jeudi 24 février 2011




Part 1

The first important thing to keep in mind throughout the reading of this article and later on, is that: 

the considerable psychic powers 
of the Anunnakis 
are based 
on the optimal development of their brain, 

besides bigger than ours in mass

Us, human beings, use only approximately 10% of our brain and most of the time, we work with our left one, which manages the "small" everyday life (Ndt : all the stuff we need to do every day), which is limited, restrictive and puffy of prejudices and fears.
The tonsil of the brain supported by the hippocampus engenders the endless repetition of the same devastating, phobic, inhibiting patterns which make our lives inept, sad or too conventional.

Humankind, although opened to a certain extent to the discoveries of the right brain, is afraid of its abilities, these unknown and thus terrifying powers which are in the right hemisphere.
How could we really progress towards these psychic powers which fascinate us so much, while we still ignore entirely whom we are, and of what we are capable?
Still worse, we agree, day after day, to be drained, exsanguine of any personal power.

90 % of our intellectual mass is inactive. We call it " dead zone "! In fact, it's the most alive, the most regenerative part of the brain!
To activate it leads to discover gifts as for the painting, the singing, the dance or still the telepathy, the clairvoyance, the astral journey, the precognition, the creativity such as we don't even imagine it ! And many others!
A lot of strengths ensue from the activation of our potential-brain:
. the easy contact with the universe, its mathematics, its song, to find finally our right place on Earth
. the communication with our creator fathers, our elder brothers, our companions of eternity: the Nephilims.

Don't believe that I take leave of my senses. On the contray, I regain more than ever my complete consciousness, since I am in direct contact with the Nephilims, led by Enki, this extraordinary Being, intensely benevolent, incredible Genius before the Cosmic God, famous " God of Everything ".
To really develop your psychic capacities, and not some ersatz of gifts, erratic and unpredictable which will turn badly, it's fundamental to possess, to accept and to expand the following points:

1 - An absolute spiritual integrity 
Your gifts do not have to harm. They can be used to protect you, naturally if you are in danger, but not to "enslave" the weakest, to steal, to kill by sadism, greed or cruelty. The consequences would be burdensome for you. Enki does not bear the injustice.
Your gifts, which at first you will use for your own benefit (evolution, progress, opening, contact, regeneration, health, enjoyment, love, prosperity...), can be put in the service of others if they ask for it, and if you want to.

2 - The Contact with Enki: to open your chakras under his protection 
It is essential to contact Enki because we descend from him. Nobody nowhere in the universe, knows us as he does and as he will act for our best. We have been made by his flesh, his blood and his DNA. And, what it pleases us or not, "we are born forever from Him ".
We profit, with Enki, from the best possible Father. Understanding, generous and especially pragmatic.
He is not a Spirit, an ethereal entity who, according to his astral strolls, will throw one or two lights, just next to your lamp, to stun you and especially to manipulate you.
Enki is Great.
Enki is effective.
Enki really answers your demands.

I experiment daily.

His Anunnakis, very motivated to help us, agree to teach us, if we show a minimum of respect and gratitude and if we are ready to do a minimum of effort.
When you contact Enki, you obtain a guide in the following months after the first contact. When you ask him for. Nothing is systematic.(According to your energy state, count from 5 to 10 months, especially if you discover for the first time what is a chakra).
I speak here about an authentic, palpable and tangible contact. Not "something to see ", a sort of " ephemeral feeling " but a long -lasting relationship.
Because keep in mind that the Nephilims work "solid".
Don't forget, they are BUILDERS.
They don't rush at the first call " to chat spiritual " with you, around a cup of Indian tea.
. They respect your energetic structure. And they will not open your chakras all at once in order that you finish in bed for weeks, swearing that it's the last time you do that. Badly managed or too quickly, a Kundalini can have incalculable and tragic consequences.
The Nephilims know. They see very far in your future, they perceive all at once who you are, who you have been and who you will be tomorrow. They possess the energetic perception until the most remote zone of the soul.
Thus be patient, and it's a chronic impatient person who tells you this! But once the contact is settled, it's for ever!

No cut, no instability, nor "gap". Except if you decide to stop, to break everything. You remain free of your choices. But what a sabotage it would be !

Before contacting Enki (or Ptah, if you prefer the energy of Egypt, but in fact it's the same in the progress of the link which is weaving)you have to feel in your heart the unwavering conviction that Enki is your true divine Father, that he already lives in your soul because his fundamental nature and his love live in you for ever.

The commitment is a prerequisite.

To commit yourself means also to receive.
Your life changes for the best. But, as I repeatedly explained it, the Nephilims help and give first to those who join them, what makes sense. We offer a part of cake to the family and the friends first, then if some is left , we can offer to the neighbours, to the friends of the neighbours.. No?
Enki waits to see how you react, he tests your commitment and your loyalty. He has no time to lose with the Sunday tourists ; the fools from New-Age ready to "climb" in the next Merkaba; the "finches on the branch" who consider themselves as "elected" and peck with an alert and talkative beak, their miserable seed of illusions.
To enter in the world of Enki, means to develop strength, courage, personal power and plenty of sense in the daily life.
It is the elimination of poverty. Financial poverty, mental distress, physical and emotional misery.

With Enki, a profound meaning is given to your life. A purpose, a project, the conviction that you are, here, on Earth, because it is right. That you have something to do. That you are precious. That you count.
It means to leave the world of manipulation, the empty slogans without future, the paradises always for tomorrow, the fanaticisms, the asceticisms for the true and authentic Knowledge, the magic of Life, the Love and Joviality. 

And the supernatural in the everyday life, in particular by the communication with your guide. Byclairaudience, by direct contact, by telepathy.
( A telepathy which leaves no doubt on the contact, impossible to not distinguish the difference between the voice of your guide and your thoughts).
The guides touch you, they are there, they are of flesh and blood, even if they modify and throw their particles at will. It's not about visions, illusions or spiritual hallucinations which at the end will crush you on the ground.
Where Enki passes, the ignorance dies.
The authentic Awakening shows itself. AU-THEN-TIC.

All the given exercises of this blog, are filled with the energy of Enki. They are convenient only for those who are in touch with him, sincerely. Others will receive only few results.
Enki brings the Light, he is the true Light. His energy is powerful, solid and tangible.
We are not here at Dad's New-Age, who, because his energy turns out volatile and fleeting, justifies his incompetence by swamping you with veiled criticism: " you still must purify yourself; you don't work enough..... you do not keep your perceptions because in another life ......ah, the karma more disciplined..... stop having your food, deprive yourself of everything you like, it is bad for you, it blocks your chakras... "
The frustration has never developed any power. But engender, certainly, sourness, anger and resentment.
Confidence and jubilation are the marks of Enki.
LASTING confidence and jubilation !
Naturally. Everything cannot happen easily. Who could swallow such an ineptitude? And what satisfaction will you withdraw from that cheap power, without any involvement to get it. How could you appreciate it ? This gift, this awakening will be your victory! And what a victory!

The opening of the third eye is one of the first meditations to do, even if the heart chakra is the inescapable junction between the high and the low chakras. We shall see it farther in the message.

With Enki, you must forget all what you learnt, meaning : release yourself from any prejudice, from any narrow-mindedness.
Change your relation with yourself, your perception of yourself, become aware of your anunnakies origins.
And you will see that everything is really possible.
What, are you sceptic?
Establish at once a parallel with our past and do not forget what says justly Enki:

The future nests in the past, the past is the future
Not only in the event 
but also in the ESSENCE

. Think of the monks of the inquisition! Approximately only 1200 years ago, to cure a disease with plants was to work with the devil! To imagine spaceships would have burst their brains! (it would have been a good thing for Mankind!).
. When Jules Verne wrote his first books, one thought that he was insane. Today, " to navigate in a submarine " is far from making the headlines of newspapers.
. To walk in the space either! To walk on the Moon, incredible some decades ago, commonplace today. We are more interested in Mars, Jupiter or to investigate Uranus or Saturn!
At the time of the steam train, who would have foreseen that a day, satellites would spread in the space and would photograph, since such a distance our number plates?
Had Nicephore Niepsce the intuition of it?
Only artists, creators and writers have known. Certain mathematics researchers have anticipated it. It and many other things, because they work with their right brain!

Then, move forward by saying to you that a hidden gift, maybe many, live in you. By developing your sleepy potential, you will discover them!
To contact Enki is to discover one's self, even to conquer one's self ! 

He is our Light, the Fire of Knowledge in us.
Enki is the infinite Love.

Why ? Because :


So, their brain works entirely.
It is freed from the diktats of the left brain, real inner tyrant, who, even before we are conscious of a new thought, of an experimental situation, of a sudden inventiveness, short-circuits the information because too dangerous for its safety, for its existence, for its reality. Many of our thoughts never reach our "aware" consciousness, especially the unconventional ones !

Note besides that the hieroglyphic Egyptian writing is the only one to require the right brain! It is only made of drawings, graphism, and symbolism!

To remedy this situation, let's spread the potentials bound to the right brain, without making us "snatch" and "hypnotize" again by the left brain. Let's stop rationalizing always and for everything, especially all of us, French people. Too much Cartesianism kills any creativity and thus any potential!
Offer to yourself this luck to even half-open the door. Simply by saying to yourself : why not?... 

Why do the main innovations always come in their majority from the United States? Or from the United Kingdom? Because they know how to release their right brain and have the true practice of " brain storming " !
Their mental-ity is different. They kept a child side, player, which connects them to their creativity.

Why all movies which let suppose extraordinary powers at common people mostly appear in Anglo-Saxon brains? Ask yourself the question! Stars Wars, ET, Medium, Dead Zone, Buffy, Angel, True Blood, X-Files, Millenium, Profiler, Smallville, Supernaturel, Heroes and still some hundreds of others, all of them been born in Anglo-Saxon brains.
Did you know that the concept of the United States, the right for freedom, the American dream, the country where everything is possible, this idea is from Enki who inspired the founding fathers? Then, the human beings have diverted the pureness of the starting idea. The Americans, the Anglo-Saxons people also have their defects, but they have what we don't have: the courage to really innovate, to take risk, to really dare. In comparison, us French people, are cataplasms. Why? The left brain ! To grumble is useless. 
To act is better
. Open your chakras. Awake to yourself. Challenge yourself thinking that another reality is possible. And you will see the displaying miracles in front of your stunned eyes!
Let rise in you, what the oriental masters call the " roar of the tiger "!

Let's summarize and open the debate before working on Kundalini.

Here is a website which I deeply suggest you if you are interested in the brain.
Both images below result from this site.
Look at the brains below and look how much, in the evolution, the frontal zone of the man enlarged.
Naturally. Because there, are the progress, the innovation, and the Awakening.

Once more, look :
The big characteristic right forehead of human beings which makes disappear the proeminent eyebrow archs of our ancestors is due to the expansion of the cerebral cortex in our species and in particular the prefrontal cerebral cortex. " (Source lecerveau.mcgill).

(Legend: 1 - australopithecus robustus; 2 - homo habilis; 3 - homo erectus: 4 - homo sapiens neanderthalensis; 5 - homo sapiens sapiens).

So, although the science does not speak either about Ajna or the pineal gland on the occult plan, the conclusions join. At the most you will develop your 3rd eye, connected with the 6th chakra, at the most you will develop incredible potentials, becoming so pioneer of the race.
The acquisition of the Consciousness passes by the deployment of chakras, the Kundalini, in brief, by the occult anatomy.