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"It is not the fact of being born which is the Life 
but the consciousness
Thot/Hermes the Thrice-Great

Our earthly reality is that of a four-dimensional world constituted by three dimensions and by the linear time in which we move very slowly.
The speed of light is equivalent to 300 000 km / second.
Thus, 1 second would be necessary at the light speed, to reach the Moon from Earth.
Apollo 11 flew only 11km / second.
We are aware, here on Earth, of this temporal slowness, the flow of hours, months and years, which sometimes, never end.
So, our human beings' logic is based on the axis space-time, the notion of cause to effect, the past, the present and the future, which succeed one another, one after the other.

From this out-of-date approach, appeared the spiritual and execrable invention of karma. I repeat spiritual, which makes feel guilty, exhausting, iniquitous.
A perfect weapon " to hold the masses ".
The karma is nothing else than our "dying" perception of time and of its interweavings, "poor tortoise in terminal stage which pitifully drags on its heavy carapaced back, useless loads (responsibilities), expired understandings, limited perceptions."

Our brain, barely utilized, with "dead zones" and\or atrophied zones, selects all the frequencies it receives and reduces them in 3D images, on a compatible wavelength for our eyes which are utilized as direct transmitter to our brain. But the opposite is also true. The eyes send back to the brain, the brain adapts and sends back to the eyes, a vicious cycle of progressive consumption of the "Ego".

So, we NEVER see the true reality which surrounds us and even less the one which elevates and\or wraps ours.
But ONLY what our brain and our eyes are capable of understanding and of transmitting. I insist and repeat: our brain, more and more unutilized, weakens up to disconnection.

This brain, as it is explained to us, is an immense electronic machine which picks up (captures, catches ) "vibratorily" the sub-luminous matter.
It works in a holographic way.
(Photographic technique allowing to restore the relief of objects and based on the use of interferences produced by the overlapping of two laser beams, one resulting directly from the producing device, the other reflected by the object to be photographed - here, link towards a more visual and detailed explanation - below hologram head)

The brain builds entirely our mental imaging, itself source of our emotions, our feelings and consequently of our reactions and choices.
The human brain, such as utilized today, or more exactly such as SUB-UTILIZED became our trap, our mental prison in a world of heavy matter.

That's why since a very long time, the gods and the masters (the true ones are extremely rare) speak aboutthe illusion of our world, the famous Maya.
We live in a dramatic mirage, days and nights, stuck in the effects of any act, any thought, any will. And this makes us prodigiously unfortunate, fatalist and demotivated.
Our "universe" is a sub-luminous "universe" where we remain stuck on the ground by the density of our atmosphere and the smallness of our evolution.

Nevertheless, there is another reality that our scientists begin to finger since some decades now but without apprehending the entire sense : the hidden universe or supra-luminous world. Which reconciles besides, rational and irrational.

Régis Dutheil(agrégé in physics, professor in physics in the Faculty of Medicine of Poitiers and researcher in Louis de Broglie Fondation, died in 1995), worked in this domain with his daughter, Brigitte.
The domain of the Consciousness.
And put in evidence that the communication is one-way.
The supra-luminous Consciousness contacts the "local" consciousness (the ego), by the cerebral cortex which, transforms the "message" into hologram for a "better easiness of reading ".
However, it is not possible for the local consciousness, constituted only by photons, to communicate with the supra-consciousness. Except by dreams, meditation, expansion of Consciousness. That's why the importance to awake oneself to other realities.
Régis Dutheil still explains us that an authentic contact would take place at the time of the physical death when the local consciousness gets loose from the physical body and unites with one's supra-luminous counterpart.
" Just like the sound barrier in aeronautics, there would be a " barrier of light ", separating the sub-luminous universe (our tangible world) from the supra-luminous universe. In the supra-luminous universe, it would be possible to observe an event before its cause. With for a human being a complete instantaneity of all the events constituting one's life, the notions of past / present / future would disappear ".

As a result, the black holes would be passages which would lead us directly to the other world, that of the Consciousness, there where the cause to effect disappears, where the karma is shoot down,because everything happens at the same time: past, present and future are immediate, lived time and space merge. Consequently in this world, our poor logic, space/time / linearity do not exist.

In the supra-luminous universe, the speed of light does not exist. Too slow!
The tachyons, which compose it, move faster than the light. The scientists think that the tachyons are invisible in our world for that reason. They cannot move in a so slow speed, in a so dense world as ours. And our eyes as our brain are powerless to perceive them. The energetic frequency of tachyons is too high. They belong, indeed, to an incredibly higher reality than ours.

This reminds the oriental thought in particular the teachings of Thot, himself taught by Ptah.
Ptah wants that we become " little gods " whom we are already in essence. If we elevate our consciousnesses, we reverse our reality. A reality without karma, without good nor bad (evil) and above all, without limitation.
Because, what means to be a God otherwise than to be conscious of any thing, of any being, any feeling, any emotion, any potential AT THE SAME TIME?
From where the teaching - not applicable for now, of the PRESENT MOMENT.
Naturally, in the world of consciousness, everything arrives NOW, but not in ours.
Realize that it looks in immensely big like the functioning of the right and left brains, one being "over" rational, the other one "over" opened to the invisible, and the balance would be in the hidden universe...sort of immense lemniscate, of which the junction point (see message 3 - Ajna) would form the barrier of light...

Let us summarize with a picture of keywords:
(Click for a clear vision)

To reach the hidden universe and especially to know how to stay there, means to attain the world of the Gods and of the Great Powers.
The instantaneity of things and especially feelings, Thot defines it very well when he tries "to depict" the divine inner state:
" Gather in you the sensations of any creature, of water, of fire, of wet, of dry.
Imagine that you are everywhere, 
on earth, on sea, in the sky:
That you were not born yet, that you are in the stomach of your mother, child, an old man, that you are dead, that you have crossed beyond the death. Conceive all at once, then you will know who is God ".
( Corpus Hermeticum)

The Water is the second fundamental constituent of the universe after the Fire.

Enki / Ptah possesses entire power on these elements, Water and Fire, in particular. (also on the two others but the earth contains and the air connects. They are not "fundamental").
He uses them together, in particular to clear a passage through the Hammered Bracelet.
The alchemy of water and fire is so incredible for us, human beings, that I shall return regularly on it.
Let's memorize for now that:
The water keeps in its memory the energetic electromagnetic resonance
of any things.

Is it a coincidence, if in the "myths", everything always proceeds from the big primordial ocean?From "Noun", would say the Ancient Egyptians? Or that the child soaks in an amniotic liquid? That water relaxes, cleanses? Does not any purification help to return to the lost unity of the Self and of one's God Creator?

René Lachaud in L'Egypte ésotérique des Pharaons (Ed. Trajectoire) explains us page 504 of the Volume 1:
" The purifications give back to the matter its cohesion.... 
The water allows the separate things to join ".

But, badly mastered, hurries to add the author, " the water can become the agent of putrefaction. Then it dirties bodies, makes them impure by returning them to the chaos ".
(Thus to the primordial ocean before any creation, the Materia Prima).
But the circle of Mysteries tends to continue and from the chaos as from the putrefaction arises again the Life.
Don't be shocked. Is not the dung utilized as fertilizer?
Let's integrate finally that, in our world, everything always ensues from the Dark, from the absence of light.
(This does not mean "Darkness", in the catholic meaning of the term.)
The gold results from the lead, heavy and unrefined and the vitality from a good night of sleep.
The "Darkness", in the occult approach,
is the divine night: the Pralaya.

There, the integration of the daily experiences is made. The night carries advice and wisdombecause you contact the soul.
(when you switch off the light to sleep, and when you dive into the "darkness", you do not become a little devil waiting for doing some villainous crimes! On the contrary, in the "dark", you recover strength, fresh ideas and return to the Essential of the Hidden Universe).

This dark water is that one of murdered, dismembered, resuscitated, immortal, eternal Osiris"A black water whiter than the snow ".
(Make the link here with the circumstances of Osiris' s death: the drowning. Locked into a coffin, he is thrown in the sea by Seth.)

So, the water is the Great Mother at Work, the principle of life, protective and guardian of the Memory.
And, Seth is the terrifying arm which will allow this alchemy.
" This water is the menstrue of the world,
it kills and resuscitates all together...
It is the water which is utilized for everything and that we do not see ".

Back to Lachaud who quotes Olympiodorus:
" Osiris is the principle of any liquidity...
The male water called sphere of fire "
Osiris, the dispenser of life and fertility.

Water is everywhere. It falls from the sky, stores underground, animates oceans and rivers, and pearls at dawn, such as crystal.
The dew has a particular power.
It would be utilized as vehicle to the universal spirit, this spiritus mundi about which it's said that it is the invisible and secret substance of life.

Thot, lunar god, considers the dew as " indispensable vehicle, Principle of any things ".
Because the dew is the big mystery of water, of its memory and especially of its fire aspect. The dew is the igneous water.
And, at least, the constant and plastic reservoir of the Natural, Universal Spirit Creator of any things.

Do you realize that the dew displays during the night.
The Egyptians defined it as " child of stars ", which, every night, began a long trip towards the aqueous earth, releasing in the twilight, crystalline spurts.

Suddenly everything gets clearer.
The dew is this igneous water because it reconciles the sky and the earth, the man and the gods and intensifies wildly the circulation of energies in everything.
(That's why it is often recommended to walk barefoot on the morning dew to get a new vitality).

Nevertheless, something seems incomplete, is not it?
Abruptly the dew becomes igneous? But how?
Let's let talk once more the initiated alchemists.
And let's summarize with quotations:
" The solar radiation dissipates it (the mysterious universal spirit)
the heat makes it vanish, the clouds intercept it, the wind scatters it
and prevents it from fixing, but on the other hand, 
the lunar radiations facilitate it and exalt it.
At the surface of earth, it unites with the pure water of dew which it used
as vehicle for the vegetable kingdom ".
(Eugène Canselier - 1899/1982)

" Today, everybody knows that the light the moon sends us is only a loan of that of the sun, in which comes to get involved the light of the other celestial bodies.
The moon is consequently the receptacle 
or common centre about which all the philosophers heard. It is the source of their running water.Thus if you want
to reduce to water the sunbeams, choose the moment when the moon transmits them to us with abundance, which means when it is close to its height.

You will have by this means the igneous water of the sunbeams 
and the moon in its biggest strength. ".

(That's why in divine magic, any essential request made to Enki / Ptah must be done at full moon. It's nonsense to say that the full moon would "be satanic" (again the fundamentalist catholics of the inquisition) and to say that the new moon is "angelic" is an imposture.
Any request to succeed requires the obvious Yin/Yang of the manifested universe, the Water and the Fire, both fundamental elements of any Creation : they unify and merge at full moon.
It makes sense ! When we see her entirely, she becomes a powerfully electromagnetic mirror which attracts to oneself the manifestation of the expressed desire during the ritual !
The new moon helps "to discharge", to get rid of bad habits, overweight, allergies... In brief, to schematize, let's say that one fills at the full moon and empties at the new moon

Do you know that one names this so precious 
igneous water " enlivened Mercury "?
Thot again and always... and the moon...(Below two images extracted from a site about the hermetism of which I do not find the address, sorry for that. First image: the harvest of dew - second image : the big powers of the sacred dew and its alchemy).

The soul, engendered by the Cosmic God, is already, by essence, immortal. The souls of the gods Nephilims are immortal since forever. The same for us today.
When Enki created us, he installed in us this infinity. We owe him this eternal extension of the Spirit which makes of us future gods.

Because we are in his image and his resemblance.
On Nibiru, the time passes 3600 times slowly than on Earth. The Anunnakis lived there hundreds of thousands years, young and dashing. But on Earth, it is different.
(Remember: in The Lost Book of Enki (Z. Sitchin - Bear and Co), Enki confides us, with his usual simplicity and integrity, that the Nephilims on Earth, at the time of Sumer, had considerably aged. And their descendants still faster. When Anu came to visit them, he barely recognized them and the way Enki tells us the story is unquestionable. Ninoursag herself, previously very beautiful, had become " unrecognizable, old and bent "! The enormous difference of the speed rotation between Earth and Nibiru was the cause of this accelerated ageing).

How, thought Enki, to maintain the body in perfect state almost as long as on Nibiru, in spite of thelight density of Earth (very dense on Nibiru) and her crazy speed of rotation?

The human soul embodies herself as often as she wishes in different bodies which she "weaves" according to " her life plan ". So, she embodies herself sometimes as man sometimes as woman, as white or black, as disable or athletic, in Europe or in Oceania... In brief, the soul makes a convenient support to experiment new adventures on the planet Earth.
But the descent in the embodiment is slow and painful. Furthermore, it implies " to begin again everything " every time: conception, foetal life, birth, nursery school, school, education, family...
What lost time for the human soul!

The process seems to be the same for the Anunnakis, with the difference that their souls settle down in the same physical body for hundreds of thousand years!
But Enki did not want repetitive process, vicious cycle of embodiment in an earthly matter so dangerous by its density for the Consciousness.
No way to migrate from a body to another one, - at this pace! - with the always possible risk " to get lost on the way ", to forget certain memories, to see them rushing into the swampy meanders of Time.
(Indeed, the soul determines a " life plan " before being reincarnated. Thus, she lets apart certain aspects of the being, certain gifts, potentials or errors experienced in other lives of which the substance is acquired. But with the time, whole portions are lost for the ternary consciousness which goes down, us, body of flesh enlivened by the breath of life. Look: the density is a terribly heavy veil put on the memory of the being. She "dissolves" little by little. The being forgets whom he was, what he lived and experienced and why. The more the embodiments are repetitive and accelerated, the more the being forgets. He goes down "incomplete", with a mission to accomplish, something specific for him to experience. The big difference with the gods is that they remain conscious of their experienced past and have an almost unlimited vision of their lives since the first one to the following ones: do not forget that for them, in their world, everything takes place AT THE SAME TIME. A little like parallel lives, even if the amalgam is not exactly right. But, this can help our mind to understand. Let's take an example: you live a quiet life (one calls it transitional lives). You are a good pianist but your professional activity is the computer science. You always type on a keyboard, but the uttered sound is not the same! If during 40 years you type only on the keyboard of the computer without sparing time to play piano, you would lose your dexterity, and forget your scores and even you would not know any more where you put them! At the end of the day, you would sell your piano. A day, you meet somebody who reminds you your gift of musician. You will have the impression that he speaks about somebody else. Like another life. All this is so far away, is not it? Somebody who looked like you, 40 years ago, had time to play.... But what happened? The life, the stress, the daily tasks...
Replace then this example in the context of the soul which in 2000 years (in the future) will say: ah yes, this so old life in France, what job I had..... The soul will find naturally the information, but not immediately. The most intense, the most essential lives, the most " shocking for the better or the worst " will appear at first in the memory of the soul. And us ", below," we keep these in memory by our experiences, our innate gifts, our "visceral" reactions, but we do not know any more to which old experience, this gift, this reaction is linked nor why).

For Enki, the Nephilims needed long-lasting, healthy and powerful bodies, like they were accustomed to have. And that they can change their body as soon as it shows signs of fatigue, while remaining aware of their totality, faithful to themselves, and adults!
(A little like if in our wardrobe " many healthy and young bodies waited for us "! Why not? The body is a garment of flesh, it's the breath of the spirit which enlivened it! Itself, it's empty envelope, inert vehicle! And note that it does not exist " junk DNA " or still " rubbish DNA" at the Gods!!!)

Then, Enki invented the cloning.
Yes, the body is cloned. Enki realized this miracle of genetics thousands of years ago while we begin just now to approach it, us, human beings! But we begin!
The made bodies corresponded perfectly to the soul, to her wish, to her vibratory chant, already effective and opened to " occult works, to psychic capacities, to the power of the spirit ": bigger brain, better developed...
Yes, the Nephilims changed their body at the beginning of the Egyptian civilization.
Naturally, the Nephilims are few in number compared with the 6 and a half billions we are on this planet. And this was easy for them.
Enki, god of gods in Genetics (among others)is a renowed scientific genius. Nobody equals him.
He made what no scientist on Nibiru never had succeeded to create: a race. The human race.
But the talent is useless if the daring is missing (to support it).
But Enki possesses a lot of daring!
When he understood that his stay on Earth would last beyond any forecast, he decided " to make the immortal flesh ".
Exactly as he had dared "to improve" the homo erectus in homo sapiens, then dared to fertilize by his own seed, the homo sapiens-sapiens.

But, if the breath of the spirit enlivens the body, can one also " clone the soul "?
Of course not!
There, intervenes the genius of Enki and the incredible potential of water.
The water which lives in us contains all whom we are. In its molecules, vibrates our entire DNA.
All what we are today, but also the inheritance of our ancestors. Not only physiological, but psychological, and from the anima (meaning vital facts linked to the soul).
THE memory, THE alive, constant and alert consciousness.
Remember the quotation of Thot at the beginning of the message:
"It is not the fact of being born which is the Life but the consciousness"
A consciousness which makes the difference with the other reigns.
We think. We are conscious. We perceive, analyze, feel...
THE consciousness of all which is in us and around us.
EVERYTHING is consciousness, but it is necessary to realize it.
Our body, sacred temple of this Consciousness, becomes in his turn aware of itself. THE EGO asserts its needs, indicates its feelings, evolves and rises towards the supraluminous universe.
The body, the ego ( the personality), the mind constitute the trinity of our being, we name it John, Sam...
The soul, the Superior Consciousness if you prefer, "possesses" this trinity, guides her, makes her intelligent, autonomous, strong.
(Note however that there are younger souls and then less developed or capable of keeping the embodied trinity on the path of life. That's why the importance to have an Anunnaki guide, not only more elevated than the human trinity but also more advanced than one's soul).
All this is registered in the cellular memory of the body. Organs, muscles, tissues, fascias, internal organs... all of them become profoundly impregnated with the " messages of the soul ".

As for the creation of the human race (first wave sapiens) which was made by mixing the DNA of homo erectus and the DNA of Enki and Thot in a bowl of clay, as for the Gods, it "is sufficient " to mix a specific water molecule, extracted from a specific plant, to the DNA of gods in order that the water absorbs the message of immortality.
The information will be passed on from Annunaki generations to Anunnaki generations. But, because of the particular conditions on Earth, this operation must be renewed every some thousand years. Much less often when they stay somewhere else in the solar system.
Naturally, during the very first manipulation, Enki put in the first molecule of mother-water, the pure Nephilim DNA, his, great primordial god.
Another molecule of mother-water was programmed with the DNA of another great primordial god,Enlil, of whom the incredible physical power and the purity of his genetics are a blessing.
(Below, molecule of frozen water) 

But take notice that, it is here about the immortality of the flesh filled with a sacred water, elixir of life, which contains the memory of the soul, as a genetic-anima (soul) ID card. This memory allows the constant regeneration of the vehicle. And this constant regeneration of the vehicle is always amplified and facilitated by the successive ascents of Kundalini. Here is the full circle !!!
(That's why a human being who consciously works on one's kundalini with the Nephilims is sure to obtain a true cellularrejuvenation).

Important point:
The Nephilims can " resuscitate the dead " as long as the soul remains "hung" to the body by the silver rope. Everything is possible because the breath of life continues to feed the body and to oxygenate the vital organs. That's why Thot was able to bring Horus back from the dead. The soul had remained bound to the physical body.
But if by choice or for whatever reason, the silver rope breaks, it is impossible to make relive the body, because the breath of life (anima, divine) withdrew from it.
That's why some people come back to life and others not. The soul has free will in this domain.The soul will create another body to live again in our world.

However, immortality is not synonymic of eternity. I insist.
The immortality is to acquire, the eternity is gift of gods.
The immortality belongs to the flesh of the body.
The eternity to the "flesh" of the soul.

Let's take some easy examples for our mind.
Now on Earth, only the homoeopathy (to my knowledge, naturally) testifies of the memory of water. The homoeopathy showed its ability and remains nevertheless a total mystery for the "experts".

When Jacques Benveniste in 1988, declared to have observed: "a biological effect of preparation, in which the active molecules were diluted at such levels, that they cannot any more be present physically " and nevertheless the medicine " kept the memory of the molecule, although in the analysis we find no track ".
(Note that the water containing the homoeopathic medicine is very strongly revitalized during the process. I think that this energization contributes to the awakening and\or to the diffusion of the memory of water. Furthermore we are almost made of 3/4 water. When the homoeopathy contacts " the internal water of the body ", the dilution begins and by the aqueous vehicle, the medicinal resonance spreads in all the being. The " homeopathized " water recognizes its own element and spreads easily).

Needless to say the outcry that raised among scientists.
Great immunologist, his discovery in 1971 of an activating factor of the blood platelets brought him on the list of the Nobel Prize in Medicine.
Disallowed by his colleagues, "evacuated " from the Inserm (Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale = National Institute of Health and Medical Research), today he is dead.
(His book: Ma vérité sur la mémoire de l'eau (my truth about the memory of water) - Editions Albin Michel)

But in February, 2008, Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize in Medicine and discoverer of the HIV or the AIDS virus, writes in his book Les combats de la vie (the fights of life ) - Editions Lattès:
" The molecular biology reached its limits and cannot explain everything. Certain phenomena, as the homoeopathy, remain mysterious. I cite Jacques Benveniste's certain ideas (the scientist who invented the " memory of water ") because I recently met phenomena which only his theories can explain. I start from observations, no faiths. We do not understand still yet certain things, but I am convinced that we shall know how to explain them in a most rigorous way. But these researches mut be done for that! If we begin by denying the existence of these phenomena, nothing will happen. "
(In 2007, at the Lugano conference, Luc Montagnier makes the hypothesis of the existence in the water of relatively stable nano-structures capable of memorizing at least partially a genetic information )
This hypothesis explained an experiment which Montagnier presented as perfectly validated by his team: the blood plasma,made of 91 % water, is capable of emitting by resonance, characteristic electromagnetic signals indicating that this plasma was put in touch with certain viruses or bacteria and this in total absence of these viruses or bacteria, these ones having been totally filtered)

What all this means ?
The men little by little, begin to apprehend the world of Enki. They begin to finger the idea that an imprint memorized by a molecule continues to act, even diluted many times. In fact, thememory of the " mother-molecule " is transmitted to the whole body(Principle of the " high dilution " in homoeopathy).
resonance, a contact.

In his book La mémoire de l'eau (the memory of water) Editions Trédaniel, Jacques Collin writes about Benveniste: (the bold characters are mine)
" specialist of allergies and inflammatory reactions of the body, J.Benveniste also chose, for his experiments, very sensitive cells of blood: " basophiles " white blood cells.
By taking an anti-allergic homoeopathic medicine (Apis Mellifica) highly diluted in water, in log 30 (1 followed by 30 zeros, what lets, let's repeat it, not the slightest active molecule to act on "basophiles") the " basophiles " have " ungranulated ", which means, they modified their state under the influence of water like if the active substance had been there. "
(Note that the water containing the homoeopathic medicine is very strongly energized during the process. I think that thisenergization contributes to the awakening and\or to the diffusion of the memory of water).
(If you wish to better understand the mechanisms of the memory of water and its impact on the homoeopathy, I invite you to read the book of Collin. I shall not develop here).

In spite of many denials, the researches about the memory of water continue in France as abroad, because the experiments of Benveniste were made and made again several times giving always the same result: the water in which are made the preparations keeps the memory. And transmits it to what contacts it.
As we saw it above, the water serves as link, as relay, as transmitter, as linking, this is in its nature.

Enki, Great Primordial God, knows since a very long time that the water is a sensor ( a collector) of energy which connects the worlds, a messenger (think of Thot and the enlivened Mercury) who transmits messages and memories from a human being to another one, from the man to the environment, from the man to the earth or to the sky, because it is everywhere, under different forms, the dew, the urine, fresh water, salt water, dry water, rainwater, groundwater, water of life, arsenical water.... and the water in our human bodies.

Enki filled us with memories, with strengths, with potentials. The water of our body reveals, if we "awake"it, the memory of humankind, the collective unconsciousness.
That's why all the psychic powers are associated to the water and to the moon.
The water is an extraordinary divine canal, a bridge between the cosmic and the telluric.
Enki, god and master of Waters, of WATER knows its power: just the immortality, just......the LIFE.