jeudi 24 février 2011



or the meditation of power 

Will, power and aura

Here is a set of very important messages about the development of the occult power.
This power is directly bound to the aura(And to the chakras. But we shall deal here only with the aura which, let's do not forget, contain the chakras).

Indeed, when Enki engendered the second wave of human beings, the sapiens-sapiens inherited from their divine Father the subtle energeticbodies which are tools and shields of an astounding strength.
The more your aura is weak and permeable, the more you will be sick, under influence (manipulation) and poor.
The more your aura is solid, the more you will be healthy and will live in prosperity.
But above all :

Your aura will be an unbridgeable shield.

An intelligent shield of great service for you.

Any occult work, in order to succeed, needs a strong aura.
This is the basis of everything. Nothing durable happens with " a weak aura ".
Our souls are, exactly like the Gods, always "in the making of themselves " and consequently developing.
But if the Gods quickly evolve without needing human beings, our souls can only progress WITH the ego(that, supposedly, one needs to repress and to destroy)the physical body and the mental. In brief, the whole being.
Thus, it is with this bold and perfect clear approach, that I suggest you to REALLY progress.
Not always by asking " the new age universe " to handle all your requests. It does not care of your demands. But rather by deciding today, now while reading this message that:

You are a God-to-be
by the extraordinary gift that Enki made to Mankind 
to his children and thus to their souls.
And that once strengthened, you will be your own strength, 
your own prosperity, your own health.

To reach this, the Sacred Path is called Enki, Creator of the Race and
Benevolent Father.

The real occult power is got by directly working with THE FATHER.

Consequently, these messages, as this blog, address in no way to the tourists who chat "spiritual," the buttocks on a sofa holding a cup of tea.

They ONLY address to those who really want to exist, to clearly define their right place in this world then in the beyond and decide to assert themselves as authentic warriors who are ready to combat the enemy who is outside as the one inside : our out-of-date beliefs and prejudices. 

You' ve had enough to be an always manipulatable victim?
Read these messages and have a practice.
You prefer to be a victim rather than to move on toward the unknown?
I say goodbye to you.

There is no half-measure in occultism. Nor "sunday occultism" which will turn back against you, from where the stupid belief of the "the backward shock 3 times more powerful".
All what will be said here belongs to Enki / Ptah and his Néphilims.
Every day, I thank the so Benevolent Enki for the occult Knowledge which he passes on to whoever enters his Vast Abode.
For those who deliberately 
stay out, these meditations " will not last " and will split.
Only those who have the courage to make a commitment will be recognized as authentic warriors.
Impossible to serve several masters at the same time.

The choice is the first act of freedom
and of development of one's own power.

It is frequent to hear that persons who dedicate their life to their self actualization (or personal development) , to magic or simply to their Gods, recognize to be incapable to obtain what they wish, or still worse, who get the opposite.

They ask for something important: a job, to meet mr ou mrs right, more money, a better communication with their guide and everything gets worse.
At best, a painful stagnation, at worst, a real tumble. It can last for a very long time. Too long. Frustrated, they turn away from their faith, their Gods and do not believe any more in anything.

In fact, often this sad situation is the result of two fundamental causes:

  A violent conflict between the consciousness and the unconsciousness.
It is the most complicated case because it needs time to handle it.
It requires:
. a thorough introspection of your beliefs and desires 
(What do you really think about you? Do you really love you ? What do you think to really deserve ? Have you the feeling of your value, importance, usefulness ? How much do you believe to be your right monthly wage ? What is your thinking about love and money ? What do you think about humankind, do you succeed in "marking your territory or do you regularly feel drained of energy ? Do you know how to say stop? Do you behave like your mother, your father, your family while you severely condemn them, but at the end of the day, you also integrated?
Ask yourself all the possible questions, until the most futile because often, behind these ones hide a funny reality.

an in-depth study of your environment,
Is my home favourable ? Or the only fact of coming back home " kills me "?
If you live, as a lot of people, in the inherited family house, clean energetically the place, you maybe live in the psychic net of the previous owners or tenants.

an analysis without any compromise of your circle of acquaintances
Have you jealous or vampiric 
persons near you? Scroungers, gossipers, fault-finders, people who always know everything better than you, who give you ceaselessly lessons or worse who make you feel guilty about everything.
Why do you agree to open your door to these insatiable persons, who never release their prey?
You have to take drastic actions and throw out all these people.

the confrontation to your reactions
Are you excessive or do you introvert your feelings ? Do you tell people their own truths or do you keep for yourself injustices and disrespect?
Often, the lack of respect is at first the result of a holed aura which thus does not intimidate.
A powerful aura keeps people in respect.

. the listing of your true likings
Are you at the right place, where you work, where you live or do you undergo all this by "love", by fear of the unknown, of the future or of something else?
Where would you like to really be ? Which kind of person do you wish to become?
In brief, make a frank and brave scrutiny of every domain of your life without any exception.
Note book and pen in hand, be implacable.
Become the Grand Maât of your life for the time to realize why you struggle in such a mess or in voidness ?

Often the visible causes hide others, much more difficult to understand.
(For example, you have lost your job for the third time, and nevertheless, you are a hardworking and sincere person in your will of autonomy. The company badly managed its assets, too much involved in debt it sank, and you with. Ok. You are a victim. But it is the third time. The good question is: why do you always manage to be hired by a company which later will collapse? )

Thus, to summarize, "read" the repetitive patterns, the annoying similarities with some members of your family, accept your resentments, your angers, your sorrows without any judgment nor conditions and above all express them.
Express: write, phone, confront. Those who like you only because of interest will escape. Love is necessary to accept criticism or a moment of reckoning.

Little by little, you will find a modus vivendi between these two so essential aspects of yourself, for your balance as an entire being, the consciousness and the unconsciousness, the ego and the soul. And then will begin to get pleasant results which will be not anymore " poisoned fruits ".

  a too weak aura which is vulnerable, thin as a petal of poppy, crushed on the ground by the first worry.
It is especially this aspect that we are going to work together.

To obtain what you wish, you have to be 
absolutely sure about two essential things which ensue quite logically from what we have just seen:

  this desire is shared by your whole being; body, soul and spirit. You are aware of the consequences of this desire and accept it without any reticence, including the inescapable " X factor " (Ndt : uncertainty principle - Heisenberg).
For all these reasons, when you ask for something, be extremely specific and not "global" as asserts the new-age. Not only, it will take too long but most of the time, you will get a poisonous gift.
In occultism, it is fundamental to be specific.

Let's take a very simple example
You are single since a long time and can't bear solitude 
any more. You ask Enki to meet somebody with whom the relationship will be genuine, profound, in brief, the true love.
Ok. That's it ?
Thus you implicitly accept, all what will happen, whatever it is and of course to change your life.
If the best love for you, your soulmate lives in Australia, are you ready to quit everything for her or for him?

Big mistake to imagine that Enki - or the Life if you prefer, will give you exactly what you want without expressing it 
Big, very big mistake.
To rely on "God" for everything, is not an act of faith but of denial of yourself.
You give up your entire personal power to a being, whom, so great he is, will not accept it. In any case not Enki who works relentlessly since he created mankind to empower us, to make us becoming autonomous and aware that we are gods-to-be.
Do you know many gods who give as present all their powers to somebody else saying: " you do as you want, your will is mine, for me it is the same, my desires are worthless, consequently I get back those of others, no matter what they will be "?

Then...Be careful with what you ask and how you ask for it, because I repeat, Enki, without any specification, will give you in reality the best for you.
Which can be the worst for you.

Let's think together
Your wish is to form a nice but quiet couple, with a daily routine, the weekend with grandpa/ grandma, and every holidays to the same camping (since your childhood). You know everybody in there, you feel like at home...
In brief, you want love, but it has to "fit" your routine without changing anything.

Enki, him, thinks, quite the opposite, that it is time for you to live, to go out of this mortiferous routine and to go visiting other horizons.
Oups ! At first glance, you fall in love! But what a devastation when you understand that your love, in France for holidays, lives in Canberra and is not ready to quit Australia !
Of course, raging with such a disappointment, you run before your altar to say a word (or two) to Enki, respectfully sure, but the color of your aura leaves no doubt about your emotional state.
Really ! To what was this primordial God thinking ?
To your happiness !
But your happiness clears itself an extremely upsetting path and thus petrifies your small, limited and routinist mental.
Thus, be careful on what you ask and how you ask for it.
You never will leave your village otherwise than dead? Enki or not? Things mut be done according to your faith! For Enki, it doesn't matter where you live, what matters it's that you like the location and feel well!
Then do not ask him for " the love of your life ", but for a stable full of tenderness relationship, on yours doorstep.
Enki will hear you and will give you the best inside your narrow framework.

Understand : Your "universe" has no time to waste with people who have no idea of what they want. No time either to study files, to investigate on the egos and even less to debate about such or such vague, cowardly, unmotivated request.

Imagine: you make a rite or simply appeal vibrantly " to the Life ":
- Ô benevolent universe, bestow me the love, I beseech you! Thank you, thank you!!!.
- What did he (or she) say, worries one of the divine scribes. The love? Of what? Of whom? Can not be more specific? The love of a man? Of a woman? Of an absent father? Of a frivolous mother? The love of a dog, a cat, the love of the life, the sport, the love for oneself ? Hum the love??? There is no service which deals with " global love ", too vast! Hey! Do your hear me below? About what love do you speak ? Be more specific? Hello! Hello!!!
And you below, deaf to the desperate calls of the scribe, dance joyfully sure " to have been heard by the universe ".
And you begin to wait. To wait, to wait...
In vain.
Your request will be unheeded.
Or you will see coming into your life the love, certainly, but with sometimes major disadvantages and you will complain to the guides, the Nephilims or whatever "angels" " who understood nothing ".

Do not talk nonsense like I too often saw in the New-Age: the Life knows better than me, the Life is clever, blablabla.
Obviously! But you have to give a working basis.
Even if a partner would be a good thing for you, it doesn't mean that you wish to commit yourself in a married life and bring up the three kids of a first marriage! You prefer to choose freedom and "solitude" which perfectly fits you ! T
his does not prevent you from having a boyfriend (or girlfriend)!

So, ask clearly to receive the right thing you want.

Do not forget the teachings, those which were not deliberately corrupted, truncated and falsified.
" As above so below " of Thot remains reliable.
Would you go to to the Employment Agency saying: I want to work.
The first question would be: what are your qualifications, your professional history ? What kind of job are you looking for? (And after, 100 files to fill, in France!!).
If you answer "it doesn't much matter", effectively, you will receive anything, - generally what other people refuse, or nothing at all.

It's not different with the Gods.

You must be responsible for your request. 
The responsibility to the responsible.

Too easy to ask blindly and then to accuse the Gods " of handling badly ", no?
The Nephilims do not practise the French-style assistance.
Ask, assume, you will receive.

  You worked a lot on your personal strength, your personal power, your right to receive and thus the solidity of your aura to start on this way.
Indeed, then go. (I remind you that the contact with Ptah is imperative).

For others, it is not still the case.
Don't worry. The purpose of this message is to give you a meditation of power.

Perform this under the protection of Enki in your meditation room if you have one (or in a quiet place), before your altar, after having performed a short rite which I will give you below.
Royal blue candles are needed. An image of Enki or Ptah.

This meditation lasts approximately twenty minutes, be sure to be not disturbed and highly focused. Thus, "do not put " the meditation before an appointment or if you have your mind on others things.
When you will be more experienced, you can perform it anywhere, and 5 minutes will be enough. 5 to 10 minutes several times in a day is perfect if you want to progress good and quickly.
In addition, this meditation gives an amazing energy.

Bow before Enki. Light your candles. 2 or more, as you like.
Say something like:

" Hail to Thee, Ô my Beloved Father.
Thou, Grand Primordial God,
Thou, Creator of the Human race,
whom I acknowldege as my only legitimate father,
Hear your child who asks for Thy Presence.
Please come in this place, beseech me Thy Presence and Thy Protection.
Wrap me with Thy infinite love, 
Let all my being be filled with Thy courage,
Thy power and Thy creativity.

Ô Almighty Ptah, 
I your child who entirely depend on Thee,
Help Me, I beseech you, to get back all my strength, all my personal power, 
all my power of a god-to-be
so that I can make my desires real and achieve successfully and joyfully my plans 
Thank Thee, Ô Almighty Ptah.
Glory to Thee, glory to Thee, glory to Thee. "

Sit down in front of Enki / Ptah.
Feel the energy around you.
Pay attention to your feelings : in the body, around the body, the feelings, the emotions, the impressions , the energy's quality which is there.
Ask for the presence of your guide if you asked for him during a previous contact. He will expand your meditation.
Then, focus on your aura.
Inhale deeply by the glottis.
With the inhale see a stream of golden light wrapping you.
With the exhale, entering into the aura, feeding it, expanding it.
Then circulating everywhere in you, in all the organs, the bones, the muscles, the blood, the lymph...
Perform it several times, then, while remaining focused on your aura that you see as a golden shield,
assert(or something similar, but speak in present tense, be clear and concise).

" With Enki (or Ptah) 
I get back my entire personal power.
I expand my power in my whole being ".

Perform it ten times.
And with the inhale as with the exhale, repeat the very powerful mantra of Sekhem as many times as you want:
Thus, inhale and at the same time say: Sekhem in Ptah 
Exhale and say at the same time: Sekhem in Ptah 
(it means: by the power of Ptah, with the power of Ptah, by his grace).

Then, always focused on your aura,
(when more experienced, you will feel something spreading more and more around you and also a well-being in the physical body, an emotional relief, an inner serenity)

you continue to repeat your assertion now completely, while keeping looking on the forehead, as if you look at the inside of your forehead.
Doing this makes activate your 3rd eye.
Let's go, inhale, assert 
"With Ptah, I get back my entire personal power, I expand my power in my whole being. Sekhem in Ptah ".
Keep focusing at the same time on the aura during the inhale (bringing of golden light) and on the inside of the forehead with the exhale. When the light comes into you, focus on the inside of your forehead and say your assertion.
It seems to be difficult , but it's not. You need simply to perform it several times. 

When you will be more experienced, you will just have to begin to inhale by the glottis so that the energy immediately arrives.
Do not forget one of the fundamental principles:

The energy follows the thought.

If you need, help yourself by looking and focusing.
For example, when you want to work on a specific zone, " look at it", focus on it, even with closed eyes and you will "see" it and will feel it bustling.

Pursue your meditation all the time necessary.
Then come back slowly to your daily life.
Thank Ptah, let burn candles if you wish or switch them off.

The assertions are understood by your entire being only when you are in a state of expansion of consciousness. It is like a "trance".
To repeat as a parrot, thus only with the consciousness does not work or takes too much time.
And worse, can generate damages.
Repeat: " the money enters my life, I am rich, I am rich ", while an official is coming to expel you from your house the next week will have for only consequence to scandalize your ego who will wonder of what more do you need to realize the seriousness of the situation. Be careful !
Working like I have explained "short-circuits" the ego and penetrates directly into the superior strata of your being, of your aura.
The effects will be quickly visible.

In the following messages, I shall suggest you a more directed work.
When you will be more experienced in breathing, focusing, asserting and going from the aura to the 3rd eye, you can connect a specific God to reach your purpose.
I mean a God who matchs the power you are looking for. But again and always under the protection of Enki / Ptah in order to avoid any problem. Don't forget.

Some examples:

  You want to develop your power in any domain, you want to do what you feel without justification, you want to be free, to establish your authority, to develop your charisma:
Connect Enki and\or Marduk / Râ, or Horus.
You can also work with the energy of Sekhmet.

  You want to develop your occult strength ?
Work as much as possible with Ptah and Thot.

  You want to develop your capacity to create but with a financial purpose: to create a company, to set up a project and make a good living on it?
Work with Bastet and\or Knoum.

 You can also ask the Nephilims for the help of acquiring a specific quality or to develop a potential.
A very simple example: you like martial arts, you want to develop strength, agility, capacity, in brief to be very good in this discipline?
Ask Horus or Marduk / Râ.

  You are a woman and wish to develop your capacity of seduction, to be happier, to feel good in your body? Bastet of course.

In the next messages, I shall come back on the ways one can work with the Nephilims, according to their own preferred domains.
And to give you examples of rite to ask your god.
Be careful, the Egyptian magic is extremely powerful.
Furthermore, ask the Gods with a lot of respect and humility, you do not call servants to whom you give arrogantly the shopping list.
It will be a good thing to seek information about them to know them better for choosing the closest to you. Of course, it excludes not at all your relation with your guide.
Your guide can do this for you because most of the time, he is also a god or "a right hand" of a god.
It is the good side of the direct work with the Nephilims: with them, we connect efficiency, understanding, courage, generosity, strength and benevolence.
Glory to Enki, Glory to Ptah, Glory to the Ancient Gods, the only ones who are legitimate to reign over Earth.