vendredi 25 février 2011

The WINGS and the GODS

I have never understood why some people represented the god Enki with wings. Wings with feathers. Nor either why the Egyptians also did.
Who does not know Isis who is knelt down with deployed wings fastened to her opened arms?

Wings, did I always ask to myself, for doing what ?
Flying? Like these small angels with big naked bottom, perfectly ready for the masterful spanking they deserve for a very long time? Peuh!

A God does not need feathered wings to move.
He has a spacecraft or simply, if the distance remains coherent, his etheric-astral body.
Better still, a God moves entirely from a place to another one, (physical body, soul and spirit). He crosses the corridors of time, the energetic gates, the worlds and the spaces, he projects himself or transports himself, in brief, he is, by definition, entirely autonomous for the creation as for the mobility!

Wings??? But for doing what ??? And what do we understand by "wings"?
Nobody could answer. Not even the "great" masters, who carefully avoided the matter or had even never thought about it.
When suddenly Ptah entered my life. Ptah / Enki.
Then Sitchin and his so unexpectedly fascinating approach of our origins.
And suddenly, what my intuition loudly and clearly cried out in the secrets of my dreams was right.

One should not confuse vulgar wings
with those of the soul.

And once more, " the understanding of wings " required an approach at several levels.

Really, if the Gods move without flying like birds, the soul possesses wings.
It is what the caducei in particular the one of Thot-Hermes teaches us.

That's why the shoulders chakras directly work with the heart chakra on which they depend:

the deployment of these chakras are wings!
It is not about feathers, (the Gods are not birds with human body!) but about filaments of light which are formed, engendered by the opening and the development of the heart-shoulders chakras. These filaments, becoming more and more compact and solid according to the evolution, imply for an experienced eye, the presence of wings.

But these wings, I repeat, are wings of light, particles of light, filaments, I indeed say, which mark the evolution of consciousness, the spiritual evolution of the being. Thus, the Gods have gigantic wings. Because their powers and their strength also are gigantic!
That's why the Egyptians represented the Gods with wide wings, they spoke about their souls that they represented like a sacred bird, the Ba.

And the Akh, " spiritual cement " is also a bird " with wings ".

These wings also develop at the human being's and are naturally situated in the aura. When we begin to perceive our wings, we have confirmation of our spiritual development.

The filaments become attached to the vertebral column and deploy at will.
That's why the Egyptians attached such an importance to the alignment of vertebras and developed an only standing or sat yoya. The back always had to allow, by, at the same time its flexibility and its righteousness, the expansion and the "housing" of wings-filaments.

This being specified, now let's come in the more scientific and " earthly " world of Sitchin. The wings bear other symbolism, other understandings, let's see which ones.

The wings of the Gods would be their flying objects. These flying objects would have appeared to peoples a very long time ago as "extensions" of themselves, extensions of these so revered same gods.
A little like the wings of the planes which transport us would be our wings for now, our air mobility during the journey, thus our extension.

Sitchin indeed explains that the Nephilims are the gods of Shem, the famous rockets of fire, the famous spaceships.
The God Utu/Shamash, in charge of the " spatial airports ", also calls them "the eagles ".
We know today that the places of launch of these flying objects were "winged".

(I ink in blue the place of launch and the wings of the eagle just above for more ease of location. Images obviously from La 12ème planète - Z. Sitchin - Ed. Courteau)

Note that the flight of "eagles" or astronauts or rockets are made among the life of that time. This act is shown as commonplace on the tablet! (I remind you that here we are 7000 years ago even more) 

The name of eagle is directly bound by Sitchin, rightly it seems to me, to Apollon 11. Besides, the author of La 12ème planète writes page 173 and 174 (page numerotation of the french version of the book):
" We cannot refrain from associating the ancient text (the one of the shem and of shamash) with the message which in July, 1969 Neil Armstrong, commander of the spaceship Apollo 11, sent to Earth: " Houston! Here, base of Tranquillity. The eagle "lands"! … The " base of Tranquillity " was the place of chosen contact; Eagle, the name of the lunar module which got loose from the spaceship and led both astronauts on the Moon, then returned them to the mother ship. When the ship separated for the first time to undertake its own flight on the Moon orbit, the astronauts announced to the control mission in Houston: "The Eagle has wings ".
"Eagle" could also mean the astronauts who constituted the crew of the spaceship, because, during the Apollo 11 mission, the eagle was the symbol of the astronauts and they wear it as emblem on their suits. Like in the tale of Etana, they too were "eagles" who could fly, speak and communicate ".

The God Utu/Shamash, in charge thus for the Sumerians of the place of landing of Shem and of eagles in Sippar, was sometimes shown on tablets in the complete suit of eagle / astronaut.
( Below image of Z. Sitchin p 177 - La 12ème planète-)

Sitchin still explains us that:
" Due to such a function, him (God Utu) could grant to kings the privilege of " flying on the wings of birds " and " to rise from low heavens to high heavens ". And, aboard a burning rocket which was launched, it was him " who traveled unknown distances during endless hours ". It was rightly said that his " net was the Earth and the distant Heavens his trap ".
The cosmonauts' suits of the Nephilims looked like eagles! And notice like me that the launching pole evokes a sort of tree of life!
And as usual with the Annunakis, the " small bucket ", which, if I am not mistaken, is called "situpa " in Sumerian, the small bucket in the hand containing " the Water of Life ".

(page 177 de la 12ème planète - Z.Sitchin - L. Courteau)

Thus the Nephilims possessed " flying chambers " to travel " the Heavens of Earth ", and rockets with several stages to cross the space to other galaxies. And of which the summit had a conical shape. 
(It seems obvious to me here that the " Heavens of Earth " imply our solar system up to Jupiter. Beyond, we "fall over" into the space, in the galactic meaning. Do not forget that the belt of asteroids, our starry vault, is the border between Waters of Below (us up to the belt of asteroids or hammered bracelet) and Waters of Above, Jupiter up to the world of Nibiru, far beyond Neptune and Pluto.
On the image below, the belt of asteroids is represented in white dotted lines. Be aware that all this information was given by Enki, in his Lost Book, (the famous tablets) 7000 years ago! This information was confirmed word for word by our scientists, there is little time. Neptune, for example, was only discovered in 1846, there is not even two centuries! And Pluto, the famous Gaga only in 1930! Realize, realize all this, please. What other explanations to offer otherwise than those of extraterrestrial races widely more advanced than us, who created and educated us ).

I shall glimpse at the detailed descriptions and relating drawings which gives us Zecharia Sitchin about the almost unlimited possibilities of the spatial machines of the Nephilims. And which testify of the incredible technological genius of these alive gods.

So thus, wings, in this particular context, were at the same time the rockets, the astronauts who piloted them, and the unquestionable mark of gods, of extraterrestrial gods with a remarkable technology, still for us today. But the wings were more. 

Nibiru, baptized so by the Sumerians, mean " planet of the crossing ". (which crosses Tiamat's trajectory then Earth's , you remember).

This information can seem insignificant. Actually, it is important: Nibiru is the given name by the Sumerians.
We know without knowing. The more we progress, the more we measure our ignorance of the reality.
Only Sumer emerges in our consciousnesses, treating of these Gods with incredible intelligence and science, headed by Ea/Enki and his brother Enlil.
But did these Nephilims not build the Atlantis? And Lemuria? Or what we so call? Did they not build somewhere else in the galaxies, other identical worlds as Earth, at least in its variety?

Ea/Enki exceeds in power and in inventiveness all what exists on Nibiru. One imagines then on Earth.He is the one who saves, who invents, who creates, who keeps cool head and shows an agile discernment; who, to fight the wish of Gods of throwing missiles on the people and the deluges shows clairvoyance even machiavellism.
His purpose? Protecting his creation, daring, fighting, acting.
Ea, always Ea. Who commands the Water of Life. Him, the genius of the DNA, changes his body, immortalizes his own genes and those of his race.
Then, is it surprising at the end that the Nephilims are the legitimate gods of our race, the ancient true gods, the only entitled ones for reigning upon our planet, because altogether finally joined to Enki and in peace with us, human beings? Because mixed with human beings ?
Their wings are also protection for us. Not destruction. Not hostility.
Under Enki's protection, everything becomes possible for the men. But they have to want it, now that Earth is ravaged by epidemics, by massacres and by despair, indeed she would need to find the deep meaning of her own origins: Ea / Enki.

( I do not know from where comes this image, if you know it, please contact me).

It is, as usual, that the Above joins the Below, as the Inside and the Outside.

Furthermore, Nibiru is represented as a winged globe.
It, tell the Sumerians, which rises to spectacular heights then comes down again, " in a reverence to the Sky ".
And so, Sitchin still asserts :
" Everywhere where the archaeologists unearthed vestiges of peoples from the Near-East, they found the symbol of the winged globe in good place: on the front wall of temples and palaces, engraved on rocks, cut on cylindrical seals, painted on walls. It accompanied kings and priests, and dominated their thrones, "flew over in circles " the places of battle and was sculptured on their tanks ". The objects of clay, metal, stone and wood were decorated with this symbol. The sovereigns of Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, Assyria, Elam and Urartu, Mari and Nouzy, of Mitanni and Canaan, all of them worshipped it. The Hittite kings, the Egyptian Pharaohs, the Persian Shar, all proclaimed the symbol and what it represented, supreme. And this lasted during millenniums ".
(That's why its constant presence on the Annunakis seals).

(p. 251 - la 12th planète)

On the other hand, Nibiru, planet of Gods, was the "sign", the omen of drastic changes to come.
Sudden changes, evolution, new erae, Nibiru spoke to the Ancient of upheavals.

The Sumerian texts tell us the following narrative:
( Sources: the 12th planet and following volumes - Zecharia Sitchin - Editions Courteau and Bear and Co Publishing) 

" The big planet has its appearance, lively red. 
It divides the Sky in two
And presents itself as Nibiru.

When from the station of Jupiter, 
the Planet will pass westward,
there will be a safe lifetime. 
A sweet peace will come down on Earth.
When from the station Jupiter
the Planet will increase in brightness and
will become Nibirou in the Zodiac of Cancer 

Akkad will be in abundance, 
king of Akka will become powerful. 
When Nibirou will peak...
The lands will be safe, 
hostile kings will be in peace 
The gods will receive the prayers and 
will hear the pleas.

But the powerful effects of gravitation of Nibiru can also provoke rains and floods.
The Sumerians still write:

" When the Planet of the Throne of Heaven will illuminate
there will be floods and rains... 
When Nibirou will reach its perigee, 

the gods will give the peace:
The confusions will be dissipated
the complications will be solved. 
Rains and torrents will come ".

The Mesopotamian texts which name Nibiru " Planet of the Throne of Heaven ", exalt the radiation of the planet and assert its visibility in broad daylight.
In Nippur, a cylindrical seal which was found by the archaeologists, describes ploughmen who are overhung by the 12th planet, represented by a cross equal to a plus sign. (An interesting sign when we know that + represents the 4 elements (message 2- the Ankh), thus perfect balance and which looks a lot like the symbol of our pharmacy).

Zecharia Sitchin reveals us that the prophet Habacuc declared about Nibiru (which comes from South and turns clockwise, contrary to other planets):

" The Lord will come from the South... 
His glory will extend over all Earth...

And Venus will be as the light, its beams given by the Lord ".

For the Sumerians, Nibiru was an aqueous planet (the water is indispensable for life)capable of generating its own heat in its center and of maintaining it.
Besides the description which was made by the Ancients of Nibiru as " dressed in a halo " is not only poetic but also very real.
Indeed, this planet would shelter in its depthes a strong abundance of radioactive elements, and thus would undergo an important volcanic activity. This same activity would produce an atmosphere which would be preserved indefinitely, generating a real greenhouse effect which protects from the cold of the space and prevents the heat of the planet from dissipating.
This planet was often represented with a radiant body. The Sumerians called it " the most radiant of the gods ".

Besides Sitchin gives us another information:
The Nobel prize Francis Crick and the Doctor Leslie Orgel, wrote in an article for the scientist review Icarus in September, 1973 that " the life on Earth could have arisen from tiny organisms coming from a distant planet ".
And so during the collision Tiamat / Marduk, organisms of Nibiru would have seeded the diverse parts of Tiamat, in particular the one which would become Earth.
Besides, these same scientists demonstrated that there is only a single genetic code for all what lives on Earth. That the birth of life on Earth had been a "deliberated" act wanted by intelligent beings belonging to another planet.
They threw on our planet " the seed of Life " and so engaged the chain of life.
Really, the seeding, if it took place, was not "planned" but the result of the collision between Tiamat and Nibiru. The fertile soil and the atmosphere of Nibiru effectively "seeded" Earth with the first biological forms.
Us, Human beings, descend directly from the Gods.

And the symbolism of wings, most of the time deployed, is there to remind it to us.
They are " the winged ", those who come from Above, from beyond the human vision, and who deploy these same wings (their wisdom, their knowledge, their energy, their aura also) on Humankind.
With heading our unique legitimate Father:

The Benevolent protector