall dive into the same abyss as Nibiru knew 500 000 years ago: a deliberate or provoked nuclear cataclysm.
The good idea, it seems to me, would be to follow the true gods, those who have the knowledge, the technology, the means and above all, the blessing of the Cosmic God.
And to distrust the false prophets, the so-called revealed books which were only plundering the History of Others, as it is proved today.
And to come back peacefully towards our true Father: Enki.
That's what I think. This, naturally belongs only to me. I do not make proselytism.
I simply give you my experience and personal feelings.

2 - The history of Nibiru told by Enki
(I am going to be precise in the narrative, those whom this kind of details annoys will have to wait a bit!) 
At the start was the Beginning.
Then came the First Times,
then the Ancient Times.
In the First Times, no god was on Earth. Thus the man was not created.
The house of the gods was on their own planet, Nibiru, big sphere with red radiances. Its orbit is vast around the sun.
Sometimes Nibiru rushes in an icy period, sometimes it is severely warmed by the sun, explains Enki, page 24 of The Lost Book.
The atmosphere of Nibiru is dense, and constantly shaken by volcanic eruptions. But this atmosphere feeds all the forms of life.
During the cold periods, the internal heat of Nibiru protects the planet, as a warm constantly renewed coat do.
In the warm periods, it protects Nibiru from the devastating sunbeams.
The vegetation is luxuriant, the life in seas as on lands spreads generously.
After eons, The Anunnakis, discovered " the seed of eternity ".

Enki explains us while Nibiru became overpopulated, because obviously, nobody died. The ancestors then scattered. Some of them became shepherds, others ploughmen, others left to live in mountains, some people built their houses in valleys.
The rivalries began and also the quarrels, then sticks were transformed into weapons.
Clans met in tribes, then in two big nations they opposed.
The North nation took weapons against that South.
They became missiles. Weapons of thunders and flashes of lighting which increased the terror.
Nibiru rushed into a war, long and terrifying.

The brother got up against the brother, and everywhere, there was death and destruction.
Then, a cease-fire was decided. And peace mediators acted.
Nibiru unified itself. A nation henceforth would exist. When the king would be from North, he would take for wife a South woman. And when he would be from the South, he would take a woman from the North.
The first-born would be the legitimate successor of the king. And so the unity was restored.
( Note that here, there is still no story of " better first-born " when the child is born from the half sister of the king to " protect the race ". That's why Enki was really dispossessed of his bithright to the succession by "fitted rules". Originally, the Law was as everywhere: the elder son succeeds the father.) 

The capital of Nibiru is Agade, there where is the palace of the king. His title is "An" (this has nothing to do with Anu, father of Enki and Enlil)An means the Celestial One, or the One who is heavenly.
Enki depicts the action of the first king of unified Nibiru, rebuilding and improving everything. 
Everybody had enough food and everything was in abundance in the country. 

The wife of the king had for title An.Tu, the one who is the spouse of the Leader.
She gave to king (thus the first one) three sons and no daughter. The first-born was An.Ki, " the one who is robust foundation ".
When his turn to reign came, he remained without male heir. Because this one died.
(I am confused by the fact that some immortal can "die". I have to inquire about this and what they exactly call "to die" and I shall give you the explanation. Thus let's let this aspect until I get an answer, please).
Then, as the dynasty was unbalanced, the second-born of the first king, An, was proclaimed legitimate heir. He was named An-Ib and married Nin-Ib.
He had a son who succeeded him, 4th king of the dynasty.

This king, An. Shan. Gal married his half sister Ki. Shar.Gal.
Their purpose was the knowledge and the understanding of anything.
They assiduously studied the orbit of Nibiru and its duration. They named the duration of the orbit of Nibiru, SHAR.
One year of Nibiru became the base of any account and measures. By this measure, the reigns would be counted and ordered.
The shar was divided into 10 parts.
Then two periods were determined.
The period when Nibiru was the closest to the sun ( big heat) and that on where it was the most remote ( big colds). These periods were celebrated. Enki speaks about "festival".
( As we celebrated long ago the summer solstice and the winter equinox).
These holidays got back the ancient habits and customs of the peoples of Nibiru and consolidated the unity.
He decreed general law these of the first tribes.
Because of the war, a lot of males had died and thus many women were alone. In order to protect them and to offer them the minimum, the king ordered that the "men" take several spouses. One of them was legitimized, she was the " First spouse ", the others were concubines. (What looks like the Semitic customs).
And the law considering the first-born as lineal heir of the father was consolidated.
But explains Enki, the confusion reigned immediately.
If the first-born was born from a concubine and then was born a child of the king and his first spouse, who would be then heir of the throne? The first-born by date or the first-born by the first wife?
It's what happened within the royal family.
Anshargal had a son from a concubine: the child was thus a first-born.
Then a son of his wife, first spouse, Kishargal: the child was thus legal heir, but not first-born.
Kishargal, furious, cried out noisily:
" If by the law my son cannot be first on line of succession, that at least the purity of his lineage is taken into account! Because of the " double seed ", he was born! " (Yes, because born from the brother and from the half sister, he was by the blood " more king", than the one born from the brother and from an "outsider" of the family).
"That the child born from a half-sister of king is considered as person who has priority in the succession! exclaimed Kishargal and that the " law of Seed " prevails! " 
Anshargal who wanted to avoid any trouble for the next successions, (!!!) decreed " the law of the Seed " being dominant.
(And from this decision taken to avoid splits within the royal dynasty, will arise an incredible conflict between "those for Enki" and "those for Enlil" which will split the aforementioned dynasty. For a long time.
And the " double seed " doesn't assure " double intelligence " or " double benevolence" or double anything else....) 

It was thus his son Anshar, who succeeded Anshargal on the throne of Nibiru.

3 - The reign of Anshar and his successors 
Anshar reigns with his wife, first spouse and half sister.
Under his reign the abundance diminishes.
Furthermore, Nibiru bears with much more difficulty the terrible heat of the sun or the cold when it goes away from it.

Anshar gathers his Council. Experts and scholars study the problem: the atmosphere of Nibiru "split". A breach affected it! The shield so powerful in the past, loses its strength!
During the reign of Anshar and Kishar, epidemics appear and nothing seems capable to stop them.

When the sixth king, EnShar came to govern, he tried to remedy the problems. He was born wise.
He studied the planets which Nibiru crossed in its orbit, they were among 5. Maybe their atmospheres would offer a key of cure?
He called them An and Antu, the first twin planets that he encounters. (Uranus and Neptune).
Then, Anshar and Kishar (Saturn and Jupiter). As Gaga ran among the planets such a messenger, explains Enki, then, it really was the first one to be seen. (Pluto).

Beyond, as a border, the Hammered Bracelet surrounded the Sun. Guardian of heavens, it forbade this zone by the tumult that it engendered.
So, the other children of the sun, 4 in total, were protected by the Bracelet from any intervention.
(Keep in mind once more that we know our solar system such as Enki describes it since only one century. Him, Enki dictated the Lost Book, several thousands years ago.)
The discoveries which were made on the first 5 planets (since the Depths, thus since Nibiru when it is farther than our Neptune today) were stunning, but the atmosphere of Nibiru continued to deteriorate.
Enki describes then all the attempts to fill the breach in Nibiru's atmosphere. In vain.
So, under the reign of Anshar, the breach increased.
Rains and winds became worse. The springs disappeared little by little.

Then the son of Anshar by one of his concubines, because his first spouse and half sister had no heir occupied the throne .
Du.Uru, he was called. He chose his wife not among his half sisters, but among his concubines. He chose her because of love and not because of " seed ".
The confusion reigned once more: the sons were not heirs, the women were not half sisters...
Meanwhile, the situation became catastrophic on Nibiru and affected the people who became little by little sterile. Like the fields. It was the same in the palace: the royal couple remained without children.

From the seed of An, first king, 7 princes had succeeded one another. But the throne was "dried up" of these seeds.
(I stick as much as possible on the comments of Enki. You will have no difficulties, naturally, to follow the metaphors of our creator god).
One day, a child was found at the door of the palace. Duurun was adopted by the royal couple and declared heir.
Lahma, he was named, which means " without aridity ".
But at the palace like at the Council, one "muttered".
Then, Lahma came to the throne. 8th prince reigning although not descendant of "An's seed".
At the Council, they proposed to Lahmu two solutions to fill the breach which did not stop deteriorating.
to use gold, a very rare metal on Nibiru but plentiful within the hammered bracelet. The gold was the sole possible to be reduced in fine powder and thus to remain in suspension in order to protect Nibiru from the murderous sunbeams.
Let's build a spaceship and let's fetch this gold, said some of them.
. let's rather create weapons of terrors, was the second suggestion.
Let's attack the volcanoes with these missiles, let's awake them, their energy will fill the breach!
But Lahma did not know what decision to make.
3 orbits passed (= 3 shars according to Sitchin = 3 times 3600 years of earthly time ).
The water and the food were missing.
The king listened to his advisers with attention but did not make decision. He listened only to his wife who told him to let it go and to trust the God of everything for handling that. (source god - cosmic god).
Enki depicts us very well the excitement which reigned then in Agade: the scholars went and came. The advisers ran here and there...
The rebellion rumbled. Including among the princes.
They took out the weapons of their sheaths. One of them, the most virulent, called to remove the king.
Alalu was his name.
Many followed him. They came into the palace in search of the king who escaped by one of the towers of the castle. But Alalu pursued him and killed him.
Then, he hurtled himself towards the throne room, sat down and decreed himself as king!
The unity of the country was broken. Some people supported his action, others were largely saddened.
Who was this Alalu, did they wonder? A first-born? A legal heir? Was he not rather a "royal killer"? Even Lahma, although adopted, had been proclaimed king according the rules.
But Alalu?
He was an usurper.
The 7 judges summoned Alalu and his fate, they considered. (fate = action, will, everything which hinders the course of destiny, good or bad, thus intervention of the man or the Anunnaki).
Alalu defended himself.
Certainly he was neither a first-born nor legal heir, but of royal seed, he descended! He was born fromAlam. Alam was a first-born. So he was an heir for the throne. By complicity, the queen had rejected the rights for the succession and demanded the " law of seed ".
( Remember Kishargal, see above).
- Alam was deprived of his rights. I am the descendant of Alam, pursued Alalu, the seed of Anshargal is in me!
The council rereleased then the royal annals of the big archives. And revised thorougly the dynasty.
(Let's summarize for us as well) 
. An and Antu: first royal couple of unified Nibiru.
3 sons - no daughters.
First-born: Anki, died without heir.

. The second son of An to occupy the throne: Anib.
Has a son, a first-born Anshargal.
Anshargal was enthroned.
But after him, no more "first-born".
The law of succession was replaced by the law of the seed.
The son of one of his concubines was a first-born but was pushed aside of the throne because of the law of the seed.
About this first-born nothing was written in the book of the royal annals.
- I descend from him! Shouted Alalu.
The council, always suspicious, asked him then for " an oath of the truth ".
Alalu swore: yes, he was the true descendant of Alam.
He became king of Nibiru.
Elders and princes were summoned. The decision was confirmed in their presence.

But, a young prince advanced.
- The succession must be reconsidered, he says. Although neither first-born nor son of queen, I descend from " pure seed ", he says. The essence of An in me is preserved, by no concubine it was dilute.
The councillors heard these comments with bewilderment. They asked the young prince to move forward.
- Who are you, they asked him.
- I am Anu, he answered. (Future father of Enki and Enlil)
The councillors wondered. But in fact, who was thus the third-born of An?
- Enuru, exclaimed Anu. I come from him. His wife was Ninuru, she was her half sister and her son was the first-born. Enama was his name.
My parents called me Anu which means " the one who comes after his ancestor ". So by law and by seed, I descend!
Anu must be king, shouted then the councillors. Let's remove Alalu.
Alalu took then Anu in his arms.
- Together, he says, let's give again to Nibiru abundance and life! Let me keep the throne and agree to be my successor. That Anu is Crowned Prince and my successor! That his son marries my daughter in order that the succession is unified.
It's what happened. Alalu would remain on the throne, Anu would inherit from it. Their children would unite.

Alalu summoned scholars, wise men and commanders. He decided to build a spaceship and to look for gold in the hammered bracelet.

Gif espace ovni 115681

But by the asteroids, the vessels were crushed. Nobody came back.
Alalu ordered that the "insides" of Nibiru are opend with the weapons of terror so that the volcanoes enter again in eruption.
The vessels were armed with missiles and launched on their target.
They waited for the return of abundance. In vain.

At the palace, Anu was a cupbearer of Alalu.
(Cupbearer: One who fills and distributes cups of wine in a royal household.)
Alalu was king and Anu treated as a domestic.
Meanwhile, the situation continued to worsen. And Nibiru, from circuit to circuit around the sun suffered more and more from heat and cold.
The people of Nibiru stopped revering their king. Instead of a relief, he brought us more poverty!
Nevertheless, Alalu remained king during 9 counted periods.
But the strong and wise Anu, first one among the princes, rose in front of him.
In the 9th shar, Anu started a battle against Alalu.
In a hand-to-hand fight, bare, they fought. That the winner is a king, says Anu.
They quarrelled violently in front of the people.
Alalu was defeated.
Anu celebrated as king.

Alalu escaped, he was afraid of dying as Lahma. He ran towards the spatioport, got a rocket which launches missile and fled .

Towards the Earth, he left. He chose this destination, because since the Beginnings, he kept a secret..