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Key of Life, crossroads of 9 doors

The Ankh is everywhere in Egypt.
On the frescoes, on the statues, on the walls, on papyrus, in the tombs, in the houses, in the hearts. It is life, the knot of life, it represents the Sacred, the Divine and its many facets.

The cross of life symbolizes both human beings and gods.
But unlike the Christian cross that is an aberration, it is equal to +.
Because obviously, beyond the symbol of the head, arms and legs, emerges the occult meaning of the cross or sign +.
Its perfect balance between the 4 elements and the ether, the fifth element that links all the others.
Thus the five "lines" in the centre of the Ankh.

The Fire, first element, fundamental component, Water, Air and Earth are the elements that live and serve the gods to create and as well to destroy.
Any constant imbalance of one of them in the body causes diseases and ill being. (the Chinese have understood this and care in a comprehensive way and have wonderful results with acupuncture etc..).
This is why the Ankh by its form and its power embodies the Life.
Through it, the elements spread and circulate in the human body, nourishing organs, bones and blood, not forgetting the other bodies, all those beyond the flesh made man.
As in the divine and planetary or galactic bodies.

So, the heart chakra, located in the middle of the chest is the knot, the junction point, represented on the Ankh.
It is from the shape of the Ankh besides, that results the glyphe of planet Venus, linked to the love and the creativity. (Glyphe de la Planète Vénus )
The heart chakra, centre of balance of the other chakras, top and bottom, is more than the link or the bridge, its represents the temple of the soul, where the Consciousness moves.

If you focus every day on this part of your being by asking your inwardness conscience, after a few days, you will feel a heat that vibrates in your chest and gradually inhabits your whole being.
This energy lives in our bodies and manifests to whoever invokes it regularly and with sincerity. Here is the point in the circle, central pivot of our occult anatomy, grounded on the prime base :Mulhadara first chakra, between the anus and genitals.
It is the lotus with 4 petals, each petal directly related to an element, red like life, like blood, like the warmth and the vitality.

I think that you have contacted Enki / Ptah or you are preparing to do so.
If you want to accelerate the opening of your chakras and the potential that goes with them, you must have a minimum knowledge, have some practice (exercises) and clean up number of beliefs you received, false and outdated, “ fertile compost” for disease, prejudice, denial of the self and complex of all kinds.

We must put an end to this ridiculous idea that the buttocks and the sex are dirty. The gods have their defects but not these of stupidity or ignorance. The child was born by the sex of the woman. He crosses the vagina and passes the lips, big winner of his fight for life. Dirty the childbirth?
Where is the perineum for a woman and the scrotum for a man vibrates the first chakra, seat (this is not a pun) of fire, that of the Kundalini. The fire of creation, creativity, and fertility for everything takes place between the anus and the genital organs. A coincidence?
Certainly not because the sexual energy and creative energy are one and indivisible. This is the Chi. To condemn sex is to condemn life.
Making love is the best medication, with after a repair sleep, to overcome stress, tensions, anxiety and illnesses of all kinds.
Look :
Here in this part of our body so-called "dirty", dirty by the so-called menstruation "impure" and faeces, raises the song of life. Unbelievable, no?
What a strange system these Gods have created?
To what Enki was thinking when he mixed his genes with this clay from where we have emerged?
To the link to Earth. To the anchor to the Earth-Mother.
How would you like to dance and to walk? To jump and have fun? To run, play sports, swim, love or simply shop or type your computer if you are floating permanently in the airs ? Or if at each step, you bounce as if you walk on an invisible trampoline? Or on eggs?
What unstableness ! What a spin !
" Please ! Please ! You would shout exhausted, nauseous or sad. No?
Mulhadara (1st centre or chakra, wheel of life) is directly linked, without intermediaries, to thetelluric energy of our planet. It grounds your body from the feet to the navel and allows you to make money, to create, to achieve. Mulhadara chakra is your root. The root of your individual Tree of Life which takes its strength (and its food ) to grow from earth (the ground).
(Think to the tree of life in different cultures and especially to Yggdrasil)
How do you believe that an oak becomes hundred-years-old? By being in weightlessness, the branches below, the trunk in the air? It has strong roots that penetrate very profoundly into the ground. Look at the nature and you will understand everything of the human and divine reality.

The Gods are extremely intelligent. But economical. Why to waste time in making a new concept of rooting, when it is so simple to place there, in the zone of the trunk, the closest to the Earth, a wheel which will get its energy from it and will “root” the man to it ?

For all these reasons and many others than I am going to develop here, the Ankh is the bridge, the door which leads us to Enki / Ptah.
Above, I spoke about the "junction" and in the title, about the "nine gates".
There is in its centre, a "node" that connects the nine bodies or envelopes, that for Egyptians, are the occult anatomy of the man. Our western occultism counts 7.

1 - KHET or the physical body and its ability to magnetize the energies needed for the incarnation. It allows to create the material life.

2 - KHAIBIT is the equivalent of our etheric body that the Egyptians also called "shadow". The etheric body envelopes immediately the physical body and corresponds to the halo of light around him.

3 - KA, very important because it is the Life Force. It is the “double” of the man. His astral body in some way, which is around(after) the etheric, therefore Khaibit. A weakened KA does not filter diseases, viruses, epidemics. It is therefore essential to maintain it dynamic and powerful.

4 - REN is the identity of the being, its personal vibration. We can talk about causal body: the reason for its reincarnation.

5 - SEKHEM is the strength of the man, his innate energy. It connects the other elements. In Egyptian magical rituals, invocations or requests often begin with "Sekhem in Râ", for example. This means “By the power of the God Ra, by his innate force, May the Force of Ra ...”

6 - BA, another aspect well known because the most highly represented on the frescoes in the tombs and graves. BA is the soul.
It is always symbolized by a beautiful bird free to fly to other experiences and other worlds, once the physical body is dead.
Below different representations of Ba.

Contact with our Ba 

The Ba of the Pharaoh
The Ba out of the body
contemporary vision

Benu, the Ba of God Râ, more beautiful 

The Benu (boinu) is the solar and sacred bird-heron equivalent to the phoenix of resurrection, particularly venerated at Heliopolis, city of the sun.
"Boinu" means "to shine, to arise."
Its cyclic return is associated to the vivification and the eternal renewal of things.
Originally the heron is the bird-sun because it helps the sun to escape the waters of the morning to take off and shine all day. The myth of self-embrace and of the resurrection related to the phoenix-heron comes from this.
That’s why the phoenix-heron is the Ba of God Ra (God of The Sun). Its relationship with the realm of death, its ability to resuscitate from the ashes associates it directly to Osiris.
Below is another image of the sacred Heron from Heliopolis
(L'egypte de Kurt Lange chez Flammarion)

Anubis and mummification: look at the Ba rising.

7 - AB is the heart, the conscience, the human intelligence, the mental superior. Equivalences are not easy to do.

8 - AKH is the Light of Man, his divine essence, his divine body. It is often represented by a bird again, sort of Ibis-Phoenix.
9 - SAH, purified body that carries the Spirit. Sah is the supreme intelligence.

In particular for the last three bodies, it is very difficult to know exactly what the Egyptians wanted to mean. The differences, extremely subtle between some bodies, let often the Western Occultists perplexed.

But remember that your physical body (1st body or dense body or physical vehicle) is surrounded by 6 other bodies for us:
2 – the etheric (aura, the first emanation of the body, the nearest one, first protection. Here are stored the memories of this present life: foetal life, traumas and great joys, operations, diseases ...
3 - the astral (or emotional body: here are all our emotions of this life : when we vibrate, when we are disgusted, when something makes us crazy, also all the memories of past experiences or parallel).
4 –the mental (lower and superior : our intelligence, our understanding of things, our desire for progress)
5 -the causal body or soul: here are the causes of what we are experiencing, a kind of unconsciousness where the roots, the nodes of each experience accumulate.
6 - the buddhic or body of the Higher Consciousness, our Ba.
7 –the atmique or divine body or body of the Supreme Being realized. Our divine aspect in its purest form. Here are the genes of Enki and the profound nature of who we are.

When we work with Ptah, we activate all the bodies, but we begin with the first three ones after the physical ; so, the etheric, the astral and the causal.
The urgency in this type of energetic work is to strengthen the etheric body, and thus to build a strong and “waterproof” aura (which does not allow anything negative to go through), and to clean the astral body from its emotional convulsions and other traumas, often the cause of chronicity in this present life, such as allergies, or in another proportion, disabilities.

See how it is look, but it is obvious that these colours, here, "perfect" are totally different from a person to another person, according to their level of consciousness and state of health.

I invite you to visit my other blog, the fantastic world of Caroline Bright to read more in-depth three messages about the subtle bodies. (

When we shall work on our subtle bodies, which correspond to the 7 chakras, (in fact, there are much more), we shall use the Ankh to activate the opening and especially to install it harmoniously, without any damage.