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2 - the REN

I - the REN 

The Ren is the vibratory identity of the being, the vibratory strength of the name.

. the name is what makes us visible, existing.
. the name is what identifies us, what identifies anything.

This vibratory reality for the individual is equivalent to the chant,
to the vibratory "note" of the soul.

If you possess an authentic occult knowledge, knowing the name of somebody opens all one's secret doors, a fortiori, if you know one's "secret" name.
Remember this legend, because it's really one, when Isis steals from Râ his secret name. By holding it, she gets at the same time all the powers of the Great God.

That's why, we have no knowledge of the real name of the gods, this mysterious-name murmured once to their spirit and which remains sealed for ever.
A name which besides is very often a first name.
The family name is the one of a whole family or a clan, consequently it obviously can't be secret.

Ren acts on several plans:
. the one of the "official" name
. the one of the "chosen" name: pseudonym, name given to the Initiated who enters a community, a diminutive...
. the one of the "secret" name

The oblivion of gods is at first forgetting their names. That's why they have so many !
If one of them gets lost in the meanders of time, others always will remain!

For the Egyptians of Antique Egypt, Ren is the vibratory ID card which enables to be not only recognized by the others but also by the gods themselves!
It is it which settles with Ka, Bâ and Akh our place in this world. It contributes to our uniqueness.

The name you bear is CREATIVE.
It identifies you, wraps you with its power or on the contrary its devastation. It "makes" a big part of your inner universe, your beliefs, your feelings.
Think of the CREATIVE VERB.

All what Ptah names becomes alive. 
All to what Ptah gives a name instantly exists.

. Ren is what gives life.
. Ren is what summarizes us for this embodiment.
The judeo-christian first names with which we get stuck since a long time maintain us in an overwhelming energetic cesspool.
It is not surprising that since some time now, the Anglo-Saxon first names are "all the rage".
A "rage" which should decimate the "sacrifice-submission-masochism" trend of the judeo-christian first names and bring more freedom and ease.
To be called Kevin rather than Jonas, William rather than Jean-Baptiste changes the life !!!

If the first name conceals a big part of the strength of the being, it also confers him(her) a big vulnerability.
Knowing Ren, it's we saw it, to find the door of the soul and to be able of opening it in large.
Hence the importance of the anonymity.
The celebrity makes vulnerable at first because : people know your global ID card: name, first name, date and place of birth, they can make your natal chart and read a lot about you, and in addition overwhelm you with their envy, their jealousies, their hatred or worse, with their tentacular possessiveness.

The Egyptians gave to their animals, to their favorite objects, to their plants secret names in order to divert the evil eye, which is indeed real.
Some people are bad luck. This is undeniable and is not any ridiculous faith appearing from removed countrysides.
Always, some Jonas crossed the planet and whoever was under the destructive beam of their malefic eye finished deprived of everything and sometimes even of life.
Except if they were solidly connected to their Ka. Then Ka sends back. But this return shock works only, I repeat, if the aura is programmed for and the Ka powerful. And that you are aware of your Ka. Rare are the beings who, unconsciously, are totally protected against this type of attacks.

For the Egyptians, to destroy Ren was equivalent of destroying the soul, at least, a large part of her.
Although energetic, the soul is not invincible. She can be seriously affected, damaged, even annihilated.
Let's take a concrete example, did you see " The Net ", the movie with Sandra Bullock?
Here is an interesting movie to look on another plan.
Without going into details of the scenario, the actress is erased overnight from the surface of the planet. She does not exist any more. She has no more any name, nor Social Security number, nor bank account, nor address. Others took her place. Deleted, DIED.
She is still alive, but nobody anymore knows it, believes her. She is crazy or schizophrenic. And could indeed end her life interned in a psychiatric hospital or wandering in streets. To kill her becomes easy. Who will care about somebody who does not exist, who is WITHOUT IDENTITY, NAMELESS?
Well, on another level, this can happen to the soul. Suddenly, she is without body, without Ka, without embodiment, without anything. She is forgotten, "insane", ready to leave towards "Materia Prima".
The only shield, besides the solidity of our energetic bodies, is the implacable determination to never more be affected by whom or whatever it is. This builds day after day. With one's guide.


So you do not work for nothing. Never for nothing in occultism.

To fight one's enemy, in Ancient Egypt, before facing him on the battlefield, meant " to kill his name ". One wrote his name on a pottery, a papyrus, a piece of something which one reduced then in powder, in ashes, in thousand pieces.
To divert the malignant attacks
In magic, it is well known that using a "false name" diverts the charge on the "false name".
An Initiated, an experienced disciple on the magic path always takes a new name. His magus name.
So he protects his human being name from any enemy attack. The shock smashes on a name " which exists without existing ".

Once more, let's take a simple and concrete example to understand:
The name of the being is the one of the being.
All right, it's a truism. But if the name of the being is the one of the being, it is not the one of one's destiny, of one's history nor even of one's current life.
They are two different aspects and nevertheless essential.
The Ren is what we really are, not what one projects on us and even less what we believe about us.
That's why we often discover whom we are in adversity. When our true nature, our nature of soul, comes to light, in the urgency of moment.

To call your friends, your children or your love ones with diminutives, with invented names which mean nothing, you protect them by doing this!
If you call your husband, "kitten", he becomes somewhere in the astral "kitten". If somebody wants to harm "kitten" and sends him a charge, the charge will get lost on the way, because there is no "kitten" as such.
But finally, will you say to me, who would send a charge to my husband who is so kind and furthermore would call him "kitten"? It makes no sense !
You are right. But I did this on purpose in order you understood the process.
Now, let's suppose that you always call your husband " Eric " while his real first name is "Frederic", if the charge leaves towards " Eric ", it will never affect your husband, the aforementioned "Eric" married to Joan do not exist as such. You follow me?

Idem for the writers, the artists who take pseudonyms. If you send a charge on "China", pen name of an unknown artist, it will go nowhere, because this pen name has no consistency as such.
On the other hand, if the pen name is consequent, the artist is very famous, and if he or shecompletely integrated the energy of his (her) pen name, then, the charge will affect him(her).
Here is one of the reasons of the well known ill-being of artists who try to find an outcome in alcohol or drug addiction even sometimes committing suicide: too many attacks, not enough strength.

A lot of people are not called by their real first name. I knew a person who was called Marie-Augustine. She hated her first name. Everybody called her "Maria". Little by little, she became "Maria" even on her statements, her invoices, her letter box... But she was "Maria" only for the others. Her vibratory identity is and will remain for ever for this life time "Marie-Augustine". Thus, any attack against Maria was doomed to failure.

The Ren is fundamental because it's never a coincidence but rather linked to a total jumble of complicated implications: birthday, astrological correspondence, relative symbols, ancestors who bore the same, religious feast, emotion, numerology...
The Spaniards who call their daughters " Dolores " have a funny understanding of life. To call one's daughter "Pain" means sentencing her to death, hardly born. Here is a female who will have to take another first name and become impregnated with it until she completely becomes this other first name.
Because it's possible, naturally, to change one's vibratory ID card. But it is necessary to perform a serious work with one's Ka.

Ka and Ren work together. And if for your safety, your well-being, this long but powerful work seems necessary, you will accomplish it with Ka.
(but it is necessary to have built your Ka and to be in touch with him)
In Ancient Egypt, it was only at the age of 7 that the mother, who chose the secret first name of her child, passed on it to him(her). A secret then linked the child and the mother: the first name. A secret first name for ever. The child became this secret first name safely and escaped consequently many troubles, because the others could only attack his(her) official first name.
Do it, if you feel the need: in the secret of your meditations, of your contacts with your guide, decide if you want another first name. Become this secret first name, this magic Ren and do not tell it to anyone never, never, never.
Your life completely will change.

To integrate the impact of Ren, to bind it to Ka and in one of the next messages to Akh and Bâ, means becoming aware of who you are, of what you represent.
Then, you will be ready to open really, - durably-, your heart chakra, WITH FULL CONSCIOUSNESS