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Chakras, Tattwas and Creative 

1st part - Introduction

In the Lost Book of Enki (Z. Sitchin - Ed Bear and Co), Enki explains to us how the constellations were created then named, and the days, months, years determined by him. How, as a pioneer just arrived on Earth, he established in 7 days with his troop of 50 Anunnaki, (50 heroes, Enki rightly specifies) Eridu, first city ever built on Earth.
(We know how much the Bible, thousands of years later, was a lot inspired of the epic of Ea / Enki).

Then how he became:
God Creator of Humankind, by manipulating the DNA of the Homo Erectus, assisted by Ninoursag and his son Thot
(first wave: Homo Sapiens)
. Father of Humankind by coupling with human women Dusk and Dawn. So Enki engendered a new race of human beings, the one we are today, the Homo Sapiens-Sapiens.
We are made in his image and in his resemblance.
The love, the compassion, the equity, the forgiveness and the absolute need to create, to search, and to understand are his direct inheritance.
(See all the previous messages " Enki and the history of mankind).

To create civilizations, worlds, great projects, requires "tools", potentials, gifts, strengths, an authentic knowledge of the functioning of the cosmos and of its intrinsic laws.

To grasp - even a little, how Enki created, we shall study as profoundly as possible the Tattwas and the Chakras. And how we can, because engendered directly by him, "copy" our Father Enki/Ptah,- in great humility -, to become, in our turn, creators who deserve our divine origins and who, when we wish something, do not see happening in our life exactly the opposite.
(source, click on the image)

As I have already explained in my blog on the fantastique, I don't know better way to study otherwise that to plunge into the subject.
Consequently, we shall study at the same time tattwas and chakras.
If you have already read some of my writings, you know that I always and directly come to the point.
Thus, I advise you to read again the messages about the psychic powers of the Nephilims.
Then to read again and again this message, because everything can seem easy to apprehend for "advanced " people, but more difficult for newbies.

To acquire the occult knowledge requires three qualities, in addition to an evident motivation:
. Focus
. Intuition
. Sense of analogy.

Don't try to always understand everything. Read, feel, "inhale" the words instead of analyzing them and you will quickly progress.
You assimilate much more that you think!

Indeed, the contact with Enki and your Nephilim guide (part 2) will propel you much more quickly towards other perceptions and realities.
Thus, make your rites and meditations and especially do not lose heart.
Never forgetThe Nephilim respect your energetic structure. They move to your pace, the exact one that your physical and subtle bodies tolerate.
In this new set of messages " chakras, tattwas and creative powers ", I shall give you short but effective and intense meditations to contact your guide and work together with him.
For now, let's discover, as introduction, the Tattwas.
And let's become aware, all together, of what blocks our psychic progression !

The Tattwas represent the energies of creation.
Five vibratory fields, genuine emanations of the divine consciousness, which exceed the highest aspects of the five known elements.
(in fact, because the Tattwas are energies of creation, they are numerous and every chakra is bound to its own, but for now we shall work with the 5 first ones).

The Tattwas are not the subtle bodies of the Man, nor even their continuation. The subtle bodies belong to " the human entity ", such as we have already seen.
The Tattwas are cosmic, universal emanations. If we persiste in establishing a comparison between the Man and the universe, it would be risky to assert that Tattwas and subtle bodies of the universe are synonymic.

The Tattwas are the Primordial Essence of Elements 
and of their field in their purest aspect.

Our soul, when it weaves its future earthly body, " piles and fits out " the subtle bodies: etheric, astral, mental.....6 which come to wrap the physical body (7th body) and to settle comfortably. (See subtle bodies - translation in english at the end of the french message) 
All these bodies are inter-bound in a functional cohesion, thanks to the chakras, placed in focal points of the energetic structure.
They evoke wheels surrounded by petals, as small sunflowers. Nevertheless, these petals are not real petals in the vegetal meaning of the term, as you suspect it. But energetic emanations of which the rounded shape reminds the petal of a flower and its center, the vacuole, the flower bud from where appears the pistil.
(Vacuole = cavity).

The chakras turn on themselves, brew and magnetize the etheric, mental and astral energies.
The more the chakras turn fast, the more the awakening is big.

the energy of activation of chakras 
is called TATTWA.

Consequently, and this is fundamental,

the physical body is the densified component
of non physical energies fields.

Furthermore, each of these energies fields or Tattwas is connected to the physical cellular structure by the very complex network of nadis.

The nadis are the " meridians of acupuncture " of our invisible energetic structure, which go through the physical body and connect it to the subtle bodies.
The nadis form a multidimensional network which influences the cellular and organic behavior.
The chakras, them, "recycle" the energy before spreading it in the whole body, and lower it to the vibratory level of the person.
The chakras, from this point of view, are energetic "adapters".
(Below, the network of the 144000 nadis of the physical and subtle bodies - Guérison spirituelle et immortalité - Patrick Drouot - Ed. du Rocher)

The chakras translate the effects of the etheric, astral, mental and beyond (causal, buddhic, divine) vibratory fields by biological manifestations, which, most of the time, affect our endocrine system.

The endocrine glands are a part of a powerful system of control which affects the whole physiology of the body, from the cell to the central nervous system.
So, the chakras affect our behaviors. But it is a "vicious circle": they affect our feelings, our state of mind. Which in turn affect the involved chakras. That's why it is so important to develop as much as possible feelings of enjoyment, self-confidence and strength.
Chakras and state of mind act on our hormonal system which resounds in its turn on the intellectual activity.
But, well-balanced and harmonious chakras maintain a subtle nourishing energy in the various parts of the body and offer vitality and health.
The profound connections which exist between the brain, the endocrine glands and the immune system are real.
We have already seen the direct relation between the 6th chakra, the 3rd eye and the pineal gland.
You already know that every chakra is linked to a color. In fact, this color is a specific vibratory frequency. These subtle energies are reconverted to assimilable endocrine signals by the major endocrine glands.
These colors always do not correspond to those which are usually given everywhere: red for the 1st one, orange for 2nd, yellow for 3rd, emerald green for 4th, blue for 5th, silvery / white / gold for the 6th, white for the 7th.
They are only basic colors.
It depends on the level of consciousness of the person.
A being who regularly would work on oneself and thus would increase noticeably one's vibratory level would see the "famous" colors / frequencies being transformed.
The spiritual awakening is equivalent to a stairway that one climbs. Step after step, everything transmutes. No floor looks like the other one.
When one contacts one's inner god, in the heart, one awakes one's solar aspect. The chakra of the heart " turns" then color of liquid gold. Some Initiated put Venus in the heart, what is completely also right. (From where its original colors, green and pink. But these colors are of low frequency in our world - I shall develop all this in the message chakra 4).
The more you will elevate yourself, the more you will pass beyond these stories of planets and symbols.
Only will remain: a golden sun in every chakra.

The first three chakras which, as us, often, tend " to look downward ", turn round and finally look to the big energetic traffic circle of the body: the heart chakra.
The three upper chakras stop looking at stars and join the big junction point: again the heart.
The whole energetic traffic pass by the heart chakra/soul/Ptah who regulates and harmonizes it.

The " bad karma " goes away from our lives.
When you make a commitment to Enki / Ptah, all your "fate" is revised by him. Many pains, future events, sorrows are "displaced" in understandings, feelings and commitments. The things largely improve because the Anunnakis, who are the ancient white Atlanteans and manipulate the great psychic and occult powers, are capable of acting on your DNA and of taking away from you many misfortunes.
Thus, to summarize, the most you will elevate your vibratory frequency, the most "you will be in touch" with the Great Primordial God Enki, the most you will leave the " bad karma " behind you because this "karma" resounds in low frequencies.
Read again the message about the immortality. Karma is the enchainment and the slow progress of time. The more you accelerate your particles, the more you go out from this karmic bow net and begin to experiment the real freedom of the creator.

Every organ possesses an appropriate vibratory frequency. The organs of same frequency are all together grouped in the same part of the body where they are "submitted" to chakric stimulis.
The chakras are themselves activated and stimulated by the Tattwas.

Here is the symbolic representation of Tattwas.

Earth Tattwa - Prithivi - Mulhadara Chakra - Yellow Square
Water Tattwa - Apas - Svadishtana Chakra - Moon Crescent
Fire Tattwa - Tejas - Manipura Chakra - Red Triangle
Air Tattwa - Vayu - Anahata Chakra - Colourless Sphere
Ether Tattwa - Akhasha - Vishudda Chakra - Night Blue Sphere
. Maha Tattwa - Not yet in our levels of consciousness, that's why the third eye is closed at the majority of human beings - Ajna Chakra.
To summarize briefly :
The Tattwas are the "Gods of Elements" such as we perceive them in our world.

There is no better chakra than another, nor a more beautiful than another.
The energetic functioning of the human body has to be harmonious and completely balanced.
To work only on a so-called "superiors" set of chakras, is equivalent to unbalance the whole vibratory structure what makes the person hover (remain floating, suspended in the air) from the daily life.
The first three chakras are fundamental. They assure the right understanding of our world, our adapted reactions to it, and above all, they are directly concerned by the inescapable questions of survival and comfort: to live, to breath, to eat, to drink, to earn one's living, to be healthy, to create, to organize, to pay one's invoices, to respect the law. In brief, to be anchored (or grounded).
Mulhadra, Svadishtana and Manipura are the vital bases of the upper chakras.
Never forget that Kundalini sits and rises from the very first chakra, which vacuole takes place between the anus and the genitals. Interesting, isn't it?

Any serious or repeated problem on the first and second chakras deprives the being of any prosperity and\or sentimental balance.
Any serious or repeated problem on the third chakra makes the being incapable to create and to bring to a successful conclusion any project, to manage a crisis situation or to assert one's opinion and one's rights. So cut off from any personal power, one will sink into depression, the denial or still worse, the addiction and\or the suicide.

The " New Age ", which has new only the name, exhorts to elevate one's consciousness, to work on the heart chakra while ignoring the fundamental needs of the ego and thus the first three chakras.
Nothing, absolutely nothing good can happen while denying one's body, one's feelings, one's right for pleasure and especially one's needs.
Sooner or later, the "for such a long time muzzled ego" will demand vengeance.

Seek in your spiritual development, the internal harmony before anything else.

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This harmony infers the immediate acknowledgement of your needs, desires and dreams and of the absolute necessity to satisfy them in respect for the others.

Our world, all countries, is led by beings who want our destruction by polluting our soils, impoverishing our food and our water, by killing our dreams, our creativeness, our freedom to be and to exist, by lowering the level of everything (culture, communication, relationship, ideals...) and by cloning our desires and needs.

The only possible reaction is to assert our inner freedom. It leads to a more bigger energetic strength. Protects us from diseases, from epidemics, from madnesses of any kind, from exterior attacks.
In this environment in which, all of us live, we can be "nowhere". It is essential to be connected to a powerful egregor as that of Enki/Ptah.

To expand one's chakras, to strengthen one's aura (one's shield), to get involved the least possible in " neighborhood quarrels" , family troubles and any useless problems are excellent initiative.
The more you live as the mass, the more your chakras close because any expression of originality is forbidden for them.
The more they are closed, the less they attract energy, projects, love and money. You will be tired, vulnerable, lonely and depressive.

It is not about making the revolution, hysteric fist at the top of barricades. But to be not any more dupe of the system. To move on with discernment, while respecting the law. Violence resolves nothing. To be a submitted person, either.

Enki engendered the man in his image. He created us sensitive, open-minded, intelligent, curious, liking the good, motivated to help and to build, obstinate to learn and to progress. Every balanced human being looks for enjoyment and peace; not wars and misfortunes.
But the quest of enjoyment is not stupid bliss, nor that of peace, indifference and cowardice. Even there, harmony in any thing.

When the cosmic god, - whom Enki and the Nephilims name "God of All" in the Lost Book-, told Enkihis will to see the gods leaving planet Earth for some time to let the human beings experiment their space alone and handle it on their own way, the gods obeyed and went on other constellations and planets close to planet Earth, or still in the Upper Astral.


Regrettably, as soon as the gods were gone, respectful of our free will and of the cosmic divine will, and " not any more involved "in human affairs, many disasters appeared.
The rumours regarding a "conspiracy" against humankind are far from being false, even if some are fantasy. But, it is undeniable that there is among the all-powerful persons a will to enslave the men, and our History obviously demonstrates this.
The gods gone, the men massacred one another. Even if the science progresses, even if our world evolves towards more comfort and\or creative potentials, we are, in fact, plunging and incapable to communicate between us, while our entire society is only based on "communication".
More and more people withdraw on themselves, lonely, "coupled" with their computer or their hobby, new addiction "to avoid looking at the world such as it is ".
The experiment wanted by the cosmic god is not convincing. The men, far from living in peace, love and sharing, kill one another more than ever.
The Gods were asked to come back among us.
It is the famous 2012. They will begin to "hoist" of one degree (notch) the level of consciousness of mankind. This increase of vibratory frequency will be fatal for the bad ones, the tyrants, the children killers, for any monster.

Certainly, a long time ago, the Nephilims had their bad period and humankind sometimes suffered from it. But if we established two columns and, that objectively we noted all that the Gods made for us, then what we were capable of making for ourselves, they easily would win.
Since the withdrawal of the gods, just before the fall of the Roman Empire, what of beautiful and great had we built?
What civilization? What great work? What peace?
When Enki / Ptah personally ruled Sumer then Egypt, more than 5000 continuous years of peace reigned over Earth.
Human beings did not hold on 10 years, nor even 5. Everywhere, famines and devastations. Western Europe did not make war since about sixty years, because she left making it on other regions of the planet.
Besides "physico-geographical", the war is now economic, cultural, psychological and above all spiritual.
Yes, I can't wait for the return of the Nephilim. I can't wait for their powerful energy pours on us.
They are for ever the ancient and only true gods led by our legitimate Father Enki / Ptah.
This message does not treat of politics. But of Tattwas and Chakras. Because our everyday life "kills" our chakras, we are sick, hospitalized, always worrying for something or somebody.
Our unconsciousness communicates a lot by symbols. Now, we are "soaked" with destructive or annihilating symbols.
To fight our fears and phobias, our own limitations, our stress, our pains, it is necessary to use an opposite symbol which speaks to our unconsciousness.
This point is important, and is now the object of the third and last paragraph of this post.

We are going to take two very concrete examples of chakras.

First example 
The animal symbol of the first chakra is the elephant.
(Below the first chakra, as represented by H. Johari - Entrelacs editions)

I know several persons who used it in meditation, seeing a "capering " elephant in the vacuole, or still visualizing him as the god Ganesh.
The result was dramatic. Slowing down of incomes, unexplained fatigue, moments of depression. How is it possible?

The only "oriental" civilization close to us is Egypt. Because we know her rather well and because she enthralls us. Beyond, we are on "enemy" territory.
Our western world is the exact opposite of the oriental one, and to paraphrase the Dalai Lama, I shall say that it is always necessary to respect the culture of the country in which we were born.
Consequently, the Eastern animal symbolism and even sometimes Egyptian, is profoundly different from ours.
The Chinese, for example, consider the frog as an animal bringing prosperity. In Europe, it will be considered as a cold animal, which moves by jumps, ugly and useless except for eating the mosquitoes. Some people, with the sense of humor, will say that it is useful to forecast the weather.
To attract prosperity, it is necessary to put it (the prosperity) IN the physical body and IN the aura.
The mental visualization is insufficient. If you constantly forget the body/temple where finally everything happens, you will not get the expected results.
Then, would you visualize running frogs in your entire body ?!!!
In the case of the elephant and the first chakra, what is your perception of the animal?
Heavy, big, linked to hot countries, India, Africa, with a trunk "which enormously deceives " sing the children in summer camp. (Ndt : In the french language, the elephant's trunk and to deceive spell identically = trompe, tromper (verb in present time = trompe)) 
If you work the anchoring and the stowage of your body to the ground, evoking the elephant can be valid.
But if you want to see money coming in your life and you visualize an elephant, you give to your WESTERN subconsciousness a message which it will decode exactly on the contrary.

Understand me well, please:
What you CONSCIOUSLY understand can be very different of what understands your subconsciousness and especially your UNCONSCIOUSNESS.
The interpretation of symbols is tricky.
An elephant, symbol of prosperity... prosperity will slow down. Maybe it will be more stable but slower. And if it accelerates, it will provoke damages because an elephant who runs and\or charges, breaks everything on his passage. For us, he is awkward, heavy ! Look Babar !
Consequently pay great attention to your symbolic choices. You can seriously upset the domain that you want to improve by choosing a "bad" symbol. "Bad" for us! And get the opposite of what you wished!

The great secret of communication with the Unconsciousness is the most absolute simplicity.
You want to develop abundance in your life?
Three big symbols which are going "to speak" well to it :
. the cornucopia 

the fields of wheat, sunflowers, fruit trees plenty of healthy and juicy fruits

the sun.

And if you want to make simpler, put golden suns everywhere. In all domains, in all chakras, in the entire body, in the whole aura.

It is the absolute symbol, now you know it, perfect for cure, health, vitality, joy and abundance!
Gold, the golden color, the flesh of gods made of gold. The love is the summer sun, the peace the sun at sunset, the joy the sun at its zenith, the sun, again, again and always. Thus do not copy the oriental symbolism which will never have the same impact on our unconsciousness, I repeat it: MAKE THINGS SIMPLE!

Second example 
Opening the heart chakra is fundamental. The animal associated with this chakra is the antelope.

A beautiful and pure animal certainly.
But in the west, how many times, when we were children, we saw in TV documentaries, a brought down antelope, killed by lions, by tigers, and other cheetahs?
How many times did we see this poor animal, bitten, ripped?
What a beautiful message directly put in the heart, the Great Energetic Traffic Circle of the chakric line!
" Now, I open myself to the love and to the rise of my consciousness! " You diligently assert 50 times a day.
" She became crazy, that one ", will spell your unconsciousness, very upset because he also has to clear 50 times a day your inconvenient assertions!
But, consider yourselves happy to have such a smart unconsciousness !

But if you, sir, have a more obedient unconsciousness, rest of a former stay in the army, and you also assert: "Now, I open myself to the love and to the rise of my consciousness! " While visualizing with doggedness a quite beautiful antelope with charming eyes, you will end in terrifying sentimental relationships, ripped, plundered, injured, dying!
What kind of message do we give to our unconsciousness with this antelope?
That the love whatever sentimental or spiritual is dangerous, sacrificial, that sooner or later, we shall finish dismembered. And the subconsciousness to say: " Yes, it is what happened to all those who were in advance in their time, "guides", "prophets", thus it is good... "!

You want to open your heart chakra ?
Visualize a big vibrating and pulsing sun, in your chest, feel its heat and its joy filling you.
Think of Ptah and of his "gold flesh", see his beautiful face, his big eyes and realize all what he has built, created, and understand that yes, Ptah is love.
Think of a beautiful red rose which opens in your chest, releasing thousands of golden glitters, but please, avoid the antelope!!!

The Dreams 
Let's suppose that you have a nightmare: a dirty rat with big teeth attacks you. You hate these tiny creatures, you wake up in a sweat and you are waiting for the worst!
Do not remain like this! Do not give in to the fear! Fight!
Be rational !
Who kills the rat? The cat.
Lie down again forthwith:
Close the eyes, think again about this nasty rat.
Then, imagine the most incredible tomcat that you ever saw, his rolled up chops, ready to attack, then see him bringing down the rat, killing him!
Still better, see this big cat obeying Bastet/Sekhmet, and know that with her magic powers, no rat can escape her!
What a victory!
Fall asleep again peaceful ! And sweet dreams!
Tomcat watches! Glory to Bastet / Sekhmet!

We are ready, now, to begin a successful walking towards the opening of our chakras, in harmony and joy!
With Enki / Ptah!
Glory to Enki!
Glory to Ptah!