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(Revised and increased) 
(Personal preamble: Be vigilant about what you can read on the Internet. Certainly, I can make a mistake too, in particular with the translation, given the difficulty of Enki’s book “ The Lost Book of Enki”. This is not English the problem, as I read fluently but the fact that it is written "in reverse", verb, object, subject ... However, I find amazing that, on Wikipedia, "teachers" can write nonsense as spectacular as “Marduk is the son of Enlil !!!!!!!!!! Enki is the angel who appeared to Saint John” !!!!!!!!!!! These informations are totally wrong. Marduk is the first born of Enki and his wife Damkina. Enki has nothing to do with any angel in the Christian meaning of the term. When you have any problem to understand this complex history refer yourself to the book “The 12th planet” by Zecharia Sitchin, you will find the fundamental infos)

I suggest you to investigate with me the epic of the creation, to read the second tablet of Enki and to see what takes place in our solar system, thousands of years ago.
But previously, let’s display the décor of these ancient times.

Zecharia Sitchin makes the link between the presence of Nephilim on Earth and the Genesis. And I think necessary to repeat relentlessly the fundamental bases of our origins especially because the entire work of Zecharia Sitchin has never been translated into French and some his conclusions are too...... biblical and thus consensual!

For Zecharia Sitchin, the Nephilim are the people of the fire rockets. He writes their name "Nefilim" but no matter, we are talking about the same people.

These beings came from “out of there” (elsewhere), from Heavens and landed on Earth. Nephilim in Hebrew means "those who were thrown on Earth”. " "Nephilim", specifies again Sitchin, is rooted from NFL "thrown down." (But "not thrown out of the paradise" !)

The translators and other biblical theologians avoid -of course- to translate the problematic verses. ButMalbim, jewish and very popular commentator of the Bible in the nineteenth century, recognized these ancient roots and explained that "in ancient times, the rulers of countries were the sons of divinities who came from Heaven to Earth, reigned there and married women among the daughters of men ; their offspring included heroes, powerful beings, princes and sovereigns. "
These stories, said Malbim, were those of pagan gods, "sons of divinities who, in ancient times, fell from Heaven to Earth ... that is why they were called " Néfilim ", which means "those who fell". 
Thus, the sons of gods who came from Heaven to Earth were the Nephilim, the people of Shem,meaning in Sumerian, rockets.

The Genesis confirms this:
"... the sons of gods saw that the daughters of man were good,
and they took them as wives, among all they chose. ...
The Nefilim were on Earth
In those days and thereafter too,
When the sons of gods
Lived with the daughters of Adam
And were expecting their children
They were the powerful of eternity –
The people of Shem”.

(I have here to make the link with what is taught by the Kabbalah or Helena Blavatsky. I am totally aware that the teaching of the theosophy is largely responsible for all the rubbish which are transmitted about the so-called "karma", but the translation made by the Kabbalists and Blavatskystes "serves a purpose in this specific case.
The Kabbalah, in particular" mystical” refers also to " fall ". But the terms should be replaced in their historical context and especially in their allegorical and metaphorical context, this is essential in order to understand easily what concerns us here.The notion of "fallen angels", the "fall of angels", the "darkness", all this join here what Zecharia Sitchin explains to us. If you have read his books, you have probably noted that he speaks about "Depths". The "Waters down" the "Worlds from below." It is not of course about Christian hells! But of what is situated below the 30th parallel, in Africa, and not only. The Depths are the Abzû, but also the beyond of our solar system. I shall handle this aspect in a specific message.

Nobody has "fallen" on Earth meaning to collapse. Nobody was "thrown" on Earth like a stone in a well. This is a way of speaking which seems enigmatic when the words are translated word for word, "literally". Our language has also untranslatable sayings or rather incomprehensible if flat translated.
The way in which each writer or poet or author or translator or historian has seen and understood the event or the character studied will imply comparisons, evocations, descriptions more or less appropriate to the reality of the moment.

The Nephilims are not angels, and even less "fallen" - in the Christian meaning.
They have not “their buttocks in the air” or ethereal wings, ecstatically, blissfully.
These are extremely powerful entities who act directly in the field, in our matter, - believe me-, and who participate -even are involved- into our human affairs. 

Then, why the word “angel”?
1 - Because their aura is powerfully brilliant. Enki has an extremely golden one, really like gold that pulses and vibrates and moves by waves. It is wonderful.
2 - Because the etymology of the word means, " messenger, sent ". Effectively, the Nephilims were sent by Anu to mission on Earth.

Imagine if we have to describe the history of Nephilims to somebody who knows nothing about but likes the tales, metaphors, what could we say ?
Here's what, personally, I'll write:
" It is then that in the firmament when the sun barely went to sleep,
a huge fire invades Heavens.

It seemed alive, spitting and fulminating, dropping a lot of sparks.
Suddenly it landed on the dark and quiet waters.
From the calmed cylinder, beings went out.
All dressed with gold and around them shimmering sparks dance.
Of sublime, the messengers of the Great Gods were adorned,
Those beyond the worlds that have been never seen,
Which always throw flashes of lighting … "

Ndt: Caroline Bright who is a French author has a lot of talent in describing scenes. For this reason, it’s very difficult to reproduce here her talent of writing.
But the idea is; according to the choice of words made by the author, it’s easy for him (or her) to suggest an image, especially when it is metaphorical or allegorical and consequently the reader “builds” his(her) own story by his(her) individual understanding and feelings. 

You have immediately an image of beings from “out of there worlds”, "unreal."
How this would be translated, understood, and transmitted century after century?
Angels? Gods? Celestial bodies? Wonders?
Of course. And more.

Yes, the Gods were and are still among us.
For example, in Volume 3 of the Earth Chronicles, (the wars of gods and men - Bear and Co) Zecharia Sitchin proves with well-known facts, both historically and archaeologically, that the Trojan War took place and that the Gods have largely participated.

The same for "Darkness". “Feel” the words and the sentences rather than take them hastily. This is important for the comprehension. Many things will get clearer.
Originally, the Darkness was the Earth where nothing yet existed.
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What the Genesis depicts simply:
" At the beginning God created the sky and the earth. Now the earth was a chaos and there was the darkness over the Abyss and the spirit of God hovered over waters ".
The darkness is, here merely, the night. An undifferentiated place, without any identity. A "blank" place. Not some hell where we burn indefinitely for some venial sins.
Would you say to your friends ?
- Oh, there is the darkness, it’s time to come back at home
Sure no, you would say :
- The night is coming or it’s dark …
That's it. No Prince of Darkness or devil standing on his rear hooves.
Certainly, the Bible has an historical interest, but in its religious aspect, it is a huge hoax.
There is no ONE god, but SEVERAL gods, among whom some are or were between them, sworn-in enemies. Let us put in perspective all this and let us release ourselves from any guilt.

We have the qualities and the defects of our Gods, those who engendered us, taught us. We have followed their example. Like them, we can be good, generous, idealistic and devoted. And love the pleasures of the life.
Like them, we can make war, too.
So thus, we are created and taught in their image
No Absolute Perfection without weakness or defect that curiously - according to the Bible - has generated children full of imperfections and of indestructible defects.
Feel how this is liberating.
It does not mean that we can henceforth kill father and mother!
But we do not drag anymore all the weight of evil on our poor shoulders, as it is true that it is also due to our Gods, the Nephilim, but also and above all, the others; the dirty, grimy, real enemies, the bad ones : the Greys, true enemies of mankind doing the dirty work under the control of the Pestilences.

This being said, back to our topic


6000 years ago, astronauts-pioneers native from the planet Nibiru which itself belonged to another solar system than ours, told to the Sumerians their history.
(I clarify that Nibiru is the twelfth planet when we speak in a non-specialized way about the solar system. But it is the tenth starting from the space. Do not forget that the Nephilims arriving in our system have gone through Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, thus by the "end" of the space compared to us. Consequently, when we speak about 12th or 10th planet, or planet X), it' s always about Nibiru.)

Better, their leader and crown prince, Ea who became later Prince of Earth, Lord En-Ki made engrave by his scribe 14 tablets in which he delivers his adventure, his feelings and announced, with a disconcerting honesty, facts and acts of each. (It should have really more than 14, but there are "lost" for the moment).
These beings, called today "Nordics" or "Nephilim" were nicknamed "The Lords" or "The Gods" by the Sumerians, astounded by their technology “like science fiction” and their stunning occult powers.
Today still, we cannot equal them.

Indeed, on Nibiru reigned an extremely advanced civilization that, for example, knew and used for a long time, what we call today a pulsar.
(pulsar : one of several celestial radio sources emitting short intense bursts of radio waves, x-rays, or visible electromagnetic radiation at regular intervals, generally believed to be rotating neutron stars)
This neutron star was held in orbit around Nibiru before it comes into collision with Tiamat. The Nephilim described what our scientists confirmed thousands of years later: the exact order of our solar system and the astronomical movements and orbital rotations of each planet.

Except for Pluto that the Nephilim considered as a satellite of Saturn. Now, the astronomers have just reclassified Pluto as a satellite. They also think that Pluto was able to deviate from its trajectory for an unknown reason, a long time ago. Nephilims have explained the same.
(This is only a tiny fraction of samples that we can be mentioned. It is therefore not surprising that for the men in these Ancient Times, these entities were related to the Gods. And still for us today as many of their technology is still obscure ... and especially their psychic powers!)

Similarly Zecharia Sitchin tells us that in the late eighteenth century, before the discovery of Neptune, was born from deductions of astronomers the "law of Bode": each planet is placed at a certain distance from the sun under a defined law.
Spurred by these mathematical calculations, astronomers scan the heavens to find a planet that seemsmissing. Between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.
Early nineteenth century, the asteroid belt is discovered. It currently hosts 3000 "pieces of planets” in orbit around the sun, having belonged to the same planet.
How this planet has disappeared ?
And if a collision took place, how it’s possible that no trace of the second is visible?

The tablets of the Epic of the Creation answer all these questions always without answers.
This text, " the 7 tablets of the Creation " or Enuma Elish, which the first verse became its title: " When in the Heights ", tell accurate events among which some are already confirmed by the scientists.
« Enuma elish la nabu shamamu
Shaplitu ammatum shuma la zakrat
When, in the heights, the sky had not yet been named,
And below, the Continent, the Earth wore no name ".

This reminds the Genesis …
Do not forget that the Bible has copied its neighbours and then decreed itself "revealed" …

The Enuma Elish tells us an incredible history that I summarize below.
In this original universe, the celestial “actors” are at the same time created and creative.
And this epic considers Marduk (below) as the essential actor of the story because his reign was at its apogee. In fact, there are the Primordial Gods, the Ancient: Anou, Ea, Enlil and Ninourta who were the real protagonists. Quite at least at the beginning.

But no matter the names. This epic, which transported itself until today, develops the major events of the creation in which we are still evolving and thus is part of our history.
Here is a part of the text such as given by Zecharia Sitchin in his book “The 12th Planet” Courteau Publishing.
We shall study it then.
" When, in the heights, Heavens had not been yet named,
And below, the Earth wore no name
Only the original APSOU, their Parent
MOUMMOU and TIAMAT - the one who gave birth to them all;
Their waters were together mixed.

No reed had yet been formed, no swamp had yet appeared.
None of the gods had been yet created.
Nobody wore a name, their destinies were not yet determined.
It was then that in their domain the gods were created.

Their waters were together involved...
Gods were created in their environment:
The god LAHMOU and the god LAHAMOU were born
They were called by a name.

Before they grow in age
And in stature up to a determined size
God ANSHAR and god KISHAR were shaped
Surpassing them (in size)
As the days expanded and the years multiplied,
God ANOU became their son - a rival of his ancestors
Then Anou, the first born of Anshar,
As his equal and in his image engendered NOUDIMMOUD.

The divine brothers joined together
They disturbed Tiamat when they walked forward and backward
They troubled Tiamat’s "stomach"
By their tomfooleries in the houses of the sky
Apsou cannot calm their clamours
Tiamat was without words in front of their behaviour
Their acts were terrible...
Their manners were inconvenient.

... In the room of the Oracles, the place of Destinies
A god was engendered, the most skillful and the wisest of the gods;
In the heart of the Depth, MARDOUK was created.
Attractive was his appearance, glistening the brightness of his eyes
Royal was his walk, majestic as formerly...
Extremely exalted over the gods, surpassing everything...
He was the haughtiest god, surprising with his size.
His members were enormous, he was extremely high.


At first was our solar system.
Only the Sun, named Apsu, existed : Ap.Sou or the one who exists since the beginning
Then Mercury/Mummu ou Moummou : Mummu or the one who was born. Messenger of Apsu, he advises the Primordial Father.
He was bored and created his partner whom he named Tiamat : or the virgin of life
Tiamat was sent into orbit around her creator-husband anticlockwise.
Then, Apsu and Tiamat engendered their planetary children, by pair :
- Venus and Mars (Lahamu and Lahmu)
- Jupiter and Saturn (Kishar and Anshar)
- Uranus and Neptune (An and Antu)
All turned also anticlockwise in orbit around the sun
(image below – la 12th planète - Zécharia Sitchin - L. Courteau éditions - p.225 )

The children of Apsu and Tiamat, (thus the planets of our solar system), were rather unbearable and missed most of the time respect to their parents.
They provoked collisions that perturbed the orbit of the Original Father. (Apsu)
In fact, the children were not yet “named”, meaning their destiny was not yet determined.
The destiny for a planet means the definition of its orbit.

Tiamat was the Original Mother, the very first Virgin-Mother of the first divine trinity : An (Anu) – Tiamat – Mummu.
“The waters were mixed”, it’s question here of the essential waters at the origin of any life, sort of celestial amniotic liquid. 
The planetary gods were born in the same order they are still today. Moreover their names already correspond to their characteristic, mythological and even astrological.
Soleil = Apsu = the one who existed since the beginning
Mercure = Mummu = adviser and messenger of Apsou
Vénus = Lahamu = lady of battles
Mars = Lahmu = divinity of the war
------ Tiamat = virgin who gives life
Jupiter = Kishar = the first one of continents
Saturne = Anshar = the first of heavens
Uranus = An (anou) = that of heavens
Neptune = Noudimmou 1 (Ea) = skillful creator

For now, we have in this solar system, only 9 planets. Miss the Earth and the Moon.
Sure, because they will be born from the collision between Tiamat and the satellites of Nibiru.

The planetary family is unstable. The " relationships between parents and children " are not easy. The celestial disaster settles down. Naturally, it is a metaphor. But the history "behind" is true.
The instability of the planets corresponds to their irregular orbit.
Apsu decided to destroy the rude behaviours of his children. And confided to Mummu who incited him to react.
But the children, we don’t know how, discovered the plot.
They panicked.

Only EA kept a cool head and decided to put Apsu to sleep .
He casts a divine spell on the original waters of the solar system. Mummu himself, as it is said, " was powerless to govern ".

Does it mean that Neptune / Ea, although the most distant from the centre from his orbit around the sun, acted by electromagnetic impact on the sun?
The orbit of Neptune already surrounded all other planets. Had he radioactive emissions, important radiations of energy in order to succeed to "petrify" Apsu ou Mummu ?
To "steal" the creative role from Apsu, Ea moved quickly. What means here "to steal"?
Neptune / Ea " ended the huge projections of original matter of the sun by removing the diadem of Apsu asleep, eliminated his cape of aura (The 12ème Planet).
Apsu was defeated and Mummu had to stop his wandering.
By depriving the sun of his erratic emissions of energy, Ea brought to the solar system a temporary peace.
Furthermore, the victory of Ea led to a change in the direction and the place of Apsu.
Apsu became Ea.
" From now on, writes Sitchin page 228 of “the 12th planet”, this attribute ( Apsu) applied to the " House of Ea ". Any additional planet could be born only from the new Apsou, The Depth – the distant limits of the space facing the planet the most remote from the centre ".

And so Ea / Neptune engendered from the Depths a new planet, Nibiru, called in Babylon " Marduk ", the name of its worshipped God.
It means that the orbit of Nibiru passes at first by the zone of gravitation of Neptune and results from another system, beyond the Depthes.


At this stage of our study, about the Epic of the Creation, look on how Enki, in his tablets, describes the process.

The Lost Book of Enki - Tablet 2

When Enki begins to tell us his epic, he gives the exact order and description of the planets that he crosses during his descent towards the Earth. As, for example, that of Alalu that he describes with accurate details. Look at what Enki explains about the creation of our Earth that he calls Ki.

" When only Apsu reigned in the vacuum, 
the celestial gods were not yet born. 
And in the waters of Below, the celestial gods had not yet appeared. 
And their destiny not yet decreed.
He created Tiamat, a beauty made of waters, heavenly mother, 
mother of all things. 
Then, Apsu created Mummu ( Mercury), his messenger, 
and sent him to offer to Tiamat, the most beautiful of presents.
A splendid, unique, inalterable material that only her would possess: the gold.
Then, they joined and fertilized their children. ( Our planets).
At this moment, nobody had ever seen Nibiru and on Earth, nobody lived.
The Heavenly Waters were not yet separated by the
“ hammered bracelet” (the belt of asteroids).
As the destinies of the gods (their orbit) were not yet final, 
the offspring of heaven (our planets) behaved in ignominies ways.
Tiamat, who ha
d never more rest, became enraged.
An army to accompany her, she created.
And decided to quell the children of Apsu.
And made Kingu (our moon) the chief of her cohorts.
But the celestial children discovered her plan and gathered quickly.
"She holds the tablets of Destiny, who can fight her?
Nothing can stop her, no weapon".
But in the heart of the Depths, a being was born.
(god Marduk, the firstborn of Enki and Damkina).
In the House of Oracles, place of Destinies, he was born.
By a talented creator, he was shaped; he was the son of the Sun.
From the Depths where he was engendered, he hurriedly left his family.
He brought with him a gift from the Creator, the seed of life.
He crossed the void, because a new destiny awaited him.

Enki, then, depicted to us the solar system in the perfect order, exactly the same way our contemporary astronomers will discover it.
"He (Marduk) had an attractive face and a ray of light surrounded him.
His appearance was noble, of all the gods, he was the highest
and surpassed them in abilities.

Then, he approached An (Uranus) who immediately called him:
"My son, my son, you were born to lead and direct!
An army at your side will work for you!

Let Nibiru be your name, that forever, you are the passage (or the itinerant).
An bowed to his passage, and offered 4 servants to Nibiru (= 4 satellites).
The wind from south, 
north, east and west. 
(wind = breath = moon-satellites, here).
When Anshar (Saturn) knew that Nibiru came in his orbit,
he sent Gaga (Pluto) as an emissary.

" Tiamat annoys us, she hates us, against us, with fury, she raises an army.
Against the gods, her children, eleven warriors walk beside her (eleven " host "). Kingu ( the future Moon) is among them, the destiny attached to its sides.
No god can fight her, we are terrified.
Nibiru can be our avenger –
May he vanquish Tiamat and save our lives!
For him, we ordain a mission of destiny,
that he moves forward and confront our powerful enemy!

"These words carefully Nibiru heard.
His heart was ready to fight Tiamat.
He said:" If I beat Tiamat to save your lives, my destiny is to be proclaimed supreme!
May the gods make me their leader, and that they bow to my orders!
"The Gods agreed.
They opened the road to Tiamat.
They blessed Nibiru and gave him terrifying weapons.
Anshar gave him three" winds " more: the "Evil Wind" (nuclear power), the "Whirlwind" and "Matchless Wind."
And Kishar (Jupiter) filled his body with flames.
... ... ...
Marduk walked, and moved his face towards Tiamat, enraged.
He scrutinized inside Tiamat
And the strategy of Kingou, her satellite (for Tiamat), he saw.
But the other planets that moved on disturbed the course of Nibiru
His leadership was distracted, confused, his actions diverted.
The moons diverted also their trajectory (those of Marduk)
When the Gods, his aides, who stood at his side, saw the brave Kingou,
their vision was blurred; they fled for their lives.

Tiamat roared, her rage increased with the approach of Marduk,
Marduk, she cursed
Marduk continued to move towards her,
They rushed to a single combat

The Lord deployed his net to enclose her,
The Wind of Evil, he threw in her face
As Tiamat opened her mouth to destroy him
He threw the evil wind so that she could not close her lips.
Then, the winds attacked her stomach
And in her bowels, they made their way
From an arrow, her body was distended, her mouth remained gaping
He pierced the bowels, made an incision in her matrix,
Tiamat subdued, gave her last breath. "
Enki, then, explains that the "11 hosts, of whom Kingu was a part of" trembling with terror, fled for their lives.
The translation given by Sitchin page 236:
"Thrown into the net, they were trapped ...
All the band of demons who had walked at her side

He put them in chains, their hands tied ...
Closely surrounded, they could not escape.

"But nowhere, in his “Lost book”, Enki speaks about " demon ".
Even there, it is necessary to pay attention on the energy that is expressed.
The words of Enki are:

"Stamped it with his own seal, fastened the Destiny to his own chestThe others of Tiamat's band as captives he bound,
in his circuit he them ensnared.

He trampled them underfoot, cut them up to pieces
He bound them all to his circuit :
to turn around he made them, backward to course".

Literaly : 
" Blocked in his own net (thus in the own strength of gravitation of Nibiru), he fixed the Destiny to his own chest. (He was bound in the earthly orbit, meaning that Nibiru will have to return in the same place where the battle took place, go back by this orbit).
The other members of the band of Tiamat, he bound, and in his furrow he trapped them. He trampled them and smashes them. He surrounded them and cut them any retreat. "
(Here no demons, but I do not have the knowledge of Zecharia Sitchin. But, in our Judeo-Christian context, it is necessary to beware of the impact on our subconsciousness. Because a demon is for us, an evil spirit, a servant of Satan. Now, Enki does not propagate this idea at all. All the more that the aforementioned Satan as animal with horns, he-goat, monster, black angel, prince of darkness and other stupidities, did not exist in that period, you know now that it is a well fed invention by the catholic religion.
But I indeed understand that in the allegorical context of the history, the term "demon" "shows" better than " members of the band".)). 

At the end of the battle, writes Sitchin, Mardouk removed from Kingu the Tablet of Destinies (meaning the independent orbit of Kingou) and attached it to his own chest : its running was taken forever in orbit around the sun.
So Mardouk accomplished the desire of Ea / Neptune, then, once finished his first orbit around the sun, he returned on the location of the battle and returned in front of Tiamat, loser.
" The Lord stopped to contemplate
her dead body
In order to divide the monster, he had a skillful plan
Then, as a mussel, he split her in two ".
The Lord walked on the back part of Tiamat
With his weapon, he untied the skull
He cut the channels from her blood
And forced the North wind to carry him
Towards unknown locations "

The Earth had just been created.
The bottom of Tiamat undergoes another destiny. Mardouk struck her with his hand and cut her in pieces. She will become the belt of asteroids, which shapes the Heavens.

Enki writes :
"Nibiru's Wind upon Tiamat the hovered,
sweeping upon her gushing waters
Nibiru shot a lightning, to North Wind he gave a signal
In a brillance was Tiamat's upper part to a region unknown carried
Whit her the boud Kingu was also exiled, of the severed part a compagnion to be.

With his mace the hinder part he smashed to bits and pieces,
Then strung them together as a band to form a Hammered Bracelet.
Locking them together, as watchmen he stationed them, 
A Firmament to divide the waters from the waters
The Upper Waters above the Firmament from the Waters Below it he separated.
Artful works Nibiru thus fashioned.
The Lord the crossed the Heavens to survey the regions
From Apsu's quarter to te abode of Gaga he measured the dimensions
The edge of the Deep, Nibiru then examined, toward his birthplace he cast his gaze
He paused ans hesitated ; then to the Firmament, the Place or the Battle slowly he returned.
Passing again in Apsu's region of the Sun's missing spouse
he thought with remorse.

He gazed upon Tiamat's wounded half, to her Upper Part he gave attention
The waters of life, her bounty, from the wounds were still pouring
Her golden veins Apsu's rays were reflecting
The Seed of Life, his Creator's legacy, Nibiru then remembered.
When he trod on Tiamat, when he slit her asunder,
to her the seed he surrely imparted !
He addressed words to Apsu, to him thus saying :
with your warming rays, to toe wounds give healing !
Let the broken part new life be giver, in your family as a daughter to be
Let the waters to one place be gathered, let firm land appear !
By Firm Land let her be called Ki henceforth her name to be !
Apsu to the words of Nibiru gave heed : let the Earth join my family
Ki, Firm Land of the Below, let Earth her name henceforth be !
By her turning let there day and night be ; in the days my healing rays to her I shall provide
Let Kingu be a creature of the night, to shine at night I shall appoint him
Earth's companion, the Moon forever to be !
Nibiru the words of Apsu with satisfaction heard.
He crossed the heavens and survey the regions
To the gods who had him elevated he granted permanent stations
Their circuits he destined that none shall transgress nor fall short of each other
He strengthened the heavenly locks, gates on both sides he established
An outermost abode he chose for fimself, beyond Gaga were its dimensions.
The great circuit to be his destiny he beseeched Apsu for him to decree.
All the gods spoke up from their stations : let Nibiru's sovereighty be surpassing.
Most radiant of the gods he is, let him truly the Son of the Sun be !
From his quarter Apsu gave his blessing :
Nibiru shall hod the crossing of Heaven and Earth : Crossing shall be his name !
The gods shall cross over neither above nor below
He shall hold the central position, the shepherd of the gods he shall be
A Shar will be his circuit : that his Destiny will forever be !"