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Part 2

Tablets 2 and 3

We enter with the 2nd and 3rd tablets in the heart of the origins of the Anunnaki epic.
Once more, I shall stick the closer of the original text.
Enki thoroughly describes the solar system and the state of Earth. This is so weird because, once more, the details given by this Great God are exact and were verified by our astronomers only some decades ago...
I remind you that the Lost Book dictated by Enki to his scribe originates in immemorial times... very old age preceding the Bible of thousand years.


1 - Alalu in search of Earth

Alalu, aboard his shuttle, goes through the space. He crosses forbidden regions where nobody had gone previously.
Nobody had ever gone and succeeded to cross the Hammered Bracelet.
Nibiru's fate was in his hands, and by guile, his kingship would become universal!
Certainly, on Nibiru exile or death was waiting for him. But, with his scheme, the real risk was the journey. If he succeeded, an eternal glory would reward him!
Riding like an eagle, Alalu scanned heavens.
Above, Nibiru looked like a hung ball in the voidness. She looked great, and her brilliance emblazoned the surroundings heavens.
Her size was enormous.
(Those who say on the internet that Nibiru is a dwarf planet still smaller than Pluto/Gaga have understood nothing and especially have read nothing!)
The red atmosphere wrapping her sustained any life, and was like a churned sea. In her middle, the breach was visible, as a dark wound.

(The breach is the "hole" in the atmosphere made by the radiations of the nuclear weapons used on Nibiru).

As he went away, Nibiru was soon a small fruit before completely disappearing from his sight.
Alalu was now in a vast black sea and felt the fear invading him. During an instant, he almost gave up, then he changed his mind.
Tens, hundreds, thousands of thousand of miles, he went through in his shuttle.

He travelled for a long time, when at last, he perceived the small Gaga, " the One which shows the way " (below Pluto and its moon Charon).

Pluton, Charon, Nix et Hydra (vue d'artiste)
She welcomed him in her orbit when he perceived the celestial Antu ( Neptune) of which the blue color shone as pure water in deep darkness.
Antu marked the beginning of the Upper Waters.
(Below Neptune, wikipedia source)

Neptune photographiée par la sonde Voyager 2 durant l'été 1989.

Alalu was fascinated by her beauty, then pursued his journey. He soon perceived the spouse of Antu, equal in size: An distinguished itself by a blue-green colour.
(Uranus below source written on the image - note its very characteristic position "lain on one side", never explained by the astronomers).

Following Gaga's orbit, Alalu succeeded to cross the space. Soon, he saw Anshar, (Saturn) First Prince of Heavens, and his brilliant rings.

Alalu could have been trapped by the orbit of Anshar if he had not turned away as quickly as possible.

When suddenly, far off, he distinguished the " family of the brilliant stars"! A terrifying vision followed this revelation: a huge monster in its orbit casts a darkening on the sun! 
Kishar(Jupiter) was his name. He seemed terrible, Alalu thought that he was devilish.

The giant Kishar, first firm planet, had a gigantic size.
(First firm planet because Neptune and Uranus are made of gas).
Terrible storms darkened him, spots of colour moved all around him. The heavenly god was surrounded by an uncountable troop, fast ones here, slow ones there. (Asteroids).Their orbits were erratic, appearing from any side.Kishar himself, as stimulated by spells, casts divine flashes of lighting
(note the link with the Greek mythology, thousands of years later: Jupiter/Zeus and his flash of lighting always in hand)While Alalu observed him, his running became chaotic, his diverted direction, he acts vague. Then he rushed into the big dark depths and pursued his journey.

Alalu was happy when finally he saw the Sun, ( Apsû) origin of the Beginnings.

But his enjoyment was short-term.
Beyond the five planets, the biggest hidden danger waited for him: 
the Hammered Bracelet, which destroyed everything approaching it.

It looked, with its rocks, like an orphans' band without mother. Appearing anywhere, they followed the erratic destiny of the old days.
(Do not forget that the "destiny" is the orbit of the planet, which is determined by the God of Everything (the cosmic god, the Life) - is unchangeable. The destiny of the old days is the period when the planets still had no definite, independent orbit, thus, no destiny. See the article: epic of the creation).
Above belt of asteroids in yellow / golden. Source on image.

There, Enki skillfully describes the fight of Alalu against the asteroids. Stones, planets and rocks, all of them personified bring to the battle a real apocalyptic dimension.
Speaking about rocks, Enki says to us:

"their doings were loathsome, troubling were their ways.
Nibiru's probing chariots like preying lions they devoured
the precious gold, needed to surviving, they refuse to dislodge...." 

Alalu manages to clear a road by throwing missiles. Suddenly, as if by magic, he is on the other side. He can pursue his mission !
Henceforth he perceives clearly the sun, as the red brown 6th planet, Lahmu ( Mars) with a fast running.

Finally, appears the Earth, color of snow, 7th planet.
Smaller than Nibiru, and of weaker attraction, she looks beautiful. Her 
atmosphere more diluted than on Nibiru, shelters swirling clouds.
The Earth is divided in three zones: her summit as her base of white color, white color like the snow. In the middle, of blue and brown.
Alalu turned all around the planet. He saw the dry lands in her middle and the oceans. He directed on her " The Beam which Penetrates " "to x-ray" her innards.
( Note the technology of these beings who beside crossing the space in vessels which we even today are incapable of doing, also possess lasers, long-range scanners, which allow to "read" in the innards of planets. Realize that these beings go through the space without "oil"("petroleum"). They have their own (still unknown for us) "fuel".)
The beam indicated that Earth abounded in gold.
Alalu wondered: where to land? On lands, on seas?
His Eagle, trapped in the Earth' attraction was propelled at high speed.
(Once more, the Eagle is the name given to shuttles or to their "drivers", astronauts. It explains why Anunnakis " wore wings " on frescoes and other artefacts. It is about the symbol of their role when "travelers of the space", or astronauts, but also the wings of shuttles. See the message, Enki the gods and the wings).

2 - The Earth and her gold 
Here Enki tells us how the Earth was created. I shall not return on this point which I developed at length (chapter II) and on the fight with Tiamat.
Just for the record, Gold which is a unique material was offered by Apsu ( the sun) to his spouse and sister Tiamat.
So the Gold became, the "veins" of Tiamat.
As the Earth is a "piece" of Tiamat, she inherited from this precious material.
Only Earth possesses this gold, densified manifestation of the energy of the Sun in Tiamat.
Golden casting in ingots (in a South African mine).
Research center Cerna 

3 - Golden Age and Ancient Times 
The Ancient Times began when Alalu escaped from Nibiru.

Indeed Alalu knew the secrets of the creation of Earth and the existence of Gold.
His ancestor Anshargal had passed on his descendants the complete history.
Furthermore, Alalu gathered information on the subject with wise men and scholars.
The gold existed in the Hammered Bracelet because it was also scattered fragments, "dusts of the superior part of Tiamat ".

When Alalu lands, Enki clarifies that he dressed: his Eagle helmet and his Fishes suit ".
From there came the legend of the "fishes-men " who sudenly came out from the oceans. It is about an Annunaki diving suit which also protects from different atmospheres than Nibiru.

(Allow me again to insist on the importance of the collective unconsciousness, the universal memory of the Humankind, sort of global human annals.
Indeed, these stories of fishes-men animated many movies scenarii. Once more, the Americans stuffed their movies with incredible characters who have all the psychic powers of the Anunnakis. A coincidence?
The universal human soul is profoundly filled with all what our ancestors saw and knew when "the gods walked among them ".
The great authors inspired by these mysterious worlds were "channelled" by the Anunnakis themselves or by the memory of the Humanity. From Jules Verne to Tolkien or Star Wars to Smallville, who can doubt about it, when reading the Lost Book, otherwise than being in bad faith?
We know but most of the time we deny to accept it. It would be too challenging and the beginning of bringing many things in question.It would be too dangerous for our safeties, our childish beliefs in these unnatural religions !) 
Alalu leaves his spaceship and goes on reconnaissance: the sky is white-blue, dark soil, mountains on the horizon, swamps all around him, cold waters.

Exhausted, Alalu does not go away and returns to the vessel.
After a sleep, he discovers a shine that even on Nibiru, he had never seen.
(The sunbeams are much more powerful and ardent than on Nibiru)
By means of a Tester, he studies the air and tries to understand the mystery of the "shine". While he discovers that his body (his organism) is compatible with the atmosphere of Earth!
Henceforth Alalu does not need to wear his " fishes-suit" nor his eagle helmet. But he cannot avoid a protection for his eyes.

Then, Enki describes us the reactions of Alalu exploring Earth; the dark green color of swamps, fishes which swarm in waters and his worry in front of the absence of drinking water.
He goes to the hills, crosses the vegetation and eats fruits which he finds soft and juicy.
Then he discovers some fresh drinking water in the hills, a different taste than on Nibiru. But yes, the Earth is livable.
Enki describes us Alalu's fear when he meets "face to face" a snake. An unknown animal on Nibiru.
From where comes this thing which whistles and looks like a long tube, wonders perplexed Alalu, with this so long tongue and so terrible eyes, he still says to himself.

For Alalu, the snake is really a creature from another world. Is it the guard of the orchard, does he still wonder or master of waters?

"A sight on Nibiru never beheld it was,
a creature of another world !
Was it the orchard's guardian ?
Was it the water's master ?"

(Notice here two important things:
1 - the snake exists on Earth before the arrival of the Anunnakis, certainly engendered by the collision Earth/Nibiru. It is a mutantanimal, besides unique: no legs, no feathers, no hairs... 
2 - the idea of Alalu: the snake, this incredible animal, never seen, never imagined, is it the guardian of the orchard? Idea taken back and developed in the Bible, and fitted out for. So, the so-called tempter 
serpent is far from being the devil or the satan of the catholics. I will repeat it never enough.)
What is stunning also for Alalu is the duration of one day on Earth, so short!
When the moon gets up, he realizes that he is watching the History of the great Beginnings which manifests itself under his eyes and about which the "legend" was right !
It is then, explains Enki that Alalu understands where is the greatly desired gold, on Earth!

"If truth be in the Beginning tales, if by the waters the golden veins of Tiamat were washed, In the waters of Ki, its cut-off half, gold must be found !"

Alalu, when the sun rises, leaves his spaceship and goes with his Tester, to examine the waters of Ki.
Victory! The gold is there.
Immediately, he contacts Nibiru and informed Anu about his discovery.
Now, he says to himself, joyful, the destiny of Nibiru is in my hands. Nibiru will have to give in to my terms.

1 - The preparation
Imagine the bewilderment of Anu and his Anunnakis when they received the transcription of Alalu's message : " I am alive and on Earth, I found gold! Your destiny depends on me! "

Anu immediately gathers the Council of the gods.
A rather sharp conversation takes place between Alalu on Earth, Anu and his gods on Nibiru.
Alalu requires that the power is restored to his lineage and the throne to himself ; the gods do not want to give up;
Prince Enlil, " Lord of the command " speaks with plenty of sense:

"Of conditions Alalu cannot speak.
Calamities were his handiwork, by single combat in wrestling
he the throne forfeited. 

If Tiamat's gold he indeed had found, proof of that is needed.

Is it for protecting our atmosphere sufficient ? How through the Hammered Bracelet to Nibiru can it be brought ?"

The proofs arrive. Once more Alalu requires :" Declare me king and submit yourselves to my orders! " The gods are horrified.
Alalu thus crossed the Hammered Bracelet by using weapons of terrors =( nuclear). With such weapons in his possession, he would create still more damages on Nibiru!

In the middle of the confusion, a being stands up.
A sage among the sages, noted for his knowledge in any domain. His name is E.A, the one whose house is water. Secrets of the water, he is the master.
(This sentence is fundamental. I shall dedicate it a whole message).
(On the other hand, note that Enki at first is called EA and not Enki at first and then EA as I read it regularly on the internet. It is false. There is no sense in calling him " Prince of Earth " before he put his feet on earth!)

First-born of Anu, he married Damkina, daughter of Alalu.

"My father by birth is Anu the king, Ea was saying. 
Alalu by marriage my father is".

"To bring the two clans into unison was my espousal's intention
Let me be the one in this conflict unity to bring!
Let me Anu's emissary to Alalu be, let me be the one Alalu's discoveries to uphold!
Let me in a chariot to Earth journey, a path through the Bracelet with water, not fire, I shall fashion.
On Earth, from the waters let me the precious gold obtain;
to Nibiru back it will be sent.
Let Alalu be king on Earth, a verdict of the sages awaiting
If Nibiru, it will save, let there be a second wrestling who shall Nibiru rule let it determine!

The gods are amazed in front of such a wisdom. And, too happy, approve Ea's advice. Including Anu, naturally.
Alalu also agrees. (Apparently, the communication is constant and in real-time.)
So be it, concludes Anu.

Enki describes then the meticulous preparations which he organizes for his coming on Earth. He is naturally aware of the high stakes of this journey and also of its dangers.
Enki is in regular contact with Alalu who tests earthly gold and soil for him.
Whereas he fashions the Tablet of Destinies, Enki thinks: if he uses water to cross the Hammered Bracelet, where to resupply? Where to store it in the vessel? How to convert (to transcoder ) the energy ( the water)?
(For the record: the Tablet of Destinies is at the same time the route, the log book of the journey. Later, the Table of Destinies will become the "list" of the indelible decisions of the god who rules the current era).

Finally, everything was ready. 50 Anunnakis, 50 heroes would accompany Enki.
A touching passage tells us about Enki's farewells to his family. He leaves without his wife Damkina who stays on Nibiru.

2 - The journey 
Anzu pilots the vessel. Remind this name because you will see it at certain key moments of the history.

Anzu, " the One who knows heavens ", of royal descent drives easiliy the spaceship, says Enki.
The 50 heroes under the command of Enki (Ea at this period) live the same journey as Alalu and cross again planets: Gaga, then Antu.
Antu/Neptune is the enchantress, explains Enki to Anzu, it is a planet from which we do not come back, continue without stopping.
Then comes the third planet since Nibiru, An/Uranus, lain on one side. But although the Tester shows water on An as on Antu, Enki orders to pursue their journey.
They pass Anshar/Saturn as fast as possible because the gravitation of this planet is dangerous, they go past Kishar/Jupiter when finally, the Hammered Bracelet appears.

Ea gets ready to use the Water Thruster.

"Towards the host of turning boulders, the chariot was rushing.
Each one like a slingshot's stone ferociously at the chariot aimed.
The word by Ea was given, with the force of a thousand heroes the stream of water was thrust. 
One by one the boulders turned face, a path for the chariot they were making !
But as one boulder fled, another in its stead was attacking. 
A multitude beyond count was their number, a host for the spiltting of Tiamat revenge seeking !
Again and again Ea the commandes gave, the Water Thruster to keep a-whirring;
Again and again towards the host of boulders streams of water were directed ;
Again and again the boulders their faces turned, a path for the chariot making. 
And then at last the path was clear; unharmed the chariot could continue !
A cry of joy the heroes sounded; double was the joy as the sight of the Sun was now unveiled. 
Amidst the elation Anzu the alarm sounded : 
For the path to have fashioned, excessive waters were consumed, 
waters to feed the chariot's Fiery stones for the remaining journey were not sufficient ! 

In the dark deepnessthe sixth planet they could see, the Sun's rays it was reflecting.

There is water on Lahmu, Ea was saying. Can you bring the chariot down upon it ?
Anzu he was asking. Deftly Anzu the chariot towards Lahmu directed; reaching the celestial god around it he the chariot made circle.
The planet's net is not great, its pull is to handle easy, Anzu was saying.
A sight to behold was Lahmu, many hued it was; snow white was its cap,
snow white were its sandals.
Reddish hued was its middle, in its midst lakes and rivers were aglitter !
Deftly Anzu the chariot made travel slower, by a lakeside is gently came down.
Ea and Anzu their Eagle's helmets donned, to the firm ground they stepped down.
On command the heroes That Which Water Sucks extended,
the chariot's bowels with the lake's waters to fill.
While the chariot was getting its fill of waters, Ea and Anzu the whereabouts examine.
The waters were good for drinking , the air was insufficient.

All was in the chariot's annals recorded, the need for the detour described.
Then the chariot soared up. Beyond the seventh planet was making its circuit ; Earth and its companionthe chariot were inviting!
Anzu was without words; Ea too was silent.
Ahead was their destination, its gold Nibiru's fate for salvation or doom containing.
They circled the Moon; by the vanquishing Nibiru on the Celestial Battle it prostrate and scarred was lying.
Then they prepare to land on Earth. Snow hued was two thirds of the planet,
dark hued was its middle.

They could see the oceans, they could see the Firm Lands;
for the signal beacon from Alalu they were searching
Where an ocean touched dry land, where four rivers were swallowed by marshes, 
Alalu's signal was beaconed. 
Too heavy and large the chariot is for the marshes ! Anzu was declaring. 

The Earth's pulling net, too powerful for on dry land to descend it is! Anzu to Ea announced. Splash down! Splash down in the ocean's waters. Ea to Anzu shouted.
The chariot's lungs he filled with air ;
into the waters down it splashed, into the depths 
it was not sinking. 
From the Speaker a voice was heard : To Earth be welcomed! Alalu was saying. 
By his beamed words the direction of his whereabouts was determined.
Toward the place Anzu the chariot directed, floating as a boat it was upon the waters moving. 
Ahead the dry land was covered with flooding, marshes the ocean were replacing.
Anzu to heroes commands uttered, their Fishes' suits to put on he ordered. 
A hatch of the chariot was then opened, into the marshes the heroes descended. 
Gleaming in the sunrays was a chariot from Nibiru; Alalu's celestial boat it was ! 

Ea within his chest his heart was like a drum beating!"

( Below: suit of fishes and helmets of eagles in front of the representation of the Sumerian tree of life).
Impatient, Ea jumped into marshes, and run to Alalu's chariot.
Marshes were deeper than he thought. He began swimming and moved with boldness.
By approaching dry lands, he perceived the green meadow.
When his feet touched the firm ground, he continued to walk.

In front of him was standing Alalu, who waved sign of welcome there.
He ran towards him and embraced him.

Welcome on a very different planet, says Alalu to Ea ".

3 - Eridu
1st day 

Ea says to his companions :
" On a life or death mission, we have come, in our hands is Nibiru's fate !"
Then, he looked for a place where to establish the camp and asked Anzu to inform Anu of their arrival on Earth, safe and sound.
Enki tells with humor, that when at the end of the day, the sun became red and came down towards the horizon, the heroes, worried, believed in the coming of a Great Disaster.

Alalu, laughing, explained them how much the time passed fast on Earth, how the days and the nights passed quickly and the difficulty acclimatizing to it. (And the lack of sufficient rest)
The earthly nights are of an extreme brevity! Even before thinking of the sun, says Enki, the morning is already getting up!
(Do not forget the massive difference of time between Nibiru and Earth and the impact of this acceleration on the physical state of Anunnakis which aged prematurely on Earth. Without the genetic engineering of Enki, all of them would have died for a long time, including him! Naturally, everything is relative, because the premature ageing took hundreds of years. I shall make a specific message about immortality with numerous answers soon) 
A storm burst, so violent, as it is depicted by Enki as "storms of an alien god".
An unknown storm, from an alien god, a god from elsewhere!

2nd day 
When the sun arose, Ea was already working, thinking of " separating waters from waters ".
The drinkable ones and the others. But waters and marshes are infested with snakes what complicates the task.
Ea appoints several Anunnakis to urgent tasks: to build a reservoir to collect rainwater (god Engurtakes charge of it), to determine the depth of marshes (god Enbilulu), to build dikes and evacuation ( god Enkimdu)...
(You noticed that Enki was accompanied by experts capable to manage and handle all the possible problems arising when you are great pioneers).

3rd day 
Ea with Isimud, specialist of plants, assesses the orchards. The purpose is to determine those ones which will grow faster in order to provide quicky enough food for the 50 heroes. Because, as explains Enki, even if the gods had food, they were not satiated. Once the plants were sorted out, they began to seed.

4th day
The Anunnakis began to build the camp, once the problems of drinkable water and food were solved.
The gods immediately built solid houses, with bricks of clay. Once the foundations dug, the houses were put up.

(Note the speed with which the Anunnakis progress and build. They can " rise mountains ", their muscular strength is important, indeed far beyond any human being. For the record, and as examples because they are not yet on Earth in that period, Enlil measures 2 m 80, and Anubis 3m. They have efficient tools, later they built the pyramids (Thot) which always today we are incapable to copy.
On the other hand, and once more, the human datings are false, it is obvious for whoever is interested in these in-depth subjects.

Realize this: the Anunnakis arrived on Earth a little less than 500 000 years ago (evaluation Sitchin). Eridu, first built city in the Lost Book would have been built, according to the human experts around -4000/-4500. Do you really believe that during hundreds of thousand years, Enki and his troops camped in their spaceship, without doing anything? The dating is obviously false in its totality.
Civilizations progress by cycles. By era, by period. The natural cataclysms are cyclic, thus, when one speaks about Eridu, about 7000 years of age, about what Eridu does one speak? It is quite sure that it is about a reconstruction and not about the first one Eridu depicting by Enki in The Lost Book and which would had been built hundreds of thousand years ago. The progressive experts are right. Not only pyramids are much more ancient than the official dating, but also Sumer is. Much more... Let's expect new stunning archaelogical discoveries about the dating in particular, before some years).

5th day
Ea asked Ningirsig to build a boat with reeds in order to move on marshes and apprehend the surface.
Ulmash had for task to determine which fowl and which fish could be or not eaten.
Even there, Ea builds with Enbilulu and Enkimdu an enclosure for edible fishes and poultry.
(Notice the concrete alchemy of Enki: always to separate the wheat from the chaff (or spagyrie) in order to avoid big errors and to poison themselves. We separate the good fishes from the bad ones, the same for the poultry, fruits, plants - note the thorough organization of the gods led by Enki, particularly meticulous. Everyone has his own definite task. No mess)
6th day
Now Ea is busy with the creatures of orchards, which crawl or walk. Enursag run to tell Ea how much these animals are wild and ferocious.
Ea reacts at once: he summons Kulla and Mushdammu and assigns them an urgent task:
- At sunset, he says to them, the houses must be completed and a protective barrier erected around.
The heroes, says Enki, took the charge and the construction progresses very quickly.

During this time, Anzu took out of the vessel " The Beam-That-Kills ", and installs in the house of Ea a "Speaker-That-Words-Beams", a cosmic telephone.
At the end of the day, as expected, the camp is finished.

End of the 6th day / 7th day 
Ea gathers the troops. He says:

"A hazardous journey we have undertaken, from Nibiru to the seventh planet
a dangerous way we traversed.
At Earth we with success arrived, much good we attained, an encampment we established.
Let this day be a day of rest; the seventh day hereafter
a day of resting always to be!
Let this place henceforth by the name Eridu be called,
Home in the Faraway the meaning thereof will be !
Let a promise be kept, let Alalu of Eridu the commander be declared !
The heroes thus assembled, in unison agreements shouted".

Alalu accepted and gave a great tribute to Ea, his son-in-law:

" Let Ea a second name be given, Nudimmud, 
the Artful Fashioner, let him be called ".
Once more, the heroes approved noisily.
Then the night came, and the morning got up on the 7th day, dayof rest.
(I think that it is useless to stretch out here the notion to build the world in 6 days, and to rest the 7th day. The Bible abundantly explained to us how Yahvé had built himself the world in six days and then rested the 7th... A world which was only of waters at first. The Bible for an immense part, uses the epic of Enki by diverting it to serve its own deceitful purposes. In order peoples easily swallow its shameless lies, it distils the narrative with historic truths. It's the best way to make it looking sincere. Furthermore, note the second name given to Ea " Nudimmud ", a name attributed long before that Sumer exists as such.)

4 - The quest of gold 
Once the camp was established, the " chariot with fire stones " was restarted and its "Great Cracker" also.
"That Which Water Sucks" was removed from the vessel and pushed in the swampy waters which were redirected towards crystal bowls.
(Note that the gods work with crystal bowls. Ninoursag had mixed human DNA and clay in a crystal bowl also, high mineral in vibrations).
During 6 days, the water was "sieved". The 7th day, Ea and Alalu studied the collected metals. They found some iron, a lot of copper, but few gold.
During a new week, metals were separated by category then transported and stored.
Whereas Ea baptized the lunar cycle "month", the gold accumulated in very small quantity.
Then, at the end of six months, Ea named the seasons Summer and Winter. And the full cycle: year.
At the end of an earthly year, the accumulated gold was little. He ordered then to begin to sound the oceans. And there, gold was abundant!

Ea immediately informed Anu.
Nibiru approached the Sun and would be soon in Earth's orbit. But because the gold quantity was insufficient, Anu advises Enki to wait a new Shar before transferring the gold on Nibiru.
(Look at the relation of the Anunnakis with the time, at this moment, a Shar is equivalent to 3600 earthly years!)
But Enki tells us, that in his heart, the apprehension increased.
A house of heavens was built. Every day, Enki flew away, leaving the piloting to Abgal.
From heavens, he learnt the secrets of Earth. Then he studied them in the small vessel of Alalu.

Ea looked for the source of gold. From where did it come exactly? Where were the " veins of Tiamat "?
Enki describes then his wanderings, making the circle around Earth with Abgal, landing and studying every part, every plain, every mountain, every sea.
He used The-Beam-That-Scan and penetrated into the depths of grounds. Everything was listed and analyzed.
On Nibiru, the impatience increased.
Would the gold be supplied?
Anu then ordered Ea to deliver the gold on Nibiru.
And added:
" Repair the vessel of Alalu to come back, get ready for the end of the Shar! " 
(And thus the arrival of Nibiru in "conjunction" with Earth).
While estimating the damages caused in the vessel during its landing, Ea discovers with bewilderment 7 missiles. He immediately decides to take them and to hide them far from any temptation. He goes to a faraway place with Abgal who pilots.
Then he orders Anzu to repair the vessel of Alalu. Anzu discovers the disappearing of missiles and shouts.
Ea answers:
The nuclear weapons are banned. They will never hurt again, either in heavens or in Earth!
(Do not forget: the Anunnakis knew the nuclear devastations on Nibiru. Enki learns from past events even if he had nothing to do with these decisions.) 
Without them, no passage by the Hammered Bracelet is possible! answers Anzu.
Abgal suggests then to transport the gold on Nibiru and cross the Hammered Bracelet without weapons.
Ea decides immediately:
Abgal will go on Nibiru, Anzu will stay on Earth!
Here ends the third tablet.

The following tablets will be translated and studied in another message.