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or how to go out of this energy prison

Part 1

While searching information on the internet about the Kabbalah, I found by the incomprehensible game of links this forum.
Here is the text I read about karma. I will give it exactly like it was, in small print. As you can imagine, I will comment it just after. This kind of belief, that I had myself a long time ago generated many perverse consequences of which I want to talk about, if you wish.
"The KARMA is easy to explain when people believe in the reincarnation of the soul. If in one of your past lives, you had committed atrocities, then you will have to reincarnate on earth in order to expiate your karmic debt.
And this expiation can manifest itself in several ways. By contracting a disease during childhood, or a birth malformation. In most cases you can be born with a disability which accompanies you throughout your entire lifetime.
When some people were racists, they can, for example in the case of a white American racist, be reincarnated as a black American to experience the racism that he inflicted onto the blacks.
The French racist does not escape this rule, he/she will be reincarnated in France in the body of new born black or muslim. The expiation being performed in several ways.
About the karma of nations, it is generally groups of souls being reincarnated in areas where the war will be triggered off when they will be older.
For example, before the outbreak of World War II, souls coming from all over the world who had contracted karmic debts during their past lifes will be massively reincarnated in the body of Jewish newborns. The extermination camps became their modes of expiation.
IDEM for VIETNAM and ALGERIA. Karmically indebted souls were reincarnated in bodies of Vietnamese and Algerian newborns. War is another way of atonement.

The definition of karma has evolved over centuries. In the Indian Vedas, karma means "sacrifice", ritual act. It's only with the Upanishads that the word meant the consequences of any act (of the present life) in a future life. Finally, the Bhagavad Gita speaks of karma as the atonement in this current life of sins committed in the past, such a punishment resulting in a purification for our future lives. (1) This latter view is echoed by Kardec, speaking of dead persons waiting to come back: They see the goal, far more serious for them than the fleeting pleasures of the world ; after every lifespan they see what they did and they understand what they still lack in purity to achieve it: that's why they willingly submit themselves to all the vicissitudes asking for those which can make it happen more quickly. (2)

This law of karma is supposed to explain everything. The suffering of some, the joys of others result from all debts and assets of our past lifes. If the circumstances of our lives are idyllic, we only reap what we sowed. If they are horrible, it is because we must learn that the horrible behavior of our past lives leads to nothing ...

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Let us comment 

Not only we face here the stupidity of populaces, but it is very grievous to believe that a "god", a "force "; or whatever else has the right to charge us today for a reprehensible deed committed ten thousand years ago.
The truth is that :

Karma is one of the most powerful and sophisticated weapon 
of Anu and his pseudonyms-thoughtforms Jehovah-Yahwehand his clique of New Age.

The ruthless concept of karma is why I violently and irreparably left the New Age movement, the Kabbalah and all their foolishnesses.

I ALWAYS rebelled at believing that "God" can be worse than me. Or worse than you!

Yes, think for one minute !

I have always forgiven the evil deeds that I had to endure from others, and believe me, they were numerous.
I guess that many of you also decided to forgive in spite of pain, betrayal and hasty judgments that have deeply wounded yourselves.
I still remember the atmosphere that was in my life.

The controversy was in full swing, by email, telephone and even "seminars".
- What! I said then, shocked, what! The supposedly impure, slow-witted, wicked Humans have a whole system of amendment for the criminals, of forgiveness for the repentant ones, of support for the marginalized ones and even the act of prescribing for many crimes, and "god", so-called good, so just, so omniscient submits the invoices tens thousands of years later as an immortal law enforcement officer who would come every year or every day (!) knocking at our mental door, at our consciousness, and even at our body, asking for payment of an obsolete and outdated debt ?
Nevertheless, I continued, more furious than ever, what ! I am asked to pay something that I committed in the prehistoric era when I was so ignorant , so unaware ? And had not the slightest understanding of my deeds? That was another me who acted, not me today! Again, the eternal resentment of the biblical god and his so-called "all loving" Jesus !
After the "prepare a place to slaughter his children for the sins of their ancestors" ; we have " prepare a place to slaughter the present being for the sins of the past being". 
And no matter if thousands of years of good deeds and of working to improve oneself separates these two moments!
Always, I had got the same two answers adding more rage in front of such injustice and cruelty.
- The bill only comes now because it is only now that you can understand and therefore redeem yourself.
- Oh! I exclaimed, oh ! So a baby born with severe disabilities, how is he capable to redeem himself when being dumb and mentally retarded. Sure, he will understand everything.
What you want is only pain, only suffering !
- Then, the "master" goes on: " karma sometimes manifests itself in different ways. For example, if you have raped someone in another life, this does not mean that you will be raped too. You can return frigid or with no luck in your love life. Or if you have tortured your neighbour in the past, you can come back paralyzed or can lose an arm ...
- And Jehovah, how will he come back next time with all the genocides he has on his consciousness? 

The only person I met whose most of the teachings about the Tibetans and quantum physics are still useful to me , is Patrick Drouot. I followed his teachings for years, long ago. Although affiliated to the "New Age" movement, he already stated that:
"the knowledge erases karma."
I know now because of the contact with my guides that he was fully and completely right.
As long as we remain calves ready to go to the slaughterhouse, we continue to believe such nonsense. And so we will end up at the slaughterhouse.
But that's not all.

The faith in karma, if one dares reductio ad absurdum - that the "enlightened teachings" are careful not to do indeed, - would also mean the immediate and absolute abandonment of all disabled, weak and suffering people. 
" Can you imagine this ? Because a child was born disabled, the foolish believers in Karma could say to the parents already overwhelmed:
- What a family! What has he done in another pastlife, your kid to be disabled? And you, what kind of atrocities did you commit to be stuck with a kid like that?
You have got what you deserve! It's the will of God ! 
Yes, the will of "god" is so impenetrable for our poor foolish banged up brains. We can only submit ourselves ...

It would also mean that anything is permitted, that the vendetta is legitimate and that to kill someone today under the alibi that centuries back, he had raped you, or killed you or imprisoned you is the purest justice.
In fact, this is the purest evil.
Anu's Karma and his foolish teaching of Jesus are one and a unique thing.
We pass here from the absolute terror towards the poisoned balm.

The foolish innocuousness, - I don't speak here of basic respect for life and everyone's rights -, is the direct consequence of "karma".
Its goal: to destroy our personal will and power. Even if you have never been part of the New Age movement or you have never been a religious person, you are still under its influence. "Karma" is now a common word in the daily life for everybody, which is very revealing about the constant brainwashing we are experiencing on a regular basis.
Without any personal power and will, we are no longer capable of anything. We are relying constantly "on god" or worse we think that:


So why to defend oneself, why to protect one's rights, why to fight, if everything is written, just and deserved? Why to bother?
And thus, we get bogged down in the eastern fatalism. No, sorry, it's much worse.
But if, by any chance, one day, we dare to leave "god" because we are infuriated by his despotism, then the troubles begin.
I had personally experienced this. We undergo the "Wrath of God". We are "cursed" and everything is done to make our lives unbearable.
One does not leave a such insane asylum without impunity!
I told my "teachers" that I left "all this mess," because I felt, I realized that "GOD LIES" .
Their unique answer was : "the divine providence will not let you go like that ! You are too useful for her! If you stop your practice and refuse to continue working with us and the angels, you will loose any prosperity!"

Of course, I left. 

I haven't the taste for compromises. I am in or out. At Anu or at Enki. I do not have the capacity or the weakness to flicker from a god to another, one day here the next day there. I left the New Age movement in September 2001. This was my own 9/11. Everything went awry. And, indeed, my daily life turned into a pure debacle: no money, no house, no work, no goal, nothing.

But I didn't give in. Rather death with honor, rather suicide than to deny my deep feelings. So I began years of hardship. Never mind. They were and still are the most rewarding of my life. Period.

When in 2008 my books were published again (The Diptérius epic), things grew worse. They did not receive the desired result in sales because they were stolen and counterfeit barely off the press. We found them for sale on one of the most important french websites before even their delivery to the publisher. Naturally, my editor brought a criminal complaint for violation of intellectual property and tutti quanti. Customs which are in charge of this kind of complaint in France are still investigating since that time. Sanctions have been taken, searches took place, the dishonest people had closed their internet shop, things have changed. But not for me. As a writer, I've never seen any compensation nor any recognition by the authorities of the new disaster that this meant for me. What's worse for a writer to see her works scuttled, stillborn? A book for a true writer is a birth, it is like giving birth to one's child, it 's one 's child.

In January 2009, at last, I met Enki. I had already worked with Ptah and the Egyptian magic. But the link with Ea-Enki took place at that time.
Eight years had elapsed between my departure from the angels, - that have nothing of angels except the name - and my "landing" at my true father, because for me, - is this a surprise? - Enki is the true Father and God Creator of the human race. Things are going much more better now. But I never found again all the plenty that I experienced with the angels. No matter. My Beloved Father is my true wealthiness. Contrary to many misconceptions about Enki-Lucifer, he does not give hundreds of millions, even billions in "exchange for your soul" as it is written here and there. Everything that is said of negative about Lucifer / Satan is 100% false.

Enki doesn't need that you "sell your soul" to Him, because He is the creator of your soul, so what do you want to sell to Him! In addition, He is not interested. Money does not exist on Orion and this avoids a lot of problems. 

Money, matter, greed are part of Anu's world via the Reptilians. That's the only thing which interests them. Besides, remember, when Anu came to Earth to see the progress of the extraction of gold, one had to build him temples and palaces, just for a few days. On Nibiru, he lives in splendour and amid gemstones.

Gif animé trésor

Money is now the God of this world because the "One", Anu, this "unique god" is a god of money and greed. That's why now we are nothing on this Earth without money. How to pay one's rent, feed one's children or heat one's home with low incomes? Many people work a lot and live on the streets or scavenge for food. Even those who have comfortable incomes say they have now problems to pay everything.

But all this has nothing to do with karma of anybody. All this has to do with the perfectly clear will of Anu and his filthy clique to enslave mankind. Anu- Jehovah who promises his worshippers, 2800 slaves when finally, they will seize the earth and reduce men to the status of beasts.

If until now, our destruction has been many times postponed, thanks to Enki, who, without respite, sabotages the imperialist and destructive goals of his Father Anu, the bloodthirsty madman. 

If you are poor or sick today, if you have a disabled, autistic or difficult child, it's not because you were a bastard in a past life or your son, a bandit. It's because you are more permeable to parasite, harmful and predatory energies of the Reptilians. Or deemed too "rebellious".

Karma are the THOUGHTFORMS
that the Reptilians under Anu's command hang to our auras,
to our subtle bodies in order to make us sick, depressed,
suicidal by despair, or marginal.

Just look around you: who lives without too much damage? Those who remain without telling what they truly think, who stay in their minuscule lives and never commit themselves in anything. The ones who say : "yes, what can we do?" Those are already dead, empty shells. They also say: "Oh, we are very few things on this Earth ...". No, they are children of Enki, but listen who wants.

And, there's always something to do : to expose this infamy in a blog, to refuse funding and feeding the system, to decide to do not buy certain products, even if we like them, as soon as one knows how they are made or at which human cost. And especially WHO PROVIDE THE FUNDS.
Just look around you: you do not feel that the time has been accelerated? Everything is faster"? The days are not enough long to do everything? We rush more and more?
Anu-Jehovah-Yahweh is Cronus-Saturn, this friendly god who devours his children. It is not a myth. 
Take care to the word myth now misused, wrongly used for anything.


(Originally a myth is a narrative. Or a fable. But in old times, a fable was an oral history. Not a fictional narrative.)
(ethymology : fable de fabula (Latin) : comment, narrative; from fari (Latin) to speak )

Anu, this wicked "god" speeds up the time today because the more humans become crazy, tired and nervous on the verge of collapse, the more he may appear, with his perverse New Age Movement as the answer for all illnesses, for all stress, for all ailments, all flaws of this filthy material world which is His !

The evil turns to its climax: Humans are funding for their own agony. They are investing for their own enslavement. Worse, they are praying and revering those who are murdering them slowly but surely.
Ah, what a fun they think! "These humans, what morons!", They rejoice.


At all levels, and on the spiritual one more than ever.

 We must pay for our advanced paternal DNA and the gift of kundalini which would endanger the "false gods".

 We must pay for the luck of having a Father like Him: Ea-Enki-Ptah-Lucifer-Satan.

 We must pay for the potential risk that we represent to the "gods-things" to "fake gods" and their monstrous thoughtforms.

 We must pay for our taste of love, of freedom and of joy.

 We must pay for the so-called "crimes" of our human parents. 

 We must pay to participate in our own destruction by accepting junk food, an unbearable daily life and more and more increasing financial burdens.

 And who is responsible for all this, we are told in the New Age Movement? Satan, of course. Enki-Lucifer-Satan, always him. He has even a synagogue, like that Anu is sure to instill more confusion in all the minds and hide ONCE AGAIN the Truth by diverting.
This is not Satan who invented the Karma! 

 This is not Satan who wants us to die from disease, pollution, fatigue, depression, cancer, on behalf of a delusive god who wants to be "unique", "The One", " omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent.

 This is not Satan that makes us believe in hysterical and fanatic gods who call for religious war nearly every morning!

 This is not Satan, either who says "Let the children come to me"; it's the all-loving Jesus of pedophilia. And indeed, thousands of priests around the world have heard his call and consume every day innocent babies.
But, some will say: "That's life, that's karma"! And then say, "if the baby has been raped, what did he do in a past life to attract such a karma? So, logically, now he has paid. So, logically the rapist, priest in addition, is innocent. He has only done justice or has been used as the arm of karma for his miserable and wicked god Anu.

When I was still idiot (of course), I even once told my students
karma =because of me.
Yes, we can't be Catholic and in the New Age Movement without believing that everything is our fault!

It took me three years to realize that something in these teachings was wrong. They want us to believe that karma comes from India. But in truth, karma comes from Nibiru !
Even the Tibetans have forgotten the true teaching of "Good" given by Marduk. We can not find anymore nowhere, not even in the old tablets and other manuscripts, the "path" toward the accomplishment. Even the Tibetans have fallen into the innocuousness of Anu. We can see the results every day in Tibet, what's left of it.


Since 4000 years, since Babylonia where Marduk became the God to shoot down only because his time had come, everything has been destroyed and corrupted, anywhere in the world!
Since Anu has unfortunately taken the commands of planet Earth with his accursed reptiles as henchmen, the human being is incapable of managing his /her own destiny, and still less his/her "fate", ie the consequences of one's decisions because Anu and his clique penetrate our minds, manage our lives for the better if we yield or to the worst if we rebel.

It's to him that one sells one's soul.
For money, peace, power and unacceptable indifference
to the world situation.

When you are with Enki, He helps you a lot to overcome karmic engrams (seeds); this means that all events-to be, insane and negative which are coming down in your aura via the Igigi-angels-all-loving-for-mankind. Or the Greys.

hostile aliens - Internet source - I did not remember the blog - "Ingres" perhaps?

When an event is implanted in the astral aura, you still have one to two years to set you free from it. When it already stations in the etherical aura, the closest to the physical body, you still have just a few months or weeks to extricate it. Our Gods come to our rescue when the problem appears in the astral. Recently, late October to be precise, I saw "their divine hands" in my daily life acting in incredible way, fluid, efficient, harmoniously.
What a difference with the heavy, suffocating energy we have to endure on Earth because Anu's cruelty and his mephitic pseudonyms !

In fact, another approach is possible and coherent. But at a higher level than that of the Earth:

the stories of Destiny and Fate belong to the Gods,
not to humanity.