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Part 2

(I repeat deliberately certain general or internal factual aspects of the Annunakis. Their genealogy is complex and the analogies between the various aspects, cultures, regions and "myths" not always easy to crosscheck.).

MARDUK whose name means " son of pure origin " always considered himself dispossessed, as his father Enki has been, from the power granted to every first-born of a royal family.
The rivalries between “those for Enlil” and “those for Enki” prejudice the running of the countries.
Anu, descended from Nibiru in a purpose of conciliation, decides to share the Earth in 4 regions, the second including Egypt is granted to Enki.
Marduk and his son Nabu are "relegated" to Eridu, without temples in their effigies.

It is a “funny” incident which is going to ignite.
Enki controls a hundred of "ME" which allow to create, to manage civilizations and to order the worlds. But especially, the one who controls the “ME”, gets the power!

Inanna / Ishtar(below) his great-niece, twin sister of Utu/Shamash decides to appropriate them for herself in order " to govern the world ".
Thus, she visits Enki, - whose penchant for women is legendary-, in an alluring dress and begins to seduce him. Wine flows like water.

When Enki " is opened to discussion ", Inanna begs him: (source Lost Book, p 280 and following ones).
- Show me the “ME”, let me hold them in hand!
The 94 ME necessary for the construction of a civilization, Enki shows them to Inanna.
When later, Enki falls asleep, Inanna steals them and flees. Enki asks that she was pursued. But by a big subterfuge, she confides them to one of her chambermaids whom nobody thinks of chasing), the ME end at her. When she is arrested by the guards of Enki, who keep her captive in the palace, the ME are not any more in her possession.

Enlil(below) learning about such a mess visits Enki, furious. (as usual).

Even if this kind of experience will arrive to Enki only once, it is necessary to tell him all the story. How to imagine that his own great-niece would foment a project of such a perversity? And that she would dare to steal her own great-uncle? And in a so sneaky way?
- “It’s Enki who gave them to me”, complains the deceptive.
Enlil makes a decision which will be grave of consequences:
"When the term or Kishi shall be completed, to Unug-ki (name of the third region) kingship shall pass, so Enlil declare".
The next leadership will thus go to Inanna, because she controls the “ME” and not to Enki and his sons.
(nb. Unug-ki : name of the 3rd region - Kishi : first human city in Sumer where the human royalty began - Ki-Engi : Sumer, land of noble watchers, name of the 1st region. See glossary).

Marduk (below) enters in a wrath which has anymore border nor limit.
- My humiliation has lasted enough, he says to his father.

Marduk writes to Enlil to require a city sacred to his worship. Enlil does not even deign to answer.
Then Nabu(below) son of Marduk, summons the Igigis and their descendants in a place of which they thought, before the arrival of Anu, to use as a "bond Heaven-Earth", a link between sky and earth.

For Marduk, let’s make of this place a holy city and a launching base, says Nabu.
Let us create our own direct communication with Nibiru!
Whereas the launching site is under construction, Enlil and the other gods gather.
" If this we allow to happen, no other matter of Mankind shall be unreached! This evil plan must be stopped " said Ninourta. (Below)
(Literally: " If we let this happen, there will be nothing that the Men cannot reach. This devilish plan must be stopped! " meaning, nothing will prevent the men of becoming as us, gods).

All agree and during the night, Ninourta and his companions bombard the future tower of launch, which was the famous tower of Babel.
It is at this exact moment that Enlil decides " to mix the languages " in order that the men cannot understand each other to plot anything:

"Henceforth their counsels to confuse,
their unity to shatter, Enil decreed :
Until now all the Earthlings one language had,
in a single tongue they speak.
Henceforth their language I shall confound,
that they each other's speech will not understand !

(Henceforth, their plans will be confused (muddled up), their unity broken, decreed Enlil. Until now, the Human Beings had only a language, a single language they spoke. From now on, their language I shall confuse, so that they cannot understand any more when they will speak each other! ")

This arrives in 310 years of human time, says to us Enki. In every region, on every land, people spoke a different language, a various shape of writing was given to each of them that the others could not understand.

So, the power was given to the third region, that of Inanna, and Marduk went away to command the second one with Enki.

He will have the liberty of reign and of action in Egypt, Enki / Ptah letting him with a lot of independence, who runs the 2nd region and teaches the human beings, but more in "backstage". He lets Marduk to become Râ.

(Image Méditerranée magazine : Egypte à la recherche de l'éternité -
Mythes et Dieux - n° T3523)
Some comments...
Before continuing the narrative of the adventures of Marduk, I would like here to clarify something important.
Enki says in The Lost Book " The truth must be said ". He states this with a disarming integrity and authenticity. Who, including nowadays, would tell about his(her) own weaknesses with such a frankness? Would our politicians be capable of it? Or our religious ? Some even, would rather kill in order to avoid seeing their blunders displayed in the front page of newspapers.
At the most I work with the energy of Enki, at the most I realize how much one of his primary qualities is the honesty, the recognition of the facts, the righteousness. He always is of an absolute integrity.
Furthermore, the well-known tendency of Enki for the women, including human ones, that could be perceived as a defect, becomes suddenly a quality or a luck for us.
If Enki had not been seduced by Dawn and Dusk, one day during a journey while studying the evolution of the homo-sapiens, (an evolution which was declining at that time, don’t forget it) and that he did not put into effect his desire " by making love with them, us, the homo-sapiens-sapiens would never have been born. Or in some million years and certainly not carrying such genes, his!
By being himself, by accepting himself as he is, Enki gave birth to the most prodigious race, ours!
Look at the perfection of the human body, our intelligence, our ability to progress, to learn, to surpass ourselves, to think, to teach, to develop, all this comes from him. Our originality, our need of freedom and of creativity, which sooner or later, smash the crushing systems of our society to let go what we always were and we forgot to be: small miniature gods.
The evolution also is for the Gods. Enki is not the same today. Inanna could not seduce him today as she made yesterday. He too progressed, at his own level of God. I very early in my life was stunned by a quotation of the poet Rilke, which never left me: " God is always in the making of himself ". Yes, the evolution is constant for all of us and at every level.

Back to Marduk and the second region
Marduk wants more than "to run with.." in Egypt. He considers that his father, who created entirely the human race ("Sapiens-sapiens", because fertilized directly by Enki and his own seed) and everything on Earth with his Annunakis, is, de facto, the god of the Earth. As his title indicates it clearly: En-ki: prince of the Earth.

It is true that at the origins of the history, the arrival of Enlil on Earth, with the blessing of Anu,dispossesses Enki FOR THE SECOND TIME of his throne. After having built and organized everything on Earth, the whole thing is removed from him to be given to his brother.
(For me, there is here a kind of doggedness on him, which looks like psychological hurt. At first, Anu refused that Enki marries Ninoursag, who was nevertheless his love. He gave her to Enlil. Then, besides his successive dispossessions, his family destroyed all his creation and not only once. In particular " his children ", as he often says it, us, the human race. Moreover, Enki speaks, in The Lost Book, about his sadness, his pain, and his " bitter fate " while remaining determined to protect us. As a human woman, I do not even realize how he can have so much love in him after so many sufferings).

Marduk supports strongly his father. He is, in addition, more virulent and rebellious that Enki. He is not only a proud god who wants the power. He is a god determined to get justice because for him, his fight, his quest of power is right and legitimate for Enki at first, for him, then.
But, driven by his bitter feeling of injustice and wanting at all costs to be recognized, Marduk falls into megalomania. And establishes a kind of "monotheism" prematurely.
The hymn to Râ, on his orders, stipulates clearly:
(Source Lost Book of Enki pages 298/299 - Z. Sitchin - Bear and Co)

"Râ, Lord of eternity,
he who everlastingness has made,
over all the gods presiding,
The one who is without equal,
the great solitary and sole one !"

Imagine the reaction of the other gods, when this hymn was sung!

But Marduk persists. He is Râ. Son of Enki/Ptah, three times heir, he thus gets back by rights the attributions of the other gods.

"As Enlil I am for lordship and decrees,
As Ninurta for the hoe and combat
As Adad for lightning and thunder
As Nannar for iluminating the night
As Utu, I am Shamash
As Nergal over the Lower World I reign
As Gibil the golden depths I know, whence copper and silver come I have found
As Ningishzidda numbers and their count I command, the heavens my glory bespeak !"

When Marduk says " The Heavens announce my glory ", he evokes the next arrival of his era, that ofAries.
Enki himself considers the behavior of Marduk as excessive. He reprimands him: (What do you want to prove. Your claims are incredible! "

"What has you overpowered ?
Unheard of are your pretensions !"

But Marduk perseveres, (it seems that Enki lets him do) and makes radical decisions.
Marduk unifies both Egypt. Replace the worship of the Moon by that of the Sun.
He appoints the first king of the reunited Egypt: Menes (Mena).
The magnificence of the reunited Egypt exceeds all that was made, says Enki, including the first region where was Sumer. His place of worship, Marduk named it Mena-Nefer, " Mena’s Beauty ".
But Marduk does not forget to honour his elders:
He built a temple for Anu.
Another one for his father Enki-Ptah. The summit of the tower of the temple looks like a sharp rocket which points towards the sky.
And in his temple, Râ installs the famous "Ben-Ben".
(I pass on all the descriptions to avoid too many digressions. Click on Ben-Ben to get all the explanations of Zecharia Sitchin. The translation is in progress).
Ptah, to help the expansion of the second region, gives to Marduk all the ME, except the one which allows to return the dead to the life.
And offers to his son the constellation of Aries. The stream of Hapi, country of the big river, for Râ and his people, Ptah regulates. And so the abundance arose, man and herds proliferate.
The success of the second region encouraged, explains to us Enki, the others and the development of the third region that of Inanna was started. But Enki, except the creation of a new language, did not help her and the civilization of this region did not prosper.

The conflict between Marduk and Inanna is not reduced. She blames him bitterly for the accidental death of Dumuzi her beloved. Marduk blames her for her unacceptable behavior with Enki and her duplicity. She does not deserve the third region.
I pass on the secondary events. I shall return on this in another message.
What is important is that Marduk decides that numerous signs announce the advent of his era, that of Aries.

He promises to his believers the immortality and decides to reign over the fourth region.
He does not listen to the wise advice of Enki / Ptah and commits himself in a conflict with incommensurable consequences.

Here we are, says Enki, how Marduk built Babylon and how Inanna, by the intermediary of her king, has spilled blood and has committed many sacrileges.

Whereas Marduk announces the era of Aries, the observation of the constellations showed that the era of Taurus was always in progress, that of prince Enlil.
The Annunakis decide to unify the first region by putting it under the kingship of a single man and confide to Inanna the mission of finding the one who would be apt for this serious task. (!).
She proposed Sharru-Kin, of whom she was in love, son of Arbakad commanding of 4 garrisons.
Enlil gave him scepter and crown and determined the capital of the region: Agade which combined Sumer and Akkad.
His troops were positioned around the fourth region in order to protect it.
But Râ watched Inanna and the others, with a sharp eye. He charged then as a hawk on his prey, clarifies Enki.

When Marduk understood that Sharru-Kin wanted to move to Agade the construction of the tower of launch, which he had himself begin to build on " the sacred ground ", he became furious. With Nabu and his troops, he went to " the place of the tower ".
I am the only owner of the sacred land, only by me, the gate of the gods will be built! Marduk exclaims.
He ordered to his son and his believers to divert the river and to raise dyke and walls " in the place of the tower ".
There, Marduk built the House for the greatest gods.
Babili, the gate of the Gods, was the name that Nabu, in honour of his father, gave to it .

The fury of Inanna was terrible.
Very well equipped, strongly armed, she pursued and massacred the believers of Marduk.
Enki says that the blood flowed as ever on Earth, generating " rivers of blood ".
Nergal, the brother of Marduk, went to speak to him.
- Let’s wait for the signs of heavens, for the peace of the peoples, he says to him.

Marduk accepts and leaves Sumer as Egypt. That’s why the Egyptians named him " Amon " ( Amen), the invisible, the one that we do not see.
Inanna calmed down. Two sons succeeded Sharru-Kin, then a grandson: Naram-Sin (the one who is loved by Sin).

Meanwhile, Enlil and Ninourta had left the first region, and had gone for some time to America. (The lands beyond the oceans).
In the second region, Râ was always absent and travelled through the world.
Inanna took her chance and ordered Naram-Sin to invade both regions. And to walk also on Magan and Meluhha ( ancient Nubia), domains of Marduk.
But Narram-Sin committed the sacrilege to cross the fourth region, (only devolved to the gods) with his troops.
Enlil, enraged, threw a terrible spell on Naram-Sin and Agade.
Naram-Sin died pricked by a scorpion and Agade was annihilated.
We are then, clarifies us Enki, around -1500 earthly years.

The first and second regions, having lost their gods and rulers were into confusion.
When one night, prince Enlil made a dream.
Galzu, the angel messenger of the " God of everything ", appeared to him.
He held between his hands a tablet in lapis lazuli on which was engraved the heavenly vault. Three times, he pointed the passage from the era of Taurus to that of Aries!
And says: " The peacetime will be followed by time of bloody wars. A big disaster will arise. As at the time of the deluge, an honest man and deserving must be named. By him mankind will be protected ".

A bit further, the fourth region was invaded by one called Shulgi.
Enki says to his brother:
- Your regents go too far.
- Everything is the responsibility of Marduk, retorts Enlil. (?)

Marduk, who after numerous events, calls the gods:
It has been 24 years since I lived in exile, roaming here and there, while my city, Babili (Babylon) is mine! The oracles confirmed it to me. My time is there. Thus let me govern my domains, and to me, come to honour.

It is now that the worst decision was taken by the gods against the opposition of only one, Enki, who naturally warned them.
" Your decision will have irreparable consequences. Innocents will die, cities will be plundered! "
But the council persisted and decided to tame Marduk, his son Nabu and their believers, always in rebellion against the authority of Enlil and his kings.
The era of Aries is there, insists Enki, how you don’t see it? Let Marduk reign, it’s now his time.
The council still listened to nothing and decreed, on the initiative of Nergal, the destruction of " the place of the celestial chariots " (the launching site of spaceships) by " the Weapons of terror ", meaning by the missiles.
Anu, informed on Nibiru, gave his agreement. (!) Enki left the room by slamming the door, but previously, he said to the assembly:
What was destined to be, by your decision to undo fail will!
Nergal and Ninourta were chosen to lead the attack.
I shall return on the details but know that Nergal, assisted by Ninourta, seized with a terrible killing frenzy, launched 7 missiles on the region. Far from shooting down only the "spaceport", everything was totally destroyed. From there, came his nickname of " Erra, big Annhilator "(See my post).
The cities of Sumer were flooded under the nuclear clouds. Even the South of Eridu, city of Enki, was affected.
Sitchin depicts this in details in his book "When time began". Enki, who protected himself during the time of the passage of " evil wind ", returned by running in his city, got back the injured persons, made them transport towards the desert where they would indeed be protected despite the place was unfriendly. And Zécharia Sitchin says :
"… Like Yahweh half a millenium later in the Sinai desert, Enki managed miraculously to provide water and food " for those who have been displaced from Eridu". (Source: When time began - Z. Sitchin - Harper - p. 346)

(You will note that the acts of salvation of Enki, proved by uncountable tablets of this period look strangely like the miracles of Jesus. (And not Yahweh). The character of Jesus was directly inspired and made up from the miracles and the attitudes of compassion and love of Enki, 1500 years later. I also clarify that Enki "says nothing about the help that he brings with his son Marduk to the victims, focusing on the consequences of the damages. It is the witnesses of the period who report all this with details).

Babylon, city of Marduk was saved from the nuclear hell. Marduk, Nabu and their believers were saved also!
Unmistakable signs of an obvious divine will: the era of Aries sounded, Marduk has to reign.
The supremacy of Marduk was finally decreed by the gods.
Enlil finally admits to Enki his vision of Galzu.
Enki questions, why then, if Galzu announced the era of Marduk, you sent missiles on him and his city?
Enlil admits to have believed in a false omen. Or a hallucination.

The history of Babylon began and would be rich in new developments.