vendredi 25 février 2011


Dear internet users, I strongly advise you to read my previous posts before this one, in particular those named " Enki and mankind " to understand and follow the whole history and explanations.

Doing my own research, I found very revealing information which are vital for anyone who wants to know the truth about the true origin of the human race.

For me, everything started in my quest for Enki, when reading the Lost Book of Enki, written by Zecharia Sitchin and published by Bear and Co.

I remind you that this book is the translation of the fourteen Sumerian tablets found in Mesopotamia / Iraq. These tablets, dating back several thousand years, were dictated by Enki himself to his scribe Endusbar. Thus, they are historic, dateable and especially undeniable in their truthfulness. It was a enormous work. 90% of what he wrote in the Lost Book is accurate and verifiable.

Most of the story of Enki is ours. To speak about Enki means to speak about you, about us. Because he created us, because he lives in us through our DNA, our soul and our ability to raise our Kundalini serpent.

When I think about this great God, I think of the epic of creation of our race, THE RACE, and all its consequences, even today, whether we know it or not, whether we accept it or not.

We are still the stake of an invisible war, of a titanic combat between Enki and his Legions and his father Anu, who, as the Lost Book foreshadowed, has turned himself against us. Under various «divine» pseudonyms and code-names, he strives to kill us since near 4000 years.

All this is not science fiction or fantasy. I will prove it with evidences and irrefutable proofs.
Knowing this, one is free to have one's own opinion, to continue one's life without changing anything or to commit oneself in the development of one’s occult powers, in that combat for our freedom. For OUR SURVIVAL.

The Lost Book of Enki is much more important than it appears at first glance. It is not only about reading a book, - in poetic English and still not translated in French- and then when finished, saying to oneself : " ah lala, these gods! "

No, the Lost Book, very much premonitory, reveals thousands of years beforehand, the current state of planet Earth and those responsible for this economic, political, ecological disaster and in particular Human disaster.

Thus the whole myths of Mankind take another color, another content, another meaning. Suddenly everything becomes obvious, more than ever.

The Bible, this jumble of stories stolen from other gods, this ALIVE LIE, - very fortunately today trounced as best seller by Harry Potter-, has as unique purpose the annihilation of all Man’s powers, those that Enki gave us, or more exactly THOSE WE INHERITED FROM HIM,because, I repeat, US, HOMO SAPIENS-SAPIENS, « the twice wise man», directly descend from Him, engendered by his own seed, carried by the two first females fecundated by Enki whose names were Dusk and Dawn.

The religions all of them designed by the sick mind of Anu and his clique have as unique scheme to enslave mankind in an absolute submission.

I will come back on this other fundamental issue.

Everywhere, you will read different or laborious explanations about the word Nephilim. Or Néfilim, as wrote it Sitchin.

But we have all together to become aware of this : 
First of all, whoever is born outside planet Earth is extraterrestrial. That is logical and makes sense but apparently not for everybody. All the beings we call «gods», good or evil, true or fake (fake = thoughtform), with us or against us are extraterrestrial.

Nephilim is thus an inappropriate word when it is about extraterrestrials coming from Nibiru.

Originally, Enki, Enlil and their uncompassionate father Anu are Nibirians, beings been born on Nibiru. The 50 heroes about whom tell the Tablets are also Nibirians. In no case, they are Nephilims.


The children born from an union between a Nibirian and a human are Nephilim. They are mixed race.

So the great solar god Marduk is a pure Nibirian been born on Nibiru. First born of Enki and his spouse Damkina, he has been born on planet Nibiru. Marduk is no a Nephilim.


When Marduk (later god Amon Râ ) chose to give up the throne of Nibiru to marry the human female with whom he was profoundly in love, the beautiful Sarpanit, he became father. The son born from this union is a Nephilim, half -nibirian, half-human. And he is the great Babylonian god Nabu (spelt also Nebo), rightly acknowledged as the « Thot of Babylon «, wise, scholar, god of writing, literature and magic.

Another example: Adapa, Enki’s firstborn on earth from his coupling with a human female is a Nephilim. We descend from Enki via Adapa and Titi.

All the children born from an union between a Nibirian and a human are Nephilim.



But the race mixing, the loss of the racial Nibirian purity is an unforgivable crime for Anu ...For him, we’re dirty, cursed, just animals to drag to the slaughterhouse.

But then who are the Anunnakis?
We found the answer in the 5th tablet of Lost Book page 111:

« In all there were nine hundred, the words of Anu the king they all heard :
Heroes, of Nibiru you are the saviors !
The fate of all is in yours hands !
Your success shall for eternity be recorded, by glorious names you shall be called.
Those who on Earth are shall as Anunnaki be known, Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came !
Those who on Lahmu (planet Mars) are, Igigi shall be named,
Those Who Observe and See they shall be !»

The Anunnakis are thus the Nibirians who came to Earth, in other words Enki and his troops.
It is an easiness in which I fell myself to call the inhabitants of Nibiru, Anunnakis.
The Igigis are those that the human beings now call the Angels.

These Igigis divided themselves into two groups: the first joined Enki.

The second is fighting alongside Anu. This second group of "angels" are the founders of the New Age movement, which is not new at all but a jumble of nonsense and honeyed teachings of which the hidden agenda- is to prohibit to anyone who joins them any capability of defending oneself hence the teaching ad nauseum of “ unconditional love”, innocuousness, forgiveness to the utmost.
New Age is a teaching for unconscious mops. I have been one of them, I know exactly of what I am speaking. I have been lucky enough to wake up in time. Believe me, the angels are very far from being nice, cute, full of love and compassion. They have a profound hatred for humanity, I will come back on this crucial issue in a next post.

To sum up :
The Nephilim are the children half-human, half-divine of the Nibirian gods. By extension, the human race to a great extent is Nephilim.

The Nibirian gods come to Earth for a mission were "baptized" by Anu, "Anunnakis".

In "anu-n-nakis", you find the word "anu" which means celestial. It’s also the name, that of Enki’s father. Bear this information in mind because it will be shortly a very important one.

"Ki" is the name of our planet for them.

The Nephilim-humans were also known by the names of Pagan or Gentiles. Because obviously, the notion of pagan in its negative aspect, comes as usual from the Catholic Church and its eagerness to grab anything that does not belong to her.

The word Gentile meant at the beginning, the Righteous, those who had THE Knowledge transmitted generation to generation by Enki and his Initiates. (I leave the details aside, it is too early to deepen all of them)

Those words, in particular "pagan", are now insult for many. Especially for those, mercenaries, with whom Anu made alliance to combat his own son Enki.
An alliance with the infamous scum of the universe, the Reptilians.
These beings not only are not a figment of the imagination, but are incarnated among us in human form.

No, don’t worry: I am not mad, on the contrary, I am sensible. As I was doing my own research, I suddenly became aware that it was not only the history of Enki and the myths that organized themselves to give a obvious and clear understanding of facts, but also the CURRENT history of the planet and the causes of her catastrophic state.

You probably understand better now why Enki and his companions persist stubbornly to defend the Earth and humankind regardless all the sufferings that they have endured for thousands of years. We are children of Enki. And many gods have human blood. They are, we are Nephilim, I repeat again: divine blood and human blood in the same body. Enki, his legions and us are inextricably linked.

Like the Anunnakis (thus the Nibirians come to Earth, our true gods, Enki and his troops) are very tall, blond hair with blue eyes, they were called by some Nordics because they remind the look of the human Nordics.

To sketch out the original situation (after the Lost Book):

Anu and his allies are conservatives up to stupidity. He defends the safety and order, HIS order and His safety. This is the world of Anu: strict, organized but without any freedom, without any difference, without any creativity, without any joy. Collectivism takes precedence over the individual. That is why the human race has to be killed. Too insolent, too rebellious, too unmanageable. It carries the divine genes of Ea-Enki in its DNA. A DNA at the same time powerful danger and infinite source of information and of genetic potential.

For Anu, humans are an aberration, a disgrace, a stain for the pure Nibirian blood.
A challenge, an act of war.
Thus, Nibiru is a planet enemy, not friend as I have thought before.

(Believe me, dear readers, I was so stunned when I found the truth, but the evidence, logic and the current situation provide for ever new proofs of this ignominy ...)

After the surprise, the first wonder off,
(remember the Lost Book when Anu learns the creation of humans)
Anu went berserk and gave order to Enki to destroy immediately THE RACE (us), alive scandal for him, unbearable affront.
Anu who prides himself on having always everything under control but is coward enough to draw lots for who will rule the Earth of Above, or of Below (under the 30th parallel) and Nibiru (lost book, page 92).
All this to avoid paying the consequences inherent to any important choice.
Anu does not bear that Enki, his first-born, legitimate heir to the throne of Nibiru, has in secret createda potentially divine race(I will deal with all this in length, don’t worry).

. The second trend, progressive, libertarian, innovator defends the absolute right of the individual against collectivism which smashes the human nature. This is of course the world of Ea-Enki-Lucifer. His combat has for name Liberty. The true, the authentic one . The right to follow one’s own nature, one’s inclinations, one’s potential, one’s strengths, the right to develop one’s powers, to become master of one’s own kingdom. Enki stands for freedom and creativity not blind destruction.

In this, Lucifer became the Adversary, who dared to say no to the mad king Anu. 

Because obviously, Enki refused outright to decimate the humans. 
(Enki has not saved the humans from the flood to kill them later. This requirement of Anu is further evidence of his chronic lack of psychology and of his madness).

From this was born the myth of the fallen angels, thrown out of paradise, - which indeed was the E-DIN in Sumer, - cursed by the father. (And what a father ...). Or still the fall of Titans.

So it's important to understand: 
The Nibirians had already many problems on their planet: infighting and bloody seizure for power, war, looting .... Those whom we call "gods" were also very active to cause their own damage, "up there" and then here on Earth. There is no question of denying it and besides, they do not deny.

Nibiru's problems are not mankind's business.
Mankind's history is our business.

We are in the same situation that an adopted child to whom one has knowingly lied about his origins, for his sake, for all the reasons possible and suddenly one day, he discovers a document that tells the true story. 
It does not matter for him to ask for an appraisement of the document, he knows that these writings are true because they answer thoroughly and unambiguously to all the questions he has always asked, to all the feelings he has always felt!

And when he asks his adoptive parents the truth in search of explanations, they deny, they persist stubbornly to manipulate him until they confine him in a psychiatric hospital on the grounds of mental delusion, paranoia and other false accusations BECAUSE HE REFUSES TO FORGET THE TRUTH. 
(Hence the massacre of the Druids, for example, who refused to deny their knowledge ...)

Truth must not be discovered. Truth must not be known, must not be said or transmitted because it will be the death of the enemy in our hearts and on our minds. 
And what indeed "kills" a god, even immortal, it's the oblivion of the Men towards him.
(As sung Guy Béart, " the first who tells the truth, will be executed ...") 

Yes, we humans are now exactly in this situation: we are discovering the truth little by little. Anu, our adoptive "father", the so-called "unique god", so omnipotent, omniscient, feared the excesses of our race and denies, in doing so, to acknowledge our true origins.

Worst, he still persecutes our Father and us with him.
So Anu decides : Rather the death of humankind than the shame of liars, cheaters, cowards, who suddenly will be dragged into a public arena, denying every action, crying and lying, trapped forever in their lies, their denials, their intolerable evilness.

Today, humanity is "confined", body, soul and spirit, in a horrifying mental prison.
One lies to us, one maipulates us, but the truth persists.

In the book I am currently writing, one of my characters 'Esclavajus', "said at one crucial moment in the story:

" The truth is the one we fake. 
There never will be another. "

That’s what Anu has done on behalf of his purity of race, his pathological pride: he has falsified the truth and is fighting with the utmost cruelty to avoid at all costs that it will have no other than the lies he decided here on Earth and in all the solar system and especially not the genuine truth, the legitimate one, the authentic one, the intolerable truth. 

His firstborn, legitimate heir to the throne of Nibiru, EA, named when come in Earth ENKI (EN Prince, KI Earth), the great god Ptah of Egypt, Lux Ferris, bearer of Light, Light of Knowledge, of Truth and of Freedom, famous Prometheus, IS THE UNIQUE AND LEGITIMATE GOD CREATOR OF MANKIND.

Anu, you who in other times, very far away, was the worthy King of Nibiru, today, you’re only lies, cowardice and cruelty.
You lost your dignity when you made alliance with the Reptilians, without heart or conscience, cosmic serial killers.

You have defiled your honor by fighting your own son, not only EA-ENKI, but ENLIL who, a long time ago, joined his brother Enki in his fight for freedom . 
Shame on You.
Poor Anu, You are Evil, you are the real Satan, you’re the real devil.

Ea is your Adversary, he will be your Nemesis. No crime can go unpunished, that is the fair law of Lucifer because the light cannot fully shine where reigns Infamy. 

Ave Lucifer-Enki, Enki-Rege Lucifer.