vendredi 25 février 2011



To understand the history of Enki and his troops, it is fundamental to seize how an old history like this one, of which truthfulness explodes every day in the reading of the translations of Sumerian tablets, can gradually have been transformed in myths and legends.

I have dealt with this aspect of things, of collective unconsciousness of humankind, the myths and the super-heroes in my blog on fantasy.

Something arises. An epic, an outstanding being. Little by little, the cyclic movements remove the authenticity of facts and it remains what the human minds make: legends.
From Hercule to Superman, from Gilgamesh to Batman or powers of the ancient Gods to the 4 fantastic or in the show Heroes, everywhere, psychic gifts, outstanding strengths, men who fly, who move at the speed of light, who see through solid objects, who hear conversations for miles around, who lift with one hand thousands of tons…. list would be long and never exhaustive.

From Hercule to Superman 

All these heroes, these incredible adventurers of the history of humanity are the direct virtual descendents of the Gods, the true ones, come down on Earth 500 000 years ago.

This does not bring into question the existence of a unique cosmic God. The term "God" is moreover erroneous because restrictive. There is a Source of infinite and unlimited Life, which is not involved in the life of his "children" and uncountable galaxies. 
He pours his energy in a raw state on all the beings and the worlds. Then, it is up to them to use it in their will. Nobody knows "who is" the Source nor indeed who generates it. One day doubtless, in some thousands years, we shall have a modest track.

It is essential to understand this: to believe in Enki is not to deny the Source, but only to recognize that he is our direct God creator, the one of the human race, our "own God". In other galaxies, other gods exist who have made other types of race.
That’s why the principle of the biblical god is false. Yahve or Jehovah or Allah or Buddha or Christ are not "God", the Unique, the One, Origin of every life everywhere in the universe, the Unknown. There are only aspects of the Life One, the Source, and I call them gods of race.
Jehovah/Yahve: god of Jewish people
Allah: god of Muslims
Jesus, Jew born in Palestine transformed into Christ, is not even a God of race. He created nothing, nothing more than a "wealthy sect-religion" which glorifies the self-sacrifice and the poverty up to the stupidity, with a pope as "an intermediary" who avoids to run the roads
barefoot and hollow stomach.
As Jesus said himself: " we recognize the tree by its fruits ". And his religion kills, killed, and will still kill. Fruits are poisoned. As for him, although "resuscitated", he nastily died.
The so-called monotheist religions carry in themselves wars and genocides, because the one who does not believe "decently" and in "whom it is required" becomes unfaithful to shoot down, one way or another.
Furthermore, the so-called "sacred" books are also suppliers of stunning contradictions, because "revealed" by definition by imperfect men of which their orientated minds have filtered the information according to their cultures, their races, their periods and their moods.
Thus, yes, I believe, personally in a Cosmic Source of Life. A Supreme Entity. Naturally. But it is not with Him that we "speak".
In fact, we have to deal with the Gods.
There is a myriad. Finally, not too much because they have, most of them, such a multitude of names as to ask Enki means praying Ea. Which means asking Ptah. Which means asking Héphaïstos. Which means asking Neptune and so on.

Zecharia Sitchin is a specialist of the Bible. He considers that the history of this book is right. I have no doubt. The biblical events, even if fitted and not always in the adequate chronological order,-Sitchin confirms this himself - even, testifies however of a period of the history of the Humanity and of known facts by the experts and historians of any countries.
But the "characters" are evaded, deleted or in the contrary glorified to serve the purpose of the book, "my God is better than yours".
What testifies also, of the mental age of the aforementioned prophets.
Besides, punishments and angers of these Gods of race are so terrible that the best solution is to flee. But where?

To Enki.
He is a God who obliges you in nothing.
He does not want sacrifices, does not require particular rites, does not cut either hands or feet, does not tear away an eye nor arm, does not flog on squares, does not crucify anybody.
He wishes only that we become as Him, in his image, free, fulfilled with wisdom and joy.Small gods, dignified heirs of their Father.

Yes. There is one God who wants only peace and well-being for his own children. A real Father. Not a dictator, not a murderer, not a bloodthirsty vampire or subdued in the pious speeches and in the deceptive acts.
Moreover, the first time when I contacted the energy of Enki/Ptah, I was stunned by the incredible peace that reigned in the room, of his tenderness, with the feeling to be rocked, and this enjoyment in my heart... Enki is the best addiction I know, if I may to speak so.
Naturally, a Catholic can say to you the same thing. He feels peace and enjoyment, also. But it is in the acts that we "judge" our God. Yes, yes. I am not kidding.
A Father gives to his children. He does not remove.
He ensures them at least a decent daily life; a home, some food, an effective heating, some money to avoid struggling, and a good health. He is generous. He listens. No?
Jesus or Jehovah gives nothing. But they take everything. And they decree absolutely everything for you without taking into account your opinion as an individual. Your time, your mind, your life. They decide what is sinned or not, what is right or not, even if their teachings or wills are the contrary of your feelings, which inhabit your heart. It’s a dictatorship. 

" Follow your heart "
, say to you Jesus, the static smile, smugly. At the condition, naturally, that your feeling corresponds perfectly to "God's" desires.
I come from Catholic church, I always heard in my circle of acquaintances and their friends and the friends of friends to recite as poor parrots that they were: " Thy will be done not mine ".
Let us be honest. If our genetic father or the one who brought up us, dictated always the most appropriate attitude for everything; people we must love, mister (or miss) right we have to marry with; what we must eat and how; and how to make love and how many times.. How would we react? By rebelling or fleeing or falling into depression ?

What to think of all these Gods who decree themselves almighty, omniscient and forbid everything? And who, finally, condemn the human beings for their defects but are worse than them?

Ask yourself the following question: why would “God” have created such a body to forbid then the coherent use that ensues from it? Would “God” be crazy? Or stupid? Or worse, fickle? Would it be possible that we cannot rely on him?
Often "God" varies, who trusts him?
Why to forbid the pleasure?
Or the sweetness?
What is important at the end of the day?
What is the main part in a life?
Being honest, straight, trustworthy, taking care of ourselves and of those we love, to love the life, to respect our body, to give it what it needs, no?
Or torture ourselves day after day, the whip hung to crucifix denying our desires, our needs, our tastes? Self-excision. Self-immolation. The body has a gender, a clitoris, a gland, for what? Décor? It has a tongue with taste buds, a smell to enjoy the scents, the skin for touch and enjoy a massage, right? So why condemning the pleasure of chocolate, perfume, cuddles?

If suddenly, it is said that these gods are quite foolish and we turn ourselves to Enki, everything would seem to be so right. Each piece of the puzzle would be in place. Wow! Enki made the human body in the image of his. He is a God who loves. Who is loved. Who enjoys life. Because he is life. He is logical and coherent. He gave to the Man, his child, a brain capable of incredible progress, remarkable intelligence. And we know that we only use ten percent of our "brain potential." He gave us a soul that seeks out and explores. Which feels, which is in search of absolute. Our body is coherent with our mind.

Enki creates a sense of taste to experiment different flavours. He also created plants, vegetables, cereals, fruits, everything that allows us to appreciate the diversity, abundance and blessings of the nature.

To believe in Enki, to go towards him, is something completely natural, when we understand what’s going on behind the veil of illusion in which we were wrapped. Yes, Enki is natural, like breathing is natural. Enki is so natural in our lives that we have forgotten him. As we forget that we constantly breathe. Breathing is an automatic process. Enki is "automatically" our Father. And we forgot him. What a pity ! Especially for us.

Being in relationship with him means to practice the Presence. The true one, of course. And not only in the heart or in the mind. But in the everyday life. Not for the worse, not for the karma, not for "shocks in return", but for the better. Being accompanied. Protected.
Enki never tells us that everything is our fault. On the contrary. He says clearly that the Gods have a large part of responsibility in the world today. Did you hear the words of Jehovah or Jesus? They tell us that everything is "our fault, our big fault" and “that we must pay”? That the Earth is a vale of tears and pains? We have to learn in order to make the good choices !

It is easier to create always and for everything scapegoats! And without consequences for the gods of race, because we submit ourselves, frightened “by a new invasion of locusts destroying not just fields but our lives!”
With Jehovah, we need to be more subdued, lobotomized. With Jesus, we have to macerate in prayers, in self-giving, in service, we never give enough, we do not forget ourselves enough, we do not abandon our power of decision enough, of existence enough, of life enough in his "blessed" hands. Once become like submitted volunteers deprived of individual power and will, we are “in the heart of God. "

I know all this. I went there. For a very long time. I gave too much, I smiled too much, I welcomed, loved and served too much. And one day when I needed "God’s help", I have received nothing. I have suffered unfairness until the end. And I have suddenly realized, talking about my story, I was not the sole to live injustice. Suddenly, I realized something obvious : the more you give, the more you serve, the more you receive ingratitude and misfortune.
Nurses, doctors go to help the "Third World", they become hostages, beheaded in front of the cameras, or prisoners in harsh conditions for years and years. Where is Jesus? Buddha? Jehovah? Nowhere. People who daily risk their lives for others losing their children in tragic circumstances, doubtless the mean for these gods to thank them for their good and loyal service. The most affected by Christianity will tell you "God gives, God takes”.
"That is the will of God" or "now he (or she) is an angel in heaven.
"How can we be so blind? Or so stupid? Or so coward to lie to ourselves, even in such circumstances? Yes, we have the God that we deserve.

Enki -when we join him and his “egregore” protects your beloved as you. He does not condemn the human race for its actions, because he understands. Totally. Because he creates it entirely.

God, our Creator, whatever name we give him, has always had the same defects than mankind. Read the Bible, old and new testament and look. Even Jesus, yes, had his favourites, his angers, his choices and his apostles have terrible tempers. Peter is a terror, violent, angry, also a coward who denies his Rabbi. Judas is Judas, he had understood the deception. Matthew is a stingy, a moneylender, a tax collector. Jesus has recruited them just to show how his "religion" changed the men? It’s impossible to change the inner nature of a being, we can only dress him in a new costume, to play a specific role.

But one day, this profound nature awakes and rebels; everything collapses on these misleading foundations. We can improve ourselves, of course, but not change our inner nature. The genes ensure a temper, the DNA remains.

So, if you wish, find out Enki.
Read together all the Sumerian tablets that tell his story, citing what he said.
Encounter this Unique God, deeply honest and sincere who recognizes the errors of the Nephilim, who talk about their pains and their family problems. These Gods that we look like because we have been created directly from their genes. Moreover, these beings who also possess occult gifts that are phenomenal for us.