jeudi 24 février 2011


" Forever erected towards Heavens...

Curiously, I shall begin this new article by quoting Catherine Battesti's book " Feng Shui des petits espaces ", editions Brigitte Miler. Not, because I want to move all my furniture, but indeed because in this book - which is far from dealing only about Feng Shui-, sixty pages are dedicated to beams. All sorts of beams.
The author gives a very interesting demonstration about towers, columns and energy to which I totally agree.
(I recommend you the reading of this book as all her books which systematically digress in a way towards the energy, the chi, the meridians, the chakras, the health, the well-being...)Now, we are going to see together, that the impact of " what is erected ", since a very long time fascinates Humankind.
From Shem to the Djed of Ptah to the male sexual organ, everything is indissolubly connected.

Indeed, whether it is made of flesh or stone,

the column is an essential support, primordial axis.

From the beginning of Sumer, the columns, those of fire, settled down on Earth. Indeed, the first concern of Enki and his Anunnakis was, once they found fresh water and they built their houses, to be immediately connected to their mother planet.
The construction of what we would call today a "launching site" or still " spatioport " or " spaceport "(and base of satellite communication) was doubtless the very first tangible demonstration of Verticality on Earth.

Certainly, trunks also represented it, but the rocket, the famous shem drill the airs with their points and rise at high speed towards the Sky.
I shall not return here on the already studied symbolism, in particular for Sumer or Egypt, but I shall quote them in order to link them under their vertical, erected aspect: Djed, Uas, sword, trident, horns of Taurus, Uraeus...

The energetic power of anything rising is colossal. Yang, it pierces and penetrates. Emissive, expansive, warrior, upright, it exteriorizes the power of Gods and of men who build and sow.



A - Towers and donjons 

The Tower of Babel, ordered by the great god Marduk, was the first famous tower of the history of the Anunnakis and generated by its sole existence, a conflict with inconceivable consequences. High of 7 floors, it climbed towards the sky, in search of contact with " Higher than it ".

Later, fairy tales got back the notion of towers and donjons where so many events occur, where so many destinies are tied. These places so far from the floor, that we reach by an often dark spiral staircase where every step takes us towards some new fate or new happiness.

To climb, always to climb, such as bird for touching these so sought-after divine worlds, is it not the sole and unique quest of the Man?

Today, our modern towers point towards the same quest, that of the Great Heavenly FatherEnki/Ptah/Knoum, God Creator, One and Unique, who engenders the man by his knowledge and his seed, who engenders all the other gods by his breath and his power, who never dies because living in each of us as immortal in his flesh and his blood.

The more our society develops its technology, the more it looks for its origins, the more it investigates them, the more it is starving of his true reality, the pure and authentic one.
So throughout the world, the architecture tirelessly pursues its running towards Heavens. Standing up as the man was put up by Enki/Ptah wishful that finally, we can see the stars and maybe decipher our destiny.
The highest tower in the world (818m is in Dubai. Rocket of which the base evokes modern towers of launch and nevertheless so similar to the Sumerian descriptions...
( Below the tower called "Durj Dubaï")

The tower as the column connects the Earth to the Sky, the Men to the Gods. Moreover, to evoke these immense beings who guide and teach us, we speak about " columns of light ".
And in the messages about the psychic powers of the Nephilims, we have already understood the importance of the vertebral column of which the first cervical is called Atlas, him who carries the world on his shoulders. Or still of the Kundalini snake which rises and drills the heart of every chakra.
So, the man carries in him all the symbolisms of the universe, because created in the image and likeness of his Father, Enki.

And so little by little, the columns became part of our lives.

B - "Alive" columns 
Let's stay in Egypt for a moment.
Let's think of the hypostyle columns of which the embellishments are directly inspired by palm trees or papyrus trees. These trunks which rise outside, why not to place them at home, in the temples, in these places which rise the souls?

Les colonnes de la travée centrale

The columns, gigantic beams, support the ceilings. Moreover, the term "hypostyle" comes from the Greek hupostulos and means " supported by columns ".
Because these hypostyle columns support the ceilings, thus the roofs, thus the "heads" of houses of which there would be the multiple necks, it is possible to overcome the enemies by pushing them aside. And the ceiling will fall on their head. Literally. That's what did Sanson who chose to sacrifice his life. With his superhuman strength, he pushed the columns on both sides and the temple crashed on the Philistins. As a broken vertebral column brings pains and paralysis.

So, the column supports the building, as the ridge beam supports the construction.
The columns guarantee the solidity, the stability of the house. They infuse life to the whole work. And these stone trunks are then glorified by the man. Massive Djed, colossal Uas, they offer to Mankind the divine power, and such an inalterable canal, the sublime Immortality.

This indestructible link between God and his creature, the Human beings perceived it since a very long time. In particular, the creators.
Look at the " atlantean "columns in the temple of Denderah in Egypt, they support the starry sky...

The Egyptians were the first ones to give a human face to the columns.

The Greeks continued, in particular, with the Caryatids, these women-columns or still the "Persian" columns with men's bodies.

C - Votive columns 
The columns glorify the Gods and their relations with the Human beings. Then, what is more natural than to write or to engrave the heroic deeds of one another ? Or still to sculpture eulogies and prayers, eternal messages for the attention of these Gods who accompany each of our steps since the dawn of Times ?
A famous example are the "Trajan" columns.
They were set up in honour of the Roman emperor Trajan towards 113. Originally the warrior statue of Trajan in armor and sword in hand throned at the top of the column.
But in the 16th century, the pope Sixth Quint made it replace by a St Pierre's bronze!!!
The column is more than 29 metres height and reaches 40 meters once put on its stele.

(Below the column, surrounded with searches, then details. Source wikipédia and internet / source unknown). 

A reconstruction of the Trajan column is presented in the Victoria and Albert museum of London.

From - 500/400, the votive columns supported the offerings made to the Gods. They were part of the life of everybody, as we, today, can light a candle or make burn some incense.
Allow me a light digression:
For the Greeks, Delphes was the center of the world. So, the omphalos ( the " navel " ) was represented by a conical stone, directly placed in the adyton (temple of Antique Greece), surrounded with fabric and surmounted by two golden eagles.
In the Greek mythology, indeed, Zeus had sent two eagles on each side of the ground disk, which had met in the center of the world.

( Delphi museum - The Omphalos - wikipédia)
Let's pursue our journey towards raised stones.


From the pyramids to the Sumerian steles via Stonehenge or the Corsican Stantari, the stone was always an easy means of contact because at the same time rooted and pointing its verticality towards Heavens.
We find here the same symbolism as for columns, naturally! Raised stones preceding them.

Who doesn't know, was it on a postcard, Stonehenge

or even the Stantari, the Corsican raised stones? Several hundreds are in Corsica and also in Sardinia.
On one of the blogs in which I participate, you can see numerous photos of these "Stantari", which means in Corsican " the petrified ".

These stones remain a mystery. And the brought explanations always generate so many bustles.
Especially those proposed by the open-minded researchers who know the deep meaning of the word"analogy".
The British were the first ones to evoke the idea of acupunture. Indeed, the stones would be planted in strategic points, not only to welcome the sunrise or some specific soltices, but also to maintain the harmony of the place and clean it from negative charges.
Harmann network, Ley lines.....everything mixs, but always the raised or lain stone, menhir or dolmen, acts energetically, such a tree which would spread its roots beyond its perimeter.
The stone, needle of cure, why not?
Faces were sculptured on the stone, (let's think of the ile of Easter for example), humanizes it or deifies it.The alignments in Carnac or Easter Island are always unexplained.

The Ley Lines, lanes of energy equivalent to meridians in acupunture ?
Why not.
Traffic lanes of entities? Why not.
Everything that occurs around us is most of the time invisible to the "naked eye". The worlds fit into each other, parallel or interdependent.
The same for Nibiru, we shall see the planet only at the last moment, its orbit is astral.
Pyramids, raised stones, statues, columns, obelisks, all these words are simply synonyms of Gods.
Ptah, Marduk, Thot... YES.

Nevertheless, there is in our everyday life, many verticalities directly stemming from this engram of which we do not think. We do not realize any more the meaning of things because everything is trivialized, depreciated, forgotten: look at the symbolism of the lighthouse.
Another "column-tower", with a blinking lamp-light which shows the way. Which helps to return safely, and especially which reminds the lights at the summit of pyramids, which sparkled in the sunlight!

And what to say then about the male sexual organ ?
The human being made in the image of gods ?
Then, penis or lingam, what difference?
Let's see it.



Who does not know the lingam of Shiva?

Besides a Shiva of which symbols look a lot like those of Egypt.
Do not forget that little by little India was "spread out" by the teachings of the Nephilims, and that Inanna managed the Valley of Indus, helped by Enki who created a language and writing for her and her peoples.

Very briefly, let's study the symbolism of Shiva.

Indeed, the cobra, universal symbol of energy, power and fire. (the fire being symbolized, in addition to kundalini by the spat poison which burns). Think of Uraeus in Egypt or still stick-snake, supplier of energy and health.
The trident, equivalent of the stick or even the Djed, planted there as a certainty and which evokes again the great Triad, the three great Primordial gods.
. The crescent moon, symbol of psychic powers, of the perception of the beyond and of the 3rd eye.
. The chignon, which is on the summit of the skull or behind, as the Sumerians. Hats, headgears and hairstyles, sharp or round evoke the 7th chakra, Sahasrara, the illumination and naturally, the constant contact of the Initiated, the Awaken with the Gods and the Heavens.

The lingam is the obvious symbol of fertility, of the creative capacity of god Shiva, of Gods generally, for whom the sexual act is evidence and necessity.
The sperm does not only engender children but, divine, whole races, continents, worlds.
Upright, the lingam is another sort of " raised stone " or "column".

Here are some examples:
Lingam raises itself in Yoni, its base, matrix of the world, feminine principle.
The lingam, the cosmic power, the creative power fits in Yoni to give birth to universes and to everything on them.
That's why when we "cut ourselves" from sexuality for spiritual reasons, we often cut ourselves from creativity. Although it's not systematic.
Note on one of the images below, the cobra which raises itself, as blessing of the divine union. Kundalini.
Because naturally, the energy of life is sexual, there are not two energies, one for life, the other one linked to sex, but ONE inseparable energy. The energy of sexual and creative life.

God and lingam are one.

So, ultimately, the lingam is not the lingam of Shiva.
The lingam IS Shiva.

The erected phallus gathers the cosmic energies and becomes alive god who engenders et fertilises.
Obviously, the Egyptians, knew that.
So "dying" Osiris, did not fail to make the world benefit of his sacred seed.

( Sculpture engraved on the sarcophagus of Nes-Shuftene, royal scribe: dying Osiris distributes his creator sperm -wikipedia source).

But how to not conclude on Ptah,
Ptah the Great, Ptah the Immense?
Him, whose flesh is gold and heart twinkling diamond?

Ô Magnificent Ptah,
You are Alive Column
Eternal Bridge between Heavens and Earth
The Gods and the Men.

Ô Wonderful Ptah,
Standing upright
Your Verticality is Awakening in each of us
For ever Energy of Life
You are Kundalini.

Glory to You, Ô Almighty Ptah
Always dressed with love and benevolence
And Glory to Râ,
And Glory to Thot,
True Trinity 
for ever revealed.