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Part 2

1 - The Kundalini
It's not possible to deal a so fascinating subject about the psychic powers without first defining theKundalini.
(I have already dealt with this subject, but under its symbolic aspect - message 3 -the cosùic snake or kundalini).
We had to wait until the 60s to get some writings on this awakening phenomenon in the West, in particular those of Gopi Krishna, via the United States.
This amazing process of transformation, which we can't ignore when it happens, remained secret, hidden even denied during millenniums.
The Indians hint at it in their most ancient writings: the Védas.
The Indian tribes of America, (remember: descendants of Caïn when he was exiled " on the Lands beyond Waters" (meaning american continent) then directly taught by Ninourta and Enlil) as the Chinese Taoïsts or the Tibetan Buddhists, acknowledge, each of them in their respective period, to have been familiarized with thisinitiatory process.

This peak experience (according to Maslow's own words) was known and very much sought-after in Sumer.
In that time, all the Nephilims, indeed well-trained to this type of awakening since a very long time, performed a " rise of kundalini " before every "magic" rite and made " the energy circulate ". (The famous Chi). Was following this, a massive opening of chakras and a considerable influx of cosmic energy or prana in their body.
Hence the importance of the snake symbol (message 3) of because "kundalini" means" the one which is coiled ", kundul means "buckle".

When, from the first chakra, Mulhadara, the energy rises along the vertebral column inside the central canal Sushumna, then both secondary canals, Ida and Pingala coiled themselves around the chakras, drill them and rise until Sahasrara, 7th chakra, 7th Heaven or nirvana.
Here is a very short video which illustrates, although in a little bit fantastic way, this famous rise of kundalini.
Naturally, the energy starts at the bottom of the spine and not from the feet. But it happens sometimes, and Bentov demonstrated it, that certain persons feel the starting point of energy from the feet, in particular the left one.( You can also feel "electric shocks" in the feet and legs, in the dorsal muscles, as pinpricks, most of the time on the left side of the body, but the right side does not remain insensible to all this).
It is interesting to look at this video because of the coiling of the snakes, very well shown.
You will see the crossing of hands on the chest, of which the symbolism is powerful, such as taught by Enki in Sumer then in Egypt.
Chakra_Kundalini_ultimate awakening sent by koundalini - 

Kundalini is often assimilated to the Fire because the Awakening produces a big heat in the body.
But really, Kundalini is "tinted" with the element which prevails in your body. The Kundalini is unique as the person is.
(But be careful, it is not connected to your astrological sign. You can be water sign and work " very fire".)
To determine " the master element " facilitates numerous of effective and adequate cures.
How can it be done? Look at you.
Here are some very caricatural descriptions, because often, two elements are linked: (the best is to consult an acupunturist for it, because the Chinese medicine is very efficient).Do not cling to these descriptions, they are just there to have an " idea ".
. Are you rather slow, quiet, stable, you work a lot, one can rely on you, you like the security, to control, to nibble and actually, you put on weight ? Earth.
. You spend your life to chat, to explain, to pass on, you understand the life as being a game, you always forget something somewhere, you are scatterbrained and easily satisfied? Air.
.You are easily upset, submerged by feelings and emotions, always in search of absolute, you would like to be understood without having to express whatever it is, you like the salty food and the strong sensations? Water.
. You dream of power, to be your own boss, you are passionate, irascible, proud but so charismatic?Fire.

All what happens in you results from you. Or rather " passes through you ". It's clear but who thinks of a Kundalini being Water or Earth?
The Sumerians, then later the Vedantins associated these Kundalini with animals. Animals which according to them would perfectly reproduce, the sensations felt by the followers.
If you are very Earth, Kundalini will rise slowly, taking its time, chakra after chakra. You will feel itches in the bottom of the back, as if ants trotted around your coccyx and your lumbar vertebrae.
If you are Water, you will feel like having a frog in the vertebral column, which jumps in a chakra and then in another, by fits and starts.
If you are Air, Kundalini will move with lighness as a breath, as a bird and little by little will settle a fresh breeze along Sushumna.
If you are Fire, you will have the feeling "to carbonize", a fire will climb along the column, you will perspire a lot. You will feel the "moulting". It is said that he kundalini of Fire snake the "most painful" because the most burning.
But really, only the failed or diverted kundalini are painful.
If you are accompanied with your nephilim guide or with an experienced therapist (the best is that he experienced his own kundalini), he will act in order that the Chi rises well along the vertebral column inside Sushumna. The energy has to rise in a rectilinear way and not to go astray to the right or to the left of chakras because it would provoke difficult side effects: dizzinesses, severe headaches, nausea, fears, visions, violent sounds...
The deviation "grills " the energy.
That's why it's strongly disadvised to provoke a kundalini by wild meditations. You must respect your rhythm, your physiology, your particularities with discernment. It is called to love oneself.

Besides, according to your level of consciousness, Kundalini will only awake on one or several chakras. It will change many things in your behavior as in your life.
Believe me, Kundalini is not a dream, an utopia, a myth, a legend, but indeed a concrete reality which will mark you forever.
In much rarer cases, appears the " kundalini Akhasha or ether ".
The way in which the energy moves then looks like no aforesaid animal, but rather to a jump of amonkey.
This rise of kundalini is rare because it works as a storm in Sushumna, crosses through all the chakras at once and reaches the top of the skull in "five minutes".
It's said to be the privilege of masters. But "normal" human beings can nevertheless live it.( Make the link with another symbol of Thot, the monkey).

2 - The stages of the AwakeningIf Kundalini reaches :
. 1st chakra:
You will lose some of your heavinesses, you will discover yourself in peace with the Life, at the rightplace. You will acquire very fast a better financial ease, the money will enter easily in your life.
The yogis say that, when Kundalini awoke, even if it is in Mulhadara, the " heavy karma " is burned.

. 2nd chakra 
Kundalini will make you joyful, gives you the need to learn and to fully enjoy life. The desire to create is strong. The sexual desire also.

. 3rd chakra 
You are full of vitality, assert your decisions, become brave, audacious. You are less tired and, if you suffered from bulimia, the appetite considerably regulates : you lose weight, you sleep less while being on top form.

. 4th chakra 
Love is there. You feel the real and big difference existing between love and attachment. One comes towards you, you are peaceful, you radiate.

. 5th chakra 
You develop your perceptions about yourself and know who you are, have been (in others lifes) and who you will be tomorrow. You teach.
The difficulties of communication and elocution disappear. Including the useless gossips.

. 6th chakra 
The opening to the invisible worlds: you know the past, the future, you feel, perceive, and communicate easily with your guide or any entity of your choice: clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, astral journey, gifts of cure, creation of thoughtforms....... expand.

. 7th chakra 
He is rarely reached. Give the bliss, the jubilation. He is known as " chakra of buddhas ".

3 - The importance of the spinal column 
Why does the vertebral column play a so important role in the Awakening of the self?
The chakras are aligned " on her ", Sushumna lives in, but also the spinal cord, the rachidian nerves, the entire nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic are connected to her.

She stands us. She differentiates us from the animal. Remember, Ptah wanted us standing as the Djed, in order that we stopped looking at the ground and that finally, we rise the eyes and then our entire being towards Heavens.

Do you know why a pyramidal shape is so powerful, " because it points towards the sky" explains Enki.
The vertebral column is our internal pyramid. She rises us, "hoists" us upward.
Djed, Uas, obelisk, tree, tree of life, the vertebral column......same analogy.
Column = AXIS.

Besides the chakras, the vertebral column is framed by meridians of acupuncture, on vertebras, onboth sides...
See below: governing vessel meridian, urinary bladder meridian, points of energy.
The urinary bladder meridian which goes along the column (double = on both sides) is the longest and the most important meridian of the body, because he manages the internal direction of the being.
Destiny, Fate.
And joins the points of clairvoyance.
The images below do not show him, but the urinary bladder meridian pursues his running along legs until feet and little toe.
( Following 3 images: source: precis d'acupuncture - editions dangles)

Let's summarize by excessively schematizing

(Ndt : in the middle is the governing vessel meridian ; on both sides twice, the urinary bladder meridian)

and let's begin to be familiar with the meaning of the first five chakras and the name of godswhich are associated with them:
The qualities associated with chakras are indicative. It is obvious that Enki or Thot is also creative.

And so a new law of Kundalini appears here:
every superior chakra integrates the qualities
of the previous chakras.

Thus, Anahata includes the qualities of the first three chakras. Ajna those of the first five ones...
But the heart remains the center which contains ALL the chakras, the high ones and the low ones.
If the heart chakra is blocked or disrupted, Kundalini cannot rise. We shall see in message 3 that the chakras "couples" between them and that in particular, the 1st is directly connected to the 4th and to the 7th.

This first approach, not exhaustive, allows us to dive into the world of the psychic powers by the contact with the head chakras, in particular the 6th chakra.

Once more time, it seems difficult to speak about the head chakras without having beforehand, define the impact of a very mysterious gland, which attracts since the antiquity many calculations: the epiphysis or the pineal gland.
1 - The pineal gland 
This gland, although associated with the 7th chakra, the famous lotus with thousand petals, works directly with the 3rd eye and the 6th chakra. It is situated in the middle of the skull and is an essential junction point between the 3rd eye, the 6th and 7th chakras.
Indeed, the 3rd eye is not the 6th chakra. It takes place in front of the chakra, in the center of the forehead and is part of the 6 points of clairvoyance. The chakra is in middle of the head, of the etheric brain with, just above, the 7th.
The 3rd eye forms a cavity in triangle, it's a door of which emanation joins and nourishes the 6th chakra, Ajna.
The pineal gland is just there. I represented it on the drawing as a rather big point by convenience. In fact, it has the shape of a kind of cone with the size of a small pea. It soaks constantly in the cerebrospinal fluid.

This gland is famous since a very long time. Descartes believed that it was seat of the rational soul.
In fact,
The pineal gland is the heart 
of the psychic power of the brain.

It pulses and a good cranial osteopath can perceive its rhythmic. You know that the bones of the skull are far from being welded. They move slowly, with a unique rhythm for each of us. Inside the cranial cavity, every organ, gland, nerve and others vibrate and breathe.
Everything is alive, everywhere, all the time.

That's why all the vibrating sounds activate the pineal, that's why the sound " Bbbbbb " as the buzz of a bee and "Mmmmm" activate it, and by reaction, the other chakras with.
(It's the reason why the bee was a sacred insect in Egypt: it uttered the "buzz-sound", which awakens the psychic powers.
At the Monroe Institute, in the United States, this is known since a long time and most of the expansions of consciousness begin with a rather long and repeated "Mmmm" in order to balance both cerebral hemispheres).

Besides, the pineal gland by its strategic position in the center of the head, transmits to the whole endocrine system, the psychic awakening in progress and expands in its own way the sounds uttered by the follower.
That's why, besides the Bbbbb and Mmmm, it is judicious to sing the name of the God of the chakra by making vibrate every syllable.
By having a daily practice, you will collect very quickly the beneficial effects of these sounds. If you visualize without any trouble, associate the sound and the image will accelerate the process of opening.

To summarize, let's say that:
The pineal gland is a canal of energy which,
supported and amplified by sounds and uttered rhythms
produces cranial oscillations which spread in the whole body and
activate chakras and kundalini

2 - Discovery of the 3rd eye 
Here are the 6 points of clairvoyance.
I remind you that this entire teaching is given by Enki.
Please remember and thank him for it.
Let's work with the beautiful face of Ptah ( Enki) to show their location.

Above the clairvoyance points, the pineal gland and the conical emanations of the 6th and 7th chakras.
On this drawing, the pineal is slightly too high. But it is the idea of the imbrication " pineal/ chakras " which is important here to keep in mind. Do not forget: the pineal gland is inside the head. Here, the image is flat.

The 6th chakra and the 3rd eye act on specific domains.
Certainly the psychic powers. ALL the psychic powers since the vision of aura or the clairaudience until the precognition, the astral projection, the perception of other worlds, not only the astral ones, clairvoyance, the capacity to perceive or to create thoughtforms, etc.
Ajna, which meaning is " the realm is in you ", governs the brain, but also the otorhinolaryngologic (Orl) sphere and the eyes.
It makes sense because the eye and the vision belong to it.
As for the Orl zone, it participates, during the rise of kundalini, at the " absorption " of Ida and Pingala.
The interlaced snakes are the motionless energy of Kundalini. When it rises and when Sushumna is filled with light until the 7th chakra, unlaced Ida and Pingala stretch out and frame Sushumna, exactly as the urinary bladder meridian frames the vertebral column.
If Kundalini, as well as I have already said it, rise by twisting, it becomes dangerous. The "shakti" energy is not kundalini but indeed its diversion.

 Ajna and dysfunctions
Any affection of this chakra has for consequences : migraines, recurrent sinusitis, haemorrhoids, hearing disorders until deafness, high blood pressure, toothaches, cystitis, lumbagoes and an "unbearable" mental with always repetitive, unwanted and circling round and round thoughts, worries and mental arguments. 

Its defects are the arrogance, the lack of respect for beings and things, the resentment, the narrow-mindedness and the prejudices.

 Harmonious, the opening of Ajna expands intelligence, mental strength, projection of the will, intuition, righteousness and our famous psychic powers.

It is because the 6th chakra opens that the third eye becomes active and not the opposite. It is only about a way of speaking to say the 3rd eye is a chakra.
We call this third eye, the eye of Shiva. Or of Horus or the Oudjat eye. Or of Râ, in brief " God's eye". 

This eye without eyelid has always been the symbol of the Knowledge and of the divine. The eye is without eyelid because he is not afraid either of the day or of the night. He sees everything, everywhere, whatever is the density or the matter or the ether.
The Gods look with fixed eyes because they penetrate all the mysteries, all the secrets. Furthermore, you can acquire the astral perception only by gazing.
Râ, solar god of Egypt, possessed an ardent eye, an eye of igneous fire (water and fire), symbolized by the famous Uraeus, risen cobra with a dilated eye.
There where rises the snake, there is the 3rd eye.