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For once, I shall begin this message with some quotations of Helena Blavatsky, although I do not approve the theosophy.
In my opinion, the importance this theory attributes to the Karma is ridiculous and makes the play of the big enslaving religions.
Indeed, their damned karma jeopardizes Humankind with an unbearable guilt, root of all evils of which the worst ones are called fatalism and " imminent misfortune ", " too beautiful to be true ".
Nevertheless, in the entire work of Blavatsky which I read, (take your courage in both hands) certain things are right and confirm the teaching of Enki, unique Creator God of our race.
Let's see this.

We already have treated of the Snake and his association to Satan.
There is no "Satan", who is an invention of the Catholics, or, as writes Blavatsky in her book "Abrégé de la doctrine secrète" page 343
(shaping and italics belong to H.B):

" Satan's term, in Hebrew Sâtân or "adversary"
(from the verb Shatan " to be opposite "," to persecute "), 
belongs by right to the first one and to the cruelest "Adversary"
of all other Gods - Jehovah - and not to the Snake who only articulated
words of sympathy and wisdom ".

Who thus is this "Snake" who has his entry in the Eden, the Paradise?

Once more, let's listen to H.B. always in the same book, page 339: (shaped by the author except the capitals which are mine with the small characters in italics and brackets).

" It is easy to understand why the first Initiated and Followers, or the "Sages" whom we represent as having been initiated to the mysteries of nature by the Universal Mental, were called the " Snakes of Wisdom " and the " Dragons " and also why the first physiologically complete couple (the first ones " Adam and Eve " or still Adama and Ti-Amat) - After having been initiated to the mysteries of the human creation by eating the fruit of knowledge-, began to be little by little accused by the material spirit of the later generations to have committed a sin, to have disobeyed to the Lord God and to have been tempted by the Serpent.

The first Christians understood so little the first four chapters of the Genesis in their esoteric meaning, that they have never noticed, not only this disobedience implied no sin, but still that THE "SERPENT " WAS IN FACT THE " LORD GOD " HIMSELF WHO TAUGHT HUMANKIND
They never realized that the cross was the result of an evolution of the tree and the snake
and that it became the " salvation of humanity ".

Blavatsky develops on very numerous pages the symbolism of the Snake. Of Dragons also. These beings " fallen from the sky ", these " lights fallen from heavens " and who are Ea/Enki and his 50 Anunnakis, 50 heroes who accompanied him. All together they built our Earth, our civilizations, and the human race.

Blavatsky makes the link with other cultures, let's read together:

" The mystics see in the snake of the Genesis an animal emblem and a high spiritual essence:
A cosmic, super intelligent force, a " great fallen light ", both sidereal, aerial, tellurian spirit :
From the beginning, it was a symbol.
In all ancient languages, the word dragon, meant what it means now in Chinese long or " the being who excels in intelligence " and in Greek, " the one who sees and watches ".

(Make the link with the Egyptians of the Antiquity who always spoke about "Guardian Watchers", these "watching" Gods who protected the human race and educated it: the Nephilims or Anunnakis).

In the light of these writings, it is advisable to linger a while on the truthfulness of the Bible and its stolen stories, here and there. It is necessary to see this book as a compilation of "historic" facts revised and corrected in a purpose of religious propaganda. And to free oneself from it.
Pages 335 and 336 of her "Abrégé de la Doctrine Secrète, Helena Blavatsky seriously warns us:

" The Christians will support that the Garden of Eden is the holy Paradise, the profaned place by the sin of Adam and Eve; the occultist will refuse to admit this interpretation of the dead letter. One partially showed that was the Eden....

(We know since the discovery of the Sumerian tablets of Enki that the Eden is Edin, the garden which surrounded the palace of Enki and where lived happy the first ones Sapiens then Sapiens-sapiens created then engendered by the Great Primordial God Ea/Enki - his "Edin" spread everywhere where his troops or descendants settled down).

.. That we just have to say that the " garden of Eden or the Hebrew Gan-Eden which means Park or Garden of Eden, is an archaic name of the part of the country watered by the Euphrates and its numerous tributaries, from Asia Minor and Armenia to the Erythraean sea ".
Although they contain the same substratum of esoteric truth that all other primitive cosmogonies, the Hebraic Writings obviously let see the tracks of a double origin. Their Genesis is, purely and simply, only a reminiscence of the captivity in Babylon. The origin of the names of villages, of men and even objects, that the original text contains,
can be found at the Chaldean's and the Akkadiens...

In truth, the Jewish biblical history was a compilation of historic facts which had their origin in the history of other peoples and arranged in a jewish way, except the Genesis,
which is pure and simple esotericism.

The Garden of Eden has never been the property of Jews, because China that we could not suspect to have had the slightest knowledge of Jews, 2000 years BC,
possessed, in Central Asia, a primitive garden of that kind,
in which the " Dragons of Wisdom ", the Initiated inhabited.
A Japanese encyclopedia locates the " Garden of Wisdom " on the plateau of Pamir,
between the highest peaks of the Himalaya chain.
After having described this place as
the highest elevation of Central Asia, one shows us the four rivers, the Oxus, the Indus, the Ganges and the Silo, springing from a common source, the " Lake of Dragons ".
It is not however the Eden of the Genesis, nor the cabalistic Garden of Eden.
The first one indeed, means in a certain sense, Wisdom,
a similar state to that of Nirvana, while in another sense,
it's related to the very intellectual man, to the one who contains in himself the Eden in which grows the Tree of Science of good and evil, of which the man is the Expert ".

(The Tibetans, such as we know them today, are for one part, the descendants of the Anunnakis, in any case, the children of their descendants. Do not forget that all Asia, from the 3rd region dedicated to Goddess Inannawas initiated to the Annunaki powers and knowledge. From the famous " Indus Valley".
Remember that Enki created their language and their writing at the request of Enlil, and that the Wisdom of the " Gods fallen from Heavens " also spread in Asia. (Lost Book page 287). As it was also the case in Central America by the Grace of the Great Thot, who engendered the Maya, Aztec and Inca civilizations or precolombian civilizations.
Unfortunately, as for the rest of planet Earth, Asia is widely infiltrated by the bad gods, and it is enough to see how cruelly the populations are treated in China to think at once of the Greys).

This blog being particularly dedicated to Ancient Egypt and its great god Ptah, let's end here with a last quotation of H.B. about the spiritual symbolism of the Snake /Dragon, more directed towards the man candidate for initiation. Once more, let's read together some paragraphs of her book, page 341.

" Whatever is the cosmic or astronomical event which was at the origin of the allegory
of the " War in Heaven ", the earthly origin must be seeked in the temples of initiation
and the archaic crypts.
This is proved by the following facts:

a) The priests who take the names of the Gods they serve

b) the "Dragons" that the whole antiquity considers as the symbols of immortality and wisdom, of occult knowledge and of eternity,

c) the Hierophants of Egypt, Babylon and India, who give themselves generally the name of " Sons of the Dragon " or of "the Snakes", while the legend of the war against the solar god
is in all religions.

It existed in Egypt and in Chaldea numerous catacombs of which some had a very vast area.
The most famous were the subterranean crypts of Thebes and Memphis. The first ones extended in direction of the desert of Lybie and were known under the name of Catacombs
or Passages of the Snake.
It was there that were accomplished the Sacred Mysteries of the " Inevitable Cycle ", and the " War in Heaven" refered, in a sense, to the terrible fights reserved for the candidate follower,
fight between himself and his human personified passions
(by the magic) when the illuminated inner Man has to destroy them or fail.
In the first case, he became the " Victorious Dragon ", because he brightly mastered
all the temptations and a " Son of the Snake ", snake himself having skinned the former skin
to be born in a new body and become a Son of the Wisdom and the Immortality for all eternity. "

(Regrettably, we know that the " war in heaven " took place between the Anunnakis led by Enki and the reptilians. I shall return later on this aspect, we shall see " where is Enki " who never has abandoned us).

Now, let's see the snake differently.

The snake is also associated with the libido, with the sexual energy, which is also another name for the energy of life.
Energy of life, sexual energy, creative energy, Chi, all these are the same thing.

The snake, as visible animal on Earth, is only a mediocre appearance of the Great Invisible Snake, dance of the life, and at the same time deep layers of our consciousnesses and fathomless compost of the Earth.
He is the essential principle, always to be reborn, to live, to dance, to love. He is the Life.

He is Kundalini, in India and today all over the world.
Who has never heard, more or less, about Kundalini?
Coiled on the base of the vertebral column, Kundalini waits its hour. The Awakening.
Awakening of consciousness, which propels towards stunning psychic and occult powers and especially towards the global understanding of all that exists.

Kundalini or the direct contact with the Creator. Kundalini is the gift of Enki to Mankind : there is the Knowledge, the Occult Power of the Being. There is the Fire of Knowledge, because the veil tears and everything becomes clear: the initiated SEES.

Fond d'écran animé, screensaver 240x320 pour téléphone portable

The sexual act is the first step. The orgasm, the first one towards our Creator.
You understand now why the religions, especially the Judeo-Christian "condemns" the sexuality. Generally for the religion, the sexual intercourse must be only "to give birth to ". To increase the community of Allah or Jehovah, certainly not for the pleasure and especially not for that of the woman.

But the stimulation of chakras, especially the first one, fundamental base of our earthly reality, the Awakening of Kundalini becomes achievement. Permanent orgasm of the constant contact with the Invisible, the Divine in oneself, the Great Creator.

I insist : the religions have made of sex a dirty thing, only reduced to fertilization and reproduction. Ifthe man as the woman decided to make love IN CONSCIOUSNESS and to realize that every orgasm always leads them towards more Life which sings and which dances, towards the true Creator, then, they would turn away from gods of cheap junk, from astral patterns, from idols, to become themselves what they are already in essence, small Gods.

So, as we already saw at the beginning of this message, Enki was associated with the serpent.
Because He is the Life, the Life in us, that it pleases us or not, that we are aware or not.
The snake is one of the greatest symbols of Humakind. He is everywhere, in all mythologies, in all cultures, in all civilizations.
Look at the famous ones :

1- Ananta
Kundalini is Ananta, the Great Serpent, the one who holds the axis of the world, thanks to his rings.
Associated to Vishnu and Shiva, Ananta, the Nâga of Hindu mythology, is the development, the progress that carries the world with stability and allows robust foundations for each of us.
(image wikipedia)


Ananta means in sanscrit: eternal, infinite, without any limit.
On the image above, we see Vishnu resting on Ananta who rests on the Great Primordial Watersand serves here as " divine bed ".
One says that the god Vishnou or Shiva waits here, during the Pralaya (when the creation slumbers in the heart of the Creator) the new birth of the universe ( manvantara ).

SHIVA, whose Sanskrit name means "the Great Beneficial" was often associated with the destruction. Why?
The life and the death, the beginning and the end are the Life.
Shiva who we always see dancing in the wheel of the life (the circle) is also represented meditative.
The symbols put on him are significant: the royal cobra, which we find in Egypt in particular as Uraeus and the trident.
Awakening and Strength.
Power of creation and destruction - Power onto the worlds.

And below, the royal cobra or URAEUS on the mask of Tutankhamen (near the vulture goddess Nekhbet in charge of the royal protection).

So, Shiva is a more recent representation, of Ea / Enki.
Ea, God of waters, seas and oceans, scholar, scientist-creator of the human race, prince of elements, in particular the Fire, fire of life.

Likewise the snake, other animals are "bearers of the world" : the bull, the crocodile, the tortoise and even the monkey, other manifestation of Thoth and substitutes of the Great Serpent.

When you work on you, when you meditate to open your chakras, you always work with Kundalini.
When the Serpent wakes up and uncoils along the vertebral column and crosses every chakra to enlighten it, awake it and release all its powers, you open yourself to YOUR invisible, to YOUR world, to YOUR creative power.

Understand the link between macrocosm and microcosm.
As the Great Cosmic Snake supports the world, the "Snake in you" uncoils the vertebral column, stands you, steady and strong, and deploys your supreme reality. He becomes your base, your stability on which you can establish your power of little budding god.

2 – The Ouroboros 
It exists other means "to support the world".
Or, one holds the world on one’s head, on one's shoulders like Atlas and one uses one’s energy or one’s arms,
(for this beautiful drawing - source

or one holds it with one’s entire being like the Ouroboros, circle-snake, base-serpent which bites itself its tail on which the world is based.

(image Wikipédia - drawing by Theodoros Pelecanos in alchemical pamphlet title Synosius - On 1478)

The Ouroboros bites itself its tail, auto-fertilizes itself, embodying the union of both principles, female and male. By awakening your Kundalini, you unify in your body the Yin and the Yang and become perfectly balanced.
By biting itself its tail, the Ouroboros embodies the eternal return, the unlimited cycles, the eternity.It forms again the Big Circle, without beginning nor end.

Let's think, by analogy, to our two brains, right and left, creative and rational, material and spiritual, connected by the corpus callusum, sort of bridge. And the eight, infinity, that it shapes on which we could "turn" for ever.

Here is the "stylized" human brain in a figure-eight or lemniscate.( message 3 - Ajna) 

In our brain as in each of our chakras, the perfect junction point of the major principle of life: balance in every thing, between every polarity, between every element (Earth, Air, Water, Fire) in you, in us.
Emotions and feelings balance each other. As the result, you know exactly what to do and how. Which decision to make and why.

The dragon who bites itself the tail also represents the wheel of the zodiac, other perpetual journey, or still the divine "geometrical" symbol of the point in the circle.

(image Wikipédia - engraving by Lucas Jennis, in alchemical tract titled De Lapide Philisophico).

Here is the link with the previous article on caducei:
That's why caducei.
That's why the Snake is everywhere.
That's why winged or not, the Dragon spits the fire of the Life.
That's why he is feathered, (winged) snake-bird in the Amerindian mythologies.
The Serpent-Dragon embodies on his own all the elements.
He spits the Fire (fire), he flies (air), he is waters on Earth (water), he is the base on Earth (earth). He combines all these elements gathered in the Ether.

3 - Atoum 
We have reached here the sources of the Mediterranean worlds.
With Atoum, the more ancient creative god (other name of Ptah).
He spits the whole creation, after he has appeared from the Primordial Waters. 
(Notice how always every thing was born from some water, in all the traditions - the notion of the Primordial Mother – See the link with the amniotic liquid, the essential waters "in small" which contains in germ the birth- see the messages about Neptune /Ea (very soon in English) and also the Immortality ).

Below Atoum and his very straight bearing as a Djed which naturally reminds Ptah.

The specialists wonder.
Did the "divine spit" come from the mouth or the sex?
Atoum, alone in these ancient times, would have masturbated himself?
- How shocking, say the religious.
- What a pleasure say the open-minded people. This explains why the seed of the man was sacred. It contains in germ the one of the divine.

Indeed, in occultism, it is said that swallowing the sperm of the man when he ejaculates gives a lot of strength to the woman. Especially, if, during the masturbation, she sends by her thought what she wishes in the seed of her beloved. Then, by swallowing it, she fertilizes her desire. The occultists say that the desire germinates in her and manifests itself a bit later.

Thus, says the old legend, from the masturbation of Atoum was born the first couple of gods Chtou and Phtenis, who gave birth to Geb and Nout, respectively the air and the humidity, the earth and the heavens.
These gods procreated then the Earth and the Men in detail, and so was born the creation such as we know it.
Naturally, the reading of Sumerian tablets set right these a little bit chaotic legends.
Nevertheless, they keep here their value of teaching.

Geb Nout and. Nout, starry vault, and Geb the Earth.

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, it is written:
Atoum (Ptah) stood in front of his creation and said:

" I am what lives.
The world will return to the chaos, to the undifferentiated,
I shall be transformed then into serpent that no man knows,
that no god sees! "

Atoum/Ptah, very first god, was a good god who ordered that nobody never was hungry.
Later, he became the symbol of the sunset, the soft sun of the end of the day, without the cold morning heat nor the intense burn of noon.
Atoum will dictate the heroic deeds of the gods and Egypt to Thot, (Thot, son of Enki/Ptah) the god scribe who will write them on the leaves of the sacred tree of Heliopolis(The city of sun).

Atoum, first great snake, become soft and good sun, had in his eye, snakes.
Atoum, as it is said today, was really the son of Ptah, Ptah true creator of the universe. Ptah who bears the Light and enlightens the Men of his bliss.

4- Apopis 
Another snake who prefigured the biblical snake, was Apopis.
A terrible "Egyptian" snake who tried every day to swallow the sun. So, says the Egyptian Book of Dead, the sun has to transform himself into a snake to face Apopis, to beat him or to escape him.
(Principle of homoeopathy: one can fight "evil" only by "evil").

But behind this bizarre fight, appears a true teaching " of humanity ".
Every day, the sun questions. 
Every day, his power is coveted. Every day, he has to fight for protecting it. To protect his supremacy.
His running from east to west is never serene. He has to fight and to regenerate himself in the victory. From West to East, swallowed by Apopis, he is born again every morning and he conquers at night.
Note how much this myth is recurring.
. To die to be reborn.
To cross the darkness to become or meet the Light.

Always the Life and its multiple aspects. Multiple shapes of one and unique being:
. Ptah and his light.
. Apopis and his darkness.

Nevertheless Apopis returns service to Ptah, to Râ, to Helios....
By his threat, by his only existence, he obliges them to surpass themselves, to assert themselves, to always pursue the fight of Life.
So, the Egyptians explain to us that the Gods, powerful and brave, are not better provided than the human beings for the miseries of life. These are different, certainly, but the Gods are not exempted from pains and from fights.

The Great Serpent/ Dragon and all his symbolisms are our best teacher.
The Life, unique, pushes us on these paths that we would try to avoid, all of us, and that nevertheless reveal ourselves.
She is the only one in which we can trust, simply because she is nothing other than the Great God in us, Enki / Ptah, who in his great wisdom and his infinite love, placed in the heart of our DNA, the quest of the self and the power of the aspiration to God, our Father Creator, Enki.

For ever.
Glory to Enki.
Glory to Ptah.