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The Gods coming from Heavens of whom speaks Zecharia Sitchin and especially all the old tablets, the hieroglyphs, the frescoes and others that we find all around the world, are beings represented with wings, helmets on their head, in strange ships or flying machines of fire, but certainly not hostile lizards or still venomous snakes.

But they can be associated with the universal symbolism of the snake, we shall see why.
The great symbol of the Snake, which we can see in all civilizations until today, has another story than the one told by the Bible, with its apples.
We are going to begin, if you want me to, by defining the notion of the Snake: emergence, symbolism, strength.
Then, we shall connect this notion to Enki.
At the end, we shall make the difference between the books of Anton Parks which are based on "channeling". And a dramatic mixture between "those for Enki" and " the others", who are really cruel and nasty tiny creatures.
And the scientific works of Sitchin, for which he dedicated his life. His first book about Sumer and Enki dates from 1976! Preceded by many years of study. He is 83 years old today and always defends his theses. If they progress so much in the consciousness of the Humanity, it is because they answer, with coherence, numerous questions that the religious have always left without any answer.

First of all, it is important to observe how much the snake is different from all other animal creatures by being, at the same time, without legs, without hairs, without feathers. It moult, and "is born again" regularly, cycle after cycle, year after year.
That is why, for a long time, it was the true symbol of the sign of the Scorpio, later associated to the aforementioned tiny creature with pincers. But the Scorpio is the sign of the self-resurrection, of theself-transformation, as the Phoenix who decides to sacrifice himself in the flames to be reborn more beautiful, stronger and powerful.

It is thus important to keep in mind this notion of moulting. By analogy, by extrapolation, the moulting becomes the progress, the acceptance to bring ourselves into question, to evolve, to think about ourselves regularly, according to our experiences and our lives.

That's why the snake was always associated with the spirit, the mind, with the creation and thus with the Gods. Flexible, wave-like, winding, he penetrates everywhere into the "Paradise".
Because the snake symbolizes from immemorial times, the “evil emissary” of the Absolute Knowledge. It was cursed by the Gods for this (teaching and freeing the Man) and cursed as well by the people, thankless and foolish children that he wanted to free and who demonized him.

Enki created, in these ancient times, the " Brotherhood of the Snake ", rebellious brotherhood against the cruel diktats of the Gods. He was a member of this family of Gods but he quickly dissociated himself from them, refusing to make of the human being, a slave, an animal of sum. (From where the notion of the rebel, the fallen angel and all the biblical outcry about him, we shall see all this later).
His love and his compassion for the men were very expensive for him.

This strange animal, cold, often repulsive for the human beings, with its piercing eyes and vertical pupils which made numerous artists fantasized, evokes the great cosmic snake. 

Very early, he was the symbol of the soul, of the Life, the spirit and then the darkness, the unconsciousness that manipulates or supports the man without his knowing.
The snake becomes the invisible, the Chi which dances and waves, the primordial manifestation of the world.

According to the cultures, it spits out Fire, it becomes mid-snake mid-dragon or still water snake, as at the Celts where the Vouivre is the goddess-mother, the female-snake who carries the world.

At the Chaldeans, the word Life was represented by the Snake.
It is easy to understand. Think a second: can you seize the life? Can you hold it between your hands? Are you not rather undergoing it, or enjoying it, or loving it, or hating it, but can you seize it ?
Sure not, because in fact, you are the Life. We are what it is. With it, we are united. All our bodies are its body. All our spirits are its spirit. All our feelings, our emotions are its feelings, its emotions. Our creativity is inspired by its. And also, our pain.
Consequently, the Snake / Life embodies the energy/Life. Its dance, its vitality and its eternal transmutation.
That's why the man has always represented medicine and cure by the caduceus, made by one or two interlaced snakes.
Here are some examples through ages, its persistence, its presence in all cultures.

1- Enki
Already, in Sumer, Enki was sometimes represented with " snake/legs".
(Below Enki to the left, saving the human race. He reveals the project of the hostile Gods to let the deluge annihilate the Man. Image from “The Lost Book of Enki” Z. Sitchin - Bear and co - p. 194)

The deluge is getting ready. Enki who created the human race, wants to save his creation. Great scholar, brilliant geneticist, he knew by very advanced genetic manipulations "to make" what we became. By his actions, Enki avoids the worst for us. He reveals to the men the will of the Gods to destroy them and allows them to escape. This episode will become the famous Noah's Ark in the Bible.
The human body is remarkable, not only in its complexity, but especially in its auto-capacity to cure itself, to regenerate, to resist.
When Enki has put in the "machine", what we call the soul, he has offered to the man, an unexpected present ; the intelligence and the individual quest. From where his relation with the Snake. Snake/Life, snake/energy.

2-The caduceus of Ningishzidda in Sumer 
Ningishzidda will become the Thrice-Great, the God Thoth, Téhuti of Egypt.
Thoth is Enki’s son.

Of course, you make the link between the human DNA and the Sumerian caduceus. Enki has made the human DNA with the genes of Nephilims. We descended from EnkiThe Annunakis are our elder brothers. 

A representation of the caduceus of Ningishzidda (Thoth) was found in Sumer by 2150 BC, engraved on Goudéa de Lagazh's cup.
Below the cup – Louvre Museum (Paris, France) 

We also find him on stony tablets called Nâgakals in India.
This is directly connected to the notion of Kundalini, which allows the awakening of the psychic powers for mankind and consequently for us to become as "small gods". (Thank you, Enki).
Here are some examples:

3 – From - 3400 BC to - 2800 BC 
a – We find caducei at the Elamites, into Susa or still in the realm of Anskan.
(The Elamite civilization : develops during the High Antiquity in southwest of current Iran, outside the Mesopotamian civilization. Is known thanks to the importance of Suse and the former capital of Elam: Ansham).
In Anshan, the god Napiri-Sha (Great-God) was riding an androcephalous snake (having a human head) which evoked the Primordial Waters. He was the equivalent of Ea/Enki, also God of the Oceans and of the Subterranean Waters. (From where, his association with Neptune/Poseïdon at the Greco-Romans).
b - In the city of Jiroft, in the South of ancient Iran, Serpopards or fabulous animals with leopard’s heads and with long intermixed necks represent the caduceus.

4 – Caducei in Egypt 
We find the same serpopards, (image 1 below) and sculptured caducei on knives, (image 2) 3200/3400 BC, as at the same times of Nagada.

5- Caducei of China 
The Chinese tell to have been civilized by the sovereign Fouhi or Fuxi and Niuwa or Niugua, at the same time, brother and sister and, husband and wife. (Observe that, always the creations and the civilizations arise from incest and that the most important couples are at the same time brother /sister and husband /wife).
The Chinese represented them mid-human beings, mid-snakes, of which the tails interlaced as caducei.
In their culture, it symbolized the sexual intercourse.
Note also that these Chinese gods carry a set square and compass as the Freemasons, which later will use as symbols of the essential androgyny, fusion of Male/Female, Yin /Yang polarities.

Below the Freemason symbol, to the left and to the right of that of Aïzan, goddess of the Initiation in Vaudou.

6 - Closer to us 
Here are some other representations of Caducei:

a - That of Asclepios, known also as Aesculapius, the Greco-Roman god of medicine. His caduceus has only one snake originally.

b – That of Hermes

c - The caduceus of Mercury, gods' messenger...

The caduceus of Mercury was taken back by the doctors in the 16th century as symbol of their profession.

d-The Phoenicians, two century BC used the caduceus, symbol of Baal or of the child god Joel, identified with Hermes/Mercury. They also engraved it next to their Goddess Tanit, Goddess of Fertility and Growth, “paredre” of Baal
(Paredre: lower divinity of which the worship and the functions are associated with a more important god)

The purpose of this non exhaustive demonstration is to prove that the Snake IS NOT the evil spirit, the devil or the temptation but exactly the opposite, namely the CURE, the KNOWLEDGE and the LOVE of the MANKIND!!!

And so Enki, the first one of the Beings who came on Earth, who created the human race and who taught it, became the malefic beings of the Bible known under the name of Nephilims.
The Nephilims for the biblical people are rude, hostile to Humanity, and have no compassion.
They are sort of devils, monsters. This is not true. This is absolutely false and wrong.
But still there, we must have plenty of sense.
First of all, the race of Nephilims of which originates Enki comes from a planet that we call todayNibiru. The Nephilims are gods for us because their knowledge and their psychic gifts and powers are completely stunning. They are the ruling dynasty of Nibiru. The people who live under the authority of Nephilims are the Annunakis. The Annunakis are the secondary gods under the command of the Nephilims.
Here is their hierarchy, very simplified.

The Nephilims are not reptilians but tall beings, with very fair hair, their nickname are Nordics. But they are not related with the Vikings or the human Germanics.

At the Nephilims and Annunakis were “those for Enki”, approving the human beings, who liked (even loved) them and had taken them as wife or husband.
And others who hated our race because too difficult and complex to manage.
Enki took humankind’s part to protect us against his camp. Consequently, he became the traitor, the bad. He was driven out, exiled and cursed by his own family during a time. The reconciliation came much more later.
And all our history ensues from this period.
(I shall explain all this in details and I strongly advise you to follow the order of the messages
“Enki and the humankind” which are numbered)

Moreover, all these images that we can see everywhere with small lizards on their rear legs with the title, " here is Ea " are so stupid that it becomes blasphemous.
It is a question of common sense:
How can one be at the same time a great God, a giant, a Nordic, a Nephilim and a small entity, with dreadful eyes and small members?
Sitchin, plenty of sense, considers not at all, the Nephilims as reptilians. Furthermore, he rejects the biblical idea of Nephilims.
For Sitchin, the Nephilims are "the people of the rockets of fire". 500 000 years ago, they landed on Earth and became the Gods builders. Enki was sent on Earth to mission by his father Anu
Because he was already a great scholar, a brilliant architect, an outstanding genius, on his own planet.
The Nephilims were associated with reptiles because of the erroneous interpretation of their “costumes”.
They often wear helmets, strange things in their hands, as page 144 of "The 12th planet - Z. Sitchin – Courteau Publishing". These costumes remind those of astronauts rather than lizards. Their representation is simplistic, reduced.

Furthermore, in the first translations of the Sumerian tablets, as in the first translations of the Bible, incoherencies or misunderstandings were repeated from generation to generation. In particular, explains the author, about the word " shem ".
This word, properly translated, “enlightens” the coming of the Nephilims on Earth, the gift of the knowledge by Enki to mankind and the wrath of “the gods” against the men and especially Enki.

I quote Zecharia Sitchin, page 158 and 159 of “The 12th planet: (the bold sentences are mine).
"The translators of the Bible persisted in using the word "name" every time appears the word “shem” despite an accurate research published more than a century ago by G.M. Redslob (in “Zeitschrift der deuschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft”) in which he points out with good reason that the word "shem" and the word "shamain” (the sky) come from the root "shamah" meaning “what is upward".
Where, in the Old Testament, it is said that king David "made a shem" to mark his victory on the Arameans, said Reslob, he "did not make a name" but set up a monument which pointed towards the sky.
Once understood that "mu" and "shem" should be translated in the Mesopotamian texts not by "name" but by "spacecraft", we begin to understand the true meaning of numerous old stories as, in particular, the story of the Tower of Babel.
In the chapter 11 of the Genesis, it is question of the human attempts to raise a "shem". The report of the Bible is written in a concise and accurate language which tends to prove the historic truth of this fact.
However generations of scholars and translators have only tried to give to the text an allegorical meaning because - as they understood it-, it was the desire of humanity "to make a name for itself”. (to build its reputation)
A such approach emptied the text of its real substance. Our conclusion for the true meaning of “shem” restores to the text all the meaning which it had for the people of the antiquity.
The biblical narrative of the Tower of Babel deals with events following the repopulation of the Earth after the deluge, when some people “left east and found a plain in the country of Shinéar and settled there".
The country of Shinéar is, naturally, the country of Sumer in the plain between both rivers in South Mesopotamia. And this people who already knew the art to make bricks and to build high buildings, necessary for an urban civilization, declared:

" Let us build a city, and a tower
of which the summit touches the heavens;
And let us make a shem
otherwise we shall be scattered on the surface of Earth ".

But the Lord does not like this idea:

" And the Lord went down
to see the city and the tower 
that the Children of Adam have settled.
And he declared: " look, they make a unique people 
with a single language, and this is only the beginning of their efforts:
Now whatever they intend to do, 
nothing will be impossible for them ".

And the Lord says - to some colleagues of which the Old Testament does not reveal the names:

" Come, let us go down and, let us blur their languages
That they cannot understand each other anymore”
And from there, the Lord scattered them on the whole surface of earth
and they stopped building the city.

So, it was called Babel because the Lord blurred the language on Earth ".

The traditional translation of "name" for "shem" made this narrative unintelligible during numerous generations. Why did the ancient inhabitants of Babel (Babylonia) want at all cost "to make a name" ? (to build their reputation)
Why this "name" must be put on a tower of which the summit would reach the Heavens?
How the fact of "building his reputation" could prevent that the humanity was scattered all over the surface of Earth?
If all that these people wished (as the specialists explain) was to make "their reputation", why did this attempt irritate so much the Lord? Why the raise of a name was considered by God as a so big exploit that "nothing would be impossible for them to make"?
The traditional explanations are not sufficient for who wants to understand why the Lord considered necessary to call other divinities (not identified) to come down and put an end to this human attempt.
We think that the answers to all these questions become plausible, even obvious, once we translate by " air vehicle " rather than by "name", the word " shem " which is the word used in the original Hebrew of the Bible. It is indeed here question of the anxiety of the men, once scattered on Earth, of losing the contact between them. Consequently, they decided to build an " air vehicle" and to set up a tower of launch for such a vehicle to be able, like the goddess Ishtar to fly over "all the inhabited lands ".
Naturally, for who knows the history, it is easy to understand that it is, indeed, Anu great God of the Nephilims and father of Enki, who refused to see the Human beings becoming more and more erudite and autonomous.
In fact, this history takes place AFTER the deluge which means after Enki, consciously disobeyed to the orders of his father, saved the Man and besides, taught him the sciences and opened him to the discovery and the understanding of the great Knowledge. It was too much for Anu who came with other Annunakis to destroy the projects and the human hopes.
To divide to reign better.
And then the man, by his predilection to learn and to evolve appeared to be very dangerous for these gods who nevertheless, were in advance of 500 000 years!
Apparently, Enki had rather well succeeded his creation, us.

If the Man had stayed with his true father, Enki, loyal and affectionate, instead of succumbing to the grotesque stories and to the infantile fears of the priests and religious submitted to the hostile gods of humanity, he would be today the equivalent of a god because he would have in his hands, the entire wisdom that Enki would have breathed into him, plus a technology and a knowledge still unthinkable today because, I repeat always in advance of 500 000 years!