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and the BLOOD OF MEN
or the Creation of the Modern Man

The collision of Nibiru and its satellites with Tiamat have engendered, we have already well understood, a great number of consequences.
. The creation of our planet.
. The projection of thousands of "rests " of Tiamat, reunited into a belt of asteroids that shapes our celestial vault and, from there separates the personal planets from the transpersonal ones. (I develop this specific point in my message "Planetary bodies and hidden mysteries.").
. And above all, the sowing of earth by billions of particles released in the “battle of Nibiru against Tiamat". These gave birth to many forms of life. One of them developed into an Ape-like form, known as the first hominid. This hominid looked vaguely like the Nephilims, in a, naturally, backward form. "Improved" by genetic manipulation carried out by Enki and his sister Ninhursag, he was used asprimary worker in the mines instead of the Igigis, “secondary” Annunakis gods.

This hominid, called lulu by the Sumerians, had not received the Knowledge, the capacity to reproduce or " the image " of gods in him.
Descriptions of him, found in the tablets or in the ancient writings are eloquent.
Sitchin quotes that of a Sumerian tale evoking this primordial era: (12th planet - p. 351 - ed. Courteau).

"They did not know to eat bread,
They did not know to wear a garment
They eat plants with their mouth
Like sheep,
They drank the water from ditches

... ... ...

Bushy hairs covered his whole body
His hair was similar to that of a woman...
He doesn’t know either people, or lands.
He is dressed as somebody of the green meadows
He fed with herb like the gazelles
He goes alongside to wild animals in water sources
With swarming creatures of the water
his heart is delighted. "

This is fundamental. The homo erectus, ape a little bit evolved, is not the creation of Enki. (In its entirety). But that from the "crash of Nibiru / Tiamat" for much more than half.
Because the homo erectus is not in the image of Nephilims(We shall see below, what this really means)
We are in their image.
What today, we are capable to understand and to make in genetics, the Nephilim were practicing this a long time ago, 500 000 years ago! And thus even before on their own planet!
Their eminent scientist, well known for his skills, his expertise and his genius was Enki.
Only him could handle the insisting demands of the Igigis to regain their freedom by answering with the science, the intelligence and the pragmatism.
Remember that always, He was the Master of the Running Waters, the Original Carrier of Water, Waters of Life.
But he did not create the man to be a slave. On the contrary. He made him free. In fact, he created him from Himself.

Thus it’s crucial to make the difference between these two phases and consequently we will focus on the blood, so important :

1st phase: Enki "improves" the already existing hominid, and creates a kind of hybrid monkey - man-animal in order to obtain a “manufactured servant ", to resume the expression of Zecharia Sitchin, in order to " carry the yoke ", of the Igigis by replacing them in the mines.

2nd phase: after a period of wait, Enki decides to create a true race. Thus a race capable of autonomy, of choice, of reasoned intelligence, a race which can reproduce, takes control of its destiny, and especially a race able to ask itself enough questions and to have enough curiosity to evolve, and progress CONSCIOUSLY.
It's at this moment, and only at this moment, that Enki thought the Homo Sapiens whom we are today, and whom we also call "Homo Sapiens Sapiens" in order to differentiate him from the first one, inferior to us.
The Homo Sapiens, the approximate mixture of the sowing of Nibiru / Tiamat and some genetic "mixtures" of Enki and Ninhursag, will become the MAN.
Naturally, this creation began from something, the hominid, himself resulting anyway from Nibiru, thus from the Nephilims, but also from Tiamat, the Mother Earth.
This is not contradictory at all, because without the creativity of Enki and especially the gift of the Knowledge to the Man, never the modern man would exist today.
Moreover, the scientists recognize this because they do not still explain the jump forward of mankind.
Yes, without Enki, Ninhursag and the Nephilims, " the modern man would still be millions of years behind ".(backward)

To simplify, I shall say this:
The man in his evolution, especially when Enki largely accelerated it, lived two births.


Why? How? What difference between two genetic manipulations ?

The fundamental difference is the BLOOD.
Because, in order that the Homo Sapiens Sapiens becomes the man he is today, he must be kneaded with the blood of gods.
In the literal meaning of the word.
In order that a real compatibility existed between humankind and the Nephilims, it was necessary that their seed of life was truly and authentically in common. And not just the sum of a slow and uncertain evolution where other uncontrollable or unknown parameters could arise.
Thus, to conceive the Man, Enki should gather:
. The BLOOD of gods, or their ESSENCE
. and the CLAY from earth.

The gods asked Enki " to produce a great artwork of wisdom ", of scientific expertise.
And a witness of this period tells on one of the tablets, that he had no problem to do and perform the task devolved to him!
The witness tells:
Enki gave his instructions to the mother goddess and asserted:

" Add to a nucleus of clay of the Foundation of Earth
Just over the Abzu –
and give it the shape of a nucleus.
I shall amass some blood, I shall create bones... "

The blood of the gods is not just the certainty of some kingship. Of a right to reign or to war.

The blood of gods is the BREATH OF LIFE.

That the ancient Hebrews called “Nephesh” or spirit, soul.
Here is, indeed, the foundation of Enki's gift to the men, to the women, to all that we are: A SOUL.
Here is what will mean the metaphor " in the image of Gods": besides the soul, the divine "imprint" or origin of the source.

The blood of the gods ENKI And THOT flows in us. It’s at the same time the vehicle, support of the soul and the soul itself.
Our blood conveys more than our family genes.
It transports in it our spiritual ID card. Which will be never erased.

Because indeed, it was Enki who gave his genes, what makes sense. He is the Creator, the researcher, the geneticist, the scientist, he participates thus totally, actively, entirely, if I may say, in this fabulous adventure which is to forge the NEW MAN.
THOT, the great Egyptian god, at the request of his father, also contributed to it. Completely. Moreover, the name given to Thot by the Sumerians was: NIN.GISH.ZIDDA or " Lord of the Tree of Life ".

It was the wife of Enki, Damkina, known also as Ninki, who "served" as birth goddess.
To carry the " first perfect man", was needed a fertile woman, capable of carrying a child, and naturally, of pure blood and healthy.

" Ninki my spouse goddess,
will be the one to give birth.
Seven goddesses-of-birth will stand close, to assist her ".

Once realized the mixture of the blood and the clay, Enki would seal his creation by giving it " the divine imprint ":

" The destiny of the newborn you will pronounce
Ninki will put the image of the gods and
that he is a MAN ".

(Attention, do not confuse the goddesses.
Ninhursag / Ninmah helped Enki to create the "lulu", the first homo sapiens, primitive worker.
Ninki / Damkina, wife of Ea/Enki carried the first successful specimen of the man, the first Adam, Adapa, the Adam pattern of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens.)

The first "perfect" man had been born. Adam - Adapa - First civilized man.
(There, again, do not confuse, the Sumerian names are difficult for us:
Adamu = lulu, first primitive worker.
Adapa = first prototype of the Homo sapiens sapiens, the Adam of the Bible. They are not the same Adam).

He will become the " pattern of men". Genetically speaking. The Sumerians report that without complex:

" In these times, in these years
The Wise of Eridu, EA,
created him as pattern of men".

Adapa is considered as son of Ea. Besides, the creative god loved so much this being that he adopted him.
As Ninki was really pregnant of Adapa, as she carried him and as the baby, himself, was "marked" with the imprint of Enki, it is obvious here that:


All of us, we descend from Enki / Ea and Ninki / Damkina. And obviously of Adapa / Adam.
So, in the blood of gods lives " this something ", the soul, the spirit, the breath.
This blood, this soul is the receptacle of his personality, his nature, his essence, his memory...
EA wanted this: to put in the man " the genes of gods ".

Let us read once more time the Sumerians, who tell here the birth of the first man:

" In the clay, god and Man will be bound
in a unity gathered.
So that, till the end of days,
the Flesh and the Soul
which, in a god, matured –
this Soul is bound in a blood relationship;
As its Sign, the life will proclaim it.
So that it is not forgotten,
So that the Soul is bound in a blood relationship. "

That is very strong, very profound and very promising.
Because it's what I always thought ; WE WERE MORE THAN WE THOUGHT.
I taught it, I wrote it.
Yes, we were created in the image of God.
Yes, we are divine beings.
Yes, the divine spark vibrates in us.
The infinite Presence. THE Consciousness.
Except that many, of which I was part of, lose their way and think that this is the god of the bible with fierce angers or “submission-mop”.
In truth, we were born from elsewhere, and as I already said and written:


That's why by recognizing our origins, we open ourselves to the power of our true Father.
And especially, we connected ourselves to an egregor of progress, innovation and especially fidelity in the act of giving.

Forever bound to Enki by his genes
To The one, who a long time ago, offered himself, body and soul to the rising humankind.

Our souls of his breath are inhabited.
And our bodies of his hands, were molded.
In us pours forever his name EA/ENKI.