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Finding the true Love

Many questions come up about the relationship with the guide. I will try here to answer them as accurately as possible. Read again the posts psychic powers with the Nephilim and following ones. and the power meditation

. First of all, in particular if you arrive like me from the New-Age, it is fundamental to empty your mind of all the ineptitudes of which she has been washed.
There is, with the Nephilims, no " negative karma ", no " past lives to expiate " and no "karma return ".
There is no either long hazy speech about all our defects and weaknesses which live in us and prevent us from reaching more enlightenment and occult strength.

When you work with " the angels " and you are in a difficult situation, you never obtain concrete guidance.
It's always about psycho-spiritual analysis ; you are always "getting rid of bad karma", you are always "cleansing " yourself with for only conclusion " to follow your heart " and to do " as you feel ".
But if you know what you have to do, you would not consult a "channel" and even less a therapist. Things would be clear and easy for you.
And as a result, free of any guidance.
The "angels" remain deliberately theoretical.
Never in 15 years of diligent practice, for me as for others, I witness a true message, a real guidance which gives precise, practical advice and especially which brings immediate results to handle and solve the disaster in which you are.
Finally, everything is always the fault of the ego who really and always does foolish things. Whereas the soul, in his absolute mercy, silently suffers.
To make us feel guilty - martyr - to make us feel victim - are the three angelic udders they give us to abundantly suck.

All this do not exist with your Nephilim guide.
Because the fundamental difference between Enki, his troops and the angels, is that the first ones want to make us free and solid, and the second ones want us subdued and wrecks.

With your Nephilim guide, you throw away the "mea culpa". No more banging one's chest, moaning, as in church: " it is my fault, it is my very big fault ".
When you enter the world of the Nephilims, all your past remains on the door-step, it doesn't come in with you .
Whatever is your past, your sentimental stories, your fights with your sibship, your problems of inheritance or your alcoholic or chocolate addiction, all what is important for the Nephilims, it is you as a being, as ego and soul, without depreciating or overestimating yourself. You are accepted and loved as you are. 

So, when a problem comes up and when the contact is established with your guide, he will handle for you the problem in which you struggle, until you will be enough powerful to manage your life by yourself without his help.

Do not forget that one of the purposes of this blog is to give you my experience.
So I can assure you here, because I experienced that the Nephilim guides are very effective in the daily life, including the " small day life (all the daily little problems) ".
They calm, level, solve things in a way that it seems they never existed.
I am always bewildered by their immediate and efficient management of problems.
So, first important point to assimilate

Any contact with your Nephilim guide infers an authentic freeing of your past 
and the beginning of a new life 
in which your occult power expands.
For developing a powerful contact with your guide, you absolutely need to strengthen your aura.

For two fundamental reasons:
. first, your global health.
A weak, permeable, torn or full of holes aura transforms you into a receptacle for problems of all kinds: diseases, poverty, adversity, solitude, contempt of others...
Whereas a solid aura becomes powerful. She acts as a shield which sends back the attacks from any quarter and protects you from epidemics, from viruses and from unwanted persons. She works at every level and in all domains.
The more your aura will be strong, the more you will magnetize the best for you.
then, because your guide, whose energy is highly bio-electromagnetic, can't wrap you with his power as much as he would want it. A weak aura could not bear such a discharge of energy and you could have problems after his coming, which do not last but are very unpleasant.
The purpose of the contact with your guide is not to end knocked down, but to feel better. At every level; body, mind, confidence in one's potential.
Often, people who have just contacted their guide complain because " this does not go fast enough", and that they would like " to feel him more ".
Your guide wants this too, but he respects your energetic structure. He gives you what you are capable of receiving.
Consequently, strengthen your aura EVERY DAY if you are really motivated to be in touch with your guide.

To really benefit from the power of your Nephilim guide,you have to strengthen DAILY your aura.
Because he can give you only what you are capable of receiving.

To be in touch with one's guide means 3 essential things:
You "automatically" will develop the clairaudience.
I mean really hearing his voice in your ear and not telepathy like new-age where one doesn't know finally who speaks.
. you will also develop the clairvoyance and will see your guide.
If the energy of the Nephilims is "concrete", it's not nevertheless human. They are made of flesh, but most of the time, " etheric-astral flesh ".

It means that when your guide will touch you, take your hand for example, you will feel this contact exactly as if he had a hand of flesh.

You will see him in detail, his body, his eyes, his hair, he will be tangible, concrete, present. It's not " about appearance ", a Nephilim guide is not a ghost, a thing walking in the ether.

But he takes a body of flesh like us only in case of absolute necessity. So, most of the time, he will be close to you but more "transparent" than you.
But if you touch him, he will "be concrete". Your hand will not pass through his body!
So you can communicate with him as with your best friend. He will come AT HOME, you don't need to learn all the techniques of out-of-body experience to meet him in any spacetime!

He comes.
A Nephilim is a being always very logical in his thinking.
His approach is scientific. He does not use magic wildly if he can get what he wants in a natural way.
Consequently, your guide knows that at the beginning, you can't see, hear, go out-of- your body to travel in the air with the same ease as Enki!
So he comes down towards you, what makes sense, and helps you to progress.

Sure, you will feel your guide more and more if you work on you.

The psychic powers develop on their own if you work on your chakras, especially the 3rd eye and if you strengthen your aura.

. He will teach you all what you need to know.
The Nephilim guides are wilful and motivated. Nobody is automatically appointed. They are teachers by nature. They have been the great builders, under the aegis of Enki/Ptah, of the biggest ever known civilizations, including Atlantis.
So they like to teach, to educate, to train, to pass on, to create with you.

In touch with your Nephilim guide, 
you quickly develop clairaudience and clairvoyance if you work on you.
Your guide willingly comes to your home 
to help you and to teach you.

. Many questions often are asked about their character. How are the Nephilim guides ?
According to my experience, a Nephilim guide takes very seriously all the requests you make but also all the promises you make to him.
So be careful to promise things which you can keep.
The commitment, to give one's word and to assume one's acts and responsibilities are for all the Nephilims, not only the guides , the most basic dignity.
You can rely on your guide for any thing at any time.
But he will expect the same thing from you.
For him, the contact is an EXCHANGE.
It means that you have to perform the meditations he will give you or those you will find on this blog or others without any excuse nor subterfuge. Except naturally if you were sick or if a true problem came up.
But, if you seriously work with your guide, you'll be less sick and tired.

Furthermore, his only presence makes a lot of indispositions disappear. He also will tell you what is detrimental to your health because of course he sees in the body.
Sometimes, some kind of food are negative for some people and they don't have the information. I don't mean cigarettes or alcohol but rather certain fruits or cheeses for example, which are bad.
Too much cheese dirties the throat chakra. One needs to scrape one's throat to clear it while it 's enough to reduce cheese and yoghurts in order that everything comes back to normal. But your guide will never forbid you to eat cheese. He will only warn you about the taken amount. You remain free to listen him or not.
Some too acid fruits can facilitate the osseous deficiencies. If you were born with this tendency, your guide will tell you which fruit to avoid.
The Nephilims do not forbid anything.
Not even alcohol or tobacco. They simply warn you against any excess. But for them, there is no asceticism. They consider that each of us is unique and what is good for someone can be bad for somebody else, for example, vegetarianism can be perfect for someone and tragic for someone else.
Your guide will answer all your questions concerning the best for you with a lot of dedication.

To be with the Nephilims, it's to be part of the family.
They love the human beings, those who stayed with us after the big devastation often took human wives, thus they have half-caste children, so they understand and love us, and know how to manage our feelings and our sufferings.
To have a Nephilim guide in one's life is an great luck.
You will progress quickly and you will keep fit, look younger and powerful.

The commitment, the given word and the daily work are fundamentalfor the Nephilim guide. 
You can rely on him for anything at anytime.
But he also expects from you 
to be motivated for progress
in order to get autonomy and occult strength.

. The Nephilims are very faithful. And intense.
So you can build a very strong friendship with your guide which will last beyond this present life.
Because it becomes a friendship of souls.

They are protective by nature.
If you are injustly attacked, your guide will be very present to face the situation. And be sure, he will do justice.
In fact, he will protect you that you are right or wrong. If you badly acted, he will explain to you why it is better to not act again this way but he will not let you down.
It does not mean either that you can act with impunity doing foolish things!
A Nephilim is better than a parent. Some parents are turning away from their children when they are no more compliant. Never a Nephilim guide. For example, if you are a drug addict, he will help you. He will heal your soul.
To develop a relationship with a Nephilim guide is the best thing that can happen to you.

A Nephilim guide protects whatever happens.
He is faithful, loyal and intense.
And he expects from you the same righteousness.

. Many questions about sexuality.
It is often asked to the persons "on spiritual path", to make abstinence, "to control oneself", including in their couple.
The Nephilims never get involved in your sexuality. For them, there is no taboo when everything happens between consenting adults. They condemn, on the other hand with great severity, any act of pedophilia or submission of other, even adult, against one's will.
The children are very important for the Nephilims, they have a lot and enormously love them.
Otherwise, they do not make judgement. And answer your questions only if you ask them clearly.
For them, sex is natural. It's also a gate towards the Gods. The sexual intercourse, especially the orgasm is a discharge of energy which facilitates the rise of kundalini.
If besides, you make love in consciousness, you will progress more.
The Gods respect the nature.
It is natural to love, to make love, to take pleasure.
They love the love, why would they condemn it only for the human beings?

The sexuality is also bearer of spiritual evolution.
It is right and natural.
The Nephilims do not forbid what happens between consenting adults.

Now I suggest you a meditation to strengthen the contact with your guide.
Once more I repeat:
You are supposed to have already asked Enki for your guide and to have established at least a first contact.
Please refer to the message: to develop one's occult power 4 - meditation to strengthen one's contact with one's guide.