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1 - the KA

No message can be exhaustive. From texts to texts, from meditations to meditations, new elements appear because simply I treat " the information " from a different point of view.
Everything always depends on the perspective with which our environment, our culture, our readings and finally, our understandings are apprehended.

That's why, before reaching the point of this message, the heart chakra, it is interesting to understand about what we speak.
And to approach the chakras in a different way because they are really contained in the KA .

. We are accustomed to put in the physical body 7 major chakras and some "minors" ones and to remain focused on these wheels of energy.
We too often forget that the chakras exist as such in each of our subtle bodies.
The chakras in the physical body are really " physico-etherical chakras ".
They also exist in the astral, in the mental, the causal and so on, in staircase, in "pile" up to the divine body.

. Besides, when a chakra opens, it overturns.
Whatever it is, it turns towards the Interior Master, the Heart.

On the image above, I also put the temples, shoulders and hips chakras. Others exist.
Do not pay attention to the colors of the 6th and 7th chakras: they are in an incredible mixture of gold and brilliant white impossible to represent here. So I used the traditional colors.
An opened chakra "loses" its color and becomes gold/white. Furthermore, we speak here about etherical chakras which are the first ones to open. The more we elevate in level of consciousness, (astral, mental...) the more their color is pure and ethereal.

. In the heart is the symbol of the wave, which I tried to reproduce here with two X. The low and high chakras join in the heart and interpenetrate.
This has nothing to do with the Salomon's seal that we always see in the heart chakra. Anotherdiverted teaching. Besides the wave has to remain opened and not closed by walls as in the salomon's seal because of the immobility that it implies.
(Moreover in white magic, when a situation is convenient for us and when we wish to see it continuing, we use the incense bound to salomon's seal to anchor it. An anchoring which can quickly be transformed into stagnation, be careful to our choices...)
The logic is : the "V" of the high chakras join the A (without bar) of the low ones and form a very powerful esoteric symbol.
Why otherwise, the mark of a single race, whatever it is, should become the mark of all of us ?
This symbol here poorly represented with two X is really the symbol of the DNA, heart/source of anything.
An upright symbol in Sumer, an image of Enki henceforth well known:

We know that the runes were born in Ancient Egypt. Only the most occult brotherhoods utilized in these ancient times their incredible power.
Look at the Ingwaz rune...
. Vertical line, it is the twine Ida / Pingala, the snakes which interlace, "schematized" caduceus

. Horizontal....the symbolism of the heart chakra when chakras overturn and "look" towards their Interior Master, the heart / Ptah.

. One also represents it as a rhombus, standing on its point, it evokes the heart of heart.

And because it is the " heart of heart ", it opens the 2nd chakra when we make vibrate the right sound. We have to vibrate the Runes in their sounds of origin and not in English because they lose their strength. The runes are celtic-egyptian.

. Let's go on
Here is an interesting drawing of Thot :
. a hat of which the basis is symbol of the moon crescent : Thot, lunar god governs the 6th chakra in Egyptian magic.

the height of the hat is the 7th chakra in connection with " Above ",
(but also rather typical of the mesoamerican " headgears ", engendered civilization by Thot/Quetzacoalt)
and the ascension of the serpent/kundalini along the vertebral column to go out by the summit of the skull

. the pyramid or divine force in action body, soul and spirit, and which also represents the massive anchoring of the three fundamental elements for the manifestation of anything: Fire, Water, Air or Fire, Water, Earth, the whole linked by Air, according to what we want to manifest.

. and the chromosomes (famous two X) are the wave of life, from where we originate and that we carry in ourselves.

A wave, which besides, reminds the waves of the Aquarius sign, of which we know that Ea / Enki is the Master.
(at the bottom of the image under the central lotus).

And let's never forget that in our physical bodies, always vibrate the DNA of Enki/Ptah, our Creator Father, us the sapiens-sapiens.

. Finally, to end this long introduction, let's understand another symbol, that of the winged heart.
The heart as chakra is directly connected to the shoulders chakras. When these chakras completly open and thus interpenetrate, it forms sorts of energetic wings.

Hence the wings of which the Anunnaki gods are dressed up, them who don't need wings to move. They have their etherical-astral body for this ! Or their skybirds!

That's why the caduceus of Hermes is "winged". When the kundalini occurs, the energy massively spreads in all the physical-etherical body, connects the nadis and expands the energy of the being.

and that we already find in Sumer or in Egypt under many forms:

. In view of these notes, to define the notion of the soul is more than a challenge. And nevertheless, obligation is made for us to try, at best, to approach her.
Some people will say that the soul is the Bâ.

The sacred bird which flies away after leaving its prison of flesh.
Yes....but no.
Or that the real soul is the Ka, because spiritual double which forever survives anything.
Yes... but no.
And the Akh is the link between the two. Although one has to take into account the shadow (below)which remains attached to the dead and mummified body.

But the Bâ remains bound to the body.
Then what?
In fact, we have several "souls", then unified by " the supreme soul ", our " inner god ".
I explain.

The trinity Bâ-Ka-Akh is equivalent to our soul (in the esoteric Judeo-Christian meaning) which always includes:
 the etheric-astral body (which induces and vitalizes the physical body in its lifetime)
. the mental body (which induces "both" mental: the inferior and the superior.
Once more, I specify that personally, I hate this sort of naming "inferior" , "superior". Simply because the "small", - the inferior-, is essential in our society such as it is. Without it, we would not be even capable of driving our car, of paying our invoices and of registering our children into school.
This "small" mental called " ego or I " is vital, no offense to the relentless purists always scotch taped to the ceiling.
In addition, the "small" mental is the extension of the "superior" mental exactly as your brain prolongs its action in your feet.
Naturally, our head touches the sky "..... and the feet walk in the dung? Ok. But do you for all that want to cut your feet? You would be in such a mess if you woke up tomorrow morning without, would you be not ?!
Always remain pragmatic, head on shoulders and especially, feet flat on the ground.
( Like the gods, the Pharaohs and the initiated of Ancient Egypt).
Finally, there is no inferior or superior mental, but a Mental which acts on several levels at the same time.
( I thus specify this problem of "inferior and superior " for those of you who need these explanations.) 

Let's return to our Bâ-Ka-Akh and let's begin with the center.


The position of Ka, besides unpronounceable term, hands raised towards the sky, calls the celestial energy, the powers of regeneration.
The Ka can also " be read " horizontally, it becomes then the arms which embrace, protect and diffuse a constant vital energy.

Below in the image, is scluptured on an exhumed pillar from " court of the hiding place " of the temple of Amon to Karnak, the great god Ptah embracing Senousert Ist.

Ka is little sculptured or painted on frescoes because it is the intimacy of the being. Only the Ka of kings was represented. Although the Ka of king Hor Aoutibrê (13th dynasty) is extremely renown, there are few examples.

Thus the Ka is the body which lives outside the physical body, the etheric, the vital body.
But he is often imbricated with the astral body, hence his naming, so to speak, of etheric-astralbody.
. The etheric body carries the memories of the present life.
. The astral body carries all the memories of the past and parallel lives, and sometimes, those to come.

The Ka is the direct shield of the physical body. First subtle body after the physical body, it is the tenuous border but normally solid between the physical and the astral.


The astral is always a " body with problems ", because there vibrates our past, the unconscious causes of our worries as our enjoyments or still of our choices. Inhabited with multitudes of colors which imbricate, bind and untie constantly, the astral body is the "displayed file " of the person in front of us. When one opens one's third eye, these information become accessible. It is up to " the one who sees " to not read, to not interfere in the deep life of the being and even less to use all this information to manipulate him.
That's why the occult powers are normally reserved for Initiated who prove their ability: righteousness, integrity, absence of vanity.
But, naturally, some always succeed in "stealing" in the meanders of the current ethics, open their chakras and manipulate not only their circle of acquaintances but also their "customers".
Do not give up to soft sounds of sirens which suggest you to open your chakras for one thousand euro. It will not last for a long time.
The chakras open according to the level of consciousness, the capacity of understanding and of assimilating the " spiritual information " and to the strength of one's guide.
To open one's chakras is, finally, rather easy-to-do. The most difficult is to maintain them opened. 
It induces a solid, vast and powerful aura and a daily work.

But, once the strength of the aura is got, the chakras turn at high speed and stabilize their opening: the level of consciousness of the true initiated is reached.
You will understand, once more, why it is so fundamental to have one's guide : not only for one's spiritual evolution but also to be protected from the "inquisitors" and others " ill-disposed readers ".
The Nephilim guide wraps you with a solid and "automatic" protection which cuts any vampiric connection even before it was able to slide its malefic tentacles in your energy.
(" The creature " will have then to face your guide, but it is not any more your problem!) 

Thus the Ka, for the Egyptians, and for us also even if we employ the other terms, is:

. a support of health and vitality
the Ka protects from diseases and distributes the vital energy (the famous chi) in the whole body.
Still better: for those who have the energetic perception, the disease is revealed as soon as it leaves the astral body and so can be annulled in the etheric even before it enters the physical body. Once in the body of flesh, it is always more difficult to dislodge it.
The disease is far from being necessary for our evolution. It is even all the opposite which is true.Because we are cut from our spiritual reality, we are sick. We do not know any more how to cure our illnesses, we do not know any more how to listen our body to which we dedicate so little time.
We have been, a long time ago, manipulated, really implanted with false information, with lies looking like truths, with a knowledge of mephitic heart, and today the result, for our biggest misfortune, is convincing.
Let's return to the fundamental, those of the Ancients of the Ancients, the true gods, the real fathers of Humankind.
Every day, I see in my life the concrete result of their presence. I say very concrete. Every day. Glory to Enki / Ptah.

. a support of magic
I said many times but it is always good to repeat. With the time, things become integrated quite naturally: when you perform rites, in particular, as we shall soon see it for attracting money or for recovering health, you put in front line your etheric body.
It is him who must be enough solid, wide and especially powerful to magnetize or on the contrary to kick away.
It is complicated to explain the relation between the magic and the astral / Ka.
You need an astral perception when you perform a work of advanced magic of which we shall not deal here. You can move, go out of the body, go to a place...
On the other hand, with simpler but efficient rites, the astral remains in rear. He naturally acts because he is directly connected with the etheric.
So it's important to understand that the bodies imbricate on about ten centimeters even much more for " big aura ". So, between every body exists a zone of common convergence.
Consequently, no subtle body can make its " business" alone without his "neighbour" knows what he is doing. Even there, everything is connected, interpenetrated and thus is One.
Thus, it is you entirely who, obviously, perform your rites. Including the mental body when you visualize, assert, invoke etc.

Nevertheless, the etheric body has a specific role:

. he maintains alive the physical body
. he maintains his cohesion
. he is the powerful envelope which contains the flesh and the blood (the blood is also his internal support, the " vehicle of the soul ")
. he works with you for programming your future
. he is the receptacle of your divine qualities "reduced" to human state
. he is bearer of powers of cure (including for others, the true healers often have a gold and emerald green Ka)
. he "merges" with REN
. in brief, he is your perfection.

Consequently, it's an easy way to speak about aura. It means the etheric body. The emanation from the aura is the one of the Ka. Ka is the basis of everything, Ka is the vital center, carrying your divine qualities, this " special strength " which protects us, helps us and makes us "pull through difficulties ".

Ka is our luck, 
our personal power,
our immortality.

That is why, when you give up, when you abandon all what you are in hands of other persons, human or divine, without discernement nor common sense, you kill your Ka.
Ka can be affected. Ka can be exhausted, destroyed. Ka can leave you if you ignore him or if you damage him. Ka has his own life. You depend on him, not him on you.
Ka does not like submission nor to be forgotten. Ka only bows before his Father Ptah.

The physical body, the Khat, really dies and returns to the ground from which it arises. Not Ka.
The text of Pyramids says it very well:

" You do not die
Your Ka does not die.
You are Ka.
... Live with your Ka.
He chases away the evil before you,
He removes the evil behind you ".

But it is necessary to unify with Ka, to be aware of him and to love him. And also to feed him.
Ka likes the energy of which he is, Ka likes the incense, Ka likes the joy, Ka likes to meet his Father, Ptah.

That's why the Egyptians asserted that the Ka was the Knoum in the body. In other words, the circulation of life.
Ka does not die. He lives for a long time, he is in a way " immortal" and this immortality enables thecontinuity of existence. This is a fundamental point.
He is, to speak as "judeo - christian" one second and only one second, the body of glory of the resuscitated.
The Egyptians had understood this since a long time, and they had common expressions which meant it very well:
" This one gets well along with one's Ka ", they said about somebody cheerful and healthy.
They drank to their Ka, greeted their Ka, spoke to their Ka!
The death, for the Egyptians, meant uniting with one's Ka for a new journey.

The Ka for the Antique Egypt is so powerful, so essential, that he is likened to Apis, the sacred bull.
(In fact, Apis is the Ka of Ptah (others say the Bâ de Ptah) as the bull Mnevis is the Ka of Râ and so on. According to the dynasties, the names change, but the principles which hide behind the names remain the same. Like this, that we say Atoum, Amon or Ptah, it is always about the same creative god, who engendered the race. Moreover many Egyptian gods are hypostases of Ptah.
Furthermore, you often will note a mess between the Bâ and the Ka: this is the resultant of the contempt shown by the "Egyptologists-I-know-everything" for the 9 constituents of the being, considering this approach of life too "esoteric" and refusing to study it and still worse, to pass on it to the public) 
Below, Ka of Ptah: Apis embodiment of sacred Ptah or Ptah/Apis (Musée du Louvre).

"Taurus" spells, in hieroglyphs, with a Ka, thus the raised arms, a phallus and the animal itself.

Horns of bull which remind moreover the Ka, hands remaining the privilege of the Human beings and naturally of the Gods.

So for the Egyptians, the Ka-bull is the embodiment of the fire of Ptah.
The fire of Ptah possesses the following qualities: the power, the strength, the fertility, the vigour, the stability, the capacity to find a balance between matter and spirit. The fire of Ptah is always regenerative because it is the vital force of Nature.
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Ptah possesses an immense Ka which contains billions of Ka. Ka of every created element, every created creature, every breath.
That is why, if we really want it, it is "easy" to contact Ptah. He is connected with all what we are. Because he created all what we are and that we are thus in some of his Ka.
The High priests of Egypt asserted that kings/Pharaohs already got 14 Ka.
There is a Ka. Unique for every alive thing. But, in a Ka piles, as for everything, sub-plans, sorts of " under - Ka ".
For example, every quality is a small Ka. It comes to live in your " big Ka " because you are in accordance with it. The same for your defects. If you are jealous or irascible, Ka Jealousy and\or anger settles in Ka One, Grand Ka, Ka container, you understand me?
That's why, it is always possible, as Ptah teaches it, to change. Change oneself or change things. Because it is possible to thank Ka Jealousy. Certainly, it has taught you many things and now can "move" and let the clear place for another quality, directly connected as Ka Tolerance, Ka Confidence, you see the point?
Your etheric is an immense reservoir of vital energy. But inside, you put what you want beginning by your choices.
It makes sense because he is the sum of the memories of this life, you see the link? You perceive that it's full circle, here?
As soon as we are aware of something, as soon as we apprehend it, in any way: energetic, theoretical, mental.... we have access to it. And we can change it, expand it or put it at sleep.
That's why as Ptah teaches it, THE KNOWLEDGE ERASES THE "KARMA".
THUS, You have henceforth access to your Ka.
What do you wish for him and thus for you?
An exhausted Ka, holed everywhere, and finally leaving for his own survival?
Or an enthusiastic Ka, full of life and thus well disposed towards you?
Be careful, do not forget: Ka is brilliant, Ka is intelligent, he has his own life of Ka. He is the energy of life. If you mistreat him, he will pack his luggage. And you will die early and badly.
Take care of your Ka. Do not fill him up with drugs and with alcohol, do not take painkiller to sleep at the first insomnia, and stimulants to remain standing during the day, do not feed him with excessive cooked pork meats, do not mistreat you, do not judge you mercilessly, do not disdain you, do not denigrate you. You kill Ka.
By "kill", I want to say, you cut yourselves from him. Ka remains alive long after you. To kill one's Ka, it is to separate from him. Make him so discouraged of you as he will abandon you to go towards more clement horizons and especially more enriching because Ka wants to progress, to expand, and to live with his Father. With or without you.

Thus, when everything gets well with your Ka, when he is healthy and thus you too, when you are solid and strong, you can perform successfully all the magic rites that you want.
You begin to become aware of your power, because you see happening in your life what you wish, what for you worked and visualized, and performed in magic. You become a small God.
The Heka succeeds when we understood what is magic.
By the rite, you penetrate into the world of the gods. And by there, in yours.
Once the door is opened at the same time towards the Gods and your own Interior Master, and that together, you progress, everything becomes absolutely possible, within the framework of your vast possibilities.
Thus we can end here this first part of " to open the heart chakra " by saying that:
On all the pyramids which have been created by the Nephilims, among which those of the Valley of Kings which are the work of Grand Thot, took place the Pyramidion. This "triangle" which facilitated the contact with the universal divine energies and the direct communication with Nibiru and Orion.

The Pyramidion is the Universal Ka.

The force of life which circulates in everything and in all of us.
Glory to Ptah
Glory to Thot
Glory to the Ancient Gods