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and the KEY MOMENTS 

6th and 7th tablets

When Enki has suggested to the assembly of the Gods Annunakis to "mark the homo erectus with the imprint of the gods to accelerate his evolution", was he aware of the incommensurable consequences, which this would produce on his own life? And then on ours?
Had he the intuition that he has engaged, at this specific moment, a real epic? More than that, an imbrication, a pile of epics which would last more than 500 000 years? And always unfinished today?
First God Annunaki to put the foot on our Earth, Enki stayed there. This mission that must last only some years of human time was transformed into a daily fight with drastic choices, emotional and sentimental implications of an exceptional intensity.
Because his own genes, his own sperm had invested our DNA, our blood, our organs, we are descendants of him, more or less, that it pleases us or not.
Besides, the epic of Enki answers the totality of our interrogations about what the humankind have lived since the beginning. Whoever studies his history can only acknowledge this.

I here suggest to review the various scientific stages of the creation of Mankind in addition to the message Enki and the blood of men.
For an evident need of clarity, I shall repeat myself sometimes.

The Igigis continue to extract the gold of which Nibiru needs. They work harshly since thousands of years in the mines, but also by transporting the noble metal on Mars, during ceaseless and exhausting trips.
The revolt growls seriously.
Enki is called to find a solution to this problem.
How to solve that? How to manage all this? Asked the Gods to the wisest among them.
- Do not worry, answers Enki. The solving is easy. He already exists on Earth a kind of big monkey which vaguely looks like us. If we put on this being our imprint, he could evolve quickly and work for us.
The Gods feel reassured.
Only Enlil is opposed to this idea supported by his son Ninourta.
- It is out of question, he says. We have abolished the slavery on Nibiru, is it necessary to recreate it here?
I don’t like this. Let’s create machines to work, not beings. Only the "Unique God" ("God of everything), can create a race.
- We shall create nothing, Enki patiently repeats. This being already exists. (The homo erectus, see the image below). We just need to accelerate his evolution in order that he will be capable to help us by extracting the gold. This means to modify his DNA.

File:Homo erectus.JPG
(A reconstruction of Homo erectus at the Westfälisches Museum
für Archäologie, Herne, Germany - Wikipédia

After harsh discussions, both brothers still disagree. Thus they decide to bring the matter in front of the Council of the Gods chaired by Anu since Nibiru.
In front of the ecological disaster that Nibiru has to face, the construction of the golden shield is an absolute priority for its survival.
Aware of it, Anu gives his agreement.
Enki will make of the aforementioned monkey, a race of primitive workers who will take the place of the Igigis in the mines.

Naturally, we can consider that we were created to serve as slaves in the mines.
But in fact, we have progressed with such a speed that our situation of "primitive worker" rapidly gave way to another reality, that of our destiny absolutely and definitely bound to the Gods Annunakis and Enki, in particular.
Because Enki, loved his creation. That he "knew" her, in the former significance of the term, meaning that he loved her as well, physically, sexually, he appreciated her, he emotionally felt very touched by her.
Prince Enki fell in love with the Humankind.
He freed her from the yoke of the mines, saved her from the deluge, emancipated her from any submission by giving her the Knowledge, the capacity to reproduce, combined with the "human" DNA of these old times his own genes, inseminated the human women with his own sperm.
Then, he made love with them and engendered children with them, children mid -human beings, mid-gods.
Enki loves the love. He had numerous children, boys and girls, and not only the 6 named in “The Lost Book”. Although naturally the first ones in list of succession.
But he had many others with human women.

That's why this history since become a true epic, is considered in its entirety.
Without Enki, we would never be born.
As says Sitchin and he is not the only one, if Anu had forbidden his son "to manipulate” the evolution of the primate which lived on Earth, we would be even today "millions of years behind". We would run naked in jungles, covered with hairs, with a prominent snout and a brain of a fly. We would be forever the homo erectus and not the homo sapiens, even less homo sapiens-sapiens.
Our children would not be in our lives. Nor our grandchildren and our future would only evoke piercing shouts, blows of paws and growls.
Let’s put back all this in the context without hasty judgments nor sterile rebellion. (And it is a chronic rebel who speaks to you).


"Like us, from Nibiru coming, they are procreating.Ningishzidda, my son,
their Fashioning Essence has tested ;
Akin to ours it is,
like two serpents it is entwined ;
When their with our life essence
shall be combined,
our mark upon them shall be".
Enki - The lost book of Enki - Z. Sitchin - Bear and Co Publishers.

The most amazing is the exact description made by Enki of the human ADN, thousands of years ago while our own scientists discovered the DNA sequences in 1953.
These creatures, first "standing" monkeys or homo erectus, had a sex male or female and can reproduce. But they lived as animals, drank putrid water, ate directly with their mouth, etc.
"As us, says Enki, who come from Nibiru, they reproduce. Ningishzidda, my son, has tested their DNA. It is as ours, as "two interlaced snakes". When we shall combine their DNA with ours, our imprint will be in them ".
And a primitive worker will be created.

3D structure of the DNA molecule

Certainly, we have understood that Enki, Ninoursag/Ninmah and Ningishzidda do not begin from nothing but from a species already created by the evolution. An evolution begun by the collision Tiamat / Nibiru.
However, in the reading of the Sumerian tablets of Enki as the Atrahasis or still texts and testimonies of the period, the manipulations were so numerous, the involvement of the three gods so strong, and the DNA so repeatedly worked, that the "starting point" seems to be reduced at the end, if I may say.

As I have already written, there are two great waves of creation.
The human being was at first, the homo erectus then the homo sapiens.
But within the "wave sapiens", existed a new branch, that "sapiens-sapiens".
And it is important to understand these various phases because, not only they allow to integrate our origins and our intrinsic universal and collective nature, but they also imply - and especially-, directly Enki in the creation of the man and the woman, such as today.
I indeed say, such as today.
What we are now has nothing to do with the standing monkey on its rear legs, the homo erectus, or even the first sapiens, the Adama, who, although "perfect" for this period, was a kind of pet, which lived naked and copulated blindly with any female.
Moreover, this first race of sapiens has degenerated by itself.
Enki says in The Lost Book, page 167, confirmed by the researches of Zécharia Sichin, that:

«The offspring of the Earthlings he (Enki) observed,
an alarming matter he noticed :
By their repeated copulations,
back toward their wild forebears they were degraded !»

(Because they reproduced between them) 

That's why a new project was born in the brilliantly intelligent mind of the Prince but….. let’s begin with the beginning!

1 - "Lulu" or the 1st primitive worker
These beings, wild creatures maintained locked in the gardens in the House of Life of Enki, " in the sight of Enki and the others, jumped, bit the bars of their cage, grumbled and snorted" (Lost Book page 133).
Enki thought that by integrating the Annunaki DNA to that of the "creature", a more civilized being would appear. Capable of holding a tool in the hand, of working, of bending, of understanding the given orders and of reproducing.
(The notion " to hold in the hand ", the notion of dexterity are here essential. Indeed, one of the biggest distinctions between the animal and the human being is the opposable thumb. Our capacity to use our thumb as a separate autonomous finger, which allows to hold, to hang, etc. is one of the first signs of the human evolution. It will be necessary to wait that the man is capable of practising the crafts and the agriculture to consider him "civilized".
So, the first teachings given by Enki and his wife Ninki/Damkina, to Adapa and Titi were the crafts, (on base of clay and reed at first) the agriculture, and generally the manual works. This is not a coincidence)

Enki, assisted by Ningishizidda (future Thoth), confides to his half sister Ninoursag/Ninmah, the secrets of the genetics and how to combine two DNA. (The "life-essence" is obviously the DNA).
How to combine them, up to which point, and then in which womb to inseminate it?
The medical knowledge of Ninoursag here are required by Enki. She has for mission " to blend in the mixture the mould of the gods".
But it is with Enki and Ningishzidda that she tests the hidden secrets in the ME (or divine formulae) to reach the fixed purpose.
The DNA is transmitted by the man who "sows" the woman. The two interlaced strands of DNA must be separated and combined to create a new offspring. (A new result).
Then Ninmah suggests to let an Anunnaki male fertilize a female erectus.
" This has already been tried, exclaims Enki, and no conception took place "!

The experiments began.
The failures were relatively numerous. In particular it was difficult for Ninmah to find the good dosage of DNA between both races Annunaki and Human.
Then Enki and his sister inseminated the " genetic mixture " in the womb of the elected female.
At first, no fertilization took place. When they got the fertilization, the children were born handicapped in one way or another. Blind, mute, incapable to use their hands…
These deficient children were never euthanatized. Enki kept them with him and taught them what they could integrate. So, to the one who was blind, he taught to play an instrument. To the one who could not use his hands, he taught the singing, and so on. The genetic manipulations were made, certainly, but in the complete respect of the life. Never, they were "thrown" because not corresponding.
Nevertheless, Enki thought how to obtain capable children.
As usual in that case, he enters in "deep meditation". (He deeply pondered...)
And naturally, he finds.

" Maybe the problem is not in the genetic mixture,
he says suddenly, neither in ovules nor in the DNA.
Maybe it is necessary to use the clay (a bowl in clay) of the Earth 
to mix the DNA and not the crystal bowl of Nibiru".
Maybe, the real mixture on earth consists of gold and copper ".
( Lost Book - page 136)

The genes extracted from the Anunnaki blood were put in the bowl in which Ninoursag mixed ovules according to the formulae of ME. Then the "mixture" was inseminated in the womb of the earthly female.

The fertilization succeeded and gave a male. Three Gods jumped for joy and kissed each other...
But the growing child did not speak. He looked like the Anunnakis, but did not possess their gifts.
Again, they turned towards Enki to find the solution. Again, Enki "deeply pondered".
He studied stage by stage the entire process of creation since its beginning, and said suddenly to his sister:

" The only thing that we never changed,
It is the earthly womb.
And if the problem came from there?
Maybe it is the obstruction which we look for".
(Lost Book page 137)

Ninoursag is perplexed.
Enki clarifies:

" I talk about the womb which carries the child!
Of the one who feeds the fertilized ovule, of the womb which gives life!
To be in our image and our resemblance, maybe an Annunaki womb is required! "

The witnesses of these comments, never heard until now, looked, astounded. After a long silence, Ninoursag acknowledged that his brother must be right.
Enki suggests immediately to ask his wife Ninki to carry the child. But Ninoursag pleads for being the surrogate mother of the child. Did she not participate to this exploit since the beginning?

" I shall be the first one to offer an Annunaki womb!
I shall face the best as the worst! "

Enki agreed and inseminated himself his sister. A male child was born. He seemed perfect. Ninoursag called him Adamu and breast-fed him herself.

The child was examined from every angle: the body seemed well built. The five senses worked. He was not hairy as the homo erectus, his hair were black, his skin was soft and of clay color and his blood was dark red. Only his penis seemed curious. The skin covered the glans of the penis, what is not the case of the Annunaki males (who are "circumcised" of birth and not at birth. They went out from the womb of their mother already circumcised").

The state of natural circumcision is for the Annunakis, the "mark of the Gods".

(This can explain that certain human races imagine themselves more divine than others, because circumcised... For the Gods Annunakis, the only ones "pure blood" are circumcised, who are the primordial gods and their pure progeny. No elected human race for them. For them, all the human races are equal)

Let the human beings be different from the Anunnakis by their prepuce”
decided Enki.

(Lost Book page 139)

Ningishzidda intervened: numerous workers in his image must now be created!
Enki answered:

"... like a Firstling he shall be treated, from toil he himself shall be protected,
his essence (the DNA) alone
as a mold shall be !"

To begin "to clone" the primitive workers, Ninoursag called 7 goddesses of birth.
Once inseminated, they gave birth to 7 boys.
(Note the repetition of the figure 7, sacred for Enki).
Ninoursag extracted herself the DNA of Adamu and some drops of blood (the DNA is in the blood) and mixed them in the ovules of the goddesses-carriers.
Then, she says the incantation:
(that Enki as Ningishzidda/Thot noted).

"To a unity shall the two essences,
one of Heaven, one of Earth,
together be brought,
That which is of Earth and that which is from Nibiru
by a blood kinship shall be bonded !"

So, the first seven males " primitive workers " were born. They were healthy.
Always full of common sense, Enki intervened:
" It is necessary to create females, otherwise, how long will take these manipulations! That males and females know each other and give descendants".
Let’s create the woman, decreed Enki. Then he says to his son Ningishzidda: " you must change the formulae of the ME and adapt them to give females ".
A new Anunnaki womb was required for this.
Ninki / Damkina, wife of Enki and mother of Marduk, would carry the ovule.
The child was born in the 10th month, by caesarian.
It was a girl. She was called Ti-Amat (not to confuse with the primordial Tiamat) who means " Mother of Life ".
She was perfect as her male complement, Adamu.

Adamu and Ti-Amat are the " Adam and Eve " of the Bible.
It is said to simplify, because the Bible which copied entirely the Sumerian tablets, has often, under the same name, imbricated several characters.
Adamu and Ti-Amat were both settled by Enki to Edin, in his sacred city of Eridu.

Back to our genetic manipulations:
Once more time, the three Gods mixed ovules, DNA of Ti-Amat and blood and then inseminated the mixture in the wombs of the goddesses-carriers. 7 females will be born.
The 7 males were gathered with the 7 females. They "knew" each other but they remained without descendants. The same for Adamu and Ti-Amat.
Ningishzidda took the situation under control. It was necessary to entirely re- examine the DNA of Adamu and Ti-Amat!
The DNA of the couple consisted of 22 strands! But one for the reproduction was missing! Adamu and Ti-Amat were sterile!
Ningishzidda suggested a solution: from his own father Enki and his aunt Ninoursag, he would extract the essence. (the DNA). Then, he would inject it directly in the DNA of Adamu and Ti-Amat.
This was made in great secret. From the rib of sleepy Enki, Ningishzidda brought out the DNA and injected it immediately in Adam's rib. (Notice the link with the stories of rib from where we were born in the Bible).
Then he made the same from Ninoursag to Ti-Amat.
To the DNA (called the Tree of Life) of Adamu and Ti-Amat, the missing strands of reproduction had just been added. And what strands ! Those of Enki and Ninoursag, two of the four primordial gods!
The DNA of the gods developed an embryo of consciousness to Adamu and Ti-Amat, who covered their nudity.
And so Prince Enlil has found the secret. He was infuriated against Enki, accusing him of having given to this mentally retarded race, divine gifts! (because only self-awareness generates the fundamental questions about the reality and then the answers and the progress..)
Because they had been conceived to generate workers, they had to be where they were needed, in the Abzû! He decreed, furious.
And so Adamu and Ti-Amat were expelled from the Edin, in Eridu and sent towards the " lands of below".
(this does not remind you something? But finally, Enki managed, as usual, to make them come back to Edin)

2 - The homo sapiens-sapiens
We have seen in the introduction, Enki notices that the homo sapiens declines. Worried, he looks for a solution. And a new idea comes up in his brilliant spirit...
Enki traverses roads and rivers, he navigates and observes.
Suddenly, he perceives two attractive earthly women who bathe and enjoy themselves. The destiny between Enki and us is going to be sealed forever:

Their sight the phallus of Enki caused to water,
a burning desire he had.
A young one to him Enki called,
a tree fruit she to him offered.
Enki bent down, the young one he embraced,
on her lips he kissed her.
Sweet were her lips,
firm with ripeness were her breasts.
Into her womb he poured his semen,
in a matin he knew her.
Into her womb she took the holy semen,
by the semen of the lord Enki she was impregnated.
The second young one to him Enki called,
berries from the field she him offerred..."

Soon, the first one of the young women, at dawn, gives him a boy. This young mom will be immortalized by the first name, which was dedicated to her: Dawn.
The second gave him a girl in the twilight. The mom will have for name Dusk (twilight).
The children, son and daughter of Enki, were born in Edin. In great secret.
Enki did not want to put them in danger nor to see them "expelled", nor to submit them to whatever pressure. He will raise them himself, persuading everybody that his vizier found them, abandoned.
So, peacefully, he observes, loves and educates these two children.
The boy will have for name Adapa and the girl Titi.
Adapa and Titi were born healthy, very clever and skilled with their hands. Enki speaks about "dexterity"!
With his wife Damkina/Ninki, Enki teaches them the bases of the crafts, manual works, the agriculture, and also how to remember the teachings, to organize them, finally how to be cultured!

Once adults, Adapa and Titi, both brilliant, are the pride of their father. They are educated, autonomous, opened to progress.
Enki confides then to his vizier, Isimud, in the secret of the gods since the beginning: (note capital letters)

"A Civilized Man have I brought forth !
A new king of Earthling from my seed has been created, in my image et after my likeness !
From seed they food will grow,
from ewes sheep they will shepherd
Anunnaki and Earthlings henceforth
shall be satiated !"
(Yes, because the food had become rare at this moment, by the important proliferation of the men while they did not yet know how to sow a seed and then to harvest the fruit).

Enki can now reveal his secret and adopt officially his children. He begins by informing prince Enlil about it.

" In the wilderness has new kind of Earthling has come forth!
Quick of learning they are,
knowledge and craftwork to them can be taught ".

Enlil, amazed, answers:

"Indeed a wonder of wonders it is,
a new breed of Earthling on Earth has emerged".

The Annunakis come from everywhere to contemplate this miracle. The God Anu remains stunned in front of such achievement. He invites immediately Adapa on Nibiru! (And not Titi, the place of the woman to the Anunnakis at this period is a little limited. It has changed, fortunately!).

Anu, always astounded, ceaselessly repeats:

"that by life essences one kind to another leads is not unheard of !"

The scientists of Nibiru, themselves nevertheless very advanced, remain astonished in front of such success.
Never anywhere, even on Nibiru, such miracle had been realized.

By only Enki, the human race of the Homo Sapiens-sapiens
was born and… admired by the Gods.