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The ritual

To contact directly Enki, click here.
I consider that you have already read and integrated both first ones " To contact Ptah " and that your altar is set up.
Everything is ready. Do not forget to prepare a heatproof bowl if you want to burn your paper and a clamp or a stuff to hold it.
You are alone, peaceful, clean, focused, and ready to feel the Presence of this Unique God.
Close shutters, pull curtains. Isolate yourself totally.

Take place in front of the altar.

Remain focused for a moment, closed eyes, then begin to light your candles one by one.
For every candle, say, " Hail to You, Great Ptah " or something similar that you prefer.
Once all your candles lit, contemplate the beauty of your altar, and especially feel how much the flame of candles settle, immediately in the place of meditation, a peace energy. Such is the power of the Fire element.
If you are sensitive, you might even already feel "something soft ” which “comes down" on you, something that can also wrap you.

Do not be afraid, on the contrary, let the energy come to you.
Ptah is very enveloping, he rocks, he is caring, don’t be surprised, and therefore let you go.

Imagine the room filled with golden light tinted with a beautiful royal blue, the same your candles.
Then, read your own text. You can also draw inspiration from the Hymn to Ptah or say as it is. Here's an example of what you can read aloud:
Bow to your altar dedicated to Ptah, be respectful, say hail and then by this act:

Ô Almighty Ptah
I invite respectfully Thy Presence in this place
In order that my altar, my space
And everything in there
Are blessed by Thy unique Presence
Hear my call and my prayer
O Beloved Ptah,
Bestow upon me the grace of Thy protection
And Thy benevolent attention.

Meditate for a moment. Feel
(If you feel nothing, don’t worry. Things are registered in any case and your message will be heard).

Then continue; light the candles which represent the 5 directions:
(Begin with the candle South, if your altar is turned southward, the candle North, if your altar is turned northward, etc. We consider here that the altar is in front of the South because for us, the Fire element is foundation of any life.)
To the South, I call you, Ô powerful Fire element, come in this place, I beseech you and bring here health, vitality and enjoyment, thank you.
(Meditate a short moment and see or imagine a beautiful flame in the South of your room answering your demand.)
To the West, I call you, Ô powerful Water element, come in this place, I beseech you and bring here intuition, perception and prosperity, thank you.
(Meditate a short moment and see a beautiful river, a waterfall or a beautiful lakeshore on the West of your room answering your demand. (No stagnant water, or tranquil lake).
To the North, I call you, Ô powerful Earth element, come in this place, I beseech you and bring here strength, “anchor” (well-grounded) and discernment, thank you.
(Meditate a short moment and see something you like on Earth, a beautiful field of wheat, sunflowers well planted in the ground, a magnificent garden, an orchard filled with beautiful fruits in the North of your room answering your demand).
To the East, I call you, O powerful Air, come here, I beseech you and bring here flexibility, intelligence and knowledge, thank you. "
(Meditate for a short time and see something that for you represents the Air element : a gentle and cool breeze, birds flying in the blue sky....)
You can also feel and / or hear the elements: heat in the south and crackles of fire ; the lapping of water and its freshness; the land and your feet which sink into the soil, “anchoring”; the breeze blowing on you.
Then light the candle in front of you, and say,
'Ô Earth, which was created by Ptah / Enki, I recognize you as my own kingdom, my only truth of human being: the Earth is my world. Thank you. "
(Meditate for a short instant and see the Earth answering to you with all its love. You can also imagine it smiling to you or see the planet all gold and blue).

Once more time look at your altar and become aware of what you feel.
Normally, you should feel at ease, in peace, in enjoyment, and “something” should be there.
The heat made by the candles can help you to enter an expansion of consciousness convenient for feelings.

Now, address directly to Ptah and say:

(This is only an example, I repeat, you can write your own hymn)

Ô Almighty Ptah
Thou the Elder of the Primordial Gods,
Great Creator of our world, the Earth
And the Heavens that protect us,
Father incontestable of the Human Race,
God builder of the Great Civilizations given to
The Man,
Creator of the Atlantis, "Elder heart of God”
" Aha-Men-Ptah”
I greet you and bow before your Power without any limit.
( Bow really)

O Ptah, Thou the Brilliant,
Father of the Sun and the Earth
Thou who generated my flesh and my blood
Thou who fed my soul with your knowledge
And my heart with your unfailing love,
Bestow me to feel Thy Presence now and for all time to come
And to establish a sacred bridge between Thou, my Father
And I, Thy child.

Ô Great Ptah, Thou, Source of Life,
Who always defended the human race
And gave him the fire of knowledge,
Hear my Prayer.
Bestow upon me Thy powerful protection
That Thy force accompanies each of my steps
That Thy sacred Justice destroys all my enemies
Known and unknown (or seen and unseen), of this world and elsewhere
That Thy Love and Thy Compassion deliver me (free) from false beliefs, pain, and weaknesses
Which overwhelm me and slow down me.

Ô Almighty Ptah,
Thou that we name Enki / Ea and Prometheus also
Express Thy energy here and now
Thou that I recognize as my unique Father Creator
Thou in who I base entirely,
Thou whose praises I sing
Put in my heart and my spirit
Thy enjoyment and thy tangible love
Thy power and thy knowledge
So that always I can rise and progress
And under thy very-high protection,
Bring to a successful conclusion my projects.
Glory to You, Ô Great Ptah
So mote it be

Now sit down facing the altar, and so meditate.
(But if something else arises during this time, above all, don’t reject it and follow the energy. What you feel or wish to do is essential and much more important than my advices. Follow your heart and your instinct.)

Think, imagine Ptah in front of you.
Imagine him in his golden outfit, the very blue cap, the djed in hand.
Move towards Him and enter in Him, as if this vision, this thought was a gate.

Enter in Him.
Here you have slid into a pyramid. It can be the ones as in Egypt with sumptuous frescoes painted on walls. (You could also see yourself in a crystal pyramid, follow what you feel).
Look around you. Don’t be afraid. Even if it is dark. Your feet know where to settle down. In front of you, a staircase going deepy down in the Earth, take it.
(We go down to amplify the state of expansion of consciousness and put at sleep your consciousness. Don’t be afraid and go down. This work is frequently made at the therapist's and relax therapy, go down, go down).
Feel that your are guided by a friendly energy. You could even perceive small birds (the Bâ) to lead you with affection. Come down the staircase for a moment, and feel that at each step, you relax, and that the most your body " falls asleep " and the inferior mental with it, the most your Consciousness is released, the Superior, the one who “sees” and perceives.
You enter now in a new space, like a tomb, a place of meditation.
God Anubis awaits you.
He is very tall, well-built, wearing a cloth of gold, he holds the Ankh, key of life, in one hand.
He holds out to you his hand, take it. Do not be afraid!
Look at him. He is the son of Ra / Osiris and Nephtys. He is a Nephilim. Be confident. Suddenly he takes you in his arms and raises you as if you were a feather. And takes you. Don’t worry.
He rises towards the Heavens, and with Him, you start to climb, climb, climb, climb, as if you ascend a celestial staircase or even better as if you were taken in his arms in a vertical corridor of golden light. Climb as long as you want.
Then, when you feel this right, "land."
Anubis gently deposits you in the heart of a pyramid of golden light. Everything is made of gold.
(At this level of consciousness, there is only gold and white (as colours for energy), most of the time cleverly mixed.)
Here stands Ptah. He awaits you.
(See him as you want. It is not necessary to see him mummified in his golden outfit.
He can look as Enki, or as often he appears :
Very tall, well-built, very blond, with long hair like a Viking, if you like, but very distinguished (= sophisticated), not at all coarse or massive. His face is soft but determined. It emanates from him a great light, very golden, like liquid of gold, which could be hardly tinted with white-gold light.

He holds often, instead of a Djed, a sword of light, which cuts the illusions, which destroys diseases, pain and alienation.
But you might also see him "in the Egyptian way". He can move, of course, in his golden outfit and keep a blue cap on his head. See him whatever you feel. The important thing is to feel him)

Ptah welcomes you with open arms. Do not hesitate to utterly run in his arms. Don’t forget that he is your Father Creator. Your body was born from his genes. The respect does not induce a cold distance.
Once reunion made, sit down in front of him.
See his heart chakra as an immense golden cup with emerald, diamond and lapis- lazuli.
This cup is a fountain of love, which never dries up. From his heart chakra, Ptah emits a powerful ray of light that enters your own chakra. Let him do. If you have really followed this meditation, you will feel the jet of light in you. This can be like a pressure against the chest, tingling, a real warmth, a slight difficulty in breathing. You can also feel the emotions related to this ray of light: love, joy, peace, compassion, elevation. Suddenly you can understand many things about your life. Or view images of your future.
Or simply feel you are loved and rocked.
Enjoy this wonderful moment.
Realize that the light that Ptah spreads on you is also a strong and pragmatic light.
It is a light that gives you the tools, the means of understanding. Not a light, which takes you off to the ceiling and hampers action in the everyday life. Feel that.
Ptah can offer you a small djed or a small ouas that he places himself in your heart or in part of your body that needs help.
More importantly, during this extraordinary moment, except you need absolutely, ask for nothing. Simply receive. And feel for your Father Creator, all the gratitude that you are capable.

At some point, decided by your own relationship with Ptah, the connection heart to heart stops. Then Ptah comes close to you.
Look. He holds in his hand, an Ankh. He places it between his hands, between his two palms.
It stands alone and begins to spin. The Ankh is activated.
Ptah multiplied it by 7 (for now) and place them one by one in each of your chakras.
First in the heart, feel the Ankh whirl there.
Then in the throat chakra, feel.
Then in the centre of your head, feel. (this is for the 6th and 7th chakras)
Then in the first chakra, feel.
In the second, feel.
In the third, feel.
(You can feel dizzy, if so, simply slow down immediately the speed of rotation of the Ankh).

Perceive that something special becomes active in you. Feel your feet well rooted in the ground. Feel always the presence of Ptah near you.
He harmonizes your chakras and your subtle bodies.
Your spine lights with a golden-white light from the tailbone (coccyx) to the top of the skull.
Feel that the connection to Ptah is now fully realized.
Stay a moment with him.
Talk to him, or do what you want, and feel everything that happens in you and around you. "Memorize" the energy of Ptah.
Then when the time comes, go back into the arms of Anubis and come down.
Don’t forget to thank Ptah for his welcome and his gift.
Assure him you will come back in order to establish a bridge of communication with Him.
Come down again along the vertical corridor of light, nestled in the powerful arms of Anubis. Throughout the descent, feel that you gradually find again your human dense state. But this time, amplified, fed with a whole new light.
Find yourself again in the pyramid.
Thank Anubis, then climb the stairs again until you find, at your own pace, again sitting at your altar.
Take time to regain your usual state. You may feel numb or asleep.
Move you feet and hands.
Make small ankle rotations.
Order the energy that would be too much around the head to come down to earth via the body to avoid unnecessary headaches.
Order your feet to feel the floor, your legs to be well-grounded.
Imagine red spangles circulating in your legs and your feet which connect you with to earth and balance you.
Once at ease in your body, get up and return towards the altar.
Thank Ptah.
Then, if you wish it, take the text that you have read, and while burning it with the flame of candles and putting and maintaining it in the small heatproof bowl, say:

"I thank you, O Great Ptah
For thy welcome and thy gift
I recognize you as my unique and legitimate Father
Unique and authentic Creator of my race and of Earth
That these flames unite me to Thee forever
And that always, Peace, Love and Amity
Reign between us
So mote it be
Hail to Thou, Ô Ptah
Glory to Thee, Ô my Father.

To burn this paper embodies your ritual.
(Keep a copy of this text you can use at will. )
Burning it to the flame anchors the work and keeps the energy in you.

Once done, stay a moment in front of your altar and begin to extinguish the candles of the 4 directions in reverse.
Say "Thank you O powerful Air for your presence." Turn off the candle.
The same for the Eath, Water and Fire elements.
Then turn off the Earth candle, in front of you, saying: "Thank you Ô Earth, thou, kingdom of Ptah."

The ritual is finished.
Thank Ptah, bow and exit.
It’s better to let the blue candles burn until the end. If it is not possible, turn them off by thanking Ptah for his presence and his love, at each candle.



Hail to thee, Ptah, father of gods
Ta-tenen, father of the primordial gods
Sacred god with noble shapes 
very dreaded
who is in the Venerable- Siege
of which authority is powerful, 
the prestigious manifestations, 
the considerable strength
which brings everything away in his power 
august power, beloved, 
with beautiful face, with prestigious appearance 
Lord of the Double Feather 
with brilliant splendor, 
luminous who makes the gods live
radiant, who rises in his horizon, 
who enlightens the Double- Country with his charm 
Lord of the Light, 
glittering with brightness when he rises in any eye, 
living who drills the darkness, 
radiant solar disk which crosses the distant heaven and crosses the Douat. 

The Pharaoh comes to thee, ô Ptah,
he comes to thee, god with distinguished shapes !
Hail to thee ! In front of the primordial gods whom you created
after having come to existence as divine body
(while) the sky had not yet come to existence,
while the earth had not yet come to existence 
while the stream had not sprung. 
Thou fashioned the earth; 
Thou assembled your fleshes
Thou counted your limbs; 
Thou were unique, having made his place
god who melted the Double-Country 
Thou had no father who engendered thee when thou came to existence, 
no mother who gave birth to thee. 

Let's go, let's sing hyms for him
Him who created the gods, the men and all the animals, 
who created all the countries, the banks and the very green (= the sea) 
on his behalf of fashioner of Country ! 

Let's go, let's sing hyms for him !
Him who brought the Nile outside its cave, 
who makes turn green the fruit tree, 
who creates the necessary of what ceaselessly goes out of him, 
on his behalf of respectable Noun ! 
translation made from the writing of André BARUCQ, François DAUMAS,
Hymnes et prières de l’Égypte ancienne, 1980, p. 390-391, p. 394 , 399-400.