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We are going to establish a link between the diverse mythologies and notice how much the myths always evoke the same "stories" of which the source can only and inevitably be veracious.

Thus let’s go, if you want, to the classic Greece still or "Antique", about thousand years BC. (Illiade doubtless dates of IXth century BC).
The analysis of the "Myth" will be done at the end of message.


Chapter 1 
(the images of this chapter are from Wikipedia.) 
The story began a long time ago, in Heavens, as usual.

At the origin of Times, the Titans, Gods' first generation, with 12 or 14 (texts vary) children of Ouranos (Uranus) and Gaïa (Earth) reigned over the Cosmos.

Among the descendants of Titans, the most famous are Prometheus, Atlas, Hecate, Helios and Pallas.

And this, until the seizure of power by Zeus (Jupiter) and his brothers.
The war broke out between the Titans led by Cronos (Saturn) and the "invaders", Zeus allied with the Hecatonchires (with hundred arms and hundred heads) and the Cyclopes.

During the "Titanomachy", where the battle raged, Cronos emasculated his father Uranus and took his place.

He precipitated Titans, Hecatonchires and Cyclopes in Tartarus, the Greek Hells.
Then Cronos married his sister Rhea (note again "the incest") and "swallowed" at birth all the children born from this union.
Indeed, Ouranos had cursed him: when a son of Cronos will reach adulthood, he would turn against his father and kill him.

But the last born of the Cronos-Rhea union, Zeus, escaped this sad fate, thanks to his mother Rhea who took refuge in Crete to give birth. She replaced the baby with a stone and Cronos when swallowing the "package" was not aware of anything.

In order to avoid that Cronos discovered the deception, the cradle of Zeus was suspended on an oak tree, between Heaven and Earth.
Zeus grew up, fed by the milk of the goat Amalthea, later rewarded by Zeus and became a constellation: the Capricorn. His horn, filled with fruits and products of Earth, remains a great symbol of prosperity: the horn of abundance.

But one day, "accidentally", somebody gave to drink to Cronos an emetic instead of wine. He then rejected one by one all his children, the famous Titans, who will soon revolt against their father. Meanwhile, Zeus freed prisoners from Tartar and made them faithful allies. Zeus, who inherited the oracular gifts from his aunt Themis and his cousin Prometheus, knew that the Titans will lose the battle.
He decided to combat them. And settled on Mount Olympus, while the Titans appropriated the Mount Othrys.
The Cyclopes, thrilled to be freed, offered terrible hand-made weapons to the gods. (they are excellent blacksmiths).
The lightning for Zeus, the trident for Poseidon (Neptune), the kune for Hades (Pluto). The kune is the helmet that made him invisible.
The victory came quickly. Finally, "ten great divine years" (in divine time), said Hesiode in his famous Theogony. ( = several centuries of human time).

Zeus thus succeeds to his father Cronos as leader of a new generation.
He obtained the heaven and the absolute sovereignty. Hades, the subterranean worlds and the hells. Poseidon, seas and waters.
The Titans and Cronos were thrown in the Tartarus,

Atlas was condemned “to carry” the planet Earth on his shoulders.


Chapter 2 

Prometheus, which means in ancient Greek, " the far-sighted " but also " the perceptive, the clear-sighted " is a second generation Titan, a son of Japet and Themis.
Hesiode in his Theogonie (ed. Belle Lettres), described us Prometheus as " flexible and subtle ", " good and brave with " " the Mortals, beneficial and brave ".
Particularly intelligent, Prometheus created the men from a lump of clay and genes of Titan.

He spent most of his time on Earth with " the Mortals", to teach them and to help them growing.
Prometheus had several brothers whose Epimetheus, clumsy, a bit dopey and Atlas. (Epimetheus in ancient Greek means " slow spirit "( not very clever ).
One day, as the conflict between Zeus and Prometheus was increasing, Prometheus warned Epimetheus and said," never accept any gift from Zeus, the infernal. Never. To the contrary, return the gift to whom wants it. Remember. "
But Zeus was smart. He asked Vulcan (Hephaestus) to create a beautiful woman, Pandora, carrying a gift. A box that she will give to Epimetheus.
This one, naturally captivated by the charm of the attractive woman forgot the wise advice of his brother Prometheus, and accepted the gift. But when he opened the Pandora's box, all possible evils came down on Humankind. Because there, were locked all the calamities.

Another version said that it was Pandora herself who opened the box, when Epimetheus accepted the gift of "the box of evils."
However, the men who lived happy with Prometheus, saw their earthly paradise changed into hell.
Prometheus fashioned the men like gods, and Athena, goddess of wisdom, took part in giving the breath of life.
Prometheus gave to the men the ability to think and transmitted the secret of numerous knowledges including the art of navigation, the art of calculate time, to build and to write.
He fashioned the man straight, vertical, standing on his legs because he wanted the men can look up and gaze at the stars, unlike animals whose eyes are always toward the ground.
(Note that Athens (Wisdom) was born from Zeus and that this was Prometheus who helped the God of Olympus to give birth. Athena then transmitted to Prometheus all she knew, all her major secrets, then Prometheus transmitted them in his turn to the men). 

From Olympus, Zeus was seriously worried about the growing power of the Man. He was annoyed to see him gain knowledge and skills. Could it be possible that tomorrow, with the help of this cursed Prometheus, son of Titan, he will dethrone him ? Zeus then meditates in his heart (has he really one ?) the destruction of the mortal race, the human race.

Here happens " the story of sacrifice."
For all the mythologists, Prometheus was the benefactor of humanity. He deceived Zeus twice and paid it dearly.
Let's see how and why.
In these ancient times, when sharing an animal offered in sacrifice to the gods, the custom was to reserve the best part for God Zeus. Prometheus thought that was unfair. He (Zeus) had already everything and could create everything, why not to give the meat to the man who need to eat for living ?
One day while humans killed an ox in honor of Zeus, he slipped at the time of partition, the bones under the white fat of the animal and the meat and offal under the skin. Because, the animal was divided in two piles of meat: a fat and succulent for Zeus and the other for the poor men.
When Zeus came, Prometheus invited him to help himself. Zeus took the pile covered with beautiful white fat. But under the fat were the bones and therefore very little to eat.
Zeus went into a terrible rage. Already with a lot of hatred and wrath towards humanity, he vowed to take revenge.
He decided to deprive the man of fire, which enabled him to cook his food, to build tools, to heat his house.
Was the man going to perish now ? Certainly, he said.
" Every time, he ordered to Hephaestus, that the man will light a fire anywhere on earth, the rain came to extinguish it. In your forge, keep it ".
From the four corners of Earth, lamentations rose. The men cried.
Prometheus, outraged by such an injustice, decided to steal the fire directly from the forge of Hephaestus. He brought it to the Man and taught him how to keep it.

(It is also said that he stole it directly from the chariot of the sun).
It was at this moment that Zeus sent Pandora to Epimetheus.
And let the great evils spread on Earth: wars, famines, diseases.

As for Prometheus, exceptional punishment he received. 
He was chained to a very high peak of the Caucasus, and every day an huge eagle came to eat his liver, which grew overnight identical to the previous day.

Zeus swore by the Styx (indelible oath) that never the condemned will be freed from his rock. Thus, Prometheus for having saved the man by offering him the fire, endured an eternal punishment.

On the other hand, it is said that the evils locked in the box now named "Pandora" had been sealed by Prometheus himself. In order that men never knew sorrow nor hard work nor suffering. 
Also was locked “Blind Hope”. Only it (blind hope) remained at the bottom of the box when Pandora opened it. She then asked it to leave and to spread on humanity, in order that the man remained hopeful that, one day, things would go better.


Chapter 3 
Heracles (Hercules), during his twelve labors, had to fetch the golden apples of the Hesperides. He wandered in search of them and ended up in the mountains of the Caucasus. There he discovered the unfortunate Prometheus and asked him his way.

Prometheus who understood all things and always knew what will happen to him and Heracles, indicated him his way.
In gratitude, Hercules freed him from his shackles and then with a skilful arrow, killed the eagle.
Prometheus remained chained 30 000 years.

Curiously, Zeus was not angry. Hercules, his beloved son, had just committed a new exploit and he could only be proud of. However, he constrained Prometheus to wear forever a ring set with a stone from Caucasus, so that, symbolically, he was still bound to his rock. (Remember the oath by the Styx, it was a "compensation.")

Once released, Prometheus came back to his passion and love, the men.
And Zeus, again enraged against human beings, decided to swamp them in a deluge.
"But," Prometheus, cunning, “how could you do ? Who will worship you? And who will give you offerings ?”
Zeus thought and ordered:
“That the bad (people)are destroyed, and the good ones saved by the ark ".
Prometheus, great scientist, led the construction of the ark. His own son, Deucalion, took part.

The men were rescued. The best of them. While rains fell on the Earth nine days and nine nights, the ark reached Thessaly. (central mainland Greece, ancient Macedonia). 
They could thus, with the precious help of Prometheus, rebuild cities and civilizations.



The eternal introduction to any investigation, even shallow, is to notice how the power is never, even celestial, acquired.
The Gods have been dispossessed in some way and are not exempt from struggles and battles. On the contrary, most of the time they initiate them.

All the myths and legends show how the man is submitted to the moods of gods, how often he is the victim, which destroys forever the concept of Karma. 
The man is responsible only for the choices which belong to him, and there are very few.
The Gods are submitted to destiny. The Greeks, as Enki in his tablets, made the difference between destiny and fate, and argued that the Gods could'nt do everything. They are powerful but not invincible and, even less absolute masters of destiny.

In the mythology, the master of Gods, here Zeus, is often a cruel god although attractive, very interested in love. The love stories of Zeus are uncountable as well with mortals as with goddesses, and that they are willing or not. (!).
It is funny to think that Zeus, who for the Romans is Jupiter, is always associated in astrology " with the great benefactor ". Indeed, Jupiter / Zeus is supposed to bring benefactions and gifts, and when he comes in one of your astrological houses, he carries gifts, money, health and love.

(glyph of Jupiter)

My experience and that of many others, tend to prove the contrary for most of people. Because the transits of Jupiter generate the amplification of the situation. He brings the expansion, but too often troubles, strife, trials and weight gain. Thus "the great benefactor" of the zodiac strengthens our misfortunes and tends to our destruction. Just like in mythology. He protects little and destroys a lot. His hostility to the human race is obvious. While the divine misanthropy is linked to Saturn / Cronos. Wrongly ?

All the "major" gods willed the death of man. Because the man is god in essence. The rivalry is thus real. One day, thanks to Enki and Prometheus, the man will reach his divine status. He will turn away from gods of wrath and storm because he will know that their strength exists only because the man cares and worships them. The man, finally will recognize his " friends-gods" and his true Father.

The same for Cronos.
(glyph of Saturne)

Saturn is the great curse of the zodiac, but many people can swear that Saturn gave them strength, depth, wisdom, property inheritance ... Curious, no?
Except if you read the beginning of the message: a goat feeds Zeus.
The goat became the constellation of Capricorn and his horn ... abundance ?
Nevertheless, it is said that Saturn ( master of Capricorn) is a miser ? And his darkness, his stinginess is unique and legendary?
Hum, hum, one more lie ? An "arranged" truth in order to deceive us a little more, especially to submit our minds to some new misfortunes ?
Imagine: Jupiter is the real betrayer. Saturn, the "nice one ". You realize the hoax and thus the errors that we could constantly make about our choices, our decisions and our actions?
Look for a moment at astrology, as its symbolism deeply rooted in our minds, as we are aware or not, in our collective unconsciousness.
A good astrologer says to you , "Jupiter is entering your house 1: rush. This is the right time to build and create. "
Effectively, you create. But a year or two later, everything collapses? Why?

Because only Saturn and certainly not Jupiter, builds on solid foundations.
"Solid Foundation", is one of the names given to Enki, thousands of years before the emergence of Greek civilization?
Is there a link between Enki and the Capricorn?
And the Aquarius also ruled by Saturn?
This would explain why Enki is represented surrounded by streams of water, just like the "pouring water", Aquarius?

(Enki and Sumer)
(from poster : Verseau of which I do not find anymore the site)

and his stylized glyph with two waves, those which surrounded Enki?

This would explain why all properties related to material, money, possessions, and power are associated to "the devil" which is represented as a kind of goat standing on its hind legs, a goat? Again, we would be mystified, our brains carefully “washed and brushed up” in order to make us lose all discernment?
Would the goat not be simply the one of the Capricorn, which gives men juicy fruits and abundance? SIMPLY?
And that the goat has been demonized by the usual demons (the real ones) whom are the religious of all kinds, who want always more power, including the one on our minds ?
Religious-thieves of the authentic knowledge?
Religious-liars about our true God?
Religious-killers desperate to keep secret their "mensonge universel". (universal lie) (soon in English) 
This famous goat which feeds with its full udders (thus abundant), the god Zeus, would this not induce also the elevation of the matter ?

With its own matter, the milk, the goat allows the child Zeus to become the future " King of Gods ". It helps him to rise to the top, major symbol of the Capricorn which guides towards the heights of the Consciousness.
Ah the goat ? With horns ? He guides humankind ? Ah!

(sign of capricorn - poster - 
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Note the skeleton under the goat, which symbolizes the material relinquishment for elevation.
One can not climb on top of a mountain with two hundred bags of the latest Hollywood star behind oneself.


Another aspect also emerges from the "myth" of Prometheus. The birth of the Man. Always issued from earth and "god."
Humankind has for ancestors, the Gods, and I repeat, their qualities and defects.
The gods who journey "with celestial chariot" across heavens and seas in few seconds of time and create bodies in physical matter ...

(image wikipédia)
If it was not Greece here, we could think to summarize any of Zecharia Sitchin's books.
Chariots of fire, spacecrafts ?
Zeus who looks like, until to be mistaken, the angry and hostile Sumerian god Anu against humanity. And who by his like for meat and sacrifice, and his terrifying violence also evokes a perfect Jehovah.
A Prometheus, perfect double of Enki.
And at the centre of the conflict, the FIRE.

Fire is the primordial element, the one of the heat of life.
The Fire of knowledge, the divine fire rises the awareness, which is why mammals are warm-blooded.
The warmth of the animal or human soul circulate in their bodies carried by the blood.
The fire brings enlightenment and health of the Spirit as of the body.

A little more symbolism :
1 - the liver
The eagle eats the liver of Prometheus daily. And every day he re-grows.
The liver is the unique organ of the body to self-regenerate itself when it is suffering from an injury.
On the biological level, it is the "factory of the body”, and produces thousands acts and changes by 24 h.
More importantly, on the occult plan, it "filters destinies ", it filters the astral emotions, the past lives, the ancient ties with those we meet today, some speak of "karmic links." 
The liver is unique in its function as a sieve. It keeps the essential and when it is besieged by too much emotional, it declares "a liver indigestion" and we began to vomit water, food and then bile that the gall-bladder, filter of anger and of lack of choices, creates.
When one suffers from the liver, one suffers from one's family, from on'es friends, from one's circle of acquaintances, from an overflow, one carries too much for others and little by little one is engulfed in an ocean of denials.

2 - Eagle 
Not only because it is the only raptor to live so high in the sky, but also because it carries elevation.
Prometheus, by making a sacrifice, offered the wisdom to the man. (like Saturn). On his rock.
He knows that he must wait until his time to come back, his golden age, so that again he can rise humankind to a higher level of civilization where everyone will be respected in their differences.

The eagle is primarily an attribute of Zeus, of course, and the primitive and collective symbol of the father, the unreachable, the one who has power and authority over the child or the society.
The eagle also embodies the pride and the ambition for power, it's why one finds it in all the great empires.
No other bird would have been able to come and devour Prometheus. First, because was needed a bird to match the strength and the will of Prometheus. Secondly, because the eagle, solar symbol which devours the so-called darkness of the rebel Prometheus, every day, also promotes his regeneration.
There is here a latent ambiguity.
A sort of amalgam, dominant-dominated. The dominated is not the one, one thinks. The Light is not also where one thinks it is.

We will see in another message, the myth of Pandora, also very interesting in its misogyny, as usual, the woman brings all the troubles of mankind, and that the man is an embodied angel ...