vendredi 25 février 2011

In order to better follow this message, I deeply suggest you to remind the one about the immortality.

" I shall never be anymore inert.
I was put to sleep. I am awakened.
I find Orion standing on the path.
Because of him, I am divine.
The routes of Douat are cleared to me. I do not live any more the night ".
Le livre de Thot-Hermès le trismégiste - René Lachaud - Editions Ramuel.

The aura, as it is said, is a subtle emanation of the physical body.
From any object, any dead or alive being emanates a radiation that one can photography.
(Below aura of a quartz crystal).

So, the aura, extension of our personal universe, which vibrates and changes according to our emotions, feelings and thoughts, is composed of atoms, pulsating and intelligent molecules.
Its so well utilized fundamental electromagnetic nature makes possible to end for ever with the "karma", this implanted curse in man's mind to keep him crawling and groaning at the little glorious feet of factitious gods.

Aura, chakras and subtle bodies are directly connected to the Consciousness.
But in the end, what is the Consciousness?
A spirit which is embodied in a body of flesh, its physical vehicle, to live many experiences in this dense world.
However, when the spirit is embodied in the matter, he is not any more exactly a spirit, but also matter.
Another level of Matter, but Matter nevertheless.
Indeed, the Consciousness is multiple, formed by superior and lower levels, exactly like a piano possesses from low to high-pitched octaves.
Because the Consciousness is capable of acting on the matter, it is matter, but a different matter from the one we usually understand.
A " total consciousness " at the same time matter and spirit, living however on both worlds, and managing an adapted and different - from ours- understanding of time. So any Consciousness originally Spirit which is embodied binds itself to the Matter that it also becomes.
Exactly as in the elemental world. Every element contains in it the other elements, each living in a specific stratum of their host. So when the spirit/soul lives in the dense/matter that is the body, it becomes at the same time spirit/matter.

We find here a parallel with the divine Creation.
As long as the cosmic God "sleeps", everything is absolute perfection because nothing exists. Thus nothing differs.
But if the cosmic God " wakes up " and "breathes" his creation, then every parcel of all what he is livens up, and begins to live its own history. Differentiated, it loses of its perfection and as it "engenders" a new life, or connects another form of life, it "sinks" into the dense matter, what some occultists who want to impress called "darkness".

From this was born the concept of "karma". For the biggest disaster of humankind and moreover of the Nephilims.
(It's useless to discuss here the deep meaning of the term which meant this or that in the past. Who could deny, without showing bad faith, that this word "karma" is a nasty, pejorative and threatening word ?)
The gods as the human beings have their beliefs. And their experiences.
Enki is for us a primordial anunnaki God.
In fact, he stands beyond them. It is for this reason that he has been "chosen" by the inescapable " God of All " in order to domesticate Earth, to live on it and to populate it.
To create the human race, to save it, to educate it, and still today, September the 4th 2009, to teach it again. In that way, we are an aspect of Enki's destiny.

Enki, missioned by the God of All acted first without knowing the reason for his incredible adventure: the will of the cosmic god.
Enki locked into his destiny? Yes, in a way, he "had to engender a race" at a specific moment .
No, because it is, in fact, his choices which created his fate. Determined choices according to his feelings, to his heart, to his will, most of the time alone against all. His free will.
(In this specific case, we can say that because Enki followed his nature, his feelings, his will; Fate merges with Destiny (message 12- Destiny)

Now we are coming to the point ! 
A God decides to populate the whole solar system.
He cannot do it himself. He looks at the already existing beings who possesses knowledge, wisdom, courage and will to achieve his purpose.
He contacts the soul of this being, and instils in him his profound desire.
But then, the embodied being, here Enki, is free to do or not.
If Enki gave in to the orders of God Enlil who - for respectable reasons- opposed to the creation of the primitive worker, never the human race would have been born or thus the deep desire of the cosmic god.
It's his disobedience, finally backed by the Council of Gods, which facilitated the beginning of the process of the purpose.
Then could we assert with another point of view, that in this slow and dense world, the unique gate towards the free will and consequently freedom of choice is to follow, even alone against all, the way (and voice) of one's heart?
So, no karma. Only the rendez-vous (appointments) with the life. We decide to honor the meeting or not.

Here is the point of this message.
Let's think together
If we are quite at the same time "kneaded" with matter and spirit, as we saw it, our ego lives in the "sub-luminous" universe, while the soul lives in the "luminous" one, what would then happen with karmas, fates and other bad luck, if we maintained our level of consciousness in the super-luminous universe?

Let's be coherent 
Why Enki/Ptah/Amon/Tatenen/Sokaris/Prometheus.....would he fight since the dawn of the human race to give us the Knowledge?
Why, against all odds, gods and family, did he persist in offering to his human children (sapiens-sapiens)the fire of the Spirit? The wisdom of the soul? In brief, the KNOWLEDGE?

Would it be because the Knowledge
erases the karma / fate?
And consequently any power of subjection, enslavement
of the false gods on the Man?

Really, nothing can be determined in advance. And certainly not the fate of the beings, except in their main lines (destiny), that the gods themselves, we already understood, can't change. Indeed, if you were born as a white european man, you can't become an asian woman during your current life! Even Enki can do nothing !

So, the debate between determinism, - everything existing has a clearly established original cause and thus its "mechanical" consequences-,
and free will, - I choose my life and I have power to manage and fit out the consequences of my choices,- is not ready to end, except if we enlighten the aforementioned debate with a zest of opening of Consciousness.

To illustrate this, I give you here an excerpt from the book of Brigitte et Régis Dutheil,l'Homme Superlumineux, Editions Sand. 
Then, we shall see together how synthetizing this speech in an effective technique for learning how practicing the free will. According to the will of Enki, little by little, free from our fallacious beliefs because keepers of an authentic capacity of creation.
( Source: l'homme superlumineux page 101 and 102 - color and bold types are mine).

"... We are in a new perspective, because we try to conciliate materialism and idealism, 
existence of free will and of determinism.
They appear to be not opposite but like two complementary aspects of a same reality.
This is here a new aspect of the complementarity principle.
Determinism and free will exist in two different spacetimes. The determinism exists in the sub-luminous spacetime (our universe) and the free will in the super-luminous spacetime of the consciousness.
At the beginning, at the human being birth, there is, planned on the line of universe establishing the destiny of the individual, a series of events tidied up in causal sequences. Thus there is determinism. But when the human being arrives on one's line of universe in front of a certain causal sequence of events, he has the possibility to change this sequence and to replace it by an other one. 
This process will be made at the level of one's superluminous consciousness 
where the events are tidied up in information. It is at this level that the free will exists.
If effectively, a causal sequence is replaced by other events which are planned on the sub-luminous lines of universe, from the consciousness and through the cortex, this processing will be made in null time from the point of view of the sub-luminous universe. What means that, from a strict sub-luminous point of view, it will be impossible to realize that a series of causally bound events was replaced by another bound in the same way 
series of events because all these processes take place in a null time (quantitatively zero time) .
Everything takes place as if they had never occurred and as if there was from a strict sub-luminous point of view a unique line of universe where all the events constituting the destiny are arranged "ne varietur". A time traveler who would investigate the "future" on the line of universe "would see" unchanging events and would conclude in an absolute determinism. But if this time traveler managed to penetrate in the other spacetime, - the superluminous spacetime of the consciousness,- he would realize that this unchanging attribute is illusory, and that in fact events can be changed
in other events.
Thus, it's the free will but these transformations can't be seen by the sub-luminous witness. This is because in a spacetime, a time runs out while the other one is ruled by a spatial time where the event/information are arranged in an absolute instantaneousness, in an always null time for us. Finally, for us it seems that the determinism/free will opposition does not exist because their antagonism appears only if we consider the only sub-luminous spacetime. From the very moment we consider the totality of consciousness,
so the two spacetimes,
the opposition is reduced. "

The line of events of which speaks Régis Dutheil could be compared to parallel destinies.
Or rather parallel "choices" ?
It is possible, during a therapy, to go back in time, back when the trauma has torn into shreds our lives and to change the situation. Sure, for us who are trapped in this density, we can't erase the consequences of a trauma: fractures, loss of loved ones ... except to successfully transform our emotional state of the time (of the trauma) that we today still carry as an intolerable burden. The hatred, the guilt, the sorrow, the understanding of events, their acceptance, yes, everything is always possible, even 30 years later. This is only a matter of choice.

Do not fall, please in the theosophic-christian ineptitude: "no bird falls from the nest without being willed by some hidden cause......blablabla.
If a drunk driver fails to stop and crashes into you, it is him who is guilty, not you.
Please, don't say that " you were not there accidentally, that it was the will of John, of Paul or of the Deceiving Heavens, that you pay a big karma because you have done very bad things in another life and......" STOP!!!
An alcoholic is quite insane to drive with 3 grams of alcohol in the blood. You pay his thoughtlessness, his nonsense, his lack of respect for life and for the possible victims. You have to turn against him and not against you.
All things have not necessary a cause. The absurdness of life is known. Still there, matter of choice. You are guilty because in another life.....then go to the end of your reasoning and assume it. Completely.
Yes. If he crashed into your car because in the life time of Attila, you killed his horse, so he is innocent and in his right. He can come back home, serene and proud of his act. Justice has been made....
And if you throw away your karma stories?
And that you decided to be more and more free?

In fact, all the knowledge was stolen from us and completely spoiled for the purpose of becoming incomprehensible or destructive for us.
So, quite sheepish because of our failures, we ceaselessly return to the house of the Father, the bad house of the bad Father.
We are on the wrong track. The world is getting worse, the innocents are the feast of bastards and the 4/5th of humankind consider that "God" is not responsible.
"God" is responsible for everything. The gods of race, the gods-law of talion, the fanatic gods, the gods with bloody hands who stole us our freedom and swindled our heritage.

Very fortunately, Enki is ingenious. He put in the inmost depths of our DNA a sound, a chant, a "rumor", something which, life after life, titillates and scolds us. Questions which ceaselessly, come back, confusion, incomprehensions.
" The Father, the Father, in his image, in his resemblance, the Father, the Father...
" But how, by which way, is there no answer ?
Yes, there is.
Aura, chakras and subtle bodies, in a word, the CONSCIOUSNESS. In a word, the return to the trueKnowledge.

We saw that the aura has an electromagnetic and above all divine resonance. She vibrates "astride" on two worlds. The link with Enki/Ptah is made by the aura, the speed rotation of chakras and the opening of consciousness which she generates, once the contact is established in consciousness.
But do not mistake.
Knowing is not consciousness.
To accumulate hundreds of books and speak about everything does not open the Consciousness. THE Consciousness is not theoretical, she is practical, concrete, tangible, because she embodies the divine reality in the Man.
Because she chose to be embodied in the matter. Our physical body in the dense world (and at her own level, the one called "superluminous").
The original Consciousness, not yet made heavy by religious disasters and by atheist excess, offers herself as resonance field and chant with the divine world.
To speak "about elements", Fire which is fanned by Air embodies the Spirit in the Matter. The solid base of this embodiment is the junction Water, Earth and " Aerial Fire".

the Spirit has the feet in the Matter.

That's why the occult power is necessarily and without any possible negotiation linked to the solidity of the aura.
Let's take a very simple and regrettably frequent example:
Somebody wants to harm you, it doesn't much matter why. Jealousy, hatred, envy, vengeance, in any case, you will go through a difficult stage, clearly thinks your "aggressor".
He will focus all his evil thoughts on you, they will affect you like poisoned arrows.
Worse, he will make one of these sadly effective figural candle and you will become ill, depressed or the money will leave you up to put you bankrupt.
He, apparently, seems to have expanded his occult strengths.
Not you. Otherwise, you would not be knocked down.
Your aura is useless. She even forgot her role, her function, essential nevertheless. Your soul is deprived from her energetic "firewall" and so is attacked by all the psychic viruses.

But if you work...
To strengthen one's aura is not one of the 12 Hercule's works. Nor require either the Knowledge of both Ptah and Thot.

On the other hand, you need necessarily to :
 contact Ptah (to be guided and benefit from his strength and powerful protection)
 be determined and seriously work
 do not tell anyone

Let me make, please, a small digression.
Things must be very clear. To the contrary on what you could imagine I do not make proselytism. I give you here my experience. After more than 15 years at the New-Ages and other sometimes renowned kabbalists, I met Ptah. I began to work with him. In a few months, I developed a strength which I never developed during the 15 years and that I did not even imagine to be able to get.
Naturally the chakras are the same than before. (Even if there is much more chakras (the minor ones) than we believe)
Of course, the subtle bodies are the same.
But not the help they give.
But not the sounds of the chakras which are given.
But not the true approach of Knowledge which is transmitted.
With the "angelic" teachings such as I experienced, I slowly progressed. Nevertheless, I "saw", I felt, " things " occured. But, as on purpose, after 4, 5, 6 steps forward, paf ! Pause, decline, disease, disaster.
- Don't worry, said then masters and teachers, you are eliminating bad karma. It is fair. It takes lives for opening one's third eye ! You need to cleanse yourself !
It is strange because, with Enki, it takes only one year...
For those who serioulsy work.
(And him, do not forbid you, if you want it, to eat this or that, to make love or still to drink a glass of wine .
If you do not digest a slice of sausage, how will you digest the fetid jealousies and " the ones who cast bad luck " ?)

Before, the spiritual work " did not last ".
If for major reason, I stopped meditating during a week all the benefits became blurred.
Sure, I knew all the therapeutic processes and practiced them (seminars, trainings...), I helped people, I was gifted for many things, but I never got what I was really looking for: the certitude.
It was impossible for me to accept the concept of karma and these "lessons" which sometimes occurred thousands of years later. Something sounded and always sounds wrong, forged.
Strange upbringing. When your child makes a foolish thing, you scold him right away or you wait for his majority to forbid him to put fingers in electric sockets ?
Who is this God, I always said to myself, who pours his energy on everything, without any discernment and sends his children in bullrings or on pyres without never intervening ?
So many prayers without answers. So many useless petitions. So many tortures in vain.

So many vile cruelties on behalf of devotion and of love..... all this blood...... these thorns, these crosses, this eulogy of poverty, the martyr...
God, all this mess...

Then, Enki entered my life. By Egypt.
One day of resentment, anger, sorrow, one day when everything seemed useless, insane, tasteless, worthless, I began to tidy up my desk. Notes of which I had even forgotten the existence slid on the floor. Collecting them, I fell on Ptah. And his Heka.
" Pffft, I said to myself, still nonsense. Heka of Ptah, what's that going to change ? "
I did'nt stop thinking about it.
And because I am somebody who acts, I did so.
After a second reading of these notes and some other researches, I contacted Ptah.
And even today, I am still completely astonished.
I worked so much with these so-called full of love new age guides but never there when one really needs them, I discovered with Enki a stunning world. (Do not forget that Enki is the " Pourer of Water ").

At first, coherent and deep explanations. And particularly blatant once said. Because " put in the right side ".
Then, a so incredible adequacy as I was speechless. And without any question. So unbelievable for me!
From the very first meditations, chronic health problems which really "rotted" my life disappeared as by magic AND NEVER CAME BACK.
Then, a new strength came.
Presence, help, almost immediate answers to the requests.
And an authentic energy of love.
Not a throw of dust into the eyes, no promises without future, no " God loves you and takes care of you " while the sky is falling on your head, but a tangible, concrete, effective and particularly benevolent help.
And because I am not "special", what I experienced and live today, everybody can.

What is necessary to give in return?
Except one's loyal commitment to Enki, nothing.
Or rather yes: the most difficult, the most complicated, the most incredible of the gifts: to acknowledge one's occult and divine power.

What does Enki want ?
. Respect for Him and for ourselves.
. To restore the authentic knowledge in our hearts and our spirits in order to free us from religious yokes as from the single thought.
. And assiduity.

It is impossible to progress without daily work.

The occult power is equivalent, relatively speaking, of learning a foreign language.
If you have little practice, you will never master your English or your Chinese.
The same here.
My whole time is dedicated to Enki and the Nephilims, because it is my choice. And because since my very childhood, I was always looking for my true Father.
But, naturally, you are not forced nor duty-bound to meditate during hours and to spend your entire days to study and to feed a blog with messages about Enki.
On the other hand, it is necessary to work every day.
It is better 15 minutes of meditation in a day, than 3 hours on Sundays.

The strength of the aura builds day after day, 
stratum after stratum.
The space of your aura has to be consistent.
It is your shield against any attack and adversity.

If somebody attacks you, it's the strength of the aura that will block the "poisoned arrows" and will send them back to the sender. Hence the thesis of the "return shock".
But the return shock exists only if your aura is strong and if you deliberately program her.
Otherwise, the return shock will never take place.
When you shoot somebody, you hurt him, that's it. The bullet doesn't go out again of the body to pursue you until you are dead.

So believe me:


Even there, you have to make your choices.
Are you, victim or warrior?
Rely on Jesus, you will be peaceful. The evil one will pay back maybe in 6 million lives, unless meanwhile, he is forgiven by the christic mercy which doesn't even know your name.

Ask your Nephilim guide to help you at the beginning. You can't defend yourself if your aura is under construction. Your guide will act for you the necessary time.
Then, your aura will handle jealous persons and other parasites.
Please, forget all these stupidities of unconditional love which make us like wrecks.
A strong aura impresses people who will not have fun at your expense.
It does not mean that you can't have any more beautiful relations of love or friendship, it's quite the contrary. You will magnetize into your life people deserving you, no more parasites.
If you want to know what means really love, begin by practicing on and with you.
When you will have enough consideration for yourself, you will begin to inspire it at others.
To do so, it is necessary to develop your aura with an unfailing determination.

I will come back on these points in the next messages.
Now let's have a practice and let's learn to feel our aura and especially to strengthen it.

As usual, begin by asking the protection of Ptah.
(I shall give you again every time the text of contact with Him, but you can write yours. What follows is only a tiny example of what it's possible to do. On the other hand, I consider as established fact the Contact and shall not give you again information about candles, colors, tablecloth, altar etc... If you have any doubt, read again the messages about the contacts with Ptah and Enki. (Who are, I repeat , the same Being)).

" Hail to Thee, Ô my Beloved Father. 
Thou, Grand Primordial God,
Creator of the Human race,
whom I acknowldege as my only legitimate father,

Hear your child who asks for Thy Presence.
Please come in this place,
beseech me Thy Presence and Thy Protection.
Wrap me with Thy infinite love, 

Let all my being be filled with Thy courage,
 Thy power and Thy creativity.

Ô Almighty Ptah,I your child who entirely depend on Thee, 
Help Me, I beseech you, to get back all my strength,
all my personal power, 
all my power of a god-to-be 
so that I can make my desires real and achieve successfully
and joyfully my plans 

Thank Thee, Ô Almighty Ptah.
Glory to Thee, glory to Thee, glory to Thee. "

 1st phase
Sat with straight back but without rigidity, feet on the floor, hands crossed on thighs and begin to meditate.
Focus on your aura. Even if you don't succeed in feeling or in visualizing her, focus on her, think of your aura, think of her.
Do not be afraid if you feel energy moving around you.
With more experience, you will see that the energy is cool and will feel like a cold breeze wrapping your before penetrating your body or into your chakras. This is like waves, drafts, or tiny "squalls".
This is right.
Then, once inside the body, the energy will become warm and radiant, this is also right.
What would be wrong : you feel a cold energy in the body. Stop immediately the meditation and go to take a bath or shower with grey natural salt.
Then, make a banishing ritual(I give it in another message)

Animated wallpaper, screensaver 240x320 for cellphone cold in the body = unwanted tiny creature to immediately expel.

Animated wallpaper, screensaver 240x320 for cellphone warmth in the body = friendly answer of your guide to expand and "to enjoy".
(To avoid this type of very unpleasant disappointment (the tiny creature), to invoke Ptah is essential. But only when you have established the contact with him. I know that I repeat but I receive a lot of emails always asking for the same questions. Yes, it is necessary to make at first the contact 1 with Ptah. It is only after that he put you under his protection.) 

Back to the aura. Connect her by your thought.
Inhale deeply by the glottis.
Inhale streams of golden light coming from a gigantic sun which floats over you.
At every exhale, make this light enter your aura.
Make it as often as you wish it.
At every breath, your aura becomes more brilliant, more solar, vaster.
After a moment, begin to inhale and to exhale while clearly asserting in your head:
" My aura is powerful. She protects me from everything and from all. She is a unbridgeable shield of gold. "
Repeat quietly but determinedly.
If your respiratory capacity does not allow to assert the whole sentence at the inhale and once again at the exhale, cut it in two, it's not a problem.
Inhale profoundly: " my aura is powerful. She protects me from everything and from all ".
Exhale deeply and see the solar light penetrating and feeding the aura: " it is an unbridgeable shield ".

Take your time. Feel completely relaxed and at the same time filled with a new strength.
Then say 6 times : at the inhale and at the exhale : "Sekhem in Ptah".
(prononced sékèm ène Ptah)

 2sd phase
Focus now on the center of your chest, where is your heart chakra.
Inhale gold light directly in the heart through both entrances.
(the chakras have two openings, below look at the image, for the heart chakra; between the two shoulders blades, facing the front entrance).

Bring the light at the center of the chakra, on the vertebral column, in Sushumna, the central canal, the junction of both openings.
Below, an ultra-schematized representation of the " cental chakra " and of its openings.
A release of energy, consecutive to Kundalini is at the top of the skull and between the legs. The vacuole of the chakra is always gold then spreads in the whole chakra which becomes like an alive sun.

Make sure that your chakras are in alignment.
If you do not visualize them, simply order them to align.
Breathe and assert: "now all my chakras are perfectly aligned and vibrate at the exact frequency ".
I shall deal with the " reversal of chakras " in a next message.
Let's come back to our 2nd phase.
You bring the light in the heart of the chakra, located on Sushumna. Do not worry about the emanations of openings. Always bring the energy to the center.
With more experience, you will strongly feel the energy coming in the heart. It sometimes gives a feeling of " a big hole " in the center of the chest. Do not worry about it. The " big hole " is the door towards Ptah and your guide.
You are going to open the door towards the superluminous world of your soul, of your Nephilim guide and naturally of Ptah.
By keeping this opened "door" for them, you constantly remain connected to a world where the "fate" can change. Do not forget it. It is the purpose of this meditation; we shall do this in stages and so will continue in the following messages.
It takes time to keep it. Do not lose patience or courage.
Perform the awakening program to Ptah without failing. You will be highly rewarded.
Now inhale the light in the heart by both openings, bring the light to the center, and begin to vibrate the name of Ptah.
We begin this way, then we shall work more powerfully.
On the exhale, while the light enters the cardiac center, vibrate:
The "aaaaaaa" vibration is like a kind of tremor. It takes time but you will get it.
Perform it several times.
Keep focusing on the heart.
Lower the chin towards the chest to expand the vibration.
You will find your right sound. Some of you need high-pitched and others low-pitched, it's not important.
Usually, the method and the sounds are identical for everybody.
But then, they fit your own structure.
Your aura, your chakras and your vibratory field are unique.
The right sound will come in time.
Perform it as long as you want. There is no risk to hurt you.
Then, in this state of consciousness, call your guide in your head. (Before, you have to make the request for a guide to Ptah).
Imagine him, visualize him behind you, taller than you, he is over your head.
Why behind you, because often, during the first contacts, the guide balances the back opening of chakras. The back is more important than the front for the chakras.
It's make sense because the back carries, holds, is the energetic basis of the occult body.
When Kundalini rises, it rises by the back, not the front. Even if it crosses Sushumna in the center of the body, the vibrations and the perceptions are more tangible in the back.
On the other hand, when he works on your 3rd eye, he makes it by the forehead.
If feelings, images or whatever manifest, let do.
Your guide speaks to you in every possible way. At first, you will feel his presence like a coolness when they "land" in the room, it's like a kind of draft.
Then, the heat becomes intense, you can even feel difficult to breathe. Don't panic. Breathe and stay calme. The bioelectricity of the Nephilims is enormous. Although they restrain their energy, it is impossible not to feel a very strong pressure. That is why this type of working is "forbidden" for people with heart problems, borderline case and others.

Continue to breathe and to assert:
" Now, body, soul, spirit, chakras, aura, I am connected to my guide. I am filled with golden light, I am powerful ".
Perform it as long as you want.
Then, slowly, begin to come back to your daily life.
Move slowly, stretch. Once more take your time.
Stay for a moment in this peace and connection state.
Repeat the assertions during the day, or think of your aura.
Think of your guide.
Perform this meditation, as much as possible.
For your own sake.

Glory to Ptah
Glory to the Nephilims.