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Master of the Elements

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This message is a preliminary to Ptah, god of fire, father of the spiritual alchemy.
It is indispensable to have some notions about this element to integrate then message 2.

The universe consists of 5 elements, Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Akasha.
The whole of the Primordial Elements, the Original Cause and Thought constitute what we could name "God".
However, and as Thot taught it, there is ONE God and Gods.
And with THE Gods, there is a God of Gods, here PTAH.

For us, human beings, God and Gods "agglutinate" in "All Divine" because we have some difficulty to apprehend this.
Our brain of which we only use ten percent of his capacities, is incapable to understand the subtilities of the Great Mysteries. And anyway, the words still do not exist to define really them nor even theprinciples which should accompany them.

So, it's always perilous to approach this type of subjects.
Nevertheless, it's essential to seize here the foundation of the precocious assimilation of the Gods, (or of God and Gods) to the Fire, to the Sun, to the Light and by definition, to the Heat in motion.

Deliberately, let's schematize extremely.
Imagine simply this famous Grand Architect of the Universe, this Source of Any Things, as, at the same time, an Alchemist with incredible genius and a magus with stunning powers.
You would already have a sketch of what can be "God".
(There is no opposition between Alchemist and Magus, as it does not exist either between Mystic way and Magic way. They are only quarrels of words. A single way leads to the Gods, the Way of the Heart and the Spirit.) 

The Source is Quintessence of all that exists, in the purest, the most primordial, the most perfect possible state because still undifferentiated. (In a way for us, it's like "sleeping").
Understand that:
Any creation shown, was it divine,
becomes immediately imperfect:
the absolute perfection is in the absence of manifestation.

For Thot and later for the Hermeticists, the 4 elements are integral parts of the Divine because directly connected to the intrinsic qualities of the Grand Being:

the FIRE is the Omnipotence, the absolute and long-lasting capacity of Creation.
. the AIR is the Wisdom, the Purity, the Clarity, the Discernment, the Intelligence which engender the universal balance.
. the WATER is the Love and the Eternal Life, the Magnetism (magnetic fluid).
. the EARTH is the Ubiquity, the Immortality.
(Immortality and Eternal Life are not synonymic. I shall develop this aspect on my message about Enki and the Immortality).

The people from Orient gather the original elements under the term of Tattwas. These Tattwas are directly linked to the chakras: the divine chakras, those from the universe, from Earth and from human beings. They are the essence of the element which lives in the chakra, even if for Humankind, the essence of our chakras remains "primary" (basic) regarding our current very low level of consciousness.
The Tattwas are also considered as representative magic symbols. For example, the Tattwa of Earth and thus of the first chakra is a yellow square.
(That's why it's important to live in square houses if we lack concentration or grounding. The square reproduces the perfect tetragram of the 4 elements and acts directly on Mulhadara).
Every element is interlinked, as complementary companions.

Let's fathom these comments and let's add to these some tracks of reflections by focusing on the Fire element, object of our message.

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The Fire, divine beyond any measure, is thus of a superior nature to the other elements Water, Earth and Air.
All the Great Civilizations had their God of Divine Forge, their Celestial Smith.
Such Hephaestus/Vulcan, Greco-Roman manifestations of Ptah.

We are witnesses, here on Earth, only of the manifestations of things, beings, events. Of their consequences always, their earthly causes often, their Original Causes never. They remainimpenetrable.

Regarding the elements, these three manifestations are:
. the Air which we inhale.
. the Water which we drink, in which we bathe.
. the Earth on which we walk or in which we plant our seeds.
. the FIRE, which we add here because element for us. He is, but also "master" of the three others.
Because the Fire originates from Heavens, everything emanates from him.

So, it does not exist, contrary to what we believe, originally, in Substance, in Essence, rivalries or resistances between the elements.
The Water (and its magnetic fluid) is not at war with the Fire (and its electric fluid). Dry, it becomes its complement.
Today, our technology allows us to apprehend the notion of dry water which does not wet. Like the Gods had taught the Ancients, many eons ago.
Yes, the Water does not wet exactly as the Fire does not burn.

When we shall master the Essence of Elements in their appropriate origin, and not in their manifestation, I insist on this, then we shall succeed in creating worlds and beings.
The resistance exists only here on Earth, because we do not still master the intrinsic power of these elements, still less their " original DNA ".
In spite of the burying of the Nephilims's teachings in the meanders of our collective unconsciousness particularly narrow-minded today, the man always anticipated the power of the Fire, Water, Air and Earth, then Ether. He always knew,-confusedly-, that too many truths, diverted by the enemies of Earth, hid incredible secrets.
Certainly, the Sulfur is not the odor of the devil, but indeed the soul. As the Salt is the body, andthe Mercury the spirit.

For having walked many times on the fire, I know how much the state of consciousness is essential in the comprehension of the prodigies of the universe which shall overtake us still for a long time. And I know to have experienced it, that the fire does not burn. To elevate enough one's spirit until to penetrate into that of the Fire protects from its negative effects.

Because the man always anticipated it, he revered the gods of Fire. Hephaestus, Vulcan, the Sacred Forge and the " children of fire ", flash of lighting, thunder, lightning...
That's why the Ancients attributed to Zeus, the fire under the shape of a flash of lighting, in a lightening scepter of 3 points.
His two brothers, Neptune/Poseidon and Hades/Pluto also inherited from a scepter/trident with three points, marvelously symbolizing the power of these Gods, (gods constituted of Fire), on the three other elements.
Note the trident: " three teeth ", " three ways ", " trinity with three beams " certainly, because the 3 elements proceed from Fire.
By the Fire, the Three activate themselves until engendering the " Grand Work ", what the human being calls " Miracle of the Creation ".
The trident, universal symbol of the gods of Oceans, a flash of lighting, a beam, a fire? Does not one speak about " wet fire " in alchemy? And of this so sought-after fire which is the philosopher(alchemical) fire ?

Let's quote l'Aquarium des Sages or Pierre Aqueuse de Sagesse - 1619 - and its definition of the alchemical fire (or "philosopher"):
" It is the agent of the entire work:
It is essential, prenatural, latent divine fire in the compost to which it is necessary to add the help and the pricker (Ndt: stimulus) of the earthly and material fire ".

(Do not worry about so much complex information. It is not useful to memorize everything. The point here is to open one's spirit to other realities, to different perceptions of one's earthly experiences. Simply. Your unconsciousness, little by little, will make the rest.)

To enter the world of the Nephilims, that of Ptah, their Creator, (I repeat it again), implies to leave behind oneself, prejudices, narrow-mindedness, and limitations of all kinds.
Here we deal with God's "territory". Of flesh and blood, but above all of SPIRIT with stupefying physical powers. Yes.
Let's listen to Louis Cattiaux in Le Message Retrouvé VIII.
( (1904-1953) French writer and painter, author of the hermetic book Le Message Retrouvé).
" The one who wants to attain to God has to abandon every prejudice of the world and all the certainties of the human reason, to follow only the illuminative nature hidden in the darkness of the primordial creation ".

Here are other tracks of reflections. They are numerous and the danger would be to get lost in useless digressions.
The so occult, so secret, so impenetrable Alchemy, even there, can supply to the laymen only some germs of questionings. But it would already be a big step.

The 3 earthly elements (in manifestation) originate from the same principle: son of heaven and earth, the Egyptians would say about Geb and Nout.
So, everything always ensues from the same enlivened matter, THE Celestial Matter.
Everything exists in Everything, explains Thot/Hermes.
( image: Le livre de Thot-Hermès - René Lachaud - Editions Ramuel)

Every element as every world as every level of consciousness really is constituted with " piled sub-plans ", of diverse realities which, due to their varieties, engender " the Unique Originality ".
The Fire, for example, is the highest "plan" of the Air, because light and subtle.
The Air thus consists, as its other companions, of 4 "regions": Earth, Water, Air and Fire.
Note that Air has its Air plan, like the Fire has its Fire plan and so on.
The Whole in the Whole. Always.
Every cell is a universe. Every plot of land, every mineral, every plant or animal, the blood, the lymph, the organs, the senses, the emotions, the experiences, the feelings, the fears, the sleep, the sexual intercourse, the civilizations, the beliefs, the underground passages, the heavens, the planets, the religions, the rites and naturally the Gods, embody respectively alive and enlivened places with their own realities. To infinity.
Allow me to paraphrase Thot:
Unites in a profitable way
only what assembles to perfection.

Thot, at the origin of the famous " Which assembles is alike " confirms it here while he insists with his followers on the importance of the secret in the Grand Mysteries. Let 's read together the 11th fragment of Hermes:
" Avoid however the conversations with the crowd.
Certainly not because I want you to keep jealously your science;
it is rather because the crowd will laugh about it.
"Birds of a feather flock together"; 
(Ndt: translation made with the popular old poetic english proverb)
Between dissimilar there is no friendship.... "

Let's fine-tune once more and let's penetrate into the solar symbolism.

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The various fires, celestial or earthly, divine or from the nature are actually equivalent, each of them managing its own realm with vitality.
But all of them, sons of the Great Fire, the Original God-fire:
the SUN.

Because indeed, the Fire such as we apprehend it is really an Igneous Spirit.
(Igneous: which is of fire, which possesses the qualities of fire or still produced by the action of fire).
This Spirit, as it is said to us, spontaneously results from the Sun. It's movement and heat. A sweet heat which does not hurt.
This fire then goes down the plans of consciousness in order to spread in all the alive bodies.
It incites them, titillates them and develops the igneous fire in them, in order to maintain the Life in them and to facilitate the perpetuation of the species.

Let's summarize: here is what is necessary to keep in mind for a very brief first approach about the Fire element, from a spiritual and alchemical point of view.

The Fire is the Life and the Movement.
When the Fire withdraws, the death occurs. The death is cold and rigid. At least a certain time.
A disease like cancer is said " cold disease " because it attacks the vital heat of the body, which, little by little recedes.

The movement of the fire engenders the heat. This is obvious. Move, you warm yourself.

The heat is fundamental to the life because it penetrates absolutely into everything, even the most opaque, the hardest.
By "opposition", the alchemists teach us that the light takes place a rank behind the solar heat, because it penetrates only into the diaphanous.

The Sun is thus the 1st natural and universal agent.
( Think of Apsû, in The Lost Book, only god existing originally in our solar system.)

The power of its symbol always and in all cultures and its worship by the men.
Do not forget that the flesh of Gods is of Gold. That's why Ptah is dressed in gold. It is the highest possible vibration, he is God of Gods, he is incommensurable energy. Gold is the eternal and above allINALTERABLE vital fluid.

The power of its healing energy 
the gold color is thus the highest in vibration and allows many "miracles".
The fire consumes all our pains, all our sorrows, all our diseases. I shall give you an efficient meditation of fire.

 The power of its impact on our state of mind, our mood and our health.
The sun joys and galvanizes us, because we acknowledge it, consciously or not, as supplier of life, divine blaze, fire of the soul. Immortal and divine. And especially because of what we shall be in the future.
Miniature sun gods.

Let's recap once more briefly :
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